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Changing the face of education

                                 Foundation Report to Donors
                                                2008 – 2009
                                                                                                         Creating exceptional learning experiences
                                                                                                         for a world of possibilities.

Table of Contents                                                                                        We are a learning community that
                                                                                                         focuses on instruction and is informed
                                                                                                         by scholarship. We are committed
                                                                                                         to individual learning, the principles
                                                                                                         of general education, the value of
   Welcome to Mount Royal University . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1                     experiential learning and the achievement
   Thank You to Our Donors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2             of program outcomes.
   A Mount Royal Love Story . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
                                                                                                         Diverse by design, Mount Royal
   Alumni Supporters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
                                                                                                         welcomes, supports and celebrates
   Rewarding Dedication . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10           all its communities. Recognizing that
   Pearls of Wisdom: A Mount Royal Tradition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12                          diversity strengthens us all, we work in an
                                                                                                         environment of respect and inclusion.
   Investing in a Sustainable Future . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
   Corporate and Community Supporters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16                         At Mount Royal we deliver high-
   A Tradition of Giving . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20        quality programs that are relevant to
                                                                                                         our students’ needs. Dynamic in our
   The Right Match . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
                                                                                                         thinking, we adapt quickly to changing
   The Library Champion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24           environments and are making Mount
   Individual Supporters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26          Royal the place of choice for students at
                                                                                                         all stages of their lives.
   Foundation Board of Directors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30
   Mount Royal’s Fundraising Priorities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31                   ASPIRATION
   Key Contacts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32   To be Canada’s premier undergraduate
                                                                                                         university on every measure related to
                                                                                                         student success and satisfaction.
Welcome to Canada’s oldest
           new university
                                                    On September 3, 2009, the Alberta Government, on the
                                                    advice of the Honourable Doug Horner, Alberta’s Minister
                                                    of Advanced Education and Technology, granted Mount
                                                    Royal the right to call itself a university. Shortly after, on
                                                    October 28, we also became a full-fledged member of the
                                                    Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC).
                                                    The university announcement and AUCC membership are
                                                    the result of nearly 100 years of evolution of Mount Royal.
                                                    Since 1910, Mount Royal has continuously evolved through
                                                    conscious, purposeful design to meet the needs of students
                                                    and our communities.

                                                    Our transition has been a dedicated process, with much
                                                    of the work leading up to this historic point happening
                                                    behind the scenes, ranging from the creation of seven new
                                                    bachelor’s degrees, to refined roles and responsibilities for
                                                    faculty to integrate teaching, scholarship and service, to the
                                                    instatement of a new governance model.

                                                    Our new name is an affirmation of what we already are,
                                                    recognizing the quality educational experience we offer
                                                    and validating our efforts to be the best at what we do.
                                                    The transition is a reflection of Mount Royal’s long history
                                                    of community responsiveness and an opportunity to take
                                                    a leading role in establishing a new kind of undergraduate
                                                    university. We will define and design a truly unique
                                                    undergraduate university—one that is instructionally
                                                    focused and informed by scholarship.
                             Dave Marshall, PhD     On behalf of Mount Royal University, I extend our sincere
                                       President    thanks to the greater community of Calgary for believing
                           Mount Royal University   in our mission and supporting our aspiration through the
                                                    years. I pledge with confidence that Mount Royal will change
                                                    the face of education in Canada — right here in Calgary.

  Changing the face of education                                                                                   1
Thank You to Our Donors
                                              Each year, we fill these pages with inspiring examples of
                                              how the generosity of our donors — alumni, employees,
                                              friends, foundations and corporations — stirs up great
                                              things at Mount Royal: from more scholarships and
                                              bursaries for students to innovative programs and
                                              initiatives to state-of-the-art campus expansion projects.
             Commitment to Our Donors
       We promise to uphold the highest       This year, we continue our tradition of sharing how
        standards of accountability in the    philanthropy changes the face of education at Mount
        stewardship of your donations to      Royal. Whether this was your first gift or you have been
                                              supporting us for many years, your generosity is helping
       Mount Royal. We acknowledge all        us create exceptional learning experiences for Mount
      donations and recognize all donors.     Royal students.
      We ensure that your donations will
         be used in accordance with your      On the following pages you will see philanthropy
          intentions, in support of Mount     changing the face of education.
        Royal’s priorities. By doing so, we
                                              Starting with our biggest news of the year, Mount
          strive to demonstrate the value     Royal is now a university. It is our most momentous
                           of your support.   achievement on the eve of our 100th anniversary. On
                                              the previous page, you will find a special note from
                                              Mount Royal President, Dave Marshall, detailing the
                                              specifics of this accomplishment. Mount Royal is
                                              exceptionally proud of the quality and calibre of its
                                              alumni. We know that the feeling is mutual when they
                                              become supporters upon graduation and continue to
                                              contribute for years afterwards. Mount Royal alumni
                                              are our best ambassadors, as you will see on the pages
                                              that follow. You will read about James and Jackie Wood,
                                              a young couple who met at Mount Royal and created a
                                              scholarship to promote life-long learning and community
                                              engagement. You will also read about alumnae Susan
                                              Palmer and Nancy Turner whose scholarships are driven
                                              by their passion for nursing and teaching.

2                                                                                     Philanthropy:
Charity begins at home and that means that we have to          We have received too many donations to single out on
believe in our cause first, before we share our need with      the pages of this report but that does not diminish the
the community. Leading by example are Doug McClintock,         significance of each gift and its potential to directly impact
faculty in Policy Studies, Brenda Verwey, Enrolment            the student experience at Mount Royal. The bottom line is
Services, and Rob Huffman, IT Services. Their ongoing          that the generosity of every donor and every gift add up,
support directly impacts Mount Royal’s mission to meet the     proving that philanthropy can and does change the face
evolving needs of students. Read on to experience              of education.
their stories.
                                                               It has been a remarkable year for us at Mount Royal and we
It is also vital to recognize the significant support of our   are thrilled to share our successes with you. We wouldn’t be
corporate partners. Companies like Canadian Pacific, HSBC      where we are today without your support. On behalf of the
Canada, ConocoPhillips Canada and Imperial Oil Foundation      Mount Royal University community we thank you.
have each found their niche for contributions to Mount
Royal, further proof that our programs and initiatives
are aligned with corporate community investment
strategies. From gift matching programs and scholarships
in environmental science to Aboriginal and summer youth
programming, to facilities and infrastructure — on the
following pages you’ll find more details about
these partnerships.

