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                                                                                                      JFK ASSASSINATION
                                                                                                         iNFORMATION CENTER

            DATELINE: DALLAS                                                                              603 Munger Ave. Box 40
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                                                                                                            JFK-AIC OCTOBER 1992

      VOLUME 1: NUMBERS 2 & 3                    " THE TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL "                                         SUMMER/FALL 1992

                                                                                                JAIIIA ARTICLE:
                                                                                                A TRAVESTY!
                                                                                                By Harrison E. Livingstone

                                                                                                34r. Livingoone authored the mu hest-tellers
                                                                                                fe,h Tret:),,,t and I fi,-;t rrra.cory 1)

                                                                                                     In May and June of 1992, the case of
                                                                                                the assassination of President John F.
                                                                                                Kennedy reached more of a pitch than at
                                                                                                any other time in the preceding six
                                                                                                months since the release of the Oliver
                                                                                                Stone movie on the subject. After very
                                                                                                many television shows, none of which
                                                                                                dealt with the real, hard evidence in the
                                                                                                case, two books came out that rocketed to
                                                                                                the top of the Best-Seller lists from the
                                                                                                moment of publication, and these two
                                                                                                books, almost buried in the mountain of
            "DID THIS MAN KILL PRESIDENT KENNEDY?"                                              phoney theories and rhetoric, was that of
                                                                                                Dr. Charles Crenshaw and my own book,
                                                                                                High Treason 2 . These two books se-
Roscoe White                                        1.Two witnesses identified Roscoe
                                                                                                verely threatened the cover-up, and
tiny Mowing                                   White in Dealty Plait near the picket fence.
                                                                                                prompt action on the part of the establish-
                                                    2. An eyewitness was in I.D. Tippit's
                                              house a week before the assassination and saw     ment trying to keep a lid on things was
     The JFK-A1C held a news conference        Roscoe White and another man in a discussion     undertaken.
on August 6, 1990 releasing information       with Tippit.                                           Crenshaw's book Conspiracy ot.
on Roscoe White (above), an ex-Dallas               3. Ex-ciA Operative met Roscoe White        Silence was the first extensive account
Police Officer, at the request of Ricky       in Dallas in the summer of 1963 concerning        released publicly by one of the Dallas
White, who believed his father was the        the purchase of guns.                             doctors who treated Kennedy as he died.
trigger-man behind the picket fence and             4. A woman's father was friends with        a nd it was almost thirty years after the
also responsible for carrying out the dark    Roscoe White and Jack Ruby and possibly in-       murder! Crenshaw insisted that the back
orders to eliminate witnesses and infor-      volved with eliminating witnesses. Her father     of the President's head was missing, and
mants.                                        was killed by Dallas Police while trying to es-
                                                                                                that there was a bullet entry hole in the
                                              cape when in custody for conspiracy to com-
     At that time, we presented that this                                                       President's throat. Continued on page 29
                                              nut murder.
was not the JFK-AIC story, but the Ros-
                                                    5. A friend of Lee Oswald's in New Or-
coe White Story. The facts were outlined      leans was told about Roscoe White in the late                        INSIDE
as we understood them at the time and we      summer of 1963 by Lee Harvey Oswald.
reiterated that the Roscoe White account                                                                               12.
                                                    6. A night club owner was introduced to
needed to be investigated further. Pur-                                                                                13.. Unar.c6snos Pops
                                              Roscoe White by Jack Ruby in the owner's
suant to finding the truth behind the pick-                                                                            14—AIIVW Fa/000
                                                                                                                       I I. 'yawn= lo waxer
et fence and Roscoe White, the JFK-.k1C             7. The Witnesws Rook is currently being
                                              examined by experienced researchers and in-                             20.244:4‘46. ern 14-ay
has recorded testimony of eleven indi-
                                              vestigators. It is our intention to continue to                          24 .Sluderel Essay
viduals volunteering information about
Roscoe White. Here are a few highlights:      update our readers on the progress of the Ros-                          26 _clement:wog 55

                                              coe White Story in future newsletter editions.                          36 _34..04141 0000
     JFK                                                DATELINE: DALLAS                                                               2
                                                  Personal from                                                     WE
                                                  L arty 9-ioward...
                                                   .                                                        flew member/
             PLALLSHED BY THE
                                                                                                   Ron Ashby                  Texas
                                                        The JFK-AIC has decided to combine
         11.1( ASSASSINATION                                                                       Harry Yardum               New York
                                                  the Summer and Fall issue of DATELINE:
         INFORMATION CENTER                                                                        Anthony Orme               Oklahoma
                                                  DAUAS because of the massive amount of           Cbristoph Kriehenbiihl     Switzerland
                                                  information arriving at the center and our       Data John ICr2teabilhl    Switzerland
              Larry Howard
                                                  responsibility to share it with you.             Bob Goodman             Texas
          Director of Operntions
                                                        It has been nine months now since          Committee Open Archives Washington, D.0
                                                  the release of the movie JFK and due to          Michael Colson          California
           Robert T. Johnson
           Director of Archives                   the response of the general public outcry        Rick Nelson             Canada
                                                  and Oliver Stone's persistence in having         Judi Lewis              Nebraska
             Larry Ray Harris                     the files released. it looks like it is really   Paul Hcnwood            Wales.UK
           Director of Research                   going to happen. The sad part is that the        Don Dahl                    Texas
                                                                                                   Jim Stoynoff                Illinois
                                                  President of the United States will hand
             Coke Buchanan                                                                         John Lenzi                  Minnesota
        Director of communications
                                                  pick a panel to decide which files will
                                                                                                   Geno Lenzi                  Minnesota
                                                  still be classified. It's ironic that the ex-
                                                                                                   Allan Wbitlatch             Texas
      John Nagel. NI Duke Lane                    head of the CIA is still in control of the
                                                                                                   Anne P. Sylvester           Florida
            Research Associates                   destiny in this case.
                                                                                                   Steven Jones                Pennsylvania
                                                        This is at least a step in the right
                Bob Kintzle                                                                        Steve Como                  Massachusetts
    Kennedy Assassination Bus Tour.               direction. Thanks Oliver Stone! If it was
                                                                                                   James Ilarsin               Arkansas
                                                  not for you and your provoking movie,            Carl Henry                  Texas
                  JFK- A1C:                        the process to open the JFK files would         Eric Eisenberg              New York
                                                  not have happened for the nest forty years       D. Bradley Kuzia            Texas
   Yolanda Perez, Chits Monctrosio.
                                                   — maybe never.                                  Larry E. Thompson            Minnesota
  Tom Ost, Keihr Hatcher. Geroki Blow
                                                        I would like to personally thank John      Steve Newcomb                Illinois
   DAIRINE DALLAS wales          tnark no          Nagel, Bob Kintzle, Coke Buchanan, our          Jack Perkins                Oklahoma
    Following certtritx-Ipis cad resources.        volunteers and especially Robert Johnson                                    Texas
                                                                                                   Paine Snyder
                                                   for their dedication to the JFK-AIC. With       Dorthee McGee                New York
 &person E Livingstone, tutchoel Canfield.
Harty Yaraum. Jean Hit. BS Sloan. Lana Her         out their help, the center could not exist.     Thomas Orf                  Oklahoma
 demon Sloan Andrew Weimar* Bevetty                                                                Mark Harding                Illinois
 Giver. Aida Essiinger. Fronk DeBenecticts.                                                        Martha Moyer                 Indiana
'N Arttnany Marsh. Al_ & Margaret SmecIts                   A SPECIAL THANKS TO                    J. W flutdies               California
 John Judge. BA Kett', Mark Oakes, Star                                                            Richard J. Rothe% Jr.       Connecticut
 flerszen. Assassraticri Symposium on Ken-
 redy, Harper & Pow Puotshers The New Ytark
                                                        WALLY UIHLEIN                              Jerry Robertson             Indiana
Trnel                                                         PATRON MEMBER                        Gerald McKee                Oregon
                                                                                                   William A. Cmclak           Wisconsin
                                                                                                   Ryu Morita                  Japan
                                                         ROBERT CUTLER                             Paul D. Pedro               Minnesota
 JFiC-AC welcomes material sucrnated for                                                           Robert Flolst               Paris. France
 Outification consideration Material not en-               As the clock strikes twelve-            Kenneth W. Format           Ohio
 rnecfkarefy put shed wit iernain ri oil ,Ar.                  you are always there                                            South Carolina
                                                                                                   W Eugene Notz
 crave flies and open to the public for viewirg
 or haute pu blication. unless otherwise sped-                    Heaven knows
-tea and accompanied with a !Mein address
 stamped ermNoce Seed sour article to ire                      Let the record show-                                 NOTE:
 attention or Pot-en T Jotvison                              the fnends of JFK-AIC,
                                                               in unity of purpose.                  DATELINE: DALLAS has pre-empred
          SUBSCRIPTIONS                                                                             [
                                                                   can continue
                                                                                                      several articles planned for this is-
  Annual Sumo:lotion to DATELINE: DALLAS:                        to move forward
                   $20 00                                                                             sue, as identified in our first issue, to
                                                                 toward the truths
                                                                   of tomorrow                        publish more works by our readers
   Please forward Check or Money order to
                                                                                                      and to focus attention on the incred-
                  JFK-ac                                                                              ible misdirection perpetrated by the
                                                                   with thanks
            Art roper T ,afro son                                                                     JAAL4 article.
                                                                   to you R.B.
            603 Mirger: Box 40
             Doom. Texas 75202                                  forever and always
       JFK                                                 DATELINE: DALLAS                                                                    3
OPENING THE FILES.                                                                                       LETTER TO THE CENTER:
FREE AT LAST?                                                                                             Dear Mr. Buchanan
ByJohn Judge and Bill Kelly
                                                                                                                Yesterday. I got your parcel with all the
       The 102nd Congress will be MarinesIly                                                              ordered material and must thank you. Mr
 recognized for finally passing the President                                                             Johnson and Mr. Howard for having done so
 John F. Kennedy Assassination Records                                                                    many things for us.
 Collection Act of 1992 (Senate 131111;3006).                                                                For me personally, I have realized a "dream
       The second session of the House of ReP-                                                             for me", to become a member of such an im-
 resentatives and the Senate both passed differ-                                                          portant institution. Don't forget. I was only 15
 ent versions of the Assassination Materials                                                              years old, as my idol, John F. Kennedy was
 Review Act of 1992. Instead of holding a                                                                 killed. I will never forget that day. it was in
conference committee to iron out the differ-                                                              the early evening as 1 heard it.
ences in the two bills, the House of Repre-                                                                    In the video, 'The Day, - A Dream
sentatives, in its closing days. on September                                                             Died", are things that make inc afraid, how is
 30th, simply approved the Senate's version by                                                            it possible, that since that day nobody tried
 a voice vote, without opposition.                   90 days after the bill is signed by the president
                                                                                                         with success, power and hold out to make the
       By doing so. the House relinquished its       the first documents will be available to the
                                                                                                          government "to open the files"!
 main point, which would have set up a review•       public.
                                                                                                               In Switzerland, an old democracy, every-
of the records independent; of the Executive              Documents that the various agencies be-
                                                                                                          body can C211Cd. 100,000 signatures to make
Branch. The !louse bill had called for a judi-       lieve should be w•ithlteld from the public be-
                                                                                                          the government doing a vocation of all citi-
cial panel to appoint the review board. In-         cause they reveal intelligence sources and
                                                    methods, are a national security concern or an        zens in Switzerland, for voting about a par-
stead, with the passage of this version, the                                                              ticular thing. I'm sure, I could get 100,000
 president will appoint and the Senate approve       invasion of privacy, will be reviewed by the
                                                                                                         signatures, even if that is not very easy! I
 the five members of the Assassination Materi-      board, once it is appointed and in operation.
                                                                                                          know as well, that it is wrong, to compare
al Review Board IAMRI3t                             The disclosure of these documents of these
                                                    documents will be considered "delayed."               countries.
      Congress has adjourned, and is not                                                                       As I have opened two companies in
scheduled to reconvene until after the elec-              Senator John Glenn, (R. Ohio), who had
                                                                                                         springtime. I haven't the possibilities to come
tion. So there is concern that President Bush       a hand in the writing of the legislation, tight-
                                                                                                          to the symposium in October. I hope, - one
will either ignore the measure completely or        ened the measure, giving the review board
                                                    more authority and power and providing for           day I'll have the opportunity to come! Open-
refuse to sign it, with Congress unable to                                                                ing companies is very expensive, but every
override the veto.                                  the immediate and systematic release of the
                                                                                                         start is hard and dear. In one of my teat letters
      Don Goldberg, counsel to the House            records. Glenn said that some records will he
                                                                                                         nr 15-‘5. I've asked, if it would be possible to
Cloven:intent Operations Committee, and point       released before the review board is appointed.
                                                                                                         open a "John F. Kennedy Center'. in Zurich,
man for the legislation, has said that the Jus-     The review board will have the power to sub-
                                                                                                         and what way D had to go and what steps from
tice Department has already assured the Com-        poena domunents and require the testimony of
                                                                                                          the U.S. side or the Kennedy family I bad to
mittee that the President will sign the bill. It    witnesses. They will also require agencies to
                                                                                                         go first. I think it is very important for people
is yet to he seen however, whether Bush will        establish what documents have been de-
                                                                                                         in Europe to learn more about your 35th Presi-
appoint the review board before the election.       stroyed, and explain why
                                                                                                         dent. The history, the politic, the culture, and
or if he'll defer that decision. If he looses the         The autopsy photos and X-rays will not
                                                                                                         what value, John E Kennedy's Presidency had
election, the Senate may not want a lame duck       be released however, and access to them re-
                                                                                                         and would have had, - if be would have had
president to appoint the review board.              mains under the control of the Kennedy fami-
                                                                                                         the possibilities to do it!
      According to the bill, the president will                                                                It could be a foundation, a non-profit, but
choose the review board members from                      Nor are the House Select Com:Mute on
                                                                                                         break even making institution, where every
among those suggested by a number of his-           Assassinations (HSCA) files related to the as-
                                                                                                         year one student or non-student would get a
torical and legal associations, with at least one   sassination of Martin Luther King effected by
                                                                                                         pace for the same kind of thinking of politics
member of the board being an historian and          this legislation. House rule 436, which rou-
                                                                                                         and leadership, like John F. Kennedy had. An
another an attorney. No appointees may he a         tinely seals House committee files for periods
                                                                                                         tiekn like books, films, videos and Mhor
government official or have had any associ-         from 30 to 50 years, has not been amended, so
                                                                                                         things should be present to buy from the Vi5-
                                                    any future committee records will suffer the
ation with any previous investigation into the                                                           nor5. The institution could have the name
assassmation.                                       same fate. Thc COA continues to collect
                                                                                                         'The Non-US Memory Institution for John F.
      Even before the appointment of the            hundreds of thousands of signatures on our
                                                    national petition to amend IIR n36.                  Kennedy", or something like that. Please let
board, "as soon as practicable," all federal                                                             me know about it Again, many thanks for
agencies must begin reviewing their files to              So this bill must be the beginning of the
                                                                                                         every thing!
identify any relevant documents for transmis-       citizen lobby effort to release scaled files_ and
sion to the National Archives, where a special      not the end. This is just one victory, and the
                                                                                                             With Kind Regards,
President John F. Kennedy Assassination Re-         next Congress must be pressured to continue
                                                                                                             Christoph Krahenbiihl
cords Collection will be established. Within        the process.
                                                                                                             Zurich, Switzerland
        JFK                                                           DATELINE: DALLAS                                                                                4
By Lana Henderson Sloan

