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									This workbook is designed to help the WECC committees and workgroups
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page, a sheet for active (uncompleted) items and a sheet for completed items.

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                                  Transmission Expansion Planning Policy Committee Action Item List

        Mnth/y                                              Action Item                                                Status        Expected
Group          #       Task ID                                                                                                                    Responsible
         ear                                                                                                      Updated: 8/16/07     Date

TEPPC   May-06   3 TEPPC-May 06-3 Identify stakeholders                                             STATUS - Ongoing                             ALL

TEPPC   May-06   4 TEPPC-May 06-4 Develop Work Plan and Goals                                       STATUS - Complete                            ALL

TEPPC   Feb-07 26   TEPPC-Feb 07- The sub-regional planning groups have had some changes. The STATUS - Complete                      17-May-07   Rob Kondziolka
                         26       footprint/map overlay needs to be updated and distributed

TEPPC   May-07   4 TEPPC-May 07-A group will be organized with Gary DeShazo as lead to draft a STATUS -                                Middle    Gary
                        4       recommendation to the Board regarding TEPPC membership and                                            January    DeShazo
                                   potential changes to the TEPPC charter.                                                             2008

TEPPC   Aug-07   1 TEPPC-Aug 07-The "Standards of Conduct for non-WECC board committee              STATUS - Complete                31-Aug-07   Stan Holland
                        1       members apply to the members of TEPPC. Stan Holland will
                                   distribute to TEPPC members.
TEPPC   Aug-07   2 TEPPC-Aug 07-Steve Walton to prepare second draft by 8/22/07 and distribute STATUS - Complete                      Various    Steve Walton
                        2       to review team (Rob Kondziolka, Bob Smith, Rich Bayless, Paul                                                    and Review
                                   Arnold, Marv Landauer, Jerry Smith, Jay Loock, Traci Bone, and                                                Team
                                   Scott Cauchois). Comments are due back to Steve by 8/29/07.
                                   Final draft then ready and posted by 8/31/07. Steve will also
                                   prepare a synopsis and circulate to review group so
                                   stakeholders can see a shorter version. General comments from
                                   TEPPC will be due back to Steve by 9/11/07 with final posting
                                   on 9/14/07

TEPPC   Aug-07   3 TEPPC-Aug 07-Group members to submit comments to Gary on updates to          STATUS - Complete                     Various    Gary
                        3       definition of sub-regional planning group by 8/31/07. Gary will                                                  DeShazo and
                                   draft new version for ultimate approval by TEPPC by 10/31/07.
                                   Update status report on September conference call

TEPPC   Aug-07   4 TEPPC-Aug 07-NTAC is undergoing a change in leadership. NTAC to inform           STATUS - Complete                            NTAC
                        4       TEPPC when chairs officially change
                                   Dean Perry Action Item (Develop Scope and Estimate of HWG)                                        3-Dec-07

                                   First Draft of Annual Report                                                                       1-Jan-08
                                   Revisions to the Protocal                                                                         10-Dec-07
                                   Research TEPPC Charter for definition of Transmission Owner.                                      15-Dec-07
                                   PCC, TEPPC Coordinating Roles and Responsibilities (Tom Green,
                                   Steve Walton, Brian Silverstein, Tom Darin, Rob K.)

                                   Determine Status of two inactive TEPPC members. (Scott)

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        Mnth/                                                   Action Item                                                   Status                           Expected
Group            #       Task ID                                                                                                                                           Responsible
         year                                                                                                            Updated: 8/16/07                        Date

RPIC    Apr-06   1     RPIC-Apr 06-1 Sponsor a transmission expansion workshop to bring various  STATUS - Complete                                             15-Feb-06 ALL
                                     stakeholders together.
TEPPC   Apr-06   2    TEPPC-Apr 06-2 Review and approve recommendation on which modeling tool to STATUS - Complete                                             10-May-06 ALL
                                     use for transmission expansion planning and data storage.