Beyond the financial commitment, there are other
valuable ways in which friends support Mount Royal. Two
exceptional examples are Mr. Hal Wyatt, who has dedicated
years of his time serving on the Board of the Foundation,
and Mr. Allen King, a fervent advocate for the library
and vocal promoter of Mount Royal in the community.
Recognizing their priceless contributions, we’ve dedicated              Jennifer Pierce                  Carole Simpson
a couple of pages to these fine gentlemen.                         Chair, Board of Directors            Executive Director
                                                                   Mount Royal University              Mount Royal University
                                                                          Foundation                       Foundation

   Changing the face of education                                                                                               3
4   Philanthropy:
                                                      LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES

         ou could say that James and Jackie Wood     for a local $75 million fundraising campaign,
         took the ‘Mount Royal experience’ to the    while James worked as an education coordinator
         max. They studied at Mount Royal, were      for provincial correctional centres and, later, as
active in the Students’ Association, and they even   research officer for the Foundation at
got engaged at an Association function with their    Mount Royal.
fellow students, colleagues, and Mount Royal
President, Dave Marshall, looking on. To top it      The couple moved to Winnipeg in 2007, to
off, James and Jackie established a scholarship to   allow James to pursue professional studies. He
help other students make the most of their time      is currently in his last year of law school at the
at Mount Royal.                                      University of Manitoba where he is, again, actively
                                                     involved in related extracurricular activities.
James and Jackie’s relationship with Mount
Royal grew deeper over the years. Jackie earned      Before they left Calgary, the couple set up
a Bachelor of Applied Nonprofit Studies degree,      the James and Jackie Wood Lifelong Learning
while James is a graduate of the Bachelor of         Scholarship, open to full-time mature students
Applied Justice Studies program.                     who demonstrate engagement in the Students’
                                                     Association, women’s or environmental issues.

“With the scholarship, we want to give students      “We want to help Mount Royal students become
 that extra bit of encouragement to discover         change agents,” explains Jackie.
 their passion and follow their dreams.
 Maybe they’ll change the world one day.”            “The education I received at Mount Royal has
                                                     led me in the direction of policy, governance and
                                                     advocacy — work that I feel very strongly about,”
Both agree their experience here opened the          explains James. “With the scholarship, we want to
door to challenging and rewarding career             give students that extra bit of encouragement to
opportunities. Jackie succeeded as coordinator       discover their passion and follow their dreams.
                                                     Maybe they’ll change the world one day.”

   Changing the face of education                                                                          5

    A-D                                                    • Jarrett Flegel • Brian Fleming • James Ford •
    Nasim Abdulla • Thomie Adam • Wilda Allen              Christopher Forsyth • Sheila Foster • Sheila Fox •
    • Milena Anderson • Sandra Anderson • David            Nathan Fraser • Karen Fryk • Zita Fulawka • Shirley
    Andrichuk • Stuart Arguile • John Armstrong •          Fulton • Robyn Gaetzman • Rosemary Gardner
    Catherine Asquith • George Bain • Donald Baker         • Gregory Garrish • Marie-Helene Genereux •
    • Neil Bakken • Coy Beaton • Meryl Belich • Carla      Gwen Gillespie • Annette Gillon • Anna Glickman
    Bell • Joan Bell • Barbara Bellamy • Donna Bereta      • Deanna Goacher • Bob Gohill • Stacy Grimm •
    • Aaron Bergen • Doug & Valerie Bippert • Dorothy      Beryl Grosso • Jennifer Gryzenhout • Cindy Guan
    Bird • Debbie Blacklock • Sarah Block • Dale Booy      • Catharina Hackman-Walsh • Shawn Hall • Carol
    • Carole Bouchard • Ashley Boyd • Harold Braun •       Hawkwood • Carola Hazime • Linda Heffer • Kim
    Kenneth Bray • Barbara Brookes • Calvin Browne •       Heinze • Barbara Hemphill • Michael Hennessey •
    Trevor Brydges • Teresa Buchignani • Allison Burkett   William Henry • Marshall Hironaka • Janeen Hoffos
    • Maria Campos • Chi Chan • Marc Chikinda • John       • Karie Hollman • Amanda Howden • Linda Howell •
    Ciccaglione • Thomas Conroy • Joseph Cotterill •       Carol Howes • Nicky Huang • Lael Hunter
    Lori Cucheron • Donna Cummins • Leanne Curr •          I-L
    Jodi Currie • Jacqueline Cutting • Robert Daumler •    Donald Ingram • Jacqueline Jackson • Beverley
    Chris Dawe • Mark Deboth • Barbara J. Dickinson •      Jacoby • Jean Jamer • Lorraine Johnson • Harold
    Yvonne Dicosimo • Aline Doyle • Bradley Draper •       Johnstone • Geoff Kalyniuk • Russell Kane • Lorill
    Darren Driscoll • Gerald Drysdale • Donna Dunn •       Keashly • Christopher Kellett • Karen Kernaghan •
    Helen Dyson                                            Michael Klassen • Gerald Knowlton • Julie Koenig
    E-H                                                    • Linda Kohlman • George Kolody • John Konschuk
    Heather Eastman • Maureen Eberts • Karin Eckardt       • Kimmo Korvela • Joan Kowalewski • Maria
    • Kirstie Egan • Karyssa Ergon • Kahle Erichsen •      Lam • Blanca Landsiedel • Brent Lane • Michael
    Freya Erickson • George Evens • William Fairbairn      Lemire • Dwight Lemky • Kim Leong • Stuart
    • Sherri Ference • Lloyd Firman • Don Fisherman        Leong • Raymond Leung • Cinderella Levasseur

6                                                                                            Philanthropy:

                                 FOCUS ON
                                    “Post-secondary education is so
                                    costly, and if you’re in debt when
                                    you graduate, you have to put your
                                    life on hold before you even start,”
                                    says Mount Royal alumna and
                                    retired teacher, Nancy Turner, who
                                    created the Robert L. and Irene Bruce
                                    Memorial Bursary almost 10 years ago
                                    and has contributed to the fund
                                    ever since.

                                    The bursary is awarded annually to a
                                    second-year education student on the
                                    basis of financial need and community
                                    service and pays tribute to her mother
                                    and father, who were also teachers.