        An important and cotaraversial slice of Ameri-
can history made as way aarnss the boarder into
Canada this summer when the JD: Exhibit and Re-
seareb Centre opened in Niagara Falk t- tario.
        Dedianed to the memory of President John F.
 Kennedy and focused on the events surrounding his
assassination. the centre held its grand opening July
 11.12 at Maple Leaf Village. located in the heart of
 Niagara Falls' tourists mecca. Piutemeif slier the JFK
 Assassination Center in Dallas, the new center is at-                 Jean Hill, " 'Ow Lady in Toi"                      younii6icr resulted in a life-long quest for the truth in
tracting hundreds of Canadian. American and other                  takes a moment to autograph her new book               the JEK. murder case.
international victors who want to learn more about                                                                              Today. Hoot-let owns and operates three erect
the tragic events of November 22. 1'363.                      lion," says Hunan'. "With the centets in Canna] and         hockey rinks in Leominster. Massachusetts. At an
        "The question of who killed John Kennedy is an        Dallas, we're covering North America."                      avocation, he continues to study the assasonnion.
intemational issue." sears Tom Downey. a center co-                 111cludtx1 in the centers exhibits are a replica of   Hut recently. that avocation has taken on a pmfcs-
director. in explaining the decision to locate a center       the rifle the Warren Commission says Oswald used to         sional life of its own.. Housser is now one of four co.
    CSO:Iii.1_ "Purple all over the worhi are interested in   murder Kennedy, a pistol similar to the one used by         directors of the WK. Exhibit and Research Centre in
bow it happened. why d happened and the cover-up.             Ruby to shoot 004-21,1 and the nousl rale used in the       Niagara Falls-
 It is an issue that transcends the boundanes of Ameri-       Oliver Stone film, JFK. A research mom adjoining                  "! grew up in Canada. but I could see the United
can polities."                                                the exhibit area will be used to document and display       States out my bedroom window. recalls Houma,
        In an emotional taped greeting. Marina Oswald         new and existing research stimounding the assassina-        who now resides in Massachusetts "The United
 Porter. ink °Incensed assassin Lee Hatvey Oswald.            tion. Plans are also under way to make connections          States was a pan of my fife. In Canada, the stories
sold the grand opening BAUI$VIKC,'It's important for          with the large number of Japanese language tapes            about President Kennedy's death were a lot more
people to keep asking questions and looking for MI-           and signs at the center.                                    controversteL It was seen as more of a mystery. I
swers The Warren Conunission supplied 26 vol-                       Mod crucial to the new exhibit is the replica of      admired President Kennedy. and asked questions
umes, but people were will asking questions. We               Deatey Plaza from the JFK film. The main tie to             about his death. I continue to ask questions. Not
believed Lee was the oak assassin. Little by link, we         Texas is the model of 'leaky Plaza used in JFK."            only was a president kilted that day. but a father. a
learned differently. Lots of facts emerwil that said          says }Iowan!. "It puts you in perspective just as if you    son, a brother. They took a Ica of people's happiness
Lee was not guilty. I believe that if Lee was guilty.         were in Dallas. When I alienated the Grand Opening,         away. and no one should he able ten rani that.'
he wanld be alive today. f hope another center will             got a feeling of dela vu. It was kird for me to real-           When the JFK Exhibit and Research Centre
inform more people :those actual events that took             ize that I wasn't in Dallas. it seemed I should be able     opened this summer, it was really the culmination of
place in Endless"                                             to walk out the door and be at Dealey Piazza That is        Roasters dream.
        pot and Claus llousser. also co-directors of the      certainly the effect we waruenl to achieve, and we did            "When I went to Dallas, I was astounded an how
center, stress that the new exhibition was established        111'                                                        small Healey Plaza was.' says Housser. -Anyone
primarily as an educational 011C. The exhibit's main                During the weekend gabbed opening. Jean Hill          viewing the assassination in a space that small could
function it too enlighten and teach.- says Tins Housa-        of Dallas, the clakst eyewitness to Kennedy's micas.        not have mark a mistake. The witnesses had to be
es We want to educate people."                                alumnae outside the motorcade, was the ft- wed    a         telling the truth. From Deaky Plaza, Torn and f went
              idea for the Canadian seater cams: out of a     guest. Ms_ Ili!! autographed copies of her hiography.       to the sixth Floor exhibit and the I'M Assassination
twenty year old friendship between Downey and                 JFK . Mr last Dissenting Witness. and Joined is the         Information Center. lisal was when we really began
Chris Housser. a Niagara Falls native who has au-             ribbononning ceremonies with Niagara Falls Mayor.           talking about repealing the Information Centre idea
died the assassination for many years. This would             Wayne Thompson_                                             in Canada.
give me books 'bow the assassination and tell me                    "Both the Canadian and Dallas centers are won-              "The Kennedy assassination is the No. I murder
about it recalls Downey-          listened politely. hut my   derful educational nails." ways Ms. Hill. a Dallas          mystery of the past 100 years.' says liausser.
initial altitude war., 'Kennedy's dead_ What can we do        school teacher who brings her third graders to Peaky        wanted to give people another place to investigate a.
shout itr                                                     Plaza every year. "They will allow people to virw           I wanted the center to be of service to people and a
        When Downey mitred from the sporting goods            the evidence aurounding the assassination end de-           place Niagara Falls could bemood oL"
business and relocated from Massachusetts to Dallas.          cide for themselves if there was a conspiracy or not              While Housser's knowledge of the assassination
Chris couldn't wait to visit hint there. "Chris was           in John Kennedy's death."                                   caused his brother Tim and Downey to seriously con-
here five drys, and we spew three and a half of them                                                                      sider joining him as partners in the Canadian center
it Dealey Plaza." says Downey. "Aker that nip we                    As a I S year old high school student in Niagara      idea. it was really Oliver Stones IFK that cemented
contacted Lam Howard. Director of the Dallas 1FK.             Falls. Ontario, Chine Hoarser was assigned to do a          the whole project.
Assassination Infiirmation Center. who joined Chris.          research paper on some salvia of the life of President            "We attended the movie premier in Dallas. and
Tun and me in the pannerehip for the Canadian                 John F. Kennedy. In doing the research. Housser             the movie helped them put all the point.* about the
ter.'                                                         read Mark Lane's book. RUSH TO JUDGEMENT.                   assassination together," says !Ioniser. —Visually. we
       Co-director Larry Howard sees the Dallas and           soiled through countless magazine and newspaper ar-         could ore the story—and the centre—as a wbok'
Canadian centers functioning as "sister organizations                                                                            Now Houraer's dream lc a reality. The 4.000
                                                              ticks and viewed a "bootleg" copy of the famous Za-
that share research information." To intensify those          ruder filter lk came away with OW COIK113910*1 Lee          square fool 1FK Exhibit and Research Centre sits is
ties. plans call for a computer netwotk to be set up to       Harvey Os  -wald could not have acted alone. That re-       the heart of Niagara Falls. attracting visitors from all
transfer information from one center to the other.            search project and the conclusion that he reached as a      over the world.
-Were still trying to tell the troth about the assassins
      JFK                                                 DATELINE: DALLAS                                                                                        5
                                                    don't read hooks; they read newspapers and                    have been sold if it received wider dtstribu-
THE CASE FOR                                        magazines that tell them what they aught to                   lion. The same could be said for the White-
ASSASSINATION BOOKS                                 know).                                                        wash series by Harold Weisberg.
                                                          If one person fed the myth of Denies' Pla-                    There are two volumes about which peo-
By Andrew Wedarcryk
                                                    za as the "killing fields" it was Penn Jones. In              ple are quite partisan. Coup d'etat in Anteri-
     The shots that rang out in flealey Plaza       five volumes Furtive Mr Grief (1966-1976)                     ge (1975) by Michael Canfield and Alan
                                                    catalogs the unexplained deaths that befell                   Webci'man where they alleged that E. Howard
set off an arsenal of typewriters and printing
presses. Seemingly overnight, books ap-             those with knowledge of the day.                              Hunt and Frank Sturgis were two of the three
peared. First entries were four Dais and The              Al some point it must have seemed that                  tramps arrested in Dailey Nam Rumors of
Torch is Passed. They were full of pictures         the struak was truly dead and gone; it was                    suppression nude it a cult item. More contro-
but void of controversy. These hooks were or-       with John Kennedy in the grave. Then came a                   versial was Bea Evidence (1980). Davis Lit-
dered by people everywhere and an industry          Watergate. Suddenly, there was a door ajar.                   ton argued that the conflicts between the
was born.                                           If that was a lie and Vietnam was an ambush                   medical personnel in Dallas and Bethesda
      I count many authors and researchers          at credibility gap. thee maybe the smart guys                 could only be explained by alteration of the
among my customers: a smaller number I re-          were wrong about the death of a President.                    President's body. Throw in coffin switches
gard as friends. It would be presumptuous of        Probings into the heart of Clandestine Ameri-                 and you have the making of a talc out of Du-
me to slate what the best books were since          ca led to Hearings Before the Selers_QuArnit-                 val les's
Tve never written one, so let's focus on those      iter on Assassinations. When the report came                        The 25th anniversary brought retro-
that have been the most influential.                out in 1979, it re-ignited old flames. Talk of                spectisres and a surge. Instead of a last post
      We have to begin with the Warren Re-          organized crime and a probable conspiracy                     the memorials offered a call to action_ Two
pun, the one volume digest of conventional          settled nothing.                                              big books took on the saddest story and hit
wisdom. Since GPO titles can't be copy-                   Malta books were inevitable. The path-                  royalist Hirh Treason by Robert Groden and
righted. multiple companies printed it. For the     finder was Seth Kantor in Who Wen' Jack                       Harrison E. Livingstone (1989) attacked the
critic, it is the report's big brother Hearings     Ruhr' (1978) Kantor was both a mainstream                     authenticity of autopsy photos. Jim Marrs'
Before she President's Commission on the            journalist and an acquaintance of Ruby. Da-                   Crosilfire (1989) provided a superb synthesis
Asia tafratAl     lprcais  lentKaosck 9(4)          vid .Scheim's Contract on America (1983) was                  of all previous theories and made the phrase
that really matters. This sets forth the field of   self published. When it was reprinted as a                    motive, means and opportunity into something
battle and provides useful leads.                   hardcover in 1988 it became a best-sella.                     era mantra.
      Immediately, issue was taken with its         John Davis would write Mafia Kirrefish                              The final event in the chronology is natu-
findings (or lack thereofl. if Edward Jay Eps-      (1989). a remarkably comprehensive portrait                   rally, the film JFK.- The Ssou That Won't Go
tieres josaiesr (1966) was a volley, then Mark      of Carlos Marcell°.                                           /bony. II brought to light the work of Col.
Lane's Rush To Judeetnent (1966) was a                    Other argued that Kennedy was caught in                 Fletcher Prouty, renewed interest in the char-
frontal assault. This is the volume that people,    a web of mobsters, rouge spooks. and Cuban                    acter of Inn Garrison, and gave a boost to
just plain folks remember.                          exiles. Well known English journalist. Antho-                 Crossfire. This last year has virtually given us
      The nest year brought us two classics.        ny Summers, in 1980 rode Conspiracy to both                   an assassination book of the month club.
  crifi etti     ffrpif Ein" by Sylvia Meagh-       commercial and critical success. A personal                   Which will leave a lasting impact will be
er was a primer on the case. If some books          favorite has been And We Are All Mortal by                    known soon enough. Let it suffice to say that
sounded like a manifesto and others read like       George Michael Evica (1978). His work cov-                    William Butler Yeats could just as easily have
a legal document, then Sic Seconds In Dallas        ers the unholy trinity and physical evidence.                 had Oliver Stone and JFK in mind when he
by Josiah Thompson was a training manual            University Press publication meant it modest-                 wrote "all changed, changed utterly. A ter-
for intellectual warfare. Though other vol-         ly sold itself around the league With more                    rible beauty is born.."
umes are scarcer, none is more frequently re-       active distribution by our shop and personal
                                                                                                                        (Andre,* giniessizyk. with hiss wife Linda. have
quested.                                            appearances by Evica it was transformed into
                                                                                                                  rim the Lost Hurrah Boakshap in Williamport PA for
                                                    a must.
      The subject of mystique reminds us of                                                                       the put 10 years. The shop iperialat-s in bucks an
                                                          Another hit on the circuit was Cover-Up                 political assassinations. modern AMC/1,W politics.
Edmeavgelnune. Published in Licchenstein
                                                    by Gary Shaw and Larry Harris (1967). One                     and r.spitogrgri
(home of many an honest enterprise) in 1968,
                                                    can speculate :15 IP how many copies would
distributed in Canada, and purportedly written
by James Hepburn. Hepburn was a front for
the French Intelligence. Right wing oil men                                                       tune 13.1963 New fork
(ever met a left winger?) did in JFK. The U.S.                  RUSSIANS STIRRED BY KENNEDY TALK ABOUT COLD WAR
Customs Service was seizing copies of this                          Mac 12 — irvestui publidwd tonight the text of President Kennedy's 511CCIA on MOIljay in
book. however, they must have been over paid                 uhiels he appealed for re-exammation of attihmie$ toward the told war
because helpful Canadians manage to get it            The decIskta to make the apeeLit avaitahk to the Soviet people through the government ne,,Nr4Pers was
past the Dobermans'.                                         interpreted hen as an indication that the specth had made a favorahle irettornwitin in the Kremlin.
                                                       'rithcat in wane aCeli4111. The speech was hung read csperty by klosetwites, Who reeeme lIVCAllia in the
     On the other side was JFK Assassination
File (1969) composed by Dallas Police Chief                                                     sysaw‘d, sad tIA: isuldscalicm Is 14,...,4. thin thou mast tie nroual
                                                      A •toyiet             ciaromenird:
Jessy Curry. It is no little irony that it is the           aindsttnaadins."
conspiracy minded who examines it. (Of                A yourt* woman ss-oeter was ovcriscard to ask rt.frzentf -lir.. von 1.'24 the Kennedy speech': Ilwat about
course those who believe in magic bullets                  peace.'
      JFK                                                 DATELINE: DALLAS                                                                               6
                                                   scribed by all subsequent groups reviewing            greatly strengthened. Are Humes and Boswell
SLAMA JAMA                                         the X-rays. Thus, the 'incontrovertible" pho-         "open" to address these issues? Why has
                                                   tographic and X-ray evidence aptimire to di-          Finck not also come forward to defend the
                                                   rectly contradict swum statements by Manes            Warren Commission findings, and why was he
 The follewmg is a reprint of a letter             and Boswell before the Warren Commissien              unavailable for the JAVA interview, or even
 written io the Editor of the Journal of           which were repeated in their JAMA interview.          for a brief message of endorsement?
 the American Medical Association                        Humes contradictory statements, regret-              With the distrust many Warren Commis-
 ifeLeL41 by Gary L. Aguilar. MD.,                 tably, have occurred before. When questioned          sion critics have of JFK's military autopsy,
 San Francisco                                     by Dr. Petty before the House Select Commit-          JA M.! might have aided its cause by having
                                                   tee on Assassinations he was asked where the          chosen a public representative other then the
June Z. 1992                                       head wound was. He replied. "It's below the           well respected George Lundberg. MD.. if only
                                                   external protuberance."                               because of his well known military nee_ Dr.
JAMA                                                     "It's below it? Dr. Perry asked incredu-        Humes or Dr. Boswell might have bear more
American Medical Association                       lously.                                               helpful if either had joined Dr. Lundberg for
515 North State Street                                   "Right," answered Dr. flumes.                   the news conference announcing /AMA's pub-
Chicago. Illinois 60611)                                 "Not above it?" pressed Dr. Petty.              lication of the "plain truth" about JFK's autop-
                                                         "No. It's to the right and inferior to exter-   sy-
To the Editor.                                     nal occipital protuberance. And when the                    I do hope that flumes and Boswell will
      Rather than quell doubts about President     scalp was reflected from there, there was             remain true to their slated determination to
Kennedy's autopsy findings. I fear that Drs.       virtually an identical wound in the occipital         see that truth is served by making themselves
Humes and Roswell's remarks in JAM..[ will         bone." was Dr. Humes unequivocal reply.'              available to at least settle the nettlesome is-
only serve to heighten the level of disbelief in         Inexplicably, Flumes later changed his          sues of whether their memories and their X-
their observations. Neither Humes or Roswell       mind stating that before the House Commit-            ray interpretations arc right. For if they are,
addressed their critics on contradictory evi-      it, "Yes. I think that 1 du have a different op-      questions then arise concerning the validity of
dence which subsequent investigations have         inion.", and at that point Humes endorsed the         the currently available photographs and X-
consistently revealed, namely, that neither the    photographic and radiographic placement of            rays. If Humes and Boswell now become "un-
available photographs nor the X-rays support       the wounds at least lean higher at the cow-           available" conspiracy theorists will, under-
Humes and Boswell's chime regarding the 1:Fi-      lick area in the parietal bone!' The question         standably, be unconvinced.
nance location of the fatal skull wound.           of the unmentioned bullet fragment seen by
     At least 3 qualified groups have reviewed     subsequent revi4-wers in the X-rays was not
                                                                      '                                         Truly yours,
the X-ray and photographic evidence and are        brought to Dr. Flumes attention before the
in imaxemous in claiming that Humes and            House Select Committee, but the question cer-                Gary L Aguilar, MD.
Roswell's claims that the Warren Commission        tainly be answered.
Report erred in placing the fatal skull entrance         Neither Roswell or Finek. the other pa-         Assistant Clinical Professor of Oph-
wound at the base of the skull just above he       thologist at the autopsy, would change their          thalmology. Stanford University Merited Cen-
hairline."..2.5 cm to the right and slightly       mind about the location of the fatal entrance         ter;      Assistant Clinical Professor of
above the external occipital protuberance..."      wound. They continued to claim that the en-           Ophthalmology. Usiversity of Califorelz, San
according to Humes both in the -TAMA inter-        trance wound was low, 10cm below where the            frandsco; Vice Chairman. Dept, of Sur-
view, and, before that, in a Warren Commis-        House Select Committee panel, and Humes,              gery. St. Frands Memorial Hospital. Saa
sion testimony.) The Clark Panel in 1968'.         then claimee it was.' From the interview              frandsco; Delegate alternate, California
John Lartimer. MD in 1972'. and the House          Flumes seems to be changing his mind again            Heeled Aseetteitoo 1992, Member, Boatel of
Select Committee on Assassinations to 1979'        to agree with Boswell and Flack that the en-          Directors, San Frendsco Medical Societe 1992
all determined that the fatal entrance wound       trance wound is low and, presumably. that the         Member. Arnie-tem nettled Used:aloe
was I Oem higher in the cowlick area at the top    X-rays and photographs are wrong.
of the available X-rays and the autopsy photo-           These evidence discrepancies are far                                        coo
eraPhs-                                            from inconsequential clinically, forensically.                                iw reel      Fhoulraphs, rear Floss,
     Flumes and Roswell also never reported        or evidentially. A 10cm "error" just does not         Documems tad other Evar,ee Prhathola w the Falai
seeing a round "..large metallic fragment          occur in a careful. forensic autopsy and a            Vounding of President Sennett, OfiSUWAILW 2:2, Oki in Pal.
which on the antero-posterior film lies 25mm       6.5mm bullet fragment is simply not "missed"          Las. Texas {Note, as tha return a not widely readable I haw
to the right of the midline..." measuring          on a radiograph, particularly when a radiolo-         Wised a complete cope lir eunsiattionbl the ethkle
6.5mm in diameter in the rear of the skull in      gist, Jelin Ebetsrile, Was present at the autopsy     5) Witmer. in.dusereasoles hascd on a Mier of nee
the autopsy X-rays which flumes and Roswell        to review the films. If Humes. and Roswell's          low photographs , X-aura, ated rristed malcrals of the tic
claim to have reviewed during the autopsy."        eyewitness observations are right, that the fa-       Presakotiohn F &retests alederal ruts. 1974 100:33-tit
While Humes took pains to describe all the         tal entrance wound was low in the skull and
                                                                                                         3)&TOO *we, Contneitter nn Assarsirratiencr arie.A
visible bullet fragments in his Warren Com-        that no rear bullet fragments were visible radi-      Vol. 7:11 rv! is. and
mission testimony, this very large fragment        elogically, then the repeated claims of evi-
was never described and, presumably, was           dence tampering of Mr. Ierrol Custer and Mr.          4) Set Oil sf ar4 r,sd Itspqrs.
never seen. This large fragment in the rear of     Floyd Rielse". X-ray and photographic techni-
the skull. however, was plainly seen and de-       cians who were present at the autopsy, are
      JFK                                                 DATELINE: DALLAS                                                            7
                                                    gland found their way back to the stales in
     OSWALD'S REVOLVER                              the late 1950s. early '60s with serial #
                                                    V5I0210 ultimately ending up at EM-
     HISTORY: By 1942, over 1,000,000               PIRE WHOLESALE SPORTING GOODS,
                                                                                                       WHOSE BULLETS
            OFFICIAL NAME:
                                                     LTD., 360 Craig Street West, Montreal,             ARE THOSE?
                                                    Quebec. The Oswald gun was then                             Laity 91a-nuni
      ,S311 TIT & WESSON                            shipped to MERCHANTEERS. INC, a
                                                    mail-order and management company                     In the fall of 1987, Martin Brasil
           HAND EJECTOR
                                                    which worked directly for both George
          MILITARY & POLICE                                                                         and I went to the National Archives
                                                    Rost' Company and Seaport Traders, Inc.          in Washington, D.C. to examine the
                                                         Merchanteers, Inc. ordered approxi-        rifle and shell casings from the
          SERIAL #V510210
                                                    mately 500 Smith & Wessons from Em-             Oswald revolver While working on
                                                    pire Wholesale, Inc. on October 13, 1962.
of the Military & Police Smith & Wes-                                                               the revolver story. I observed from
                                                    Invoice #118I. The guns then were
sons Models had been manufactured. Due                                                               looking at very clear photographs of
                                                    shipped from Empire Wholesale, Inc. to
to the war needs of the U.S. and its allies,                                                        the shell casings supposedly fotind at
                                                    St. Albans. Vermont on October 19, 1962.        the Tippit killing--that something
the production of this model began in               Merchanteers, Inc. (1225 South Grand
April of 1942 and the first models were                                                             was wrong. The casings in the pic-
                                                    Ave.; Los Angeles) received the guns on
built having a gray sand blasted finish.                                                            tures were very slender and looked in
                                                    January 3, 1963. Serial #V510210 arrived        mint condition This should not he
Serial numbers were preceded by the let-            with the standard 5 inch barrel. Modifica-
ter "V" and a new numbering system be-                                                              the case' When the revolver was re-
                                                    tions were performed on the weapon by           chambered for the .38 special, the
gan. In December of 1944. an improved               L.M. Johnson, 13440 Burbank Boulevard,
hammer block was instituted and the seri-                                                           chamber of the cylinder has to be
                                                    Van Nuys, California, which included
al numbers were preceded by the letters                                                             lengthened to receive the .38 special
                                                    cutting the barrel to a length of 2 1/4 in-
"V.S." During its production run and sub-                                                           ammluntion. The original ammuni-
                                                    ches. Even though the testimony of              tion for the revolver was .38 Smith
sequent modifications, ending in August             Hienz W. Michaelis does not reflect that
of 1959. the Military & Police Smith &                                                              & Wesson which is still shorter and
                                                    re-chambering was performed by Mr.              wider in diameter than the .38 spe-
Wesson became the largest selling quality           Johnson, the work would have been nec-
revolver ever produced with a production                                                            cial. (See diagrams
                                                    essary for the pistol to accept .38 caliber          Having shot a duplicate of the
run of over 2,500,000 firearms being                special ammo. This work would have had
manufactured.                                                                                       Oswald revolver many limes before,
                                                    to be done by a gunsmith.                       the same thing happens. The shell
     Oswald's revolver was manufactured
between 1942 and 1944. Some 88,000 re-                                                              casings are expanded against the
volvers that were initially shipped to En-                                                          walls of the chambers making their.
                                                                                                   :extremely hard to eject The cases
                           .. I C                                                                   come out looking pregnant and often
                                                                                                     so bloated — they are split'
                               Mbar                                                                      I asked to see the Oswald re-
                                                                                                    solver eases at the National Archives
               . SiOI,t Ip oolOed to                                                              _ but Ithey refused to show them to me.
                    red Si Barrel
                                                                                                   They said I could only see the cases
        ININNNINE                       am'                                                         fired from a test revolver by the FBI.
                                                                                                   The test cases were pregnant looking
                                          STD. 35   CAL
                                                                                                   and the brass was split. Just like the
                                         30 SPECIAL                                                ones 1 had fired Looking at the pic-
                                                                                                   tures of the FBI fired cases in the
                                                                                                   Warren Commission Volumes. I not-
                                                                                                   iced someone turned the cases so
                                     SHELL CASE:62.S GRAPis                                        that the split in the brass would not
       C7 LINDER                       MAX. I.EISCIlk LIZ"                                         show.
                                  OUTSIDE BOOT PIA4IETER:.376-                                           My conclusion after evaluating
                                                                                                   the evidence is that the shell casings
                       ollINETRIC CAPACITY TO BAS or BRUT .363 (.1131C Pi.
                                                                                                   in the National Archives were not
             Powder ornoul & hype vested Mitt the aterent lots ma rnersioctscen                    fired from the Oswald revolver.
                   APPIOx. Lerigtri. loot:leo 1.54 to I Or: Weill 227 Glcire
       JFK                                                     DATELINE: DALLAS                                                           8
                                                          completely contrary to the spirit in which           Not only did he disappear out of the
TILE COVER-UP                                                                                            coffee shop. he disappeared of the face of
                                                          the journalistic and research community
CONTINUES                                                 has been cooperating on this case to date.     the earth!! He turned his keys in at the
by Michael Canfield                                            I could sec their protection of the ma-   rooming house where he lived and no one
                                                          terial if they were about to break the story   has seen or heard from him since. Not his
'Michael Cianfitki is coNaarihor of Coup 1/'   tai   In
                                                          or were going to publication, etc. but.        friends. Not his family. Poof-gone! He
                                                          they had already sold their story to the       fiat vanished.
                                                          Current Affairs Show (and from what 1                He disappeared as fast as E. Howard
      On a recent trip to Dallas to promote
                                                          can deduce. for big bucks) and as 1 ex-        Hunt did when I asked him at the Water-
the revised edition of my book. Corp
                                                          plained my connection to the tramp pho-        gate cover-up trial, where he was on No-
iretctt lir America and to do further re-
search. I discovered a disturbing truth.                  tos, it only seemed to let me check out        vember 22. 1963, Hunt eave me a shriek
After 29 years, there are people who are                  their story, if not for a professional cour-   and sprinted down those marble halls
                                                          tesy. But. no, I had to spend countless        leaving me flat-footed with his lawyers
still hell bent on covering up the facts of
the Kennedy assassination. There is still                 hours and mucho duckets tracking down          aghast at his reaction.
                                                          all the leads until I found one of the sup-          Having smelled a skunk, and after
evidence of an organized, well financed
                                                          posed tramps in Klameth Falls. Oregon.         spending a few more days in tetainerh
and deceptive operation of disinformation
that continues to try and keep the people                       1 found Harold Doyle at 6 in the         Fails interviewing all Doyle's friends and
                                                          morning in the restaurant on Main Street       sleuthing his haunts, I found out some in-
of Dallas. and the people of America in
the dark concerning the conspiracy to kill                Rimed% Falls. having a cup of coffee.          teresting details concerning Doyle. Seems
                                                          When 1 sat down next to him and was            that in about 1982 Doyle came into about
      Case in Pinar                                       able to take a real close look at him in the   580.000 from a supposed auto accident in
                                                          well lit establishment. I knew something       Houston where he was hit by a police car
      Recently after 29 years of being lost,
                                                          was wrong.                                     and had a settlement with the city of
the Dallas Police surprisingly produced
the arrest records of the now famous three                      The nose.                                Houston. I also found out he received
                                                                It was not the right nose. The tramp     525,000 for his few minutes on the Cur-
tramps that were arrested behind the
grassy knoll and marched through Dealey                   he was trying to impersonate, who was          rent Affairs Show. Seems being a tramp is
Plaza by officers Bass and Wise, to disap-                using the name "Roberto Guzeman" when          a lucrative business. i booked back to
                                                          seen in Ruby's club before the      Dallas and acquired a copy of the sup-
pear while under the care of the venerable
Capt. Will Fritz_ Researchers, myself in-                 non. (I have a exclusive eye witness, who      posed arrest records.
                                                          wishes to remain anonymous at this point,            My suspicions were not extinguished.
cluded. had made numerous trips to Dal-
las making a nuisance of ourselves over at                who identified him) has a pointed. weasel      There were no fingerprints on the files, a
the Records Dept. making numerous in-                     like nose. Doyle has a bulbous, sloped Ri-     regular procedure. No mug shots attached.
                                                          chard Nixon nose. Completely different.        The reports said that the tramps were re-
quiries of the Dallas Police for the mug
shots, finger prints and complete arrest                  Different build. Guzeman is slight; Doyle      leased 4 days after their arrest. Doyle said
                                                          is somewhat stocky.                             that he went before a judge and got 6 days
records - to no avail. The answer was al-
ways the same: "There are no records."                          And if my suspensions weren't suffi-      for vagrancy. I then checked every court
      Then. out of the clear blue, by chance              ciently aroused by his looks. his reaction      in Dallas and found no court records for
                                                          to my first questions really made me won-       the tramps.
as it were, two supposed documentary
 film makers, (no one has ever heard of                   der.                                                 I decided to try and find the two po-
                                                                I ordered a cup of coffee, opened         lice officers who signed the supposed re-
them or seen any of their work before) the
                                                          with some small talk and then asked if I        ports.
LaFontaines found a the labeled, AR-
REST RECORDS, in the newly released                       didn't recoenize him as being the famous             First on the list was Officer Beck
                                                          Mr. Doyle from the Current Affair pro-          who sited the release of the tramps. I
police files in the Dallas Archives.
      Having been the first researchers to                gam.                                            called every Beck in the Dallas Directory
nationally publish the tramp photos, and                        He said. "Yes. I am."                     until I found him. Not too difficult. Only
                                                                I proceeded to introduce myself as a      Beck did not want to talk about the
 there by having a vested interest in any
information concerning the tramps, I im-                  journalist come all the way from Los An-        tramps. At first he said he didn't want to
                                                           geles to talk to him about his experience      talk about it. Then the next day he said he
mediately drove to Dallas to beein to fol-
low up the story.                                         as a Dallas hobo. I no longer got the           couldn't remember any tramps. Then on
      My initial contact with the LaFoun-                  words out of my mouth as to why i was          about the second day I called he said he
                                                           there. when he got a look of resolve, said.    remembered and recently had seen the
taines aroused my suspicions as they re-
 fused to tell me where the tramps,                       " l ain't talking about that no more." And      reports. Oh?? When I asked if it was his
                                                          jumped up and quickly stomped out of the        signature on the reports releasing the
depicted in these newly discovered arrest
records. were now living. This behavior is                restaurant
      JFK                                             DATELINE: DALLAS                                                           9