TEPPC   May-06   5    TEPPC-May 06- Form Technical Advisory Subcommittee                             STATUS - Completed                                                   ALL
TEPPC   May-06   6    TEPPC-May 06- Licensing of Promod IV modeling tool.                            STATUS - Complete                                                    WECC Staff
TEPPC   May-06   7    TEPPC-May 06- Ad hoc group formed to scope out Technical Advisory              STATUS - Completed                                                   Structure group
                            7       Subcommittee. Will also address overall structure of TEPPC and
                                    describe functions/responsibilities of each sub-group. Structure
                                    should also document interfaces with subregional planning
                                    groups and other WECC subcommittees. Group members:
                                    Harlow Peterson, Rob Kondziolka, Marv Landauer, Donald
                                    Davies, Chris Reese, Bob Smith, & Sandra Johnson.

TEPPC   May-06   8    TEPPC-May 06- Group for item 7 was also assigned to create principles that          STATUS - Completed 2/15/07                                      Structure group
                            8       could be applied across the subregional groups
TEPPC   May-06   9    TEPPC-May 06- Chairs to collect nominees to fill Mike DeWolf's spot on TEPPC        STATUS - Complete                                    July Board Chairs
                            9       and submit a recommendation to Board                                                                                        meeting

TEPPC   May-06 10 TEPPC-May 06- Second ad hoc group formed to create repository for existing              STATUS - Completed, TAS will take over other items              Study group
                       10       study reports/data and document schedule for future studies.
                                Group members: Dean Perry, Stan Holland, Sandra Johnson,
                                Bob Smith, Chris Reese, and Gary DeShazo.

TEPPC   Jul-06   11   TEPPC-Jul 06- Structure group to develop new working draft of TEPPC                 STATUS - Completed                                   22-Aug-06 Structure group
                           11       workplan.
TEPPC   Jul-06   12   TEPPC-Jul 06- WECC staff to work with TEPPC members to organize kick-off            STATUS - Complete                                      Early    ALL
                           12       workshop to organize Technical Advisory Committee. Possible                                                                 August
                                    dates are September 6 or 7.
TEPPC   Jul-06   13   TEPPC-Jul 06- TEPPC to work with WECC staff to develop comments for FERC            STATUS - Complete                                    6-Aug-06   ALL
                           13       888 NOPR
TEPPC   Aug-06 14     TEPPC-Aug 06- Structure task force to prepare strawman to scope out function        STATUS - Completed                                   10-Oct-06 Structure group
                           14       of facilitator and cost estimate. Send first draft to TEPPC by
                                    mid-September. Final version to be completed by early
TEPPC   Aug-06 15     TEPPC-Aug 06- The TAS Organization document will be temporarily frozen              STATUS - Completed                                   5-Sep-06   Donald Davies
                           15       pending the formation of TAS and the TAS work groups. Donald
                                    to first add date to title and remove draft designation. Staff will
                                    distribute with material for 9/6/06 workshop.

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        Mnth/                                              Action Item                                             Status        Expected
Group           #      Task ID                                                                                                               Responsible
         year                                                                                                 Updated: 8/16/07     Date
TEPPC   Aug-06 16 TEPPC-Aug 06- Assignments made to develop summary descriptions of four        STATUS - Completed               6-Sep-06   Robert K.
                       16       work groups. Provide overview of issues, goals, objectives, and                                             Chris R.
                                schedules (if applicable). Have ready for 9/6 workshop.                                                     Bob S.
                                                                                                                                            Harlow P.
TEPPC   Aug-06 17 TEPPC-Aug 06- Structure task force to update work plan with summary          STATUS - Completed                6-Sep-06   Structure group
                       17       descriptions from action item #16.
TEPPC   Aug-06 18 TEPPC-Aug 06- Comments to DOE congestion study report are due on Oct. 10,    STATUS - Completed                29-Sep-06 ALL
                       18       2006. TEPPC members to send comments to Jay and Rob.
                                Draft TEPPC comment document to be distributed to TEPPC for
                                final review by end of September. Dean and Kurt to review
                                from WCATF perspective.

TEPPC   Aug-06 19 TEPPC-Aug 06- Jay and Dean will submit TEPPC commments under signature of STATUS - Completed                   10-Oct-06 Jay Loock
                       19       TEPPC chairs.                                                                                              Dean Perry
TEPPC   Aug-06 20 TEPPC-Aug 06- Discussed having single portal/website to access all common  STATUS - Completed                  15-Sep-06 WECC Staff
                       20       transmission study material. Initial step is to add links to
                                Subregional Planning Groups to WECC TEPPC webpage.