                                    “I wanted to give back to the
                                    profession by giving future teachers
                                    a small boost forward, even if it’s just
                                    to help buy a few more textbooks.”

                                                            Nancy Turner
                                                      Mount Royal alumna

Changing the face of education                                                 7

    • Troy Linderman • Leonard & Lois Ling • Henry
    Lobbenberg • Katharina Loffelbein • Christopher
    Love • Marie Love • Barbara J. Lubell • Jason Lucas
    • Rebecca Lyster
    Alison Macdonald • James Maclean • Bonita
    Macleod • Michelle Madore-Mills • John Mah • W.
    Frances Maier • Danica Marshall • Christine Martin
    • Darryl Marx • Patricia Mascaro • Doug McClintock
    • Ian McDonald • Arlene McDonnell • Paul
    McDougall • Leland McEwen • Diana McIntyre •
    Sally McLean • Vernon McNeice • Laura McPheeters
    • Suzanne Medlicott • Kim Miller • Catherine Milloy
    • Louise Minde • Rupindra Minhas • John Mogan •
    Sharon Montague • Mary Morin • Michael Myers
    • Dexter Nelson • Ruben Nelson • Brandon Nichols
    • William Oicle • Shawna Oliver • Jennifer Orr •
    Trevor Oseen • Angela Ostash • Susan Palmer •                IT BEGINS
    Michael Pearson • Leighton Perry • Kristi Peterson           AT hOME
    • Laurence Pilson • Charo Porth • Marnie Powell •     When admissions evaluator Brenda Verwey was
    Lucie Prins • Sandra Prusina • Ross Purvis            a student at Mount Royal, she benefited from the
                                                          financial assistance of scholarships and bursaries.

                                                          “It was only natural to give back one day,” says Verwey,
                                                          who contributes monthly to support scholarships.

                                                          “I believe in Mount Royal. I studied here, my
                                                          daughters went to school here, I’ve worked here for 15
                                                          years — and I believe that charity begins at home.”

                                                                                                 Brenda Verwey
                                                                       Admissions Evaluator, Enrolment Services,
                                                                                         Mount Royal University

8                                                                                               Philanthropy:

Carolyn Quehl • Mandi Rabeau • Jody Rach • Liana
Rampold • Grant Kenneth Rayson • Jeffrey Relling
• Deanna Renyk • Amanda Richardson • Terry
Roberts • James Rogers • David Rohtenburger •
Valerie Ross • Tamara Rothery • Glenn Ruhl • Jason
Ruiter • Terence Russell • Lara Sampson • Jonathan
Sauter • William Sayers • Kenneth Schatzke • Stan
Schwartz • Fiona Sewell • Michael Sheppard •
Donna Sibbald • John Silva • Karen Silverman •
Donald Smith • John Snith • Augustin St. Hilaire •    TRIBUTE FOSTERS
Shelley Stanhope-Goodman • Norma Steffensen •
Kirk Stensrud • Tamara Stevens • Stephanie Stone •    QUALITY CARE
Paul Straszynski • Lynda Stupnyckyj • Warren Sturm    Nursing alumna Susan Palmer and her husband
• Wade Summerhays • Diane Sutherland • Noani          Gough chose memorial scholarships as a
Thiessen • Kathryn Thomsen • Gloria Thornton •        tribute to their mothers. The Sandra Colombo
Allen & Jimeen Thurston • John Torjan • Peter Toy •   Memorial Scholarship and the Kathleen
                                                      Matthews–Palmer Bullinger Memorial Bursary
Nancy Turner                                          benefit single parents in Mount Royal’s
U-Z                                                   Bachelor of Nursing program.
Christopher R. Van Meenen • Gayl Veinotte • Scott
Verot • Brenda Verwey • Husseinali Walji • Susan      “We wanted to create a legacy of giving that
                                                      rewards single parents who juggle school
Wallace • Betty Walpot • Louise Waterhouse •
                                                      and family and are committed to exceptional
Bradley Wells • Roberta Wheeler • Joseph Wilcox •     care and raising the status of the nursing
Greg Williams • Eldon Willms • Lisa Winlaw • Fraser   profession,” says Susan.
Wiswell • Daniel Wojtowicz • Marie Wong • James
Wood • Tamara Woolgar • Ronald Wuotila                “Our mothers were very humble and never
                                                      asked to be recognized,” adds Gough. “But they
                                                      certainly deserved to be and scholarships in
                                                      nursing are our symbolic tribute.”

                                                                            Susan and Gough Palmer
                                                                                   Red Deer, Alberta

   Changing the face of education                                                                      9
     “I real ly

10           Philanthropy:
                                                          LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES

       oug McClintock remembers what it was like         As a student, “I had a lot of determination and I
       to be a “starving student.”                       worked very, very hard,” McClintock says, and so
                                                         the award is given mainly on the basis of financial
He lived close to the bone for two years while           need and the student’s dedication and hard work.
studying in Mount Royal’s Business Administration        It is named after McClintock’s mother, who had
program in the late 1970s.                               a gift for creating things of value with hard work
                                                         and few resources, and whom he describes as “a
“I grossly underestimated the amount of money            very giving person.”
I would need,” he says. “I really struggled
                                                         “If I could ever help somebody to avoid
McClintock’s great-aunt, who had little money of          going through this kind of struggle, I would.”
her own, used to send him $25 every month. Little
did she know she imparted a priceless gift on her
young nephew.                                            Fittingly, McClintock’s own career exemplifies
                                                         his belief in helping students fund their
“At that time, $25 was an immense help,”                 education. Awarded the 2009 Distinguished
McClintock says. “It made the difference between         Faculty/Teaching award for part-time faculty,
staying in school or dropping out. I thought, if I       McClintock was recognized as one who “teaches
could ever help somebody to avoid going through          from his heart and genuinely cares about
this kind of struggle, I would. It’s kind of a promise   individual student success.”
I made to myself.”

In 1997, McClintock returned to Mount Royal to
teach in the department of Policy Studies. And
in 1999, he established the Bunny McClintock
Memorial Bursary for second-year students in
Policy Studies.

   Changing the face of education                                                                         11
                 “Thanks to the Pearls scholarship,
                              I can devote my attention
                                 entirely to school this
                                    year, which will
                                  ultimately make my
                              decision clearer.”

Pearls of Wisdom scholarship recipient Ashlee Kitchenham with
Pat McLaren, Co-chair of Mount Royal’s signature fundraiser.

