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					Annalise Luckey
Mrs. Vogt
September 17, 2010

       Belote, L. “Ethics in Anthropology.” Senior seminar. University of Minnesota Duluth.
               East Duluth, MN. 6 May, 2005.

Summarize: In this article several ethical problems are discussed. This is a large controversy in
     the anthropology world. The question of “Is this fair to the people in which are being
     studied?” Many cultures like to keep quiet about their society. The often do not let
     outsiders into their cultures and communities. Another issue is the safety of the
     researcher. There have been many cases in which a person has given up the title of
     anthropologist for their own safety. If they do not publish their work they go against the
     AAA; but if they do publish they feel it as a violation to the culture in which they have
     become so strongly attached. Dr. Mitra Emad, who told us that ethics is “right and
     wrong” (4)

Assess: This source was very helpful. It gave a lot of good information about conflicts going on
       within anthropology. It covered several different points and conflicts. It also interviewed
       several different anthropologists and got inside opinions from them.

Reflect: This source was very reliable and scholarly. Coming from a professor, I felt it was well
       researched and he had good insight as to what he was writing and researching. He used
       several different opinions from different people so that in a way, it was not a one sided
Annalise Luckey
Mrs. Vogt
September 17, 2010

Allyson, Jane. “Controversial Topics in Anthropology in 2008.” Helium Social Science.
        September 8, 2010.

Summarize: This article is mainly about a 40,000 year old tooth that has caused some
     controversy within the anthropology studies. Many are close minded and are sticking
     with the theory that the Neanderthals did not migrate and the tooth was simply that of a
     small child that may have been carried off by an animal or fallen in a river, or was this
     theory wrong. Did the Neanderthals migrate for food resources? This brings up the
     uncertainty and inaccuracy of much of the work. Often times, much of the work is
     inaccurate. Most of this work is based on hypothesis. There are not many real answers.
     “Their methods have been questioned by some officials and traditional leaders who are
     concerned that their sacred burial sites were being exploited to use for entertainment
     purposes only, rather than for scientific study.” ( Allyson 1)

Assess: This source is fairly reliable, although, it is a piece of work based off of an opinion. This
       person is a well-educated anthropologist. This is definitely a one sided paper. She does
       not use other people’s opinions. It is all based off of her own thoughts and opinions.

Reflect: This was a very helpful source. It gave insight into the struggles and difficulties of being
       an anthropologist. So much of the work is based off of hypothesis and may or may not be
       right. It is a daily struggle for an anthropologist to find the truth of the subject. In
       anthropology an opinion is required and you will meet others that have different opinions.
Annalise Luckey
Mrs. Vogt
September 17, 2010

G., Christine. “Controversial Topics in Anthropology in 2008.” Helium Social Science.
        September 9, 2010.

Summarize: This article brings up the question of “How far should anthropologists go in their
     efforts to study other cultures?” This has been a question asked for many years among the
     anthropologists. This article also addresses the fact of difference of opinion. Since most
     anthropology is based off of opinions, their differences are very important. Ethics then
     become a large problem, Ethical controversies flourish in any scientific study.” (G 1)

Assess: This source was very biased and one sided. She did not use any resources and was
       straight and to the point and used the words “I feel, or in my opinion.” It was not one of
       the most helpful sources but was still very useful.

Reflect: Some of the points presented in this article were very helpful. It kind of makes you
       think, is this work ethical to the people in which it studies. Ones opinion in any kind of
       scientifical study is valued greatly because nothing is certain within these studies. It is
       one of those things that makes you really think and say what is the most logical
       explanation and from there form a hypothesis.

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