tramps he said. "It looks like my signa-         THE NEW CAMERA                                     Its been 29 years They say they
ture."                                                                                          can't find it. The FBI has lost the most
                                                 By Coke Buchanan
      1 then asked if he could testify in a                                                     important visual evidence of one of the
court of law that it was his signature on                                                       most important moments in the history of
                                                       November 22. 1953. Dallas. Texas,
those reports. At that point he got angry.                                                      our country.
                                                 You're standing in Dealey Plaza across
raised his voice and yelled. "1 ain't testify-   the street from Abraham Zapruder. It is
ing to nothing!" and slammed down the                                                               WHERE IS BEVERLY'S FILM?
                                                 76 degrees. The sky is brilliant blue. It is
phone.                                           12: 28 P.M. You hear the cheers over on
      On the third day I called again, he
                                                 Main Street — then the low muffled noise                 THE KEN N EDYS
surprisingly made a complete turnaround
                                                 of the President's motorcade. Looking
and said! could come over to his house to                                                                DYNASTY AND DISASTTZ
                                                 back over your shoulder at the movement
talk.                                                                                                        John H. Davis
                                                 of an excited crowd, you know that the
      When       got to his house, I was         procession has turned onto Houston                   The Boreen from Dunganstown to
greeted at the door by an elderly Mr.
                                                 Street. You ready your new movie cam-           New Ross is lined on both sides with
Beck and his son who had apparently                                                              giant. interlacing oaks and beeches,
                                                 era. You catch a glimpse of the dark blue
come over to see our meeting We con-             Lincoln as it slides by. The Presidential       giving narrow, shadowed roadway the
ducted the conversation with a loaded 45                                                         feeling of a dark-green tunnel. Beyond
                                                 flags on the front of the limousine make
automatic on the end table next to Mr.                                                           the rows of tall trees stretch, unseen
                                                 your heart race. You think you saw the
Beck. Again he said he did not remember                                                          from the road. sunny open fields of hay
                                                 President's wife's ttloved hand. b is 12:30     and barley and sugar beets separated
any tramps. When 1 produced the arrest
                                                 P.M. Raising your camera you focus on           by old, mossy stone walls and hedge-
records he said that was his signature MI        the corner of Elm and Houston Street.           rows, and beyond these roll broad
right but he didn't remember signing                                                             green pastures dotted with sheep and
                                                 The Texas School Book Depository coin-
 them. We talked about his old boss, Capt.                                                       cattle
                                                 es into view and you press the record but-
 Will Fritz, and he told me some very de-                                                              Here and there the boreen occa-
                                                 ton. Slowly, the first car turns the corner.
 tailed stories about the Captain. It seemed                                                     sionally breaks out into countryside to
                                                 It is cream yellow. Within seconds, you
Beck suffered from selective Alzheimer's                                                         reveal an old, ruined Abby .or a vine-
                                                 see the flags again and the dark blue lim-      clad Norman tower surrounded by
 disease. He only forgets what he wants to.
                                                 ousine. You steady your hand. There are         clouds of crows. Roughly midway be-
 And while his son stepped out of the room
                                                 two men in front seat of the President's        tween Dunganstown and New Ross the
 for a minute. Beck let it slip that two Dal-    car. You then notice Governor Connally          road suddenly opens up to the great
las Police officers had come by his house                                                        stone walls and barns and weather
                                                 and his wife and capture a smiling Presi-
 the day before and showed him the same          dent Kennedy as he waves to the crowd.          vanes of the Stokestovm estate, the
arrest records. That's how come he said he                                                       largest in the area, which has been in
                                                 Jackie is beautiful! She's wearing pink.
recognized his signature on the telephone                                                        the same family since 1650 Then, af-
                                                 The car makes the turn, You continue to         ter revealing this surprise. it returns
 the day before.                                 film. Each frame of the camera captures
      When 1 began to ask who the officers                                                       once more to dark-green -shade
                                                 in critical detail, the people, the players,          The traffic down the boreen is slow
 were, he could not remember their names         the movement, the expressions — the hor-        and infrequent shepherds and their
 but said that one was a Lieutenant. At that                                                     flocks, horse carts on the way to mar-
                                                 ror of history and the death of a president
 point the son came back in the room,                                                            ket. beggars. destitute emigrants
                                                 as it unfolds before you. Mesmerized,
heard what we were talking about and got         with surrealistic fortitude, you hold your      bound for the ships of New Ross In the
 uptight, saying, "They were just doing a                                                        year 1848, one of the regular travelers
                                                  finger down on the record button, focused      down the boreen was a young farm-
 report. Right Dad?" The elder Beck got
                                                  on the dying moments of a president, a         hand from Dunganstown by the name
 the message and would not talk about the
                                                 husband, a father and leader as the car         of Patrick Kennedy. Although little is
 policemen anymore. That was all the in-                                                         known, about Me Kennedy's of Dun-
                                                  floats by a grassy knoll, a puff of smoke
 formation I got out from either of them.         and is then swallowed by the shadows and        ganstown in the middle of the nine-
                                                  concrete of a triple overpass. You will         teenth century, enough basic
                                                 never be the same. Rolled on the spindle         information has come down to us that
                                                                                                  we can reconstruct, with reasonable
            THE 10ENNEDYS                         of your new movie camera, now held in          accuracy, the daily life of young Pa-
      DYNASTY AND DISASTER                        the tight grasp of your hand dangling on       trick, destined to emigrate to Boston
                                                  an arm limp at your side, are answers to        and found what would become one of
                                                  questions that a nation—a world, will ask       the most powerful families in twentieth-
          By JOHN H. DAVIS
                                                  for. Three days later, you turn your unde-      century America.
                                                  veloped film over to an agent of the FBI
      Available at the JFK Center                 who says that he'll return it in ten days
                                                  You never see the film again.
      JFK                                             DATELINE: DALLAS                                                            10

                                                 the conspirators were so meticulous and        wished to avoid the publicity he knew
DE-BUNKING                                       omniscient that no detail escaped them,        would arise from the exhumation, and
THE SEVERED HEAD MYTH                            not even the far-off contingency that          managed to delay the exhumation for a
By M. Duke Lane                                  someday, someone would want to exhume          little over a year.
                                                 the accused assassin's body to identify it           Finally, on October 3, 1981, the way
     In the nearly thirty years since JFK        by dental examination. It ascribes to them     was cleared for the exhumation and au-
was killed in Dallas' Dealey Plaza, there        such dark powers as the ability to dig up      topsy to take place. Marina refused to al-
have been many mysterious and sinister           the grave at some unspecified date unno-       low Lee's remains to leave the
rumors which have circulated about this          ticed by anyone including Rosehill             DallasiFort Worth area, and the counties
case. Not all of these have been proven          groundskeepers. It implicates Fort Worth       involved, citing "adverse publicity," re-
correct or are substantiated by evidence,        and Rosehill Cemetery officials and the        fused to allow county facilities to be used
but it remains that if told often enough by      exhumation examiners as being witting or        for the examination. It had been decided
enough people, such rumors often come            unwitting co-conspirators, "part of the        earlier that the examination site must be
to be accepted as "fact" by many of the           cover-up" by accident or design.              able to be effectively secured against all
people following the progress of the as-               There are enough strange goings-on,       intrusions; an additional consideration
sassination investigation. This is especial-      enough lies and obfuscations, enough un-       was the willingness of the staff to have
ly true of allegations which appear in            answered questions about the JFK assas-        their normal routine disrupted and deal
print in multiple authors' works.                 sination without adding the improbable         with possible controversy that could be
      One of the rumors which sprang up           and unsubstantiated, into which catego-        expected from a case of this nature. At
some time ago surrounds the exhumation            rization this scenario must certainly fall.    last, permission was received from Baylor
of LHO's body from its grave at Rosehill          It is preposterous and the facts simply do      Hospital of
Cemetery in Fort Worth, TX_ Apparently,           not bear out the theory, as the following            Dallas' Department of Pathology to
 this rumor began with a statement by the         discussion will show.                          use their facility, where it was conducted
 mortician who had attended to LHO's                    Background                               the following day, October 4, 1981.
 body prior to its burial. The mortician had            Before examining the exhumation                The examination team was selected
 stated following the exhumation that the         and autopsy itself, let us first review the     by Marina and Eddowes, and included
 cement burial vault had been found "bro-         background against which this scenario is       two forensic pathologists and two forensic
 ken open" when the exhumation began              set. Who wanted LHO's body exhumed in           odontotogists and their assistants'. All ex-
 and that, moreover, LHO's skull not only         the first place and why? What were the          penses were borne by Eddowes. Baylor
 didn't show evidence of a craniotomy              circumstances which led up to the ex-          accepted a nominal fee for the use of their
 (cutting of the skull bones to facilitate ex-    humation?                                       facilities, and the doctors worked for ex-
 amination of the brain during autopsy),                In 1977, British author published a       penses only due to the controversial na-
 and the head was discovered severed from          book' alleging that a look-alike Russian       ture of the case. At least one of the
  the body upon exhumation.                       agent, who had been the real assassin, had      attorneys involved had received no com-
       This of course led to speculation that      been buried in LHO's place. To prove this       pensation for his efforts as late as 1984.
 sometime between when LHO was bu-                 theory, Eddowes entered into a series of       These facts are cited to allay any suspi-
  ried) and when his body was exhumed for          legal wranglings which eventually in-           cions that the examination team was cho-
  examination, the casket was dug up and           cluded the Tarrant and Dallas County           sen by anyone but those closest to the
  the head of the accused assassin replaced        Medical Examiners' offices, Marina              case, and that none of the participants
  with that of the "real" LI-10, who'd in ac-      Oswald Porter. Lee's brother Robert             were involved for personal enrichment. It
  tuality had nothing to do with the assas-        Oswald. and at least two courts. Perhaps        can be easily asserted that there was no
  sination at all. This supposedly resulted in     typically, the Medical Examiners couldn't       "outside direction" or "ulterior motives"
  extensive damage to the cement-and-steel         agree who held jurisdiction over the mat-       involved in this endeavor: it was 10014
  burial vault, which was said to have been        ter (LHO was killed in Dallas County. but       above-board.
  "broken open " on disinterment.                  is buried in Tarrant County). Marina sided          The Exhumation
       This "planted head" (no pun in-             with Eddowes, although she in fact be-               Originally, it was planned to remove
   tended) scenario leads us to believe that        lieved that the grave was empty_ Robert        both the casket and cement burial vault

         Eddowes, Michael, The Oswald File, Clarkson N. Potter, New York, 1977
         The examination team consisted of Linda E. Norton, MD, the team's chief forensic pathologist and former Dallas County
 Medical Examiner; lames A. Conone, DMD, MS. Associate Professor and head of the Section of Forensic Odontology,
 of Dental Diagnostic Science. The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Dental School: Irvin M. Sopher,
 MD. Chief Medical Examiner for the State of West   Virginia, South Charleston, WV and clinical professor of pathology, West Vir-
 ginia University School of Medicine and Marshall University School of Medicine; and Vincent J M. DiMaaa, MD, Bexar
 Chief Medical Examiner, San Antonio. TX.
      JFK                                             DATELINE: DALLAS

intact, to transport them to the vault com-                                                       tioned family friend taping the proceed-
pany to be opened, and then to proceed to                                                         ing.
Baylor. The doctors' report'—from which                                                                 But wait! What about the mortician?
this information is largely drawn—notes                                                           Wasn't he there? After all, he is the one
that backhoes began work shortly after                                                            who told us about the severed head, the
dawn and worked as speedily as safe and                                                           lack of a craniotomy. the one who stirred
possible for better security and to allow                                                         the dark seeds of mystery and conspiracy
the cemetery to open for regular visitation                                                       for all the world to ponder. Isn't he men-
as soon as possible. Even despite the early                                                       tioned anywhere?
hour. a small crowd had gathered at Rose-                                                               hi point of fact, he is. The doctors'
hill Cemetery.                                                                                    report devotes an entire sentence to this
      When the vault was exposed. it was                                                          man: "The mortician who closed Mr
immediately noted to be cracked—not                                                               Oswald's casket remained in the room
"broken open" as later reports had it. The                                                        until the casket was re-opened" [emphasis
plan to transport the intact vault and cas-                                                       added]. It is implicit in this statement
ket was abandoned, and workers removed                                                            that, upon the opening of the casket
the lid of the concrete vault, finding the                                                        (which we will speculate included his
casket to be severely water damaged. it is                                                        identification of the remains as being
noted in the report that "the cover was             Paul Groody at the JFK-AIC                    dressed as the body he buried in 1963), he
weak in many areas, and in one place had          iree Tai Dideruster who buried Ler Ham,.        left the room. This means that he was not
caved in partially exposing the remains."        051.,a14 twice Nov 25, /963 A October t, 1981)   present during the medical or dental ex-
So much, one would have to admit, for                       Photo Robert T.   Johnson             aminations, would not have seen a "sev-
the "high-grade, steel reinforced vault"                                                          ered head." and most certainly did not
described by the mortician!                     close-up documentary photographs as               witness the condition of the skull, least of
      By the- time the casket had been re-      necessary to complete and verify their            all in the detail he claims!
moved and placed in a waiting hearse at         identification of the body. Even still. a               It would be possible to end the dis-
                                                family friend videotaped the entire pro-          cussion here, for unless the doctors, au-
9:0 0 am, a large crowd of spectators and
news media representatives had gathered.        ceeding i the tape has never surfaced). Se-       thor Eddowes. Marina Oswald Porter,
Concerns about security were relieved           curity was handled by a private agency            Robert Oswald and their respective attor-
that these onlookers assumed that the           chosen by the attorneys. The examination          neys are all "part of the plot." we have
body would be taken to the Dallas Insti-        was not able to be compromised in any             seen conclusively that the story told by
tute of Forensic Science (at Parkland Hos-      way, and was totally under the control of         the mortician is pure fabrication, that he
 pital, a county facility which, as was         the principal parties.                            did not in fart witness the examination
noted earlier, could not be used), and the           Lest there be any doubt remaining            and was not in a position to make the ob-
 casket was able to be off-loaded at Baylor     about the integrity and security of the ex-       servations he claimed and which were
without incident. It was taken into an ex-      amination, members of the news media              duly reported by "researchers." Certainly.
amination room that had only one door-          were totally excluded from the proceed-           there is nothing to be gained by describ-
way, and to enter that room, one must           ing with the exception of one UPI reporter        ing the examination step by step. and in
have walked through two anterooms. It           who was allowed only so far as the ante-          the interests of space and decency, I will
was, by any standard, a secure examina-         room (by agreement with the attorneys).           decline to do so.
tion site; there was no possibility of inter-   The only persons present during the pro-                It would be pmsible, except that in
 ference or shenanigans.                        ceedings were the four members of the             exposing the myth, it is important to also
     The Examination                            examination team, assisted by one                 set the record straight, to air the true facts.
      LHO's remains arrived at Baylor at        pathology technician and one dental radi-         1 won't describe the condition of the body
9:20 am, shortly after departing Rosehill       ology technician The head of the Baylor           except to say that, considering the water
Cemetery. Security, as already noted, was       pathology department and his chief as-            damage to the casket, you can imagine
of paramount importance, especially to          sociate helped with the Baylor equipment.         that it was not well-preserved.
 Marina who was concerned about publi-          and a court reporter recorded the proceed-              The casket materials were largely
 cation of unauthorized publication of pho-     ings. Also present were attorneys for Ed-         rotted, the clothing was in various states
tographs as had occurred earlier. The           dowes. Marina Porter. Robert Oswald and           of disintegation, but each could be rea-
autopsy team was directed to take only          Rosehill Cemetery. and the aforemen-
                                                                                                       Continued on the following page.