12                                                              Philanthropy:
                                                       LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES

                           A Mount Royal Tradition             “Students often describe their
                                                      experience at Mount Royal as having a real
       o Pat McLaren, Pearls of Wisdom is all         family connection,” says McLaren. “I think we —
       about relationships.                           individuals, business and government partners
                                                      — feel that way as well: we are all members of
The regional manager, client development at           the extended Mount Royal family.”
Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP, has been co-chair
of Mount Royal’s signature fundraiser for the         “So, when facing a tough [economic] year
last three years, after serving on the Board of       like 2009, it is our friends that we turn to for
Directors of the Foundation for six years.            support. The ones who have shared our interest
                                                      in the success of the students at Mount Royal for
Pearls of Wisdom is a unique fundraiser and a         many years,” McLaren adds. “The support from
true Mount Royal tradition that close friends and     the corporate community was impressive and we
business partners of the university look forward      are very grateful. Sponsorship equaled that of
to attending annually. Every year, celebrated         previous years, indicating that this year’s event
Chef Rodney Clark cooks up an impressive              was a resounding success. All things considered,
lobster and seafood feast for Mount Royal guests      we could not have been more pleased with
in support of scholarships for students.              the results.”

“It’s a great party that people love to attend.       Ashlee Kitchenham, a Bachelor of Arts student
It’s casual and fun and it’s an opportunity to        and this year’s recipient of the Pearls of Wisdom
get caught up on what is happening with the           scholarship, appreciates the financial support
students, faculty and administration at Mount         that helps her continue her studies. She’s
Royal,” says McLaren. “The fact that it takes place   still debating whether to pursue degrees in
right on campus makes the connection to the           Spanish and Education, or whether to major in
university even stronger.”                            psychology, and follow with medical school to
                                                      become a psychiatrist.
Each year, the funds raised at the event are
used to create a scholarship endowment for            “It’s tough to decide on a future career, but I am
a different faculty or program. This year, the        immensely relieved that I won’t have to worry
proceeds were used to create a new endowment          about financial uncertainty as well,” she says.
for students in the Faculty of Arts, Mount            “Thanks to the Pearls scholarship, I can devote
Royal’s largest faculty by student enrolment and      my attention entirely to school this year, which
program offerings.                                    will ultimately make my decision clearer.”

   Changing the face of education                                                                          13
                “We believe that education
                         helps give
                      young people purpose,
                        a positive attitude.”

HSBC Canada’s Robin Penfold, senior vice president, commercial banking, western region, with
Dr. Roger Saint-Fort, associate professor and Chair, Environmental Science Department, Mount Royal University.

14                                                                                                 Philanthropy:
Investing                                              LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES

                             in a
      etting an example for the finance world
      in 2005, HSBC was the first major bank
                                                      Science — Environmental Science program. The
to become carbon-neutral across all operations        program addresses the critical need identified by
worldwide. It is no surprise that here, at Mount      the government, academic and corporate sectors
Royal, we have come to associate the “world’s local   for Canada to invest in science to remain globally
bank” with the environment and education — two        competitive. Graduates of the four-year program
key focus areas for the bank’s charitable giving.     come out equipped and motivated to help move
                                                      society towards a more sustainable future.
“We believe that education helps give young
people purpose, a positive attitude, opportunities    The annual HSBC Bank Canada Award will help
for success and, above all, a better future,”         ensure Mount Royal’s first-year Environmental
says Robin Penfold, HSBC Canada’s senior              Science students receive the financial support they
vice president, commercial banking, western           need to succeed in their studies so they may also
region. “Mount Royal’s Environmental Science          succeed in their careers.
program demonstrates that education and the
environment go hand in hand. It’s a great fit for     Dr. Roger Saint-Fort, associate professor and Chair,
our sustainability-focused community initiatives.”    Environmental Science Department, is pleased
                                                      with the growing emphasis and attention on
                                                      science and its contribution to sustainability.
“Scholarships provide recipients with the
 opportunity to attain their full                     “Scholarships provide recipients with the
 intellectual potential.”                             opportunity to attain their full intellectual
                                                      potential,” he says. “They motivate students to set
Last May, HSBC Canada donated $100,000                and achieve ambitious goals. We are grateful that
to create a new scholarship endowment in              more Environmental Science students will have
support of students in the Bachelor of Applied        access to this kind of motivation in the future.”

   Changing the face of education                                                                      15