TEPPC   Nov-06 21 TEPPC-Nov 06- The WECC Board gave approval to TEPPC to move forward with STATUS - Completed                    31-Dec-06 Selection group
                       21       engaging a facilitator and an RFI was issued with responses due
                                11-15-06. An ad hoc group was formed to review the
                                responses and ultimately conduct interviews. The group (Scott
                                Cauchois, Wally Gibson, Harlow Peterson, and possibly Jim
                                Filippi and/or Doug Larson) will then notify TEPPC of their

TEPPC   Nov-06 22 TEPPC-Nov 06- A revised document entitled "PROPOSED PRINCIPLES               STATUS - Completed                20-Nov-06 Stan Holland
                       22       FOR WESTERN INTERCONNECTION
                                SUB-REGIONAL TRANSMISSION PLANNING" was presented by
                                Robert Kondziolka. Stan was asked to attach the document to
                                the meeting minutes.

TEPPC   Nov-06 23 TEPPC-Nov 06- The "Principles" document in item #22 will be further revised to STATUS - Completed              31-Jan-07 Principles
                       23       address coordination issues. An ad hoc group was formed (Rob                                               group
                                Kondziolka, Dariush Shirmohammadi, and Harlow Peterson) to
                                make the changes.

TEPPC   Feb-07 24 TEPPC-Feb 07- TEPPC members are interested in understanding what data is     STATUS - Completed                31-Mar-07 Donald Davies
                       24       required for the production cost model. Donald Davies
                                volunteered to prepare some documentation to show the
                                information in the database at an overview level.

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        Mnth/                                              Action Item                                                Status                           Expected
Group            #     Task ID                                                                                                                                      Responsible
         year                                                                                                    Updated: 8/16/07                        Date
TEPPC   Feb-07 25 TEPPC-Feb 07- The Studies Work Group is working on a study plan document    STATUS - Completed                                       17-May-07 TAS and
                       25       that describes the study process, assumptions, and cases. The                                                                    TASSWG
                                Study plan is to be brought to May meeting for review and
TEPPC   Feb-07 27 TEPPC-Feb 07- FERC order 890 came out during the Feb. 15th meeting. It was STATUS - Completed                                                    Steve Walton
                       27       agreed that TEPPC should take a role in developing a                                                                               Rob Kondziolka
                                coordinated response.                                                                                                              Jay Loock

TEPPC   Feb-07 28 TEPPC-Feb 07- SRP has been developing a google earth tool that can be used      STATUS - SRP will share experience, but TEPPC does               Rob Kondziolka
                       28       to interactively view existing and proposed transmission lines.   not plan to use or support at this time
                                SRP is willing to share this with TEPPC or other parties,
                                although they do not want to provide support or extended
TEPPC   Feb-07 29 TEPPC-Feb 07- Some TEPPC members would like to get a budget status update       STATUS - Completed                                   17-May-07 WECC Staff
                       29       for 2006 and 2007. An assignment was made to WECC to put
                                something together.
TEPPC   May-07 1 TEPPC-May 07- WECC staff to update TEPPC membership listing on website and       STATUS - Completed                                   1-Jun-07    WECC Staff
                        1       make a list of current members available.
TEPPC   May-07 2 TEPPC-May 07-Jay Loock to follow up with DOE to identify all parties in          STATUS - Completed                                   25-Jul-07   Jay Loock
                       2        Western Interconnection who received the DOE request letter.
                                Jay will also coordinate the responses to DOE.
TEPPC   May-07 3 TEPPC-May 07-Scott Cauchois and Rob Kondziolka will draft a prospective          STATUS - Completed                                   8-Jun-07    Scott and Rob
                       3        TEPPC response for review by TEPPC prior to the July 6, 2007
                                due date. TEPPC will schedule a special conference call to
                                decide if the response will be submitted.

TEPPC   May-07   5 TEPPC-May 07-WECC staff to prepare an explanation of the base assumptions      STATUS - Completed                                   1-Aug-07    WECC Staff
                        5       used to develop the 2008 budget and provide a budget update
                                   at August meeting.

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