          Norton, et al, "The Exhumation and Identification of Lee Harvey Oswald: Journal of Forensic Sciences, Official Publica-
tion of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (3 FSCA), Volume 29, Number 'I, January 1924, pp 19 - 38.
      JFK                                             DATELINE: DALLAS                                                                    12 I
    Continued from the previous page.           inverted V-notch in the right frontal re-
                                                gion." In short, it was not missing. The
satiably easily identified (the report goes     report does indicate that "the previously
so far as to describe "a relatively intact      sawed calvarium was not separated nor
pair of white with green diamond pattern        was it easily dislodged;" the team did not
boxer undershorts" on the body! ).              make any further attempts to satisfy
     The body itself was "markedly de-          themselves that this was authentic since
composed." but in position suggestive of        their purpose was to conduct a dental ex-                          DETECTIVE
the "funeral photo" seen by many in vari-       amination of the deceased Oswald, nor to                    JIM LERVELLE
ous works on the case. LHO's gold wed-          perform a complete post-mortem autopsy.                           By Mark Oakes
ding band and a "red stone ring" were on               The team continued with its dental
the little finger of his left hand (both were   examination using LHO's Marine dental                Mr. James IL traveller was1 a &way.: for
later identified by Marina as ones she had      records and satisfied themselves—the re-         the Dallas Polite Department on November
                                                                                                  22. 1.163. About the time of the assa.uinara.n.
placed upon her husband's hand when             port goes into great detail about the teeth
                                                                                                  000x-five Leavelle was liautung to the prog-
he'd been buried 21 years before).              :aid their comparison to the 1956 dental          ress of the moron.wk while bringing in a nun
     The report specifically stares that        records—that the body in the coffin was           accused of robbery. Link did he know that
"the body as existed in the coffin showed        indeed that of LHO.- "Positive dental            within 7: hems, he would be an integral play-
                                                 identification was made," and was duly           cr in one of the most unmask events in mod-
no evidence of mutilation other than post-
                                                                                                  em hol..sry.
mortem disintegration," [emphasis added]         reported at a 3:00 news conference held at              .After visiting the Tippit shooting scene at
meaning very simply that the head was            Baylor Medical Center by the examina-             11th and Patten and Otwalefs arrest at the
nor severed prior to the examination, and        tion team. -The remains in the grave             Tram Flwater en Jefferson Blvd., Detective
it was nor replaced by a person or persons       marked as Lee Harvey Oswald are indeed            lesivelle was one of the lira to question the
                                                                                                   IMO 31.3.110:41 Ur ending the her of Presidem
unknown operating mysteriously in the            Lee Harvey Oswald." they said. The news
                                                                                                   John F. Keimenly.
dead of night.                                   conference was held just as the remains of                When asked about Oswald. "Was he ner-
     So what about the "severed head?"           Lee Oswald were being transported back            vous' Was he sweating? Was he belliger-
Again the report is explicit: "The head          to Rusehill Cemetery for reinterment in a        ent?"         Mr. leavelle said: "Nor to all
                                                 new casket and vault.                            ilue-Mons.          Iliewever. Ltavelle sand that
was removed from the remainder of the
                                                                                                  Oswald dill not answer all the qocstiorw truth.
body by incision of the mummified soft                  The historical medical record directly
                                                                                                 'fulls .For cs.artmle, when Inspector Holmes
tissue maintaining the skull, cervical and       opposes the claims made by the morti-             asked Oswald. "Igo FUJI knim; a A. IlideU -
thoracic vertebral column in normal con-         cian, and completely debunks the myth of                  Os‘vakl replied. 'Nu."
tinuity." Note the words "incision of the        the severed head. We can only speculate                   'Do you have an 1.0. card bearrag the
                                                 upon the motivations of the morti-                name 1 fidelir I iolmes COnIldift.l.
mummified soft tissue." Clearly. the doc-
                                                                                                           "Yes," Oswald replied.
tors are describing the corpse which they         cian—who, throughout this article has re-                "Well how do you captain dui?"
were examining, stating that ihey severed        mained deliberately unnamed—for                           'T don't.' Oswald quipped.
the head; they'd already confirmed that          making these claims. That they were re-                   Sunday morning. November 24. 14o).
                                                  peated in print and lectures so many times        The basement of the Dallas Polka Depart-
there was "no evidence of mutilation."
                                                                                                    ment Shortly hefore ;1:20 a.m. . Detective
and also that everything was "in normal           and for so long, tending to establish the         leaven& is handcuffed to Let Harvey Oswald_
continuity." Not words which would de-            claims as "fact," demonstrates the lack of        Docetive ratIVCS: was to accompany the two
scribe a head being chopped off of a bu-          research which has gone into many books,          in caw, something should happen.
ried man and replaced by a free-standing          and the reliance that the public has upon                "if someone shoots at you. you know
skull of another man.                             the "authorities" on the Kennedy assas-           what to do's Learcik asloxl Oswald.
                                                                                                           "Captain Fritz told me to follow you."
     The head was removed from the                sination to learn the truth of this event.        Oswald replied.
corpse for one very simple reason: the            Hopefully, this discussion will lead read-               "In that ease, pull he on the ground. 1
body was in sufficiently poor condition           ers to not accept everything that they read       hope they are as good as shot as your Lea-
that the doctors did not wish to move it          as gospel, and to occasionally question           velle mid ironically.
                                                  the "authorities" when their claims are as                osarald commented. "No one is going to
any more than absolutely necessary. In                                                              shoot mar
 fact, they limited their examination to the      strange and ominous this was                              Now living is the Dallas area. Mr. Lea-
anterior (front) not wishing to risk any                No matter the perspective one adopts,       vellt is known and respected the world over.
greater damage to the body than was re-           it is always good to remember the ancient         Ile-s always cordial and takes time to slot
                                                  axiom: "Not is all as it seems to be." This       with those who want to hear his story
quired for their examination.
                                                                                                     Bre-Maud. The story kdd from the man at the
      What about the missing craniotomy            was yet another case in support of it.           Re51z104 hat handcuffed to Oswakl. whose gn-
 cuts? Again, the report: "A previous au-               [The author invites discussion by           maced look All Oswald took Itulnts bullet. will
 topsy saw cut in the usual fashion was           responsible parties via CompuServe                 forever be etched ut the mind of ttiotc who
present on the calvaritun with an anterior        (76004,2356) or MCI Mail (367-33201.1             watched hiAory 41 the Inaba&
    JFK                                          DATELINE: DALLAS   13 I

    These photographs were discovered in the Dallas Police
    files in February of 1992. Cindy Smolovik. Archivist.

    B.J. Brown said he took the pictures of the backyard
    alone at the request of the Secret Service. He added the
    white background himself. This approach is quite simi-
    lar to matting.

    The picture at the right was found in the possession of
    Roscoe White's widow.

               Wonder what the intentions were?
     JFK                                             DATELINE: DALLAS                                                         14        I
                                               and Earnest Aschkenasy tW&A) to fur-           up a date with the proteess of the motor-
VIEWPOINT:                                                                                    cade. However, as the motorcade ap-
                                               ther analyze the third shot_ Using more
THE RAMSEY REPORT                              sophisticated method, W&A found that           proached and went through Dealey Plaza,
By W. Anthony Marsh                            the pattern of echoes of that shot matched     the communications were so numerous
                                               the patient of echoes from a test shot         that the recording of channel 2 was al-
      A crucial aspect of the investigation    which was fired from the grassy knoll to-      most continuous. The recording of chan-
into the assassination of President Kenne-     ward the position of the President's limou-    nel I was continuous onto a Dictabelt
dy which still confuses most researchers       sine at the time of the fatal head shot.       with no apparent skips or repeats. This
is the issue of the acoustical evidence.             In 1982. the NAS study concluded         channel was used for normal DPI) com-
The studies done for the House Select          that there were no shots recorded on the       munications that day so they recorded
Committee on Assassinations (HSCA)             rape which they examined. The panel            everything. The only timing adjustment
found that a recording made by the Dallas      based that conclusion almost totally on a      needed for this recording is an adjustment
Police Department (DPI)) of its commu-         comparison of the timing between record-       for the fact that the particular recorder
nications channel 1 on November 22.            ings of channel 1 and 2. Channel I was a       may have been recording faster or slower
1963 picked up the sounds of four gun-         continuous recording of routine DPD            than the unit used to play back the Dicta-
shots in Dealey Plaza. A study done for        communications. Channel 2 was a voice          belt for recording onto magnetic tape.
the Justice Department (.D0J) by the Na-       actuated, yet nearly continuous, recording     Such an adjustment is usually is quite
tional Academy of Sciences (NAS) dis-          of the motorcade. If several events could      small, around 5%, but the difference in
puted that finding. stating that there was      be shown to have been recorded simulta-       elapsed time for an event would be more
no evidence that there were any gunshots        neously on channel        and 2. then one     noticeable over a longer period of time.
on the recording. The report of its com-       could compare the timing of other events             At approximately 12:28 on Novem-
mittee chaired by Professor Norman              based on a common timetable.                   ber 22, 1963, some DPD officer's micro-
 Ramsey is an excellent example of disin-            But any attempt to compare timing         phone became stuck in the transmit road
 formation and lying with the statistics. In   on two separate recordings must take into      on channel 1, braking into Unit 38's trans-
 the following pages. I will explain that      account the possibility that there are arti-    mission to headquarters. This is three
 the NAS findings failed to disprove the        facts and anomalies on each which may          zero point on which all timings of the
original FISC findings. It's impossible in     either lengthen or shorten the real time        events on channel I are based. This inter-
 this brief space to document every cal-       span represented by the recording. One of       ruption lasted intermittently for over five
 culation. but further details are available    the easiest to understand is repeating         minutes. BBN found the grassy knoll shot
 tram the author upon request. I've tried to    grooves on a record. There are several ex-     occurred on the tape at approximately
 include enough technical language to sat-      amples of this on the recording of channel     144.9 seconds. There was a message from
isfy those who want to see it It will be        2 which was recorded on a Gray Auto-           Unit 190 which appears on channel 2 al-
 bracketed so that those wishing to skip it     graph at DPD headquarters, similar to a        most identically. On channel I this mes-
 may do so more easily and those wishing        common photograph record. When it was          sage begins at approximately 317.5
 to find it may likewise do so more easily.     recorded onto tape, some sections were         seconds. On channel 2, the best zero point
      In August of 1979. the firm of Bolt       repeated due to repeating grooves.             we can agree on is when the DPD Chief
 Beranek and Newman (13BN) made lest                 Other sections may have been              of Police Jesse Curry announces to the
 shot recordings in Dealey Plaza and then       skipped due to the needle jumping over         dispatcher at DPD headquarters that he
 compared those to portions of the record-      imperfections or deliberately reposition-      has just reached the triple underpass,
 ing made by the referenced Dallas Police       ing on the needle to avoid repeating a         which was at the end of Dealey Plaza. We
 Department radio communications. It was        groove. In order to obtain an accurate         can be fairly sure that no shots have been
 suspected that a motorcycle officer in the     timing, you would have to subtract that        fired yet, because the presidential limou-
 motorcade had accidently left his 2-way        many seconds from the tape recording to        sine is still a couple of hundred feet be-
 radio on and recorded the sounds of the        account for repeated grooves. On the oth-      hind the leads car carrying Curry. The
 shots in Dealey Plaza at the time of the       er hand. if there were other periods when      simultaneous message from Unit 190 oc-
 assassination. BBN were able to state          the recording was not continuous, you          curs at approximately 230.5 seconds after
 with a high degree of confidence that           would have to add seconds to account for      Curry's "Triple underpass" message. The
 there were probably 4 shots recorded on        that time. This was possible with the re-      other message from Curry that's crucial to
 the DPD tape. the third of which appeared      cording of channel 7, berluce the record-      establishing the timing in his order. "Go
 more likely to have come from the infa-        ing process would stop if there was no use      to the hospital." at approximately 32.7
 mous grassy knoll. In an attempt to re-        of the channel for several seconds. Earlier    seconds after his previous message. Sub-
 solve the uncertainty about the third shot.     in the motorcade route, that might have        tracting 144.9 from 317.5 we get a total
 which would suggest a conspiracy, the           been a typical situation, as only a few       of 197.8 seconds between the first indica-
  HSCA hired acoustics expert Mark Weiss         messages were being transmitted to keep        tion of trouble and an established simulta-
    JFK                                              DATELINE: DALLAS                                                           15
neous transmission. Subtracting 321 from              The other repeat which Ramsey ig-        popularly called the "critics' tape", which
230.5 we eet a total of 172.6 seconds be-       nored is hard to understand. If he had ac-     is in turn probably Mary Ferrall's copy
tween the suspected fatal head shot and         tually done some science instead of            from an inside DPD source, and therefore
the simultaneous transmission Even if we        relying on DPI) propaganda, he would           less tampered with that later versions, but
start the comparison at the first shot          have found that Bowie's transcript was         also of lesser quality due to their clandes-
which was about 7 seconds earlier than          inaccurate and misleading. Bowles quotes       tine dubbing. ] The NAS has also refused
the head shot, we still only come up to         one of Curry's messages as "Just go on to      to make their tapes available to indepen-
179.6 seconds, which when compared to           Parkland with me. Just go on to Park-          dent researchers and for a long time the
197.8 seconds. would seem to imply that         land." Actually, the word "with me" were       government denied owning them. The
Curry's, "Go to the hospital" message oc-       at the end of the previous message from        Dept. of Justice still has not released
curred 18.2 seconds before the first shot       Deputy Lumpkin, ."..that I have with           them.
as found by BBN on the channel l record-        me?"! Curry's message was only. "Just go             The central argument of the NAS
ing.                                            on to Parkland Hospital." The time be-         study. which I believe is totally un-
      However, adjustments must be made         tween the words "with me?" is approxi-          founded, is that a message by Sheriff
to the timing of channel 2 due to repeats.      mately 3.4 seconds, an obvious repeat.         Decker, known as Dallas I, was trans-
There were 6 repeats in channel 2 be-           The fact that such obvious repeats were        mitted on channel I_ The ending of his
tween Curry's "Go to the hospital" mes-         ignored in a critical area of timing, points   message was, .".. hold everything secure
saee and Unit 190's transmission. Repeat        out the need to allow outside critics to re-   until Homicide and other investigators
I was actually a double repeat, so there        view and challenge such a study. The            can get there." Although the researcher
were a total of 7 repeats averaging 3.5         NAS did not allow any dialog with critics.      who brought it to their attention and the
seconds each for a total time of approxi-       They worked in total secrecy. In fact, they    NAS panel are deliberately vague about
mately 24.5 seconds which has to be de-         didn't even make their raw materials           how many words matched between the
ducted from the channel 2 timing. The           available so that other researchers could      message on channel 2 and the cross-talk
period of rotation on the Gray Audograph        try to duplicate their work! That is usually   on channel I. they did try to show that the
increases as the stylus moves out towards       the first indicator of fraud in research.       words, "hold everything" appeared on
the edge of the record, so each repeat may            In addition to padding channel 2 by      both channels. However, there were sev-
represent a slightly different period of        6.4 seconds for 2 ignored repeats, Ramsey      eral flaws in their theory. First, they chose
rotation. (See Exhibit 1 for details). If we    tried to add 45 seconds to account for          the exact time on channel I which had
subtract the 24.5 seconds from 197.8, we         what he calls 5 silences that probably oc-     already been shown by W&A to be
get 173.3, which would suggest that             curred when the recorder stopped tempo-        echoes of the third shot. [ W&A's found a
Curry's message came only 6.3 seconds           rarily, because there were no                   correlation coefficient of 0.77 for this
after the fatal shot. This possibility was so   transmissions those times. Ramsey never         shot, whereas the NAS voiceprint analysis
dangerous that the NAS panel had to go          produced any scientific evidence for this       found a peak match of 0.518. As a com-
to extreme lengths of logic to pad out the      hypothesis and based his argument entire-      parison, the NAS voiceprint analysis
 timing of channel 2 so that it would ap-       ly on DPI) propaganda_ [ Capt. Bowles           found a peak match of 0.76 for the well
pear impossible for the shorts to have oc-       told the panel that there• were hot relays    known transmission by Unit 190 later
 curred before Curry's message. One              on the recorders, which he thought had a      Ramsey deliberately distorted a chart
 simple technique was to flatly state that       4 second delay. ] Ramsey went on to            showing the "hold everything" match to
two of the repeats were not repeats at all       guess that those particular relays had a      make resemble the much better match of
so time does not have to be deducted for         threshold of IOdb below peak signal volt-     Unit 190's known simultaneous transmis-
 them. Ramsey used a transcript written by       age. No attempt was made to examine the        sion, "You want me..," by stretching the
DPD Capt. Bowles to point out the fact           originals or similar relays, nor to deter-     vertical scale to create what Huff calls a
 that only one word was repeated therefor,       mine if they were working properly that        "gee-whiz" graph.         The decision to
 it was not a repeat. If he had actually         day. But the real reason for Ramsey to         choose that time on channel 1 may have
 done a little research instead of relying on   have to pad channel 2 by almost a minute       been accidental, but it seems to have a
 typical DPI) disinformation, he would           is to make plausible a very dubious simul-     dual purpose. First, to suggest that the
have found the word "notified" was at the        taneous transmission. Based on Capt.           first shot should have been much earlier
end of a sentence and the next word, "no-        Bowles' transcript and a suggestion from       on channel 1, because the message on
 tified', 3.4 seconds later, was an obvious      an independent researcher. Ramsey found        channel 2 is almost a minute after Curry's
repeat. [ Approximately a period of rota-        a message on channel I which he suggests       message, "Go to the hospital...."
 tion. The reason wiry the rest of the sen-      is cross-talk from channel 2. 1 have never
 tence was not heard is probably skating,        heard this message on my copy of the              Continued on Following
 or soft nits-tracking.]                         DPD tapes, which I bought from the Col-
                                                 lector's archives. [ My version is what .is
     JFK                                          DATELINE: DALLAS                                                                         16        1

    Cuntinued from previous pace.           my identification of a later message by                       at the DPD cyclist who has his micro-
                                            Curry in which he says, "hold every-                          phone stuck open. [ notice the lack of het-
      Second, it suggests that the top      thine." How do we know which it                               erdyne tonesi„A few seconds later, an
acoustical experts in the world may have    matches best? Remember that they had                          arching sound is heard and then a siren,
mistaken a voice transmission for gunshot   erroneously attributed two words in                           proof that the open microphone was on a
echoes.                                     another message to the wrong officer.                         cycle going through Dealer• Plaza which
    Another mistake the panel made was      That was partially beclw the two words                        paused for a few minutes on Elm Street
that they made no control studies that      were part of a repeat of a previous mes-                      before speeding off to catch the motor-
would show that their voiceprint tech-      sage. Well, it turns out that there is a de-                  cade. I believe that this is proof that a cy-
nique could actually find any simulta-       fect in the record which causes a repeat to                  clist who was riding in the motorcade lett
neous transmissions. One perfect example    start just after the words "hold every-                       his radio on while going through Dealey
would have been the well known trans-       thing" in Dallas l's transmission. So, if                     Plaza and therefore must have transmitted
mission much later by the dispatcher.       neither is competent to attribute messages                    the sounds of the 5 gunshots. The D0.1
"Attention all emergency equipment..." If   to the correct officer, why should we take                    will not pursue this lead.
they had done so, we might have a limier    their word that "hold everything" was                              This controversy is just one example
foundation on which to base any conclu-     cross-talk from Dallas 1?                                     of the fact there are many areas of re-
sion about how well they did the study of         It seems strange that all the supposed                  search that need to be explored and reex-
'hold everything." Even worse, neither      experts hear messages which no one else                       amined. Yet, many researchers would
they nor the independent researcher have    can hear and yet have totally ignored the                     rather sit back and let government propa-
attempted to prove that the words, "hold    most important sounds on channel I. As                        ganda take the place of hard work and
everything" were unique and could only      far as 1 know.       the first to point it out                diligent inquiry. Contrary to DOi pro-
have been cross-talk from Dallas l's        and no one has followed up on it. At ap-                      nouncements. the case is not closed and
transmission. Roth have totally ignored     proximately '69 seconds, someone yells                        there is still a lot of work to be done.

                   r       . .     .                     !=.
      JFK                                                 DATELINE: DALLAS                                                                  17
                                               EYEWITNESS TO HISTORY
                                                         SARGENT D. V. HARKNESS

                                                    to get out of there too. So he kind or faded           And    then several of these people, Joe
    Mark Oakes & Stan Szerszen                      into the crowd. He was all right_                  Murphy was the only one under Sternmuns
  The following transcript was docu-                5: You made that original call in? Was it you      after you see %•here the railroad cross there.
 mented in a personal videotaped in-                who originated the call for help for this man?     Well, we had everything stopped. We didn't
 terview on 5/11192. Mr. Harkness was               H: I called for an ambulance, yes.                 want anybody on the overpass; I think Murphy
 a Dallas Police Officer and witnessed              5: Directly, or did you actually have to call in   was there. He died two or three months ago.
 the events in Dealey Plaza initially                                                                  He'd been there forty or fifty years on the Po-
                                                    and someone imIled-
 from his vantage point at the corner                                                                  lice Department. He never did retire; he
                                                    H: I called in on the radio.
 of Houston and Main Street                                                                            stayed right on through. Had I stayed there. rd
                                                    NI: Let me just make a quick introduction. we
                                                    are here with retired Sargent D. Y. Harkncss       of been there fifty years, last July I guess.
              DIALOG:                               of the Dallas Police Department, assigned to       NI: Do they have a half century pin? That they
            H: D.V.Harkness                         Dealey Plaza on November 22. 1953, when            gave you?
             M: Mark Oakes                          President Kennedy was pccq,tsinaied. Mr.           Sr I hope they gave you more than that!
             S: Stan Szerszen                       Harkness. concerning your activities that day.     NI: Would you say, Mr. Harkness in your
                                                    you said that you were pretty much standing        opinion, the second and third shots sounded
                                                    on the corner of Ilouston and Main that day        closer together than the first and second?
                                                    and after the President turned left on Elm         II: No. first I got on my motor and went down
    You find your usual amount of hobos, you                                                           to industrial back in there, see from the
                                                    Street. you heard three shots?
know, you pun them out of the train.                                                                   School Book Depository to
                                                       Yes, when he made the right turn off Main
S: Some people have that within an hour and a                                                          the railroad yards here and -
                                                    auto Houston. I made eye contact with him
half to two hours afterwards.                                                                          then Industrial is open country so I - trying to
                                                    and he looked right at me and waved and then
Mt They tried to make it seem closer.               he made the left turn and then 1 heard three       cover up all the possible escape routes.
H: i don't think it is to me, I don't know how      reports. The crowd was back towards the me-        NI: And that took three or four minutes.
long it was. I didn't have my watch. I know         dian between Elm and Houston and Main and          H: Three or four minutes after I went down to
alter the Presidential Parry started on to Park-    Houston, right back behind Dealey Plaza            see anything. I went hack immediately and 1
land, well, I brought Amos Euins and I made a       there. Most of them took a picture when he         stopped this fellow and he said he saw the gun
circle around there and as I come back to the       made the turn at Elm Street and then so, by a      barrel come out the window, and 1 took him
front of the building, that is when they gave       shot from the other side there coming from         up.
me the assignment, so I had about six or eight      down Elm Street and that median there going        Ni: Mr. Euins?
officers come down and I started with the en-       to the triple underpass. The reason we had to      SI: Took him up to Inspector Sawyer.
gineer on back, everyone to come in there and       go make that turn was there's no entrance onto     M: And then he took hint to the station?
take them back. I don't even know what they         the freeway from Main Street; you had to go        H: I don't know what he did. Anyway, after I
got. And another thing, I asked them to get the     to make that turn, go on there, because there's    went around behind the School Book Depos-
information of this epileptic seizure at Park-      an entrance to the freeway there.                  itory and someone told MC he saw where he
land and they tried to make a big deal out of       M: You couldn't jump the curb and go across        come front and then I put out, that's when I
that. You know well - it was lust a routine         the grass?                                         asked for to seal off the building and told
epileptic seizure.                                  S: The only way to get was to jump the curb.       them it Ithe shots) had to come from the filth
NI: I guess he hit his head on purpose!             H: So they bad to go that way and alter they       floor. And they tried to make a big deal out of
H: Well he hit his head, if you have an epilei:t-   went across the uh, wine out on the freeway        that on the Warren Commission, the fifth or
tac seizure, most of the persons after they have    there, Stenimons, then we had all the officers     sixth floor. See, you have brick lines. I was
this seizure... will soon .. come out of it. The    in town [who] had other assignments, to go to      counting windows and so you said the fifth
main dancer is to see they don't bite their         after the deal at the Market Hall and so. we       floor. Why did you say that, like I was trying
tongue or anything like that. Alla they have        had officers stationed even on the railroad        to mislead somebody? I said, "Welt, I made a
this convulsion like, then they come to and         overpass over Stemmons. I believe Joe              mistake."
usually after they snap out of it, they're em-      Murphy was--                                       Sr So you Just didn't count the last one as a
barrassed because everyone standing around          NI: Joe Foster?                                    floor. That makes sense.
looking at them and there they are, their           H: Joe Murphy was. I believe Joe Murphy            H: So I said I made a 'mistake and they had
clothes are disarranged and his head had been       was on that, not of those places, and I think      some people from the Warren Commission
hit. Whenever they get the person... and took
                                                    Foster might of been on the underpass going        Report, Warren Investigators, sonic uf em-
him to Parkland... about the time they were
                                                    down, I don't know who-                            11I: Sounds like David Bella.
trying to get some information of him they
                                                    NI: He was on the triple underpass?                H: They were abusive to the officers.
said, "Clear .the emergency room, the Presi-
                                                    H: Triple underpass.
dent is coming in". You know, they didn't take
                                                    M: Did you know him personally?                              Continued on following page.
time to get any information. They just wanted
                                                    H: Oh, yes.
him to get the hell out of there and he wanted
                                                    NI: He's real nice 1 spoke with him last July.
       Continued from previous page.
                                                           DATELINE: DALLAS