 #                                                            Global Executive Search • Bradley W. Enge, Barrister &
 1051590 Alberta Ltd. • 1080133 Alberta Ltd. • 1114184        Solicitor • Brewers Distributor Ltd. • Bridgeland Interiors
 Alberta Ltd. • 1263343 Alberta Inc. • 276940 Alberta Ltd.    Inc. • Bumper Foundation • Burrowing Owl Estate Winery
 • 3937844 Canada Inc. Alberta Radio Group • 764699           C
 Alberta Ltd. • 949886 Alta Ltd. • 980523 Alberta Ltd. O/A    C & D Rich Properties Inc. EPSP Trust • Calgary Airport
 Alpine Roofing                                               Authority • Calgary Booster Club • Calgary Chapter
 A                                                            of Alberta Association on Gerontology • Calgary Co-
 A & V Contracting Ltd. • Abko Holdings (1977) Ltd. •         operative Association Ltd. • Calgary Co-operative
 ACT/UCT 1023 • AG Value Carriers Corporation • AG            Memorial Society Ltd. • Calgary Exhibition & Stampede
 Value Group Inc. • Agrium Inc. • Air Canada Pilots           • Calgary Fire Department Cappy Smart Band •
 Association • AJ Industries Ltd. • Alberta Badminton         Calgary Herald • Calgary Motor Dealers Association •
 Centre • Alberta Blue Cross • Alberta Institute Purchasing   Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra • Calgary Repo Sales
 Management Association • Alberta Law Foundation              Limited Partnership • Calgary Stampede Foundation •
 • Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association • Allsteel           Calgary Women’s Soccer Association • Calgary Zoo •
 Office • Amaranth Whole Foods Market • Amber Webb-           Cambium Woodwork (2005) Ltd. • CANA Construction
 Bowerman Memorial Foundation • American Association          • Canada Safeway Foundation • Canada West Central
 of Petroleum Geologists Canada Region • Amherst              Finance • Canada West Land Services Ltd. • Canadian
 Consultants, Division of Pontiac Development • APEGGA        (21) Stook Ltd. • Canadian Association of Petroleum
 • Apex Credit Union Ltd. • ARC Financial Corporation         Landmen • Canadian Centre for Energy Information
 • Archaeological Society of Alberta Calgary Centre •         • Canadian Funeral Trade Association • Canadian
 Armstrong Management Lawyers • ASIS International            Heavy Oil Association • Canadian Home Builders’
 • Associate Clinic Physio & Massage (601208 Inc.) •          Association, Calgary Region • Canadian Information
 Associations Plus Inc. • ATB Financial • ATCO Gas • ATCO     Processing Society • Canadian Insurance Claims
 Power Canada Ltd. • Atlas Development Corporation •          Managers Association, S. AB. Chapter • Canadian Natural
 Auction Depot • AXA Pacific Insurance Co.                    Resources Limited • Canadian Pacific Railway • Canadian
                                                              Philanthropist Foundation • Cardel Construction Ltd. •
                                                              Catch Restaurant • CCS Corporation • Certified General
 Baymag Inc. • Beast • Benjamin Moore & Co. Ltd. •
                                                              Accountants’ Association of Alberta • CFT Engineering
 Benron Oilfield Services Ltd. • Big Mountain Outdoor
                                                              Inc. • Charlesglen Toyota Ltd. • Chartered Accountants’
 Apparel and Gear • Big Rock Brewery Ltd. • Big Timber
                                                              Education Foundation • Chase Chiefs Hockey Ltd.
 Sales Incorporated • Bison Transport • Bissett Accounting
                                                              • Chevron Canada Resources • Child & Youth Care
 Students Society at Mount Royal • Bissett Investment
                                                              Association of Alberta • Christopher Carpets Ltd. • CIBC •
 Management • Bluesky Trailer MFG Inc. • BMO Bank of
                                                              City of Calgary FCSS Community & Neighborhood Services
 Montreal • Bob Dale Oilfield Construction Ltd. • Borden
                                                              • CMS Real Estate Ltd. • Cohos Evamy integratedesign™
 Ladner Gervais LLP • Bow Valley Exteriors Ltd. • Boyden

16                                                                                                   Philanthropy:

• ConocoPhillips Canada • Contemporary Office Interiors
Ltd. • Contour Earthmoving Ltd. • Co-operators General
Insurance Company • Corporate Express Canada, Inc. •
Corus Entertainment Inc. • CPANS of the Air and Waste
Management Association • Crazy Courier • Credit Union
Central Alberta Ltd.
David B. Hogan Professional Corporation • Daylight
Energy • Deloitte & Touche LLP • Denis Cormier, Luthier
à Montréal • Design 13 Plus Limited • Devon Canada
Corporation • Dickson Resources Inc. • DirectCash
Management Inc. • DJD Construction Ltd. • Domaine Fine
                                                               HAND IN hAND
Furnishings & Design • Domicile Interiors • DP Ventures       “Mount Royal’s Iniskim Centre is a valuable and
Inc.                                                          successful initiative that directly impacts the Aboriginal
                                                              students’ experience,” says Monica Samper, president
                                                              of Imperial Oil Foundation. “It’s the kind of initiative
e=mc² Event Management Inc. • Estabrook Logging Ltd. •
                                                              we are proud to have supported from the beginning —
Edith Cavell Order of the Eastern Star, Chapter 25 • Elaine
                                                              to help attract Aboriginal students to higher education
C. Aubry Notarial Corporation • Element Integrated            by offering tailored programming and a supportive
Workplace Solutions Ltd. • Elements Interior Design Ltd. •    environment in which to learn and grow.”
EllisDon Construction Services Inc. • EnCana Corporation
• Enerchem International Inc. • Energy Navigator Inc. •       The Imperial Oil Foundation has been a dedicated
Enerplus Resources Fund • Essential Energy Services           patron of the Iniskim Centre since its official opening
F                                                             in 2007. The Centre is committed to fostering
Fast Cat Service Inc. • FEI Calgary Chapter • Ferguson        academic success in Aboriginal students and increasing
Corporation • Financial Value • First Calgary Savings &       awareness of the diverse Aboriginal cultures and
Credit Union Ltd. • FirstEnergy Capital Corp. • Flames        history. Specifically, the Imperial Oil Foundation backs
Foundation for Life • Fleetwood Jewellery • Formations        the Medicine Trail (Naato’ohsokoy) Program which
Inc. • Fortier & Associates Camp Catering • Fortune           provides Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students, staff
Industries Ltd. • Fragments of Soul • Fraser Milner           and faculty at Mount Royal with cultural teachings
                                                              from a Blackfoot perspective, mentorship and
Casgrain LLP
                                                              networking opportunities with a diverse Elders group.
Galleon Energy Inc. • GEC Architecture • General                                                     Monica Samper
Mills Canada Corporation • GiCor lodging projects ltd.                             President, Imperial Oil Foundation

    Changing the face of education                                                                                     17

