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									Car Price                    50646
freight inc ins               3000
import tax (5%)             2682.3
Purchase price             56328.3
LCT                       1577.773
GST                        5632.83
Landed Price               63538.9
Compliance (if 1989+)            0 If the car is post 1988 it will require complience. Cost should be added here
Final Price               63538.9

LCT Allowance                57180
LCT Rate                        33
GST%                            10

Additional Costs
Insurance                     5000
Rego                          1000
Emergancy Service Fund        5000
Stamp Duety               3717.668
Sum                       14717.67
Total                     78256.6

LCT Calculator            1577.773

Bank Charges?

Cars pre 1989 can be imported without being owned and drivin in the host country for 1 year.
They also do NOT require complience work but may require some road worthy work to pass pits.
Cars post 1988 require ownership and driving for 1 year prior to import as a PERSONAL import
Cars of a limited nature (sports cars and cars not sold in Australia, etc) post 1988 can
also be imported without the 1 year wait IF they appear on the governments SEVS list
These cars however REQUIRE complience work to make them road legal in australia.
The Cost of complience varies depending on the car.
However some cars (like a 1990 Ferrari Testarossa) can not be complied as no workshop in
Australia carries the licence to do the work.

Calculator by Chris Winter
please backup with your own research as taxes and laws are ever changing.
mplience. Cost should be added here.

y work to pass pits.

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