                                                     H: "Well for instance, the best I remember.
                                                                                                            there was a Highway Patrolman driving it. It
                                                     when I went in to give this, he had a revolver         could of been state or local.
5: The Dallas Police Force took a pretty good        laying there and he said. "See this?" A .38 Re-        5: You, with your own eyes, saw some o f
battering.                                           volver. this fellow here, I just don't know            those people fan out?
11: Oh yeah. oh yeah. Well, III talk to you          about him. Yes sir, they were taken to the sta-        H: Oh yeah, yeah. I don't know if they were in
more off camera.                                     tion and questioned. Any guns of any kind              the car behind them or what.
Mr. Harkness, this is your Warren Commis-            found? Not to my knowledge, I want to go               M: The reason we get confused, is they say
sion testimony and, would you read this to           back to this Amos Euins, Do you remember               the only Secret Service Agent that returned to
me. All I wanted to know is that they didn't         what he said to you and what you said to him           Donley Plaza was Forrest Sorrels and that
misquote you. Could you read between the             when you fuel saw him?' See, he's, you can             wasn't until about 30 minutes after the ace-eq,
arrows, and just tell me if it's true to your best   Tell by the frame of questioning .._ he imitated       sination.
recollection as to what they might of asked          a lot of people.                                       H: Well, that's all right. It's no big deal; see
you, and what you might of replied? Could            5: Well. that's true; what he said to you is           these things they're trying to - are you all with
you read between the arrows, could you read          true. The people that I know that had to deal          the govertunent agency?
that out loud?                                       with him, say the same thing.                          NI: No, I work for an aircrafl industry in St.
H: [Reading text] " Mr. Min?"                        II: 1 don't recall that. I don't recall that. I tell   Louis!
M: Mr. Belin.                                        ya, it was an assumption on my pan and I               5: tin a Mechanical Engineer for OREO Cor-
H: David Beim who is he?                             could of been wrong. So on this ...                    poration.
M: David Beim, he's one of the Commission            5: But you see how something like that. in             M & 5: We do this for a hobby.
lawyers.                                             print. that's printed in the Warren Commis-            H: Well on these..on this, they give you days
H: "Then I am correct that your testimony is         sion. He's saying or they said, that you said,         to report over there and testify, and it's a long
that you didn't notice whether people were            that they told you so. You don't tell us that.        time and of eourse, this guy really hammered
coming in and out, you notice or did not no-         H: I don' remember telling them. They were             away at me on the..on Me—telling everybody
 t ice, whether people were coming out of the         with the Presidential party. I don't recall tell-     it's on the sixth floor.
building at the timer Which building is he            = them Mat. I assumed that they were Secret           M: He didn't show much respect for you.
 talking about?                                       Service. This uh. this fellow here, peeved a lot      H: No.
Si Of course. he's talking about the School          of people.                                             NI: You were there. He wasn't there.
Book Depository.                                     NI: We were curious. We can't ask Joe Mar-             II: Hell, you'd think k shut the President the
H: But he doesn't say so.                            shall Smith. He's deceased.                            way he was telking. I don't know if this was
 5: No, he's not saying so because a -                S: P.T. Dean is gone, too, right?                     the guy or not.
H: "Several officers in the area and there was       11: P.T. Dem is on this. I don't know if it's          S: Yeah. he was abusive.
a lot of people around. I didn't know whether         tins fellow or not, but one of them said you're       II: That might have been the one they re-
 they were going in or out or not I couldn't say      going to answer these questions whether you           placed on this Warren Commission - I hope
 that. !horn... then you went around the back of      like t or not                                         so!
 the building. Yes, sir. Was anyone around in         M: To P.T. Dean?                                      S: As it turned out, it wasn't the one they re-
back when you got there? Yes, there were Se-              Yeah. and P.T. Dean said. "Try me!", and          placed.
cret Service Agents. That's where Secret Ser-        picked up his hat and walked out.                      NI: It's one they should have.
 vice Agents and that could tit an error. I didn't   M: That's what I thought he say.                       H: Yeah, I don't know this deal here. I think
 get them Identified; they told me they were          5: That's true?                                       had about a twenty-ert page deposition on
 Secret Service, Some of them. Then you              H: Yeah!                                               there-
 stayed around the back of the building. Yes, I       M That's the whole thing, it's a shame the            5: It was pretty long.
 stayed in the back till the squad got there.         way they treated the policemen and were abu-          H: And all of it was on stuff that I didn't think
 Then what did you do? I went hack to the             sive and didn't cooperate.                            was very pertinent, course. I wasn't an investi-
 front and inspector Sawyer helped to get the         el: Well on this. I don't know on this part           gator. I didn't know.
 crowd back first, and then I, Sawyer assigned       here. I wouldn't want to verify that on them           NI: It was the normal prucedure to bring m
me to some freight car. Yes, sir. Then what           if he said it, he's probably got tapes on it. But.    suspects, and you were assigned with some
 did he do? That was all my assignment be-            he doesn't get you M a good frame of mind for         other officers to go to the railroad yards and
 cause we shook two long freights down and            questions.                                            take off some transients and Hobos. Which is
 that were leaving to my knowledge, all that          NI: Did you know a Dallas Deputy Constable            what I believe they were.
 area there. We had several officers working in       Seymour Weitzman? He also told the W.C. be            H: Well you know a lot of times when they
 that area. Do you know whether or not anyone         was in the presence of Secret Service men be-         interrogate someone, of course they bad a big
 found any suspicious kind of nature? Yes sir,        hind the picket fence area he found a piece or        job, and I think a lot of people focused on the
 we made some arrests. I put some people in".         skull fragment.                                       Dallas P.D., well Eric Severeiti and Harry
 This not correct. I don't believe.                   H: They say that the Secret Service is sup-           Reasoner started their jaws a working before
 M: Which part?                                       posed to stay close to the President and some         they had the facts. Then it started unfolding.
 H: I just don't believe, this fellow - he acted      from that party, farmed out 1 don't know              lots of things happened that you heard it one
 like he was teed off.                                whether they were FBI Agents on there, but            time and that was it.
 S: Well, he acted that way is lot. He was very       some of them were in that group. Like I say,          S: That was the problem with this, all along
pushy, and pushed people around a lot.                                                                      they stuck their foot in their mouth.
I     JFK
H: Well. after that deal on here, that's the way
I rationalized it.
                                                            DATELINE: DALLAS
                                                     four miles from here Ile was arresting a fel-
                                                     low that had escaped and was shacked up with
                                                                                                           they were down, stashed out of sight. Out of
                                                                                                           sight if they needed them. And, we did every-

                                                                                                           thing that wanted. I don't think we were criti-
M: Well, that's why we're so grateful to talk to some little of gal over there, so I understood
you about it. You were there - these other peo- it. Buddy Walthers let hint go get his shin or             cized anything on this, then the Intelligence
ple weren't.                                         go get his clothes or something and he had a          Section, later on. asked us over that. Then
H: Some of the things that they hammered at          gun under them and he shot Al Maddox.                 the FBI had some of their agents in the Intelli-
was so insignificant to me. The main thing           S: Oh. Al Maddox was wounded?                         gence Department; one was transferred.
would be to try and find the unknown. In fact,       H: Yeah, oh yeah. Shot in the foot and then           Mr The Fill didn't cooperate very much.
I believe we had one of our own officers stop        that's how Buddy Walther got killed. It had           H: I don't know about that. Again, 1 know we
Oswald coming down the stairway. Baker nothing to do with this Kennedy deal.                               didn't have anybody-
knew the shots came from the building cause          Mr He had like forty-eight felons, James              S: J.C. Day spent some time with mc; he liked
be was deer hunting, and he laid his motor Walter Cherry and was well known to the Dal-                    to sum it up by saying, "there are 100 many
down, one of the fellows, he stopped hint            las P.D.                                              cooks in the kitchen". It was too fragmented.
coining down the stairway and he say's," lie's Sr I didn't know he shot both the officers.                 too many people doing too many things.
all right, he works here". Well. everybody           H: Yeah, he killed Walthers and shot Maddox           H: Yeah, yeah, and you got to have one per-
says, man, if he'd latched onto him, he would in the foot I know Al real well. I don't know                son in charge.
have saved an officer from getting killed, but       where he is now.                                      S: Right, right. So he said, too many cooks In
the thing about it is, what you're lookimi for is Mr Ile's in Weatherford. Wtaitherford sound              the kitchen and this is what ends up.
an unknown. If you have someone that's in the right ?                                                       M: One more question. Mr. Harkness and
building that can vouch for this person to get H: He was out there with, ith...                            we'll get out of your hair. We really appreciate
identified, that's all a is. If he did it, you could  M: Ile's kin to Malcolm Summers, and I've            your tune and everything. Did Buddy Walth-
always know who he was.                               been in touch with him the last year. And he          ers talk to you about his investigation that day
M: And he didn't come down with the rifle. does have some Jack Ruby material he is do-                      over there with Joe Foster? Did he say any-
right?                                                nating to the (JFK) Center, because he would          thing?
H: No, he didn't come down with the rifle, so like a display next to his partner. Buddy                     H: No, I don't believe I talked to Buddy that
 I would of done the same thing - everyone Walthers. That's the exact story Mr. Maddox                      day. 1 talked to, well, two Deputy Sheriffs I
else would have done the same thing_ Well, told me.                                                         thought were deceased Lummy Lewis, lwasi
those things happen, so then a lot of people H: I don't know on this. I may of said some                    one of them, he said I saw him down on Main.
 have their own theory on this, so I don't know       things in here that I was misquoted on that           He said we got some people on the overpass.
anything about it. Like I say, I just had II small might be. His interpretation, he was trying to             thought we had everything covered! And that
 part to play in it, but I do remember this fel- get what he wanted. He was trying to get the               was the last words I said to him and then after
 low and don't remember all these things in           answers; he was trying real hard to get the an-       this was over, he just looked at me like that, 1
 here cause 1 never had read this. I may or may       swers that he wanted. They were all insignifi-        said, "Lummy, you know you're the biggest
 not have said these, I'm sure he's got the tapes cant. For instance on what floor it [shots!               liar in town.," lie laughed and he never did let
 on it.                                               ratite from on there, you can find out - you          me forget that. "Oh, we got everything covet-
 M: In all fairness, it's just an excerpt: it's not   got the location. hell you can find out what          ed!" - less than five minutes before the shots.
 actually.                                            floor 11 was on - whether it was the fifth floor      5: You said that live minutes before?
 H: That fellow did get a lot of officers upset       ur the sixth floor. It come from that building!       H: Yes, Lummy Lewis asked me about it.
 and I was just getting it.                           Mr Thai's what several people said.                   Ile's the Deputy Sheriff. He said we got some
  Mr And then it was on Sunday morning, you H: How imt- you've got to decide as quick as                    extra men, they had people in the crowd_ lie
 said you saw Jack Ruby at the corner of Hous- you can, ... whether it was FBI Agents, Alco-                said, "if you need some more, let me know."
 ton and Elm?                                         holfrobbaco and Tax, who ever it would be, a          He said, 1 think we got everything covaedl"
 H: Saturday.                                          Federal. local. state, you know, sheriffs office,     He gave me that 1000 yard stare, so I said.
  M: Saturday ok. I'm sorry. Saturday.                police department. We had several of them in           Lummy, you got to be the biggest liar in the
 H: Saturday, uh, the crowd down there, and the area To me that was insignificant, but                      country."
 Wes Wise was down there talking to him. now then what they were trying to do was
 Wes Wise was a reporter at the time. I make a case on some FBI, some Secret Ser-                          The rest of the video intenlew was just chit-
  wouldn't let We Wise come 111 there.                vice man that was out of position. I guess. I        chat. He didn't know Roger Craig When
  M: And, by any chance did you know Dallas don't know.                                                    asked to ataograph Mark Oakes copy of the
  Detective, L.R. "Buddy" Walthers?                    M: I think what they were trying to imply is        Warren Coninos.sion Report, he said." I don't
  H: Yeah. They got this deal here on uh, I don't      that if there were some sort of conspiracy,         %woo to he associated with that.'"
  know whether, if I told Foster or not, but          possible they wertphony Secret Service men.
  pointed out, you know the mark on the cover.         H: No. everybody, there was enough people
  But like I say. it could of been from a edger or     around. We would of spotted a phony. Anoth-
  it could of been from a bullet. But then on this     er thing, they tried to put this on the D.P.D..
  Oliver Stone movie, they tried to make out           You know the D.P.D. was not in charge of
  like it was a conspiracy because Walthers was this. Chief Curry, like I say, gave than every-
  going down to          and someone gunned him        thing they asked for and then an extra fifty
  down, Buddy Walthers was killed less than men. Called in an extra fifty men! believe

           JFK                                               DATELINE: DALLAS                                                               20
                                                              The basic mechanism underlying            exit wowids are much larger than the en-
      COMMENTS ON:                                                                                      trance wounds and thus any matenal that
                                                       Prof. Alvarez's theory of retrograde mo-
      THE ALVAREZ ANALYSIS Of'                         tion is that matter expelled from an object      has been agitated by the passage of the
                                                       that has been hit by a bullet can carry          bullet is more likely to be expelled from
      THE ZAPRUDER FILM                                                                                 the larger hole .
                                                       more momentum that the bullet even
      By A_ E Snyder & Margaret M. Snyder
                                                       though it receives only a fraction of the
                                                                                                        M. = mass of object = 4.0142
                                                       bullet's kinetic energy if the mass of the
           This note is a comment on Luis Alva-                                                         P,, = momentum object alter initial impact
                                                       expelled matter is substantially larger that         - kinetic energy of object alter initial
      rez's 'explanation' on the motion of Presi-
                                                       the mass of the bullet. if matter is ex-                   impact
      dent Kennedy's head observed in the               pelled in the forward direction with a mo-
      movie taken of the assassination by Abra-                                                         Vas = velocity of object after initial impact
                                                        mentum greater than the momentum                F. = fraction of energy deposited in the object
      ham Zapruder Prof. Alvarez published
                                                        imparted by the bullet, the object will end                that ends up as the kinetic energy of
      this in the American Journal qf Pitysrel
                                                        up going backwards. This is the same                       ejected material or as kinetic energy
      (AJP) as parr of an article entitled "A
                                                        principle (conservation of momentum)                       of the object as it recoils against the
      Physicist Examines the Kennedy Assas-                                                                        ejected material in the rest frame of
                                                        that underlies jet propulsion.
      sination Film. [1]." The article has been                                                                     the object after the shot
                                                               Prof. Alvarez demonstrated exper-
      quoted in many places [2] as explaining
                                                        imentally that this actually happens for
      the retrograde motion of President Kenne-                                                          M E -- mass of ejected material
                                                         melons wrapped in strapping tape. Super-
      dy's head, i.e. the fact that even though he                                                       F, = fraction of object's mass ejected = M.fM,
                                                         ficially, something similar seems to be
       was shot from the rear according to the                                                           V, = average velocity of ejected material
                                                         happening to the President's head in the
       Warren Commission [3]. the Zapruder                                                               P, = momentum of ejected material
                                                         Zapruder film. A cloud of blood. etc. be-
       fain clearly shows his head being pushed                                                          FE = energy of ejected material
                                                         ing ejected from the front of his head is
       violently to the rear (and to the left).                                                          M„, - mass of object after ejecting material
                                                         clearly visible in the film. However,
             Alvarez's AJP article does not, in                                                                     = MH-M,
                                                         whether or not this cloud could have car-             = velocity of object alter ejecting
       fact, explain or claim to explain the mo-
                                                         ried enough momentum to push the                         material
       tion observed in the Zapruder film. It
                                                         President's head as violently backward as       PiL. = momentum of object after ejecting
       does provide a theory of how a rifle shot
                                                          observed is a detailed quantitative ques-               mate rial
       could produce retrograde motion under
                                                          tion that has not been answered yet.               = energy of object after ejecting material
       appropriate conditions and it demon-                    To explain the theory of retrograde
        strates that such conditions are not to dif-                                                          Note: for simplicity, we've treated the
                                                          motion. we begin by defining some of the
        ficult to produce in the form of melons                                                          object (bead) as being free to move inde-
                                                          relevant quantities and giving their values
        wrapped in strapping tape and shot with a                                                        pendently of the neck or the rest of the
                                                          if they are known or can be estimated in
        high velocity gun. It does not show that                                                         body. To the extent that this is incorrect,
                                                           the case of the Kennedy assassination [5]:
        these conditions apply to the shot that                                                          the effect would be to increase the effec-
        killed President Kennedy. At most it per         lvt„ = mass of bullet = 16l 5 grains=           tive mass of the head (M5).
          ides what could be an explanation for                    10.46 grams
                                                                                                              The moment lost by the bullet and.
        the 'head snap'. but stops well short of         V,- Velocity of bullet = 600 meters per
                                                                   second (just before impact)
                                                                                                         therefore, by the law of conservation of
        demonstrating that this is, in fact, the ex-                                                     momentum imparted to the head can be
       planation.                                                                                        determined as follows:
            The remainder of this note is orga-          = momentum bullet = Ky.=
                                                               6 Kg-meter/see (just before impact)
       nized as follows: 11 Explanation of the                                                          F„,E„ = E„-E„. (P„'-1 1)/2M,,
                                                                                                                              1„.       lIs
                                                                   of bullet = P., /2M, = IMO Joules
       theory behind    retrograde motion caused E, = energy
                                                     P, = momentum of ballet remaining       alter
       by rifle shots, 2) discussion of the detailed                                                    where we have used the relation between
                                                                impact                                  energy, momentum and mass
       measurements by Josiah       Thompson [-I]
       with respect to this theory and 3) a pro- E„ = energy of bullet alter impact                            V/21sti, By conservation of momen-
       gram of measurements that would        allow
                                                     F. = fraction of bullets energy lost in passing
                                                                                                        tum P„, = P,-P, so we can write
        the issue to be resolved. It should be                   through object '= unknown                                            (21
                                                                                                        FA. = P,, (2P„-P,) /2M„
       noted that this note does not come to a
        definitive conclust  on about the cause of         The forgoing parameters describe the
                                                                                                         solving for P., yields
        the backward motion seen in the Zapruder bullet. This next set descnbes the object
        film nor about the direction  or number of struck. We divide the process into two                                              (3)
                                                                                                     2)        P11 ( I 4 I-FO,
        shots. Its major point is to suggest a line steps: 1) the impact of the bullet and
                                                                                                   ob- This has two interesting limits: I) F, 1.0
        of research that could resolve these issues. the ejection of the material from the
                                                      ject. We assume all ejected material goes as used by Alvarez which yields PH, 125.
         Theory - Jet Propulsion                       forward. This seems reasonable, since the
     JFK                                                 DATELINE: DALLAS                                                          21
                                                                                                 about 1 ineterisec. The velocity before
i.e. all the energy and momentum of the          have if it absorbed all the momentum of
                                                                                                 impact was essentially zero. All this is.
bullet transferred to the object and 2) F„       the bullet and did not eject anything.
                                                                                                 of course. relative to the motion of the
small which yields P„, = Up._ This se-           This is reduced by the factor (14 1-F,)'')
                                                                                                 car. Using               Kg gives PA= M,,Vh=4
cond result can be written in the follow-        if the entire energy of the bullet is not de-
                                                                                                 Kg-meters'sec for the momentum im-
ing form:                                        posited in the object. The final piece. that
                                                                                                 parted to the head. Using equation (2) we
                                                 is subtracted. is the effect produced by
                                 (4)                                                             can compute that this corresponds to the
                                                 object recoiling against the ejected jet of
                                                                                   11.           bullet depositing about 1600 Joules or
                                                 matter - namely P,IF,,F„m/M,1
This indicates that the momentum transfer                                                         89% of its pre-impact energy. This seems
                                                        if (FKF„m/M,)11/f is greater than
(T 6,1 to an object needed to transfer a giv-
   1                                                                                             large for copper claded bullet of the kind
                                                 (141-F,)'` 1. the final direction of the ob-
                                                                                                  that is supposed to have been used [1.5].
en amount of energy (F„E„) to an object
                                                 ject will be opposite the direction of the
falls off with the velocity of the bullet.                                                        There should be experimental numbers
                                                  incoming bullet. The result in a particular
For small F, the fall off is as indicated in                                                      that would allow us to check this and we
                                                 instance depends on the parameters F,.
equation (4). This means that for the                                                             are currently searching the literature try-
                                                  F„ and F, (which determines the reduced
same level of damage, the higher the ve-                                                          ing to find them. It is important to note
                                                  mass (m)). For the melons used by Prof.
 locity of the velocity of the bullet, the                                                        that 4 Kg-meters/sec is a lower limit on
                                                   Alvarez conditions are clearly such as to
easier it will be to achieve retrograde mo-                                                       the momentum. If the impact occurred
                                                  produce such retrograde motion. It is not
 tion.                                                                                            half way between frames 312 and 313 in-
                                                  clear, a priori, what parameters apply to
       Just after impact, the object has mo-                                                      stead of near 312 the momentum imparted
                                                   the assassination of President Kennedy.
 mentum PH, and is moving at velocity of                                                           to the head would have to have been 8
                                                  Melons may not be a very good model for
 V, —              alone the direction of the                                                     Kg-meters/sec- substantially more than
                                                   heads. A gun with a higher velocity than
 bullet. i e forward. Next, material with a                                                        the 6 Kg-meters/sec available from a bul-
                                                   a Mannlichcr-Carcano was used by Prof.
 mass given by Nit is ejected in the for-                                                          let fired from a Mannlicher-Carcano.
                                                   Alvarez and an unjacketed hunting-style
 ward direction. At this point, it is conve-                                                       Also, if the camera speed were the nomi-
                                                   bullet was used. So while ejected materi-
 nient to work in the frame of reference                                                           nal 24 frames/sec of Zapruder's camera
                                                   al can, in principle, explain retrograde
 moving with the object after impact. i.e. a                                                       rather than the 18.3 frames/sec measured
                                                   motion such as seen in the Zapruder
 reference frame moving with velocity V„                                                           by the FBI [1,5] or if the effective mass of
                                                   it is not clear that it actually does so in
 along the direction of the bullet. The to-                                                         the President's head is substantially more
                                                    the case of the Kennedy Assassination
  tal energy (ejected material plus recoil) in                                                      than our estimate, the momentum would
                                                    There is also the question of reproducing
  this frame is given by (F„F,,E.) and the                                                          he too large to have come from a
                                                    the details of the head motion as will be
  total momentum in this frame is zero.                                                             Mannli cher-Carcano.
                                                    seen in the next section                              In the next frame the momentum of
  Thus. the momentum (call it P) of the
  ejected material and the remainder of the                                                         the president's head has been reversed. In
                                                  DATA - The Measurements of Josiah
  object must be equal in this frame, so we                                                         fact his head has moved 1.4 cm- back-
  have                                                                                              wards? Examination of succeeding frames
                                                                                                    then indicates his head continues back-
                                                       Josiah Thompson made very detailed
         22/214,-P2/2M, a P'/In (5)
        —1                                                                                          wards at a cons/ant speed of about 0.25
                                                  measurements of position of the presi-
                                                                                                    meters/sec. The change in velocity, 1.25
 where m = Mni/v1,12M„Mt is called the            dent's head in the relevant frames of the
                                                                                                    meters/sec, corresponds to a momentum
 reduced mass. Solving for P we get               Zapruder film. He published [4) his re-
                                                                                                     impulse of 5 Kg-meters/sec. Can Prof.
                                                  subs including details of his methods, his
                                                                                                     Alvarez's "jet propulsion" mechanism
 P = (2mFLF,E,)hl = P,,(F,F,m/h1,,)11' (6)        systematic checks and his error analysis           provide such a large in impulse such a
                                                  in his book Sir Seconds in Dallaa. Fig-            short time (1/18 sec or less)?
 The velocity of the remaining object in
                                                  ure I shows Thompson's results for "the
 this frame is V = Pftvl„ in the direction                                                                 There is not enough information in
                                                  distance of the president's head from the
 opposite to the bullet. The overall direc-                                                           the poor quality stills of the Zapruder film
                                                  top of the back seat." Note that the veloc-
 tion back in the lab frame (or the car                                                              available in the Warren report or in the
                                                  ity of the car was nearly constant (about 8
 frame in the case of the actual assassina-                                                          House Committee on Assassination report
                                                  mph) during the relevant period of time
 tion) is given by                                                                                    to resolve this issue. The matenal ejected
                                                  Ill,                                                from the President's head appears to fill a
                                                       From this figure and the camera
                                                                                                      circle slightly larger than a head or about
 (P,a4,)((1-(1-F,V1)-(F,F,,mih4,)1Nft (7)         speed of 18.3 frames/sec (101, one can              30cm in diameter. This means the lead-
                                                  easily compute that the average velocity-
                                                                                                      ing edge of the material has moved about
 where f = M„/M, (the fraction of mass            of the president's head between frame 312           30 cm in 1.'18 sec or less.
 remaining in the object) should be near          (the last frame before impact) and frame                 Continued on following page.
 1.0. P„IM, is the velocity the object would      313 (the first frame after impact) was
     JFK                                                            DATELINE: DALLAS                                                           22
                                                                                                               0.063 meters/sec. Thus, 313-314 is low