 • Glamorgan Bakery • Glencoe Resources Ltd. • GLJ            Inc. • Long View Systems • Madison & Page • Maharam
 Petroleum Consultants • Global Upholstery Company Inc.       • Mannington Commercial • Marsh Canada Limited •
 • GM Bain Real Estate Services Ltd. • Graymont Western       Matrix Video Communications Corp. • Maureen and
 Canada Inc. • GRB Engineering Ltd. • Gregory Harriman &      George Kermack Foundation Trust • McCarthy Tetrault
 Associates • GT’S Oilfield Hauling                           • McFarlane & Company • McKillican Canadian • Metro
 H                                                            Wallcoverings Inc. • Meyers Norris Penny LLP • MGM
 Harvard Broadcasting X92.9 • Haworth Ltd. • hbi -            Developments J/V • Miller Rodeo • Milliken Carpet •
 heritage business interiors inc. • Heninger Toyota •         Miltcal Consulting Inc. • Mona Lisa Artists Materials Ltd. •
 Heritage Park Historical Village • Herman Miller Canada      Morningside Group • Mount Royal Cougar Booster Club •
 Inc. • Homestead Industries • Hong Kong-Canada               Mount Royal Education Undergraduate Society • Mount
 Business Association • Hotel Arts • House of Persian Rugs    Royal Faculty Association • Mountain Equipment Co-op •
 • HSBC Bank Canada • Human Resources Association of          Mr. Sub • Municipal Chapter of Calgary IODE
 Calgary • Human Resources Institute of Alberta • Husky       N-R
 Energy Inc. • Husky Oil Foothills Business Unit • Husky      National Bank of Canada • Native Calgarian Society •
 Social Club (Calgary) • Husky Oil Marketing Company          Nexen Inc. • Norman Lond Printers Ltd. • North West
 I-J                                                          Bloodstain Pattern Association • Northwest Zenith
 I3 Strategies Inc. • Imperial Oil Foundation • Interface     Resources Ltd. • Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP • Park N’
 Flooring Systems (Canada) Inc. • Interior Designers of       Jet • Patricia Maloney & Associates • Payworks Inc. •
 Alberta • International Facility Management Association      PCL Construction Management Inc. • Peace Hills General
 • Investors Group Inc. • J & L Supply Co Ltd. • Jardine      Insurance Company • Pembina Pipeline Corporation •
 Lloyd Thompson Canada Inc. • Jeanco Consulting Inc. •        Pengrowth Corporation • Penn West Energy • Petro-
 Jerome’s Appliance Gallery • John Petropoulos Memorial       Canada • Petroleum Accountants Society of Canada •
 Fund Society • Johns Manville Canada Inc. • Johnson Inc.     Pivotal Capital Advisory Group Ltd. • Plains Marketing
                                                              Canada, LP • Polar Bear Mechanical • Precision Builders
 K                                                            • Precision Drilling • Precision Rentals • Precision
 Kamenka Quarry Ltd. • Kay Tech Marketing Inc. • KBM          Well Servicing • Priddis Environmental Solutions Ltd.
 Commercial Floor Coverings Inc. • Kesa • Kinder Morgan       • Procoach Enterprises Ltd. • PWA Pilots’ Aviation
 Canada Inc. • Kings Wood Products • Kit Interior Objects     Foundation • Ravenwood • RayQuest Holdings Ltd. • RBC
 Ltd. • Korpach Consulting Ltd. • Kristian Electric Ltd. •    Employee Volunteer Program • Red Jacket Basketball •
 Krug Inc.                                                    Redpoint Media Group • RGO Office Products Partnership
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 Labbe-Leech Interiors Ltd. • Lafarge Canada Inc. •           D. Eirikson Services • Robson Eifert Consulting Services
 Lalonde Enterprises Beverage Dispense Systems • Lehigh       Inc. • Roche Bobois • Rotary Club of Calgary North •
 Inland Cement Ltd. • Little Learners Preschool • Lone Star   Rotary Club of Calgary South • Rotary Club of Calgary

18                                                                                                    Philanthropy:

West • Royal Bank of Canada • Royal Construction            Education Fund; Marion Knight Memorial Scholarship
Limited • RPK Consulting Inc.                               Fund; Maurice W. McCaig Flow Through Fund; New Sun
S                                                           Joy Harvie Maclaren Awards Fund; Owen Scholarship
S2 Architecture • Sally Aitken Design Limited • Sapele      Fund • The City of Calgary • The Foundation for Senior’s
Office Interiors Inc. • Savanna Energy Services Corp.       Care Hearts of Excellence • The Gratitude Studio • The
• Saxon Energy Services Inc. • Schenker of Canada           Great-West Life Assurance Company • The Howard
Limited • Scot Young (Western) Limited • Scotiabank         Group Inc. • The Institute of Internal Auditors, Calgary
• Screamworks Incorporated • Servpro Canada Inc. •          Chapter • The John Dobson Foundation • The Kahanoff
Sharps Audio Visual Ltd. • Shaw Industries • Sheldon        Foundation • The Laugh Shop • The RoadHouse • The
M. Chumir Foundation for Ethics in Leadership •             Royal Canadian Legion • The Tux Shop / The Bridal Shop
Shergill Consulting Ltd. • Sien Lok Society of Calgary      • Tim Wade Consulting Inc. • Timber Town Building
• Silex Contracting Alberta Ltd. • Sodexo • Southland       Centre Ltd. • Time is Money Executive Concierge Inc.
Transportation Ltd. • Spilt Ink Productions • Stampede      • TMP Worldwide Communications Inc. • Toole Peet
City Kinsmen • Standard Piano Sales & Service Ltd. •        & Co. Limited • TransAlta Generation Partnership •
Stantec Architecture Ltd. • Stantec Consulting Ltd. •       TransCanada Corporation • Transco Energy Services Ltd.
Steelcase Canada Ltd. • Strategic Capability Network        • Tribuild Contracting (Calgary) Ltd. • Trico Homes Inc.
• Stuart A. Ross Professional Corporation • Students’       • Turtle Island Culture Resource Management • Tuxedo
Association of Mount Royal College • Stylo Builders         Cycle & Sports Ltd.
Ltd. • Subway Sandwiches & Salads • Suncor Energy           U-W
Foundation • SunGard Higher Education Inc. • Syl-lutions    UFA Co-operative Limited • Unit 57, Rocky View General
Inc./Keilhauer                                              Hospital • V. A. Hill Fine Strings Ltd. • Valtan Holdings
T                                                           Ltd. • Van Ginkel Visuals Ltd. • Vancouver Foundation:
Talisman Energy Inc. • Tandus Canada • TD Bank Financial    Spectra Energy • Vektra Architectural Lighting Agency •
Group • TD Meloche Monnex • Teaching Counselling            Voltage Wireline Inc. • Walton International Group Inc. •
Support Family Services Ltd. • Technicad Custom Interiors   Warren Tettensor Amantea LLP • Werklund Foundation
Inc. • Technical Equipment Services Ltd. • Teknion          • Western Financial Group • Weyerhaeuser Company •
Furniture Systems Inc. • Telsec Development Ltd. • TELUS    White Iron Productions • Whittaker Designs • Wilder &
• Tona-O’Reilly Associates • The Alberta Association of     Davis Luthiers • Willow Park Wines & Spirits • Wood’s
Architects • The Alvin & Mona Libin Foundation • The        Homes Foundation • WorleyParsons Infrastructure &
Calgary Foundation: Beth Israel Players Scholarhsip Fund;   Environment • WOW Lighting
Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers Fund; Dick      X-Z
and Lois Haskayne Fund; Eva Reid Memorial Scholarship       Xerox Canada Limited • Ziff Energy Group
Fund; Frances Camyre Memorial Foundation Fund; Jackie
Larkins Memorial Fund; Levis Family Award in Health

    Changing the face of education                                                                                      19
     over the years.”

20              Philanthropy:
C                                                     A
                                                     LEARNING ENVIRONMENT

       onocoPhillips Canada is proud of its long-
       term, committed relationships with the
community,” says Dave Newby, vice president,
finance at ConocoPhillips Canada (CPC), one of
Canada’s largest oil and natural gas production
and exploration companies. “Mount Royal is a
great example. It’s exceptionally rewarding to see
the cumulative results of our contributions over
the years.”

ConocoPhillips Canada has partnered with
Mount Royal since 1985, supporting a multitude       In addition to funding children’s programming
of programs and projects, from scholarships to       at Mount Royal, ConocoPhillips Canada is also
facilities and infrastructure, from summer youth     helping to ensure that post-secondary students
programming to special events, and more.             have access to the educational resources they
                                                     need for success. CPC’s contributions have
An early supporter of Mount Royal’s College Kids     helped Mount Royal establish a state-of-the-
summer day camps, CPC has contributed annually       art computer lab for oil and gas production
to the program, allowing countless children the      accounting and funded scholarships for students
opportunity to participate. In 2006, the company     in the Human Resources program.
became the title sponsor of the Youth Science
Academy, aimed at giving youth an engaging           Furthermore, CPC employees have given their
introduction to astronomy, physics, chemistry,       time as volunteers on several academic advisory
biology and engineering.                             committees, lending their industry knowledge to
                                                     Mount Royal’s programs. ConocoPhillips Canada
                                                     values the knowledge, diversity and performance
“We’ve developed a deep connection with              of its employees which they demonstrate in their
 Mount Royal and its students in 25 years.”          initiatives and personal engagement in
                                                     the community.
“Children are the future leaders and
entrepreneurs in our community,” Newby               “We’ve developed a deep connection with
explains. “Half of our charitable contributions      Mount Royal and its students in 25 years,” says
are directed towards education and youth             Newby. “It’s important for us to make a positive
programming because we want to strengthen            impact on students’ lives as we look ahead to the
our community’s economic base by supporting          future and our commitment to strengthen the
accessible training for our future workforce.”       communities where we live and operate.”

   Changing the face of education                                                                    21
     “We are proud that our staff are taking the lead in supporting the institution that
     matters so much to the Calgary community.”

22                                                                                         Philanthropy:
                                                     LEARNING ENVIRONMENT

       anadian Pacific (CP) has been a strong        and we strongly encourage community
       supporter of Mount Royal for almost 20        engagement,” says Mark Seland, general
years, generously donating more than $230,000        manager, corporate communications and
towards programs and scholarships in the last        public affairs at CP, and a Mount Royal Public
five years alone. Among its varied community         Relations alumnus. “Rail City, our intranet,
investment initiatives, CP’s gift matching           regularly profiles employees’ exemplary
program stands out as a particular success, as       volunteer activities outside of work. It acts as
it engages a broad range of Canadian Pacific         our internal gathering place with information
employees across all divisions.                      on the successes of our community investment
                                                     program. It also links to the online application
“I was first acquainted with Mount Royal’s           for the gift matching program and Canada
mandate and programs through a family member         Revenue Agency’s registered charities listing.”
who works there,” says Lee Berry, CP’s recently
retired director of network capacity, who has        Canadian Pacific recognizes that its contribution
contributed for the past several years. “When        to community life comes not only through
I was a student, I chose to start my post-           employment and local spending, but also
secondary education at a smaller institution         through the company’s investment in and
for exactly the same reasons students choose         support of the communities in which it operates.
MRU — the smaller class sizes and personalized       To make a significant and lasting contribution
attention from instructors. I want to help today’s   to the quality of life in the towns and cities
students have a similar, high quality                along its more than 22,000 kilometres of track,
learning experience.”                                CP’s community investments focus on strategic,
                                                     coordinated giving to organizations like Mount
“CP’s gift matching program is a good incentive      Royal University that have broad geographic
to keep donating to MRU,” he adds. “My               reach and strong grassroots support.
contributions are doubled and I feel that I can
make double the difference. CP’s matching            “Considering our long and fruitful relationship
program makes the impact of my gift much             with Mount Royal, it is exceptionally rewarding
more significant.”                                   to see that goodwill stems from all employee
                                                     levels. We are proud that our staff are taking the
“We appreciate that each one of our 16,000           lead in supporting the institution that matters so
employees has a role to play in the community        much to the Calgary community,” adds Seland.

   Changing the face of education                                                                       23
     “The possibiliTies for
        fuTure sTudenTs are

24                            Philanthropy:

      The                                                               LEARNING SPACES

       o Allen King, the world is an interesting
       place full of friendly people.
                                                      Since then, Mr. King has helped raise funds for
“Young people are fascinating,” says the retired      the Library at Mount Royal, a key part of the
Okotoks pharmacist. He recounts a recent              post-secondary educational experience that is
experience when he asked a group of students in       very close to his heart.
a coffee shop about the courses they were taking
and what they thought of school.                      “I’m really sold on this project,” Mr. King says,
                                                      explaining that his three sons struggled with a
“It’s just amazing how many will talk to you.         lack of reference material and computer access
They surrounded me and they really wanted to          when they went to university. “No matter where
talk,” he says, “and they’re pretty smart. I really   you are, a quality education hinges on the ability
enjoyed hearing about their experiences and           to access books and texts in your area of study.”
what they are passionate about.”
                                                      Mr. King understands the reality that drives
                                                      fundraising: students and their needs. He has
“I felt very strongly about this. I thought           connected with his wide circle of friends about
 Mount Royal should be a university.”                 Mount Royal’s plans for a university calibre
                                                      Library and Learning Centre and introduced
                                                      them to Marshall and other staff. Leading by
Mr. King keeps an extensive network of friends        example, he’s also personally contributed to
and associates from all walks of life and             the Library fund.
stays abreast with what’s happening in the
community. In 2003, upon hearing that Mount           “It is very exciting to see the plans for the new
Royal was seeking university status, he phoned        Library and Learning Centre coming together.
Mount Royal President Dave Marshall, whom he          The possibilities for future students are endless.”
had never met.
                                                      “If I were 18 again,” muses Mr. King, ever young
“I felt very strongly about this. I thought Mount     at heart, “I’d be back on campus, taking in all
Royal should be a university. I told him, ‘Dr.        the student energy and transition buzz of Mount
Marshall, dig in your heels and don’t give up.’”      Royal University.”