    Continued from previous page.                             size of head in a rime small compared to
                                                              1/72 sec. the ejection would have oc-            by about 2s or about a 5% fluctuation.
                                                              curred on a time scale short compared to         This argues against the jet propulsion hy-
     We can pin this down a little further
                                                              1/18 sec. The head should have just been         pothesis, but is not overwhelmingly con-
by noting that if the bullet had transferred
                                                              observed to go backwards, since the for-         vincing.
all its momentum to the head it would
have taken 1/24 sec for the head to move                      ward motion should have been over be-
                                                              fore frame 313, if the observed ejected          EXPERIMENTAL STUDIES
5 cm (as in frame 312 to 313), leaving
1/72 sec for the ejected material to reach                    material is to account for observed retro-
                                                              grade motion.                                         It would be valuable to repeat Alva-
30 cm. Thus, there must be a minimum
                                                                    Figure 2 shows a plot of the average       rez's melon experiments but making much
of 1/24 sec before the reaction sets in for
                                                               velocity between frames derived from Jo-        more realistic mock-up of the situation
the observed forward motion to be consis-
                                                              siah Thompson's data This plot can be            and more detailed measurements: at A
tent with the Mannlicher-Carcano hypoth-
                                                              used to make another argument against            high speed camera should be used
esis. This gives us a lower limit on the
                                                               the hypothesis that the material seen be-       (Alvarez used a Super 8 movie camera
velocity of 3.6 meters/sec for the leading
                                                               ing ejected could have caused the reversal      with a speed of 24 frames per second) in
edge. If we assume this velocity applies
                                                              in direction. Namely, if the material is to      order to follow the jet propulsion process
to the entire mass of ejected material then
                                                               carry enough momentum to cause this re-          in detail, i.e. is there an initial forward
 the mass must be in excess of I Kg to
                                                                versal it must be ejected on a tune scale      motion followed by the backwards jet
carry enough momentum to reverse the
                                                               small compared to the 1/18 sec, therefore        propulsion 1172 sec or so later or does the
direction of the head. This is implausibly
                                                                the acceleration due to this must have oc-      entire interaction occur on a much shorter
 large. However, the material could have
                                                                curred almost entirely in the 312-313 in-       time scale? A ruler and a clock should
 been ejected faster which would lead to
                                                                terval. But the velocity in the 313-314         be in the field of view of the camera to
 more reasonable masses_ This naturally
                                                                interval is only 0.25 meters./sec. The av-
                                                                                             .                  allow calibration of distance and time to
 leads to another question: if the ejected
                                                                erage velocity in the interval 314-317 is        be made and checked against information
 material can travel 30 cm in a time sub-
                                                                0.6 meters/sec and the frame by frame            on distance to target, magnification and
 stantially less than 1/72 sec, how come it
                                                                 variations are consistent with a constant       camera speed. b) a ballistic pendulum
  took at least 1/24 sec to be ejected? Why
                                                                 velocity. Using Thompson's estimate of          should be used to measure the velocity of
  do we see the head move forward at all?
                                                                his error (0.132 inches) we get an error on      the bullet after it passes through the mel-
  Since, the material has to be traveling at a
                                                                 the velocity for a single frame interval of     on and measurements of the mass of the
  speed such that it can cross something the

                          JFK DISTANCE FROM BACK SEAT                                                          JFK HEAD SPEED
                                                                                                                                 1   I
                                                       r---                                          I
                                                                                       0-11   1.0
      Di sta nc e (in che s)


                                7,5                                                           0.0

                                2.5                                                     tD
                                                                                                     1 .                                       .
                                       1 .                    . I .                    U7
                                U.0              310           320             330                   300            no               320            330

                                             ZAPRUDER FRAME                                                    ZAPRUDER FRAME
                                               (FIGURE 1)                                                        (FIGURE 2)
      JFK                                                 DATELINE: DALLAS                                                             23     I