   Changing the face of education                                                                        25

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26                                                                                                    Philanthropy:

Dave Frederick • Elizabeth Fricke • Matthias Friedrich •         Stew & Lorraine Heron • Allan Hiller • Paul Hilton •
Tara Fry • Doris & Curly Galbraith • John Galotta • Ronald       Kath Hnidan • Jenny Hoang • Dr. Katja Hoehn • Joan
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Marybeth Haydo • Dan Healing • Janet Heath • Harold              • David & Julie Johnston • Larissa Johnston • Sheila
Heffernan • Brenda Hendrickson • Dean Herbert •                  Johnston • Janice Jones • Logan Jorger • Helen Josland

                                                             Having worked here since 1985, Rob Huffman says that
                                       FAMILY                Mount Royal is practically his second home. He donates
                                                             monthly through automatic payroll deduction to support
                                       COUNTS                areas of need, helping the institution meet the evolving
                                                             needs of students.

                                                             “I’ve always felt that people here are like my family, and
                                                             I wanted the students to have positive opportunities to
                                                             create their futures here at Mount Royal University. It’s a
                                                             student-focused learning environment that’s second
                                                             to none.”
                                                                                                              Rob Huffman
                                                                                      Network Analyst – Voice, IT Services
                                                                                                   Mount Royal University

   Changing the face of education                                                                                            27

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Board of Directors
Jennifer Pierce            Dean Burns
Chair, Vice President,     Vice President and
Communications and         General Counsel,
Investor Relations,
TransAlta Corporation
                           Boardwalk Rental
Eleanor Chiu               Cole harris                            A gentleman, a Friend and One of
Chief Financial Officer,   President,                                 Alberta’s Great Citizens
Trico Homes                Centron Group of
                           Companies                   Hal Wyatt has made advocacy, volunteerism and
                                                       philanthropy his life’s mission and, at the age of 88,
greg Kist                                              continues to serve his community. Not only did
Vice President,            Mike Ryan                   Mr. Wyatt play a key role in establishing the Mount
Investor Relations and     President,                  Royal Foundation in 1991, he is still leading fundraising
                           Trotter & Morton Building   initiatives to ensure that students have the financial
                                                       support they need to obtain a post-secondary education.
Progress Energy            Technologies Inc.
Resources Corp.                                        A Director and Chair Emeritus of the Foundation,
                           Tony howard                 Mr. Wyatt was recently presented with the highest
                                                       honour the Province of Alberta can bestow on a citizen
Dave Marshall              Principal,
                                                       — membership in the Alberta Order of Excellence. At a
President,                 John A. (Tony)              special ceremony in Edmonton, the Lieutenant Governor
Mount Royal University     Howard Consulting           of Alberta recognized Mr. Wyatt for his remarkable record
                                                       of service to Albertans and all Canadians, including
                                                       leadership in the financial sector as well as extensive
Michael D. harris          Dick Wilson                 volunteer contributions to the arts, advanced education
                                                       and community development.
Senior Business Advisor,
Goodmans LLP (Toronto)                                 The Mount Royal community is exceptionally proud
                           Hal Wyatt
                           Chair Emeritus              to count Mr. Wyatt as one of its closest friends and
                                                       supporters and whole-heartedly congratulates him on
                                                       this distinction.

30                                                                                            Philanthropy:
Mount Royal’s Mount Royallearning experiences for its
                            continues to provide
              students. In 2008-2009, the Foundation
 Fundraising focused its fundraising initiatives in areas
              which support this vision and enhance
   Priorities Mount Royal’s reputation as a institution.
              centred and teaching-focused

As Mount Royal aspires to become Canada’s premier                LEARNING ENVIRONMENT – Program Initiatives
undergraduate university, its priorities shift to accommodate    Mount Royal’s commitment to teaching and learning is
the changing needs of its students and community.                reflected in the wide range of programs and initiatives
Fundraising objectives are reevaluated annually by the Board     that our donors support. Whether creating international
of Governors, as the institution’s most pressing needs cannot    work-study and exchange programs for students to
by met through government grants alone. The Foundation           experience life abroad, bringing in executives in residence
plays an integral role in Mount Royal’s growth and evolution     to engage with faculty and students, or acquiring advanced
by seeking private-sector support for the following              equipment and technology to support our commitment to
priority initiatives:                                            exceptional teaching, we continue to find ways to align our
                                                                 programs at Mount Royal with our donors’ interests and
                                                                 community investment initiatives.
Scholarships and Bursaries                                       LEARNING SPACES – Campus Expansion
Scholarships and bursaries are the key to providing accessible   More learning spaces are needed to support the growing
learning opportunities for students by ensuring they receive     requirements of students pursuing undergraduate
the financial support they need to start and successfully        degrees at Mount Royal. A new, student-centred Library
complete their education. Scholarships reward students’          and Learning Centre is in the future campus expansion
academic achievements and recognize athletic or artistic         plan. The much-needed facility will bring together the
performance. Bursaries support students in financial need.       technology, resources and services that are critical to the
For many, receiving a bursary may be the deciding factor         success of an exceptional undergraduate university.
whether they continue their education or prematurely leave
school to get a job.                                             Expansion and enhancement of Mount Royal’s Science and
                                                                 Health facilities is also a key priority. This year, with the
Thanks to the generosity of our donors over the past year,       help of our donors, construction commenced to expand
Mount Royal’s commitment to increasing the value and             our Science wing, with urgently needed research and lab
number of scholarships and bursaries available to Mount          spaces for science-intensive programs such as the Bachelor
Royal students is stronger than ever.                            of Science and Bachelor of Nursing. Further expansion
                                                                 of our Science and Health facilities will include high-tech
                                                                 simulation labs, specialized classrooms and equipment
                                                                 rooms, and safety facilities for storage and disposal of

                                                                 hazardous materials.
     Changing the face of education
Key Contacts

         Dave Marshall
         Mount Royal University

         hunter Wight
         Vice President
         University Advancement
         Mount Royal University

         Carole Simpson
         Executive Director
         The Foundation

         Patricia Warmington
         Director of Development
         The Foundation

32                                 Philanthropy:
Mount Royal University Foundation
4825 Mount Royal Gate SW
Calgary, Alberta T3E 6K6
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