                                                                                                          15) 'Medirtdreal limes:iv:nen of the
on and measurements of the mass of the            ment and measurement could resolve the
                                                  issue                                              fre.tutva John Kennedy Murder' Charles
melon should be made before and after                                                                G. Wilber. Ph. 11. published by Charles C.
the shot. This combined with measure-                                                                Thomas, Springfield. Illinois (1978).
ments of the velocity of the melon and the        Notes:
jet of ejected material should make it pos-
sible to check the theory in detail. c)           `I3y conservation of energy this also is the en-
Something more like a head than a melon           emy transferred by the bullet. This is one of
                                                  the basic unknowns of the problem. Alvarez
                                                                                                       BANG, --BANG -BAN G 1
 should be used for the target. One possi-
                                                  assum es
 bility is a skull filled with the 20% gelatin                                                        Traveling at II miles an hour, the same
 used by the Edgewood Arsenal in such                                                                 speed the Presidential Motorcade trav-
                                                  :flits is a rough estimate for the mass of the
 cases (6).        di The correct gun (a                                                              eled through Dealey Plaza. a cardboard
                                                  President's head. It is based on a radius of
 Mannlicher-Carcano not a high velocity           10cm and the density of water. Patholgists          target challenged the accuracy of more
 hunting rifle) and bullets (jacketed not         seem to use a rule of thumb that head weight        than 50marksmen armed with a 6.5mm
 soft-nosed) should be used'.                     is about 20% of body weight.                        Mannlicher-Carcano rifle.
       Josiah Thompson's measurements             151. For the President, who weighed 75Kg,
 should be repeated both as an experimen-         this yields a head mass of about 15Kg. This         From a wooden platform simulating the
 tal check and to see if any new informa-         implies a head density of about 3 times the         sixth floor window of the snipers perch
 tion can be extracted. In particular if the      density of water winch semis implausibly
                                                                                                      at the Texas School Book Depository,
 President's neck and shoulders move sig-         large. Laying my head (AES) a bathroom              the first independent field test of the
 nificantly it could imply that the momen-        scale, I get 8 pounds, so it seems that 4Kg is a
                                                                                                      Warren Commission's version of the JFK
                                                  good estimate
 tum transferred was too large to come                                                                assassination was conducted in Central
  from a Mannlicher-Carcano. It would                                                                 Lake. Michigan.
                                                  'Without anything to set the scale it is diffi-
 also be interesting if the apparent leftward
                                                  cult to extract such information from the pic-
  component of the head motion could be                                                               Some sharpshooters got off three shots in
                                                  tures published in Al?. However, it would
  quantified. This might be achieved by           appear that the time scale is much longer than      5.6 seconds matching Oswald's pur-
  measuring the position of the President's       1/72 sec. The jet of material is visible for         ported action A couple were able to
  head relative to several points in the car at   more than 3 frames, instead of just one as in      r squeeze off two shots in 1.66 seconds
  various distances from the camera.              the Zapruder film.                                   with the sluggish rifle. After two days of
  To repeat Thompson's measurements, or                                                                shooting however, not one marksman
  extend them, we need access to the high         'According to a footnote in the All' article,         was able to duplicate the speed and ac-
  quality color stills he used and a good         Dr. John K Lattimer did repeat the experiment
                                                                                                       curacy of the sixth floor assassin as out-
  quality measuring microscope. Another           using jacketed bullets and a Mannlichet-
                                                                                                       lined by the Warren Commission Report.
                                                  Carcano. lie told Alvarez that the effect was
  useful check on Thompson's measure-                                                                   A shooter who was only an average shot
                                                   still more violent when repeated on "sk-ull
  ments would he to simulate them, e.g.                                                                as a U.S. Marine.
                                                   dels." This does not seem very plausible arid
   film a mock assassination using a camera
                                                   needs to be checked.
  like Zapruder's and see if measurements                                                             The event was sponsored by Richard Da-
   such at Thompson's can reproduce the re-        References                                         vis, founder of Chance Body Armour,
  sults obtained with cameras aboard the                                                              which manufactures bulletproof vests
   car or with high magnifications.                             A l'hprirtst Evamincs iilf Kennrdr    and other protective gear.
                                                   ttSalTillannn Fiine LUIS W. Alvarez, Amen-
 CONCLUSIONS                                       can Journal of Physics 44, 813 (1976).
                                                          [2] Lt, S rarierrts Select Committee on
     Prof. Alvarez in his article in the           Assassinations.    Investigation of the
                                                                                                                 John F. Kennedy
 American Journal of Physics suggest an            Assassination of John F. Kennedy: hearings
                                                   before the Select Committee on Assassina-                       February 24, 1958
 explanation for the backwards 'head snap'                                                                         Denver University
                                                   tions of the U. S. House of Representatives,
 seen in the movie taken by Abraham Za-
                                                   95th Congress, 2nd session, Washington,
 pruder of the Kennedy Assassination. We                                                                  "It is no exaggeration to say
                                                   D.C.: GPO (1978-1979).
 have compared this 'jet propulsion' theory                                                                      that the struggle
                                                        [3] 'Hearings Before the Presidents Com-
   oh the measurements of Josiah Thomp-            Initsion ern the Assosstrinion tJ President
 son. We so not find enough information
                                                                                                          in which we are now engaged
                                                   Kenneth'. chaired by Chief Justice Earl War-
 to definitively exclude the 'jet propulsion'      ren.     S. GPO, Washington, D.C. (1964).
                                                                                                             may well he won or lost
 theory, but on the other hand the evidence                Mx Seconds in Dallas' Josiah
                                                                                                                       in the
 is only marginally consistent with the            Thompcon published by Bernard Geis Associ-                classrooms of America."
 theory. We believe that further experi-           ates (1967).
I     JFK
                                                        DATELINE: DALLAS
                                                  armed forces would loose tens of billions of
                                                  dollars. On November 20. 1963. despite
                                                  #263, senior members of the U.S. Cabinet and
                                                                                                                                               24 1
                                                                                                        him. Lee Oswald, at no tune, had a formal
                                                                                                        trial to defend his innocence, only the lapsed
                                                                                                        conclusions of the Warren Report. One of the
                                                  U.S. Saigon command called for a massive              key exhibits that the commission considered
OF ONE                                                                                                  was a picture of Oswald with a Mannlicher-
                                                  build up U.S. troops in Vietnam. Just four
By       Esslinger                                                                                      Careano; the gun found in the sniper's nest in
                                                  days after Kennedy's assassination, on No-
                                                  vember 26, Lyndon Johnson approved a secret           the School Book Depository. In the picture,
      The passage of unconscious time reveals     NSAM document calling for a forthright plan           Oswald appears to have a flat, plump chin. but
the most obvious misconceptions. What                                                                    in a mug shot, recovered from Dallas Police
                                                  for escalation of the war in Vietnam, the de-
looked like gold-plated truth in the exuber-                                                             I kadquarters. Oswald's chin was pointed with
                                                  ployment of U.S. combat troops, and the inva-
ance of youth appears cheap and thwartly          sion of Laos. Was it just coincidence that            a cleft. The sun itself will tell you that this
the unforgiving life of experience. The                                                                  photo is a fake. The shadow in this photo is
                                                  after the meeting in Honolulu on November
American public was dangling like puppets in                                                            behind and way to the right of the figure. but
                                                  20. that in merely two days there would be a
the cross current of violence; their president
                                                  new president. and in six. a new policy in the         there is also a shadow beneath Oswald's nose.
had just been assassinated. In their milieu.      war? It seems to evidence, as though Johnson           This then proves that at some time there was
distinctions between morality and duty
                                                  was anticipating a turn around in Vietnam.            altering to this photograph; a key piece of evi-
blurred, and murder became the coin of realm.                                                            dence that contributed to the Warren Report.
                                                         Immediately following the assassination,
On November 22, 1963, President John F.                                                                         The most withering scorn that cane
                                                  Lyndon Johnson appointed a group of officMls
Kennedy committed suicide: political suicide.     to conclude the happenings of November 22.             about the assassination was the commission's
       From the beginning of the Kennedy ad-
                                                  1963. This commission would be headed by               findings that Kennedy and Connally had both
ministration. John Kennedy wait out of his                                                               been wounded by the first shot fired. For in
                                                  Justice Earl Warren. When Earl Warm was
way to tweak the noses of the dangerous and                                                              the hands of an expert marksman, working a
                                                  first offered this position he declined, but
powerfuL After the Bay of Pies. Kennedy                                                                  Mannlicher-Carcano with out aiming could be
                                                  Johnson pressured that if he didn't find
personally emasculated the top echelon of the
                                                  Oswald a !One assassin, World War III might            tired no faster then once every 2.3 seconds.
CIA, including director Allen Dulles. Also                                                               Expert analysis of the Zapruder film showed
                                                  result. On November 29.1961. Lyndon B.
during the three years of his presidency. Ken-                                                           Connally reacting to a wound no later than 1.6
                                                  Johnson signed Executive Order #11130 list-
nedy retired the head of the Secret Service.                                                             seconds after Kennedy. With these record-
                                                   ing that the purpose of the commission was
 Before his assassination. JFK had plans to re-                                                          ings, it is too slow for one shot, and yet too
                                                  "to ascertain, evaluate and report upon the
 tire J. Edgar Hoover, the head of the FBI. It                                                            fast for two shots from a bolt actien nile. To
                                                   facts relating to the assassination of late Presi-
 was rumored that during the 1964 enaction.                                                              support their single-assassin hypothesis, the
                                                  dent John F. Kennedy and the subsequent vio-
 Kennedy was going to rusticate Lyndon John-       lent death of the man charged with the                Warren Commission had to figure a way to
 son. In October of 1963, President Kennedy                                                              create only three shots. Their solution was
                                                   ssussination (Lee Harvey Oswald) " In 1966,
 signed a Nuclear Tim! Ban Treaty, the purpose                                                            known as the "Magic Bullet Theory." With
                                                   criticism of the Warren Report began to grow,
 of which was to eliminate all above ground                                                               this theory, a single bullet penetrated Presi-
                                                   including 700 books written about a consptr-
 nuclear testing The N-Test Treaty angered the     acy. Edward J. Epstein explairmd the commis-           dent Kennedy and Governor Connally a total
 entire Johnson family, for there was going to                                                            of seven times. This "magic" bullet allegedly
                                                   sion this way. '' the explicate purpose was
 be an immediate decline in thetr earnings.                                                               entered JFK's back, thrusting hint forward,
                                                   to ascertain and expose the facts, the implicate
 Kennedy was a major supporter in the Civil        purpose was to protect the national interest by        and exiting his throat. The bullet then made a
 Rights Movement. Although the American                                                                   right band turn and entered Texas Governor
                                                   dispelling rumors." The sole purpose of the
 populist admired the innovations of President
                                                   Warren Commission was to selectively re-               Connally's right shoulder. exited lus chest. and
John F. Kennedy, the government despised
                                                   search and feed the pabulum to the American            passed through his wrist where it embedded
them.                                              public. But after even a mere amount of log-           itself in the Governor's thigh. Later at Park-
     The weather forecaster predicted a sunny,                                                            land Hospital, the bullet was found on a
                                                   ic, the Warren Commission collapses like a
cheerful day in Dallas. but this could not be                                                             stretcher, virtually undamaged. But when
                                                   deck of cards.
the only time a meteorologist was incornxt.
                                                          Lee Oswald was completely innocent of           prodding was done on Connally's thigh a
As the Presidential motorcade progressed.           the assassination, and the fact that history          small metal fragment was recovered. A pris-
Nellie Connally. the governor's wife, turned to     made a villain of him in some ways is the              tine bullet, though. has all of it's metal intact.
President Kennedy. "You can't say Dallas                                                                         Roscoe Anthony White, a covert U.S. In-
                                                    greatest injustice of all. Lee Oswald's as-
doesn't love you!" Hut just moments later, a                                                               telligence operative, preserved materials in his
                                                   sumed motive was a deranged desire to make
fatal bullet wound to the head ended Kenne-         a name for himself. In 196-1, the Warren               military footlocker that could change the
dy's pro-dominate life. These shots were said       Commission concluded Out Lee Harvey                   course of history forever. According to docu-
to he the first shots fired in the Vietnam war.
                                                    Oswald. acting alone, fired three shots from           ments preserved by White himself. Kennedy's
In October of 1963. John F. Kennedy signed
                                                    the sixth floor of the Texas School Book De-           assassination was an "assignment", the objec-
the top secret National Security Memorandum                                                                tive of which was "to eliminate a National Se-
                                                    pository. killing President Kennedy. But at no
#263 (NSAM) disciuding the war in Vietnam.                                                                 curity threat to world peace." Whites
                                                    time did the Warren Commission seem to
NSAM directed the return the return of 1,000
                                                    consider the basic legal rights of Oswald - the        association with Kennedy's assassination,
advisors from Southeast Asia by the end of                                                                 however, seems more than 3 mere coinci-
                                                    assumption of innocence until proven guilty,
 1963 and complete withdrawal of troops by          the nght to legal representation. or the right to      dence. White served in the Marine Corps.
the end of 1965. This memorandum angered                                                                   with Lee Harvey Oswald in Marine Air Wing
                                                    cross-examine witnesses and evidence against
military personnel. because as a result, the
l at Japan's Maus, Air Base previous to the
                                                          DATELINE: DALLAS
                                                    power. Similar to this theory. it was believed
                                                                                                            Another overlooked aspect of Kennedy's
easassination. White was also closely ac-           that the assassination was a result of a coup d'   assassination involves money. On June 4th,
quainted to Dallas police officer J.D. Tippit,      dal. The CIA was determined to stop Kenne-         1963, Kennedy moved by signing Executive
and, some believe,           the individual who     dy from ending the cold war and was sanc-          Order #11110. which called for the issuance
stayed the officer, Roscoe White. as part of        tioned. after the fact, by L13.1.                  of $4,292,893,815 in United States Notes
his assignment to elinunare President Kenne-              Lyndon Baines Johnson's association          through the 1JS Treasury rather than the Fed-
dy, attained a position with the Dallas Police      with the Kennedy assassination can be closely      eral Reserve System. That same day, Kenne-
Department just two months before the assas-        compared to the trials and triumphs of Sha-        dy signed a bill changing the backing of one -
sination Geneva White, Roscoe 's wife, was          kespeare's Hamlet. Just as Cladius poisoned        and two - dollar bills from silver to gold, add-
employed by Jack Ruby at his Carousel Club          his royal brother to inherit the throne of Den-    ing strength to the weakened U.S. currency.
for several weeks during September of 1963.         mark. Lyndon Baines Johnson was heavily            The Executive Order still remains effective
White, some believe, fired two shots from a         involved in the plot to kill his predecessor.      today, although successive administrations
position behind the wooden fence located on                                                            beginning with that of Lyndon Johnson appar-
the grassy knoll. using a 7.65                                                                                           ently simply ignore it and in-
Clean= Mauler. Roth shots                                                                                                stead chose to return to the
 fired struck the President.                                                                                             practice of paying interest on
       Alter research was begun                                                                                          Federal Reserve Notes. Con-
 to find the truths behind the
                                                                                                                          sidering the battle over U.S.
Kennedy assassination. and the                                                                                           monetary control. John Ken.
 falsehoods in the Warren Re-                                                                                             nedy. noted efforts to reform
part, many theories were ban:                                                                                             money and curtail Federal Re-
as to Wily President Kee! — .                                                                                             serve System, may have cost
 was eliminated_ It was                                                                                                   him much more that the en-
 thought that organized crime                                                                                            mity of international bankers,
 was behind the assassination                                                                                             it could very well have cost
 The Kennedy administration                                                                                               him his life.
had launched a fierce attack tn.                                                                                               On November 22, 1963,
 the Mafia to try and break its                                                                                           what could have been was
 grip on the Teamsters Union                                                                                              murdered. Our country lost
 and Aniencan life in general.                                                                                            one of its greatest leaders and
        Also, Kennedy had                                                                                                 gained one of its most
pushed to have reputed New                                                                                                wretched martyrs. The plans
 Orleans Mafia boss, Carlos                                                                                               Kennedy had for America
 Marcella, deported. The Ken-                                                                                              were destroyed, and with him
                                                                                                                           went the hopes for reconstruc-
 nedy assassination was too                               PHOTO: Harry Yardum
 complex and well covered to be solely panned                                                           tion of our nation. For when we, as Ameri-
 by organized crime. There was also the                  "As indefinite as a nuts unniersu-             cans, were naive, that gold plated truth that
 thought that Kennedy was killed as a result of          Shall its general erasure take comipuon        the Warren Report brought upon us seemed to
 an International Communist plot directed by             From that particular fault:                    be the only explanation. But now, in the light
                                                              the dram of evil                          of knowledge, we realize that the Warren
 either the Kremlin or Cuban Government. So-             Llotb all lb. noble substance ore doubt
  viet leaders had boasted often that they would                                                        Commission revealed only half-truths. Again
                                                         To his own scandal."
  destroy America, and, as noted. Castro had                                                            and again the Commission ignored credible
                                                               (Hamlet) William Shakespeare
  known about the CIA - Mafia plots to have                                                             testimony. J.F.K. was disliked by many of the
  Kennedy assassinated. It was also rumored                After the decline of power in Vietnam.       conveyors of the U.S. government including J.
  that Cuban exiles living in the 1J.S. hired        Johnson became Irusarated. He, being a mili-       Edgar Hoover. In the 1960's, it was innocence
  Oswald to kill President Kennedy because the       tary man, needed to quench his shameful lust       that kept the American public from knowing
  President had nut crushed the Castro regime.                                                          the truth, but now it is simply ignorance.
                                                     for war. The slaying of President Kennedy
  In addition, the theory goes, the exiles blamed                                                       Logic itself will disprove the testimony of top
                                                     left behind children of a murdered king whose
  Kennedy for their failure to retake Cuba dur-                                                         ranked officials. Was it just coincidence that
                                                     killer had inherited the throne. L.B.J. was
  trig the bungled Bay-of-Pip invasion. The                                                             Oswald was killed just two days after the
                                                     quoted after the assassination as saying, "We
                                                                                                        Kennedy assassination? Was it just coinci-
  most researched assumption is that American        have been operating a damned - "Murder.
  Intelligence-most likely the CIA- had the                                                             dence that 18 out of 23 witnesses died before
                                                     Inc." Lyndon Johnson was the reason Ameri-
  President assassinated because be was a liber-                                                        Febniary of 1967? The odds against that hap-
                                                     can plunged so irrevocably was the beginning
  al and was taking a soft line on Communism.                                                           pening were one hundred thousand trillion to
                                                     of the decline of American power, the national
  Kennedy was planning on reorganizing the                                                               one. Was it just coincidence that just four
                                                      debt and the realization that politicians arc
  agency to make it more responsive to the                                                               days after the assassination there was a new
                                                     greedy. When John F. Kennedy was assassi-
  President's office. After the failure of the                                                          policy in Vietnam? Rut the most leading
                                                     nated, America lost a great some of faith and
  Ray-of-Pigs, such a reorganization would                                                               question is, where does coincidence end and
                                                     gained a greater source of doubt.
  have usurped some of the CIA's autonomy and                                                            conspiracy begin?
      JFK                                               DATELINE: DALLAS                                                             26 1
                                                  the University of Arizona. She was born           would have been better times in the na-
REMEMBERING JFK...                                in 1968, well after the Kennedy assassina-        tion with Kennedy as president.
By Frank DeBenedictis                             tion; but her awareness of this event re-               Mike like Julie, talked about his par-
                                                  flect a closeness that transcends academic        ents; but described them as being apoliti-
      Tucson, Arizona. — There is a bar on        ability and pure historical scholarship.          cal.      Still, even without the early
Speedway Boulevard in Tucson, Arizona                   Julie had two older brothers (aged 34       involvement in political awareness, and a
with the ubiquitous name Dirtbag's.               and 321 and a 30 year old sister. Her             lack of older siblings to talk to about JFK
When one goes inside, they are struck by          mother had talked to her a lot about JFK,         with. Mike had a much more than super-
two glass enclosed newspapers sitting side        as did her brothers and sisters. Conversa-        ficial awareness of the assassination and
by side and mounted on the wall. One of           tions dwelled on the hope that Kennedy            exhibited a metaphysical preponderance
the glass enclosed newspapers is about            had given people. They also talked about          about the events depicted in the 28 year
President Nixon's resignation after the           how the assassination had changed much            old Times headline.
Watergate scandal. The other newspaper            of this (many have talked about the de-                 The subject with the two students
is the November 23, 1963 edition of the           spair that lingered long after the Kennedy        turned to the Oliver Stone movie ,IFK.
St. Petersburg Times with the headline–           assassination). But the main thrust of this       Julie was the outspoken one here. She
SHOCKED WORLD MOURNS KENNEDY                      young woman's conversation were the.              expressed feelings about the soon to be
ASSASSINATION. Dirtbag's is a bar pa-             many questions that remained unanswered            released movie in terms of what she had
tronized mainly by college students from          in the assassination's aftermath,                 seen in the past by Stone. We talked
the University of Arizona nearby. For                   The assassination left many unan-           about Platoon. Eorn on the Fourth rfiulr
someone who grew up in St. Petersburg, it         swered questions, and this 23 year old            and The Doors.
was unusual to see the St. Petersburg              woman's feelings were not really very dif-             She expressed a criticism that has be-
Times on the wall in an Arizona collets.           ferent from those of us in the over 35 gen-      came common among film critics towards
bar.                                              eration. She ran down a list of several           Oliver Stone movies. To her Stone's
       The day I walked into this                  conspiratorial theories, other than the           movies come across as being overly bold,
establishment–the sign outside has a cap-          traditional explanation of Lee Harvey             with very little room for subtlety. She
tion under the name Dirtbag's with the             Oswald as the Kennedy ses,Issin. In-              criticized Oliver Stone in another way
line. "A Part of Growing Up – The 28th             cluded among them were FBI chief J. Ed-           that I do not entirely agree with--as being
 Anniversary of President Kennedy's As-            gar Hoover and his organization. She              "preachy." This was her own choice of
sassination." I walked over to the wall to         also brought up questions of Oswald's as-         words.
 look at the newspaper headline, and left          sassin Jack Ruby. "What if anything did                 Both of these students aereed with
 my notebook and camera on the bar                 he have to do with it?", she asked.               me that the 1960's were an important de-
 counter.                                                Julie also expressed a fear that many       cade. I may add that they didn't need me
       When I returned to my seat, a young         people older than her expressed about             to tell them this. This importance of the
 woman sitting at the bar reminded me that         what happens if our current president gets        1960's was manifested not just in the JFK
 I shouldn't leave my belongings unpro-            3CcAisinated. This is a view that many            1-e.issination, but because of the Vietnam
 tected. I told her that I was from Florida        gave little thought about in the pre-             war, and the other events that made up
 and explained my fascination with the             Kennedy days. She expressed this in the            that turbulent decade.
 deja vu nature of the Times headline. She         context that a new political awareness has              With the spirit of the discussion still
 seemed interested. I looked at her for a          crept into our assessment of political af-        with the JFK assassination, the conversa-
 few seconds, and thought to myself about          fairs that didn't exist in the early 1960's. I     tion moved towards the music of the
 how the Kennedy assassination had emo-            couldn't have explained it better myself.          1960's, of which both students surprising-
 tionally touched people from all walks of               The other people in her party started        ly liked. This musical discussion inter-
 life.                                             getting into the conversation. Her friend          lude started as we talked about The Doors
       This woman appeared to be of the             fvlike, who was also a law student at the         (both the movie and the innovative rock
 average age for a college student. But             University, had his back to the Times as-         group). We dwelled on the role of Val
 then I wondered. How far in years was             sassination headline. When I asked him             Kilmer and his now almost legendary
 the effect of the shocking death of the           about the headline, he repeated it word            likeness to Jim Morrison. I felt a need to
 president felt? Many newspapers and                for word. His concern over the assassina-         get back to the discussion of JFK, so I
  writers have been quick to point out that         tion was there too, but his feelings were         asked Julie if she liked the Byrds (an
  there is a generation of Americans who            slightly different from Julie's. Mike saw         equally innovative rock group... that
  were either too young or weren't even             the Kennedy assassination as the end of           came into existence a few years before
  born when this event occurred. I de-              an era. The end of Camelot. His aware-            the Doors). Julie looked at me and said,
  cided to test their theoretical implications.     ness of it reflected the feeling that there       "The Byrds were amazing." I looked up
       The woman gave her name as Julie.                                                              again at the St. Petersburg Times JFK as-
  She is 23 years old, and a law student at
      JFK                                              DATELINE: DALLAS                                                                   27
sassmation headline. and walked over to          They talked for a few minutes. The class         er Stone's movies, came across with very
the jukebox. I was looking among the             tackled the history test while noticing that     little subtlety portrayed this new mood.
plethora of vintage and modern pop com-          something was up.                                Barry McGuire's message was loud and
pact disks for a Byrds song called "He                  After the conversation had com-           clear, but still of despair. In a more sub-
was a Friend of Mtne", but could not find        menced. our history teacher silently             tle vein, the Byrds' tune Fight Allies High
it. This was a song about the assassina-         walked up to the blackboard.              The    also had a theme of this sort. That same
tion of Kennedy released in early 1966 on        puzzled class looked up as he wrote the          ambience carries over to today. It is per-
the group's Then; Turn , Turnr album. By         names...Garfield. McKinley, Lincoln with         vasive as we talk about new scandals or
the time of this album's release, the shock      the dates of their assassination.                questionable activities whether they be
value of the event was long gone, but the               Then he went to line four and started     Watereate, Iran-Contra, or television
mood of the music attested to the new            writing the letter K. Before he had fin-         preachers. Shame on the young lady from
mood of the country in this prematurely          ished writing the name you could hear the        the University of Arizona for calling
post-Kennedy era.                                groans, and see the total shock of the stu-      Oliver Stone preachy! Applause to you
      The mystique of the Kennedy assas-         dents in the history class. Mr. Kaufman          and your friends though for understanding
 sination has grown far beyond those days        had written Kennedy's name and we had             and feeling the ambience of the JFK as-
 in the mid-1960's. Today there are such          gotten a history lesson that day that we         sassination.
 diverse media items related to the assas-        would never forget.
 sination as trading cards, videos, and the
 many books that have been written on this
 subject. To date there have been over 600
 books. There are professional conference
                                                        For the high school students in that
                                                  class the Kennedy assassination had an
                                                  additional shock effect, as the nation's
                                                  leader had visited the Tampa Bay area on
                                                                                                   r                KENNEDY
                                                                                                                 Theodore C. Sorensen
                                                                                                               (spccw        the pws44.1)
 symposiums conducted in Dallas. Texas--          November IS, just four days before his
 the home of the JFK assassination; and           death. Many writers feel the turbulence              "The truly extraordinary man." it has been
                                                                                                       written," is truly the ordinary man' The first
 assassination newsletters out of Dallas          of the 1960's was ushered in by this event.
                                                                                                       that I met John Kennedy I was 'immediately
 and Washington, D.C.                             The Kennedy assassination is seen as the             impressed by his "ordinary' demeanor—a
       Critics who cry "commercialism"            defining moment for the rest of the de-              quality that tit itself is extraordinary among
  cannot deny the mystique of the Kennedy         cade. For the people in the Tampa Bay                1 1,11tICIAtts. Ile spoke easily but almost td
                                                  area, it was this, and in a very local sense             without CU)knilary Vertxruty and pom-
 assassination. A mystique that will exist
                                                                                                       posity. The tailor-masts suit that clothed a
 as long as there are questions of the assas-      was a slap in the fact of reality for the           tall. kan frame was stylish A thatch of
  sination. and answers that are inconclu-         turbulence of the decade to follow. The             cheat-nut hair was not as busby as cartoonist
  sive.                                            initial shock effect of the assassination           had portrayed it. 'Ile did 131.11 iry to impress
       For this writer, the afternoon at Dirt-    died out, but something remained in the              me, as .,flits-holders so often do no first
                                                                                                       met-tines- with the strength of his handshake_
  hag's was a combination of hearing about         psyche long after as a reminder of the
                                                                                                       or with the imponanec of his office, or with
  the present and delving into the past. The      event.                                               the sound of his suite.
  younger people at the bar may not have                 About two and a half years after the
                                                   Kennedy assassination, I was sitting in a             coins to marvel al his ahslity to look at his
  experienced the initial shock of the assas-
                                                                                                       coca strengths and weaknesses with UTICt de-
  sination, but did understand it. They did        Humanities class at St, Petersburg Junior
                                                                                                       tachment, hi, candid Sad libjeCfme resTsisises
  feel and understand the aftermath, as they       College. A woman who had also attended              to public questions and his insistence in cut-
  had experienced many dinner table con-           St. Pete High, and had graduated a year             ting through precadina bias and myths. to the
  versations about this event.                     earlier than myself was sitting next to me.         Ivan of the problem. Ile bad a disemPlincd
                                                                                                       and analytical mind. Esc's bis instincts,
       Everybody who was old enough to             The nation was again in turbulent times.
                                                                                                       which were sound, came from his mason
  remember the Kennedy assassination re-           and we would get into discussions about             rather than his bunches. Ile hated no enemy.
  members where they were when the event            them. We had talked somewhat about                 be wept at no adversity. lie 14115 neither will-
  took place. For me it was Mr. Leroy               President Kennedy. but the main subject            ing nor able to tic flamboyant or mehalra-

  Kaufman's 6th period American History             was the burgeonine war in Vietnam. I               111.1.11.:
   class at St. Petersburg Senior High              thank her for being one of the first people
                                                                                                       but I also learned in time that his cool. ana-
   School.                                          I was to have meaningful dialogue with             lytical mind was stimulated by warm. com-
        The room had been silent for most of        about the Vietnam War.                             passionate heart.       tieneath the careful

   the class period. as we were taking an                The despair that followed the Kenne-          pragmatic approach by increa4ungly decd
                                                    dy assassination, that ambience of de-             cons-ietions on baste goals and unusual de-
   exam. There was some noise outside the
                                                                                                       termination to achieve them "Ouse you say
   classroom window, as a man was listen-           spair, continued following the nation              you're going to sidle for ACC4,041. that's what
   ing to a portable transistor radio. Mr.          when the Vietnam war got started. Pop-             happens to Imo in Etc. I find." lack Kennedy
  Kaufman walked over to the window and             ular songs like Barry McGuire's Eve Qf             never s.-tiled for second when fust was
   started talking to the man with the radio.       Destruction with a theme that, like Oljv-           ahlr_
      JFK                                             DATELINE: DALLAS                                                       28
TRAVESTY                                             This statement was distorted in the     when I called JAM4 to find out if I could
Continued from pace one.                        press to sound as though Johnson called      get in. I received what amounted to an
                                                hien—Charles Crenshaw—a mere resident        invitation, though it may have been mere-
     Almost every single point made by                  _
                                                in surge ry. when in fact Johnson had        ly kindness. Perhaps they needed a mad-
Dr. Crenshaw was to be found in a com-          asked to be connected with anyone in the     man to provide "balance" for the affair.
prehensive interview in my own book.            operating suite. Even that was instantly     Man. I was normally barred from all the
High Treason 2 = along with the inter-          doubted, as it would sound peculiar that     conferences and everything else, being a
views of almost every other witness in the      the President would be calling at all.       "disruptive influence!" But then, they all
case, and it came off the press on the               Of course we know that Johnson had      needed shaking up and shock tactics!?
same day as Crenshaw's book. There was          called Captain Will Fritz after Oswald's          I !en for New York within the hour
one hundred percent backing for nearly          arrest, and had otherwise involved him-      and stayed over night, anticipating the
all of the doctor's major observations          self closely in the case following the       worst from these people.
from his colleagues in my book. Unfortu-        shooting, and I myself discovered doctors         The following morning I went to the
nately. few knew it at the time.                who corroborated the call from Johnson to    place %here the press conference was be-
     Crenshaw was kept apart from me            Parkland, since they were near the phone     ing held and was briefed by JAAL4 offi-
and isolated. His publisher was able to         when Crenshaw. quite through happen-         cials before going on. I still feel that the
arrange a maximum publicity effort              stance. picked up the receiver.              circwnstances were rather strange be-
which entirely co-opted my publisher's               Johnson wanted a deathbed confes-       cause I was told when I could talk and
effort, and I was not on a single national      sion from Oswald. if possible. and Drs.      when not to. It was almost as though
television show or news broadcast. The          Phillip Williams and Robert McClelland       was being given a signal when I could
vital research l had struggled to compile       verified this to me. and the day after the   open up. To this day I wonder if they
was in gave danger of being remaindered         Journal of the American Medical Associ-      knew what was going to happen. Some-
and lost. To spite this, a maximum effort       ation's press conference, I so informed      body must have had a personality profile
by my publisher and the distributors who        Lawrence Altman of The New York              on me—if they did—because after the pre-
believed in my work got my book on the          Times, along with other information refut-   sentation and some questions, it became
shelves in many bookstores. and For four        ing some of the false statements in the      my press conference, (they should have
weeks _Hieh Treason 2 was on The New            JAAL4 article. But before Pie New York       known this was going to happen, as l was
York Times' best seller list. only to steadi-   Times corroborated the Johnson call in       the enfant terrible of the assassination
ly lose ground to many other books which        Larry Altman's article the attempt was       critics!) though I had my own press con-
surfaced at the same time, most of which        made by JAMA to discredit Crenshaw al-       ference the following week. which in ev-
had not only nothing new to offer, but          together on the basis of the skepticism      ery respect was most extraordinary.
fraudulent theories to boot. Prominent          about the call. Never mind that he was            Twelve television cameras were set
publicists and writers in the case claimed      talking about two shots from in front        up in a bank along the back wall, and
to be "researchers" when they had never         striking the President. That was not dis-    those cameras represented every national
done any original research and self pro-        cussed.                                      network and then some. The AP, Reuters,
claimed ballistics experts changed the               The fact that what he was saying in     Per Spiegel, The New York Times and the
language of the autopsy report to suit          almost every respect was no different        press from all over was there. This was
their sensational theories.                     from what any of the oilier doctors insist   an event! But who needed one more ex-
     Crenshaw's opening that was a good         upon to this day was overlooked because      ercise in sensationalism? AI! I knew was,
one on his first television broadcast, but      the media did not really know the evi-       I wasn't getting out the momentous find-
the following broadcasts saw a steady de-       dence, and I was the only peteon talking     ings of my new book and research, and
cline in his ability to project the important   to nearly all of the medical witnesses at    everyone else was all over the news. This
ideas and observations he had. Soon,            both hospitals. I was almost the only per-   was guerrilla'gonzo journalism. I can re-
strong charges surfaced and he came un-         son who was the repository for all of this   call my actions at the last press confer-
der stiff criticism. it appeared that his       information.                                 ence the House Assassinations Committee
colleagues were denouncing him across                The American Medical Association        held in 1979....the day before, Chief
the board, when in fact their statements        launched their attack on May 19, 1992.       Counsel Robert Blakey threw me out, but
had been responses to specific questions,       The day before, I received word in a rath-   I was back in a flash with a congressional
one of which dealt with Crenshaw's state-       er mysterious fashion that the Journal of    l•   !
ment that President Johnson had called          the American Medical Association was              Dr. George Lundberg appeared with
Parkland Hospital at the time they were         having this affair, and publishing an ar-    his stooge, Dennis Breo. who wrote the
operating. on Lee Harvey Oswald and try-        ticle that concerned my research. I still    article they were so hot to tell the world
ing to save his life. Few could imagine         find it strange that I was probably the      about. Right away a lot of us were won-
that this was true.                             only attic to know about it, and that        dering why the AMA would go the such
          JFK                                            DATELINE: DALLAS                                                         29
    effort to publicize an article dealing with     pieces. which for want of a better way to           "All four agree, in Carrico's words.
    matters far from their normal realm? But        describe them, were among the worst ex-       that 'nothing we observed contradicts the
    was that so? Weren't they sued for anti-        amples of yellow journalism since the         autopsy findings that the bullets were
    trust violations? What was the AMA ally-        profession began. Innuendo and sly lan-        fired from above and behind by a high-
    way? After all, American Medicine, once         guage made the reader into inquire into       velocity rifle.'"" Yes, but nothing they
    the finest in the world, was no longer de-      what else Crenshaw had to say.                saw contradicts shots from in front, nor do
    livering the health care it had in the past.         What we got were quotes from the         their observations of shots from behind
    and we had descended to the level of third      Dallas Doctors indicating that Crenshaw       preclude shots from in front, something
    world countries in some respects. Ob-           was some kind of a fraud: "They empha-        most of the doctors have discussed or be-
    viously. the AMA was already in the hab-        size they believe Crenshaw is wrong.""        lieve in. and the fact that the autopsy re-
    it of sticking it's nose into a lot of things   About what? This is not stated. "His          port indicated shots from behind in no
    that used up the energy for their inherent      claims are ridiculous,°' Dr. Charles Bax-     way conflicts with or precludes shots
    purpose: Medicine. The doctors who              ter is quoted as saying. Not that Baxter      from in front. Once again semantics raise
    should have been treating us with some          was referring to only one statement before    its hoary head.
    charity were abroad increasing the worlds       be had been shown the facts on it, and not         The truth is, I was the real target of
    population past the breaking point, while       that Baxter fundamentally agreed with         all of this, but they chose an oblique at-
    their colleagues at home were increasing        Crenshaw on the main points of evidence       tack in order to deny that all of these doc-
    their pocketbooks and breaking ours. ne-        as to the appearance of the wound on the      tors had been interviewed by me and that
    glecting everybody in the middle who            throat as looking like an entrance wound      1 published faithfully what they had to
    couldn't afford medical care and who            and other matters. Baxter shortly thereaf-    say. They were trying to make it look
    could not qualify for medical insurance.        ter reaffirmed that it was an entrance        like anybody else who wrote about the
         So why were they doing this—               wound in Dallas,'                             medical evidence in the case had to be
    interfering in our investigation of the as-          "Crenshaw's conclusions are dead         full of crap because ilxy The Journal of
    sassination of President Kennedy?               wrong,"` Dr. Jenkins is quoted as saying.     the American Medical Associatimi had
         Lundberg smoothly began to expound         Yet at the same Dallas forum two weeks        investigated the whole business and found
    upon the "findings" of their "investiga-        later. Dr. Jenkins not only reaffirmed his    it false. 1 don't think they dared attack me
    tion," 1 had to laugh right away, though I      statements in his reports after the assas-    directly because the integrity of my re-
    was a little scared that all of this would      sination and to the Warren Commission.        porting was too well known by then.
    have some real and telling truth that           but described having his fingers in the             But an alleged psychologist and
    would blow me out of the water. Instead         holes in both the President's head and in     teacher of same was then fielded in our
    what I heard was distortion after distor-       his back and saying that one could not        research gazette 71ie Third Decade. who
    tion. omissions, misrepresentations and         see the massive hole in Kennedy's head        attacked the whole business of reporting
    outright fraud and lies. One more outfit        without lifting it.                           eyewitness testimony en se saying it was
    joined the ranks of the perpetrators and             The JAMA article claimed that Dr.        invalid altogether. He claimed that the
    became accessories after the fact.              Malcolm Perry said that "When i first         only correct line of inquiry had to be
         Lundberg claimed that the autopsy          heard about Crenshaw's claims. I was          scientific (with his definition, of course).
    doctors proved that the single bullet           considering a lawsuit".'" Not that Perry      overlooking the fact that this was a legal
    theory was correct and that one lone as-        had been misinformed about what Cren-         investigation under the rules of law and
    sassin shot the president from behind, and      shaw had said, and not that Perry and Dr.     evidence. and not of science.'
    nobody else was involved.' Almost even•         Crenshaw were in fundamental agreement             This was an exercise in pure propa-
    phrase he uttered was wrong. a lie, or just     on other important points The statement       ganda of the Hitler and Goebbels variety.
    plain mistaken, to put the best face on it.     Perry is made to say ispriato facia off the   It was the Big Lie technique spelled out
    I was stunned. I could not believe my           track because there is nothing that Cren-     so well in Mein Koran/. where one need
    ears. One journalist turned to me and           shaw said about Perry that is damaging.       only state the lie as truth, and it becomes
    said, "I feel like 1 am in Berlin in 1938."     derogatory or actionable. He had no pos-      fact. They dealt in conclusions as fact,
    Right on. 1 thought!                            sible reason to say this.                     conclusions drawn from slender evidence,
         Lundberg. after perfunctorily intro-            But the doctors were being set           threads of circumstances, about as fake as
    ducing their boy, Dennis Bre& spun rap-         against each other, just as some assassina-   a three dollar bill.
    idly into the second of the two articles        tion critics were starting to accuse these          Brea. the ostensible author of this
    JAMA was publishing in their May 27th           same doctors of lying, the very same crit-    piece of trash soon to find its way into the
    number.' The second of the articles dealt       ics who had previously relied upon what       pages of People" magazine in truncated
    with five of the Dallas doctors and pres-       these doctors were saving were now dis-       form, got out a few words. looking for all
    ented them as being in opposition to            crediting their own witnesses for the sake    the world like a plucked chicken ready for
    Crenshaw, the public target of the two          of some single point in the evidence. •       the pan Continued on following page.

       JFK                                            DATELINE: DALLAS                                                            30
     Continued from previous page.                    But I knew then that I had to keep              It came time to leave the room. and
                                                writing, had to keep trying, if I was to get    the last of the reporters preceded us
       I managed to get in a couple of ques-    this case out in the open and keep it alive.    through the door. I didn't want to be
  tions, and pass around some for other          Everybody from Oliver Stone to the AMA         alone, so some of them told me they
  journalists to ask, only one of which got     was trying to cover-up the real facts.          would go outside with me. But as we left
 asked. in my desperation.                            For an hour and a half I talked to        the room, reporters asked me to pose for
       One of them was. "How could John         them, answered questions, and delivered         more pictures, and then Lundberg put his
 Connally have been hit with the same bul-      an impromptu lecture on the case. It was        arm around me. and there we were, the
  let when more lead was found in his body      clear the reporters were hungry for in-         two antagonists. arm in arm. like two dev-
  than was missing from the magic bullet?"      formation. Or were they merely atter the        ils. I sure would like to get one of those
       Lundberg replied. "I cannot get into     bizarre? They already had what they             pictures.
 any other people or questions here other       wanted. I was their resident madman.
 than what happened to John Kennedy."           and that's the part of me that was shown              Let us review some plain facts in the
  Here he was avoiding the key point            on the six o'clock news. Nothing of              evidence. and then take apart the JAMA
 whereby the whole Warren Report hung.          substance—no specific criticism of either        article piece by piece. We have to take it
  Dr. George Lundberg insisted that he          the JAMA article or the official story was       apart because rare in our modern history
 would not talk about any other points of       printed or broadcast. Only my statement          has there been such yellow journalism
 evidence that were not discussed in his        that it was "cooked,"                            which will so effect how our history is
 article.                                            What the reporters did was regurgi-         written and what people think henceforth-
       The reporters wanted to know from        tate exactly what they had been told dur-        -motivated merely by a press release and
 Lundberg how come the doctors weren't          ing the propaganda briefing. It was like         statement of a list of outright lies so bla-
 there? How come. indeed. were there no         the Iraq War, Desert Storm. They printed         tant that their slavish regurgitation verba-
 witnesses at all there? After all, j had       what the government wanted them to               tim by the press—threatens whatever
 been producing them.                           print. It was like what I was later told at a    remaining viability our political system
       The room full of reporters seemed        private dinner given for me at the Nation-       and organization has.
 tense to me. I became more insistent and       al Press Club in Washington. What I                   During the JAM4 press conference
 tried to get in more questions, and I was      didn't know was that too many of the re-         May 19. conducted by Dr. George Lund-
 threatened. I saw the security people and      porters knew which side their bread was          berg. the editor of the magazine. Lund-
 officials circling. closing in on me. They     buttered on, or were just plain afraid to        berg lamely disassociated himself from
 were spaced along the walls at precisely      say or do anything else. Long experience          the American Medical Association itself.
 equal intervals, Finally Lundberg threat-      with what happens to whistle blowers and        Clearly, he inflicted his propaganda on
ened me. "Mr. Livingstone (Now every-           people like me told them to keep their           the nation under the protection of the
one knew who I was!) you were warned            mouths and pens silent. The next week I          AMA, but without their sanction. This
 before you came in here. Now I must ask        would have much better luck with the As-        should give some idea of the ethics which
 you to leave if you do not be quiet," So I    sociated Press and a free-lance Reuters.          we will discuss.
 was silent for a time and soon Lundberg       but only after I had been fed through a                Some facts: On the day of the assas-
and Breo quit their exercise in propagan-      meat grinder, and myself and the autopsy         sination the doctor (Malcom Perry) who
da. That is when I stood up and began          witnesses I had produced proved them-            performed a tracheotomy on President
denouncing the whole deal.                     selves.                                          Kennedy announced at a news conference
      'This is cooked." I shouted. "The             And then the strangest thing hap-           on three occasions that there was an entry
whole report is cooked." That's when the       pened. Throughout all this, when I was           hole in the President's throat from a shot
television cameras came down from their        surrounded by many reporters and televi-          from in front. That doctor obliterated the
tripods and made a circle around me. No-       sion cameras, I glanced over at Lundberg,        evidence of the entry hole so it was not
body was going to drag me out of there         who had one or two people to talk to             seen or known about at the autopsy. It
then. All the reporters closed in. writing     them, boring them some more.              He     was not "Scientifically measured or pho-
furiously. I thrust my book forward in         seemed a bit forlorn, but was it planned         togaphed," as the JAVA article implied
front of the television cameras, giving my     this way? I didn't realize at the moment—        all of the wounds had been.
publisher, Herman Graf, an orgasm that         because there had not been time to read               Years after the autopsy, several other
night when he saw it on the prime time         the long articles thoroughly during such a       Dallas doctors testified to the House Se-
news. The photograph of me was pub-            meeting, that the autopsy photographs bad        lect Committee on Assassinations
lished around the world with my big            actually said some things that corrobo-          (HSCA) that it looked like an entry hole.
mouth open and my book finally getting         rated the central focal point of my re-               X-rays of the neck were closely ex-
some play. It wasn't dead yet and maybe        search: That the autopsy photolgaphs and         amined at the autopsy and no damage to
would not die after all!                       X-rays were forged.                              the cervical vertebra was seen. as well as
           JFK                                             DATELINE: DALLAS                                                          31
      no metal dust or fragments from any bul-             How can we respond to such blatant       the kind. and nowhere in the autopsy re-
      let striking any part of the neck, accord-      fraud by an organization with the prestige    port or in any of their other testimony do
      ing to those I have interviewed Anything        of the American Medical Association?           they say it. The autopsy report says that
      like this would have been noted in the au-      Their articles relied upon smear tactics.      the President was shot by "a person or
      topsy report, since such findings would         omission. distortion, and oumght fabrica-      persons unknown:" The whole point of
      support the theory the government wished        tion.                                          J'Altf.4's propaganda perpetrated on the
      to gale as fact: that a bullet had traversed          Some of the falsifications in the        world is to get across the lone gunman
       the neck back to the front and gone            JAMA article include crude innuendo and        thesis. something like the House dis-
      through John Connally. But such bone            implications that Dr. Crenshaw could not       proved at the very least The lone gun-
      damaye and metal was seen on the X-rays         have been present when Kennedy was at          man conclusion is not related in anyway
       that turned up four years later. along with    Parkland Hospital. JAMA says that Cren-        to any statement of evidence in the JAMA
       the drastically moved rear head entry          shaw is not mentioned in the "summary          article or anywhere else.
       wound. the missing face, and big hunk of       Warren Report." Neither are most of the             As for the shots from behind, I'll ac-
      lead on the outside of the skull.               other witnesses who are in the appen-          cept that the President was shot from be-
            The primary assumption, therefore. in     dices. In Volume Six of the Appendices.       hind, but there is clear evidence that he
      the autopsy report that a bullet had exited     Crenshaw is mentioned by no fewer than         was also shot from in front. As for the
      the neck and gone through John Connally         five other medical witnesses as being on       same shot going through both Kennedy's
       was a fabricated upon no evidence at all.      the scene, and detailing that he performed    neck and John Connally, Dr. Robert
      Numerous Dallas doctors who saw the             a cut down on the President's leg. Some-       Shaw said n well enough when he ridi-
      wound before the trachea incision was           one didn't do their homework. But accu-        culed the idea at the Dallas forum June
      made through it have never retreated from      racy didn't matter to the JAMA elite. All       4th.
       their position that the throat wound was       they were after was a restatement of the            When JAMA quotes Dr. Carrico as
      an entry from in front. They repeated this     official story based on fabricated and          saying, "Nothing we observed contradicts
      to the author, and three of the same doc-       flimsy evidence.                               the autopsy findings that the bullets were
      tors quoted by JAMA on the matters (the              JAMA, claiming to have interviewed        fired from above and behind by a "high-
      attempt to generally discredit Dr.              the autopsy doctors, quoted them as ridi-      velocity rifle," this is a non sequitur and
      Crenshaw—another of the Dallas doctors)         culing the idea that generals and admirals    meaningless. Most of the Dallas doctors
      were present and repeated their observa-        were present at the autopsy. In fact, the     actually believe the President was shot in
      tion of an entry hole in the throat at a ma-    Assassinations Committee published a list      front. and that is the reason why some of
      jor forum two weeks after the JAMA news        of numerous flag officers present. and         the key doctors who saw the throat wound
      conference. The forum in Dallas at-            some of these men who assisted at the au-      are not quoted in the article. They told
      tempted to distort their findings and use       topsy told the story at my press confer-      (or tried to) Arlen Specter that the throat
      them against Dr. Crenshaw, who had             ence a week after JAMA's that General           wound was an entry wound, and they cer-
      dared to write and publish a book about        Curtis LeMay and "the entire Joint Chiefs      tainly insisted on it to me last year. which
      what he saw. Crenshaw was in fact acting        were there." In fact, that is the most rea-   is one reason JAMA put forward their at-
      as an unofficial spokesman for all of the      sonable assumption, because enlisted men        tempt to cover-up. In other words. it isn't
      other Dallas witnesses, since he was say-      certainly would not have filled up the         just Dr. Crenshaw who is insisting on it to
     ing nothing whatsoever that they had not        large gallery viewing the autopsy.             this day. I have published all of this testi-
      said before.                                         Herein we have the sort of problem       mony.
           JAMA made a gross attempt to use           which occurs when inexperienced                     Cenainly the President was shot from
      the Dallas doctors, There was an equally       journalists attempt to pontificate upon the    behind, but he was also shot from the
     gross attempt to use the autopsy doctors        evidence in this case with inadequate          front. and the wire story claiming that the
     on the basis of an "investigation" by           preparation, and who put their own spin        autopsy doctors said that these shots were
     .1AMA and alleged interviews with all of        on what they think they are being told by      fired "by a single gunman" was nothing
     these witnesses Statements were made            a witness. It takes years to study this        that the autopsists have ever said, and
      for the first time the doctors decided to      case. Dennis Breo then repeated his many       even if they had said it, would be beyond
     speak out, ostensibly because of the Stone      false statements in People magazine            their competence.
      film, but really because of the two best       shortly after he published his article in            Evers-one in Dallas knows there was
     selling hooks on the medical evidence.          JAMA . Both articles, like the headlines       a big ambush that tragic day. with gun-
     one by Crenshaw, and the other by my-           emblazoned over America the following          man all around the car.
     self. The fact is. the JAAL4 articles           day, proclaimed "Autopsy Doctors Sure
     avoided any discussion of nearly all the        JFK Shot by One Gunman." Nowhere in                Continued on following page.
     points of medical evidence which we are         the JAMA article, which focuses on this
     detailing here.                                 statement, do the doctors say anything of

      JFK                                            DATELINE: DALLAS                                                          32
     Continued from following page.                  Then Dr. Charles Baxter is used by       wound was an entry wound, it has to be
                                               Brett and Lundberg to refute the possibil-     so, and there is no evidence from the au-
      The JAAIA article makes a big point      ity that LBJ railed the hospital when          topsy to controvert it. And when those
 ot' quoting the autopsy doctors as gating     Oswald lay dying. They make it sound           same witnesses in Dallas describe large
 that the beveling made it quite clear         like the call was to Crenshaw alone. The       hunks of metal having come from the
 where the bullets entered and exited the       fact is that Crenshaw merely picked up        body of John Connally, they could not
head. Nothing could be farther from the         the phone and the President was on the        have come from Specter and Ford's "mag-
 truth, since the photographs showing the      other end. Dr. Phillip Earl Williams was       ic bullet", as Humes did in fact tell Spec-
edges of the larger defect show no bevel-      standing alongside Crenshaw and has cor-       ter of the Warren Commission.
ing at all. One sees beveling around the       roborated this. These are religious and              I am disturbed by the lead off state-
edges of a small semicircular hole at the      honest men in Dallas and they don't make       ments in the article that "it is the only
edge of the large defect, evidently in the     things like this up. It is well known that     time that Flumes and Boswell have pub-
back of the head, which would mean that        LBJ was making a lot of calls connected        licly discussed their famous case..." I
a bullet or fragment exited there. though      to the assassination, such as those to Fritz   don't call this a public discussion, and I
it is about in the position of the entry in    and Curry, and personally took a hand in       have had extensive discussions with both
Hume's autopsy report. The semicircle is       events. After all, it was his home turf.       of them, as have others, and have a chap-
too large for an entry, since a living skull         "In truth. though, there were no ex-     ter on our interviews with Dr. Boswell in
actually closes up slightly smaller dela the   aminations, measurements. or photo-            tlifth Treasim Z. Dr. Humes was on na-
diameter of the bullet traversing it. It is    graphs performed in Parkland's Trauma          tional television at the hearings of the
doubtful that the photograph is entirely of    Room I that in any way, shape. or form         House Assassination Committee, and Dr.
Kennedy's skull.                               allowed any of the physicians attending        Boswell was extensively interviewed
      According to Dr. Humes, in fact, they    the President to make any meaningful           years ago by the Baltimore Sun.
had no entry or exit during the autopsy.       evaluation of the entry and exit gunshot             What we get in the second paragraph
until bone fragments amved hours after         wounds and the forensic circumstance           of the J.Cif.4 story is "The scientific evi-
they began to work, allegedly from Ken-        [sic] of death." This shows the intellectu-    dence they documented during their au-
nedy's head, which seemed to show the          al poverty, elitism, and fundamental dis-      topsy provides irrefutable proof that
entry hole in the back of the head. but        honesty of an organization purporting to       President Kennedy was struck by only
down near the hairline, at or "slightly        represent the medical community of the         two bullets that caine from above and be-
above the occipital protuberance." They        United States. So too there were no ex-        hind..." This. too, is false. The ateops).
didn't have it until then because there was    aminations. measurements. or photo-            of President Kennedy has provided the
no bone in the back of the head.               graphs made at the autopsy of the entry        grist for conspiracy theories because it is
      How, then, do we have an X-ray with      bullet hole in the President's throat, be-     so inaccurate. But on the day of the Press
an intact back of the head? And how do         cause they did not know that the President     conference and on the evening network
we have a large 6.5 mm in diameter             was shot in the throat until the next day.     news we had a major propaganda effort
tconvenient, ell?) bullet fragment on the      The autopsy report was blatantly fudged        by JAMA and the television networks and
outer table of the skull a half inch from      on this point. since as Flumes admits. he      wire services they conspired with or serve
that alleged entry hole in the cowlick?        did not know about the wound until he          to promote their organization after anti-
Clearly we are talking about two different     called Perry, who told hint it was an entry    trust convictions and much bad publicity
small holes in the back of the head. Un-         hole. Humes promptly had a light go on       by beating a dead horse.
fortunately, there is no proper chain of       which told him that it was an exit hole.             There is nothing scientific in that au-
evidence on these bone fragments.              "Don't talk to anyone about this conversa-     topsy. In fact, it was little removed from
      In addition, the issue is wham is the    tion." he told Dr. Perry.                      the Medieval. We have an opinion based
large defect? It is not placed in the ar-           It seems to me that when a criminal       on the beveling of skull and its place-
ticle, so the statement is meaningless.        investigatory document such as this was        ment, an opinion soundly in question due
      We have chains of evidence on the        fabricated on such an important point, we      to Boswell's own admission that his draw-
smallest metal. fragments found on the         have the most severe problems presented        ings were highly inaccurate. In fact, there
floor of the limousine the next day, but       with J.1311 and this witness. From that        is nothing to refute the clear indication
not on these bone fragments, which clear-      point on. as is explained in my other writ-    that the President was shot twice in the
ly did not perfectly fit the edges of the      ings. one has to weigh each claim by a         head, once from in front, and once from
skull's defect. They could have come           tainted witness with great equanimity.         behind. Certainly the hole in the head
from some other corpse. Not all of the              Believe me. when doctors so experi-       was behind the right ear and not forward
bone was buried with the body. Who             enced as those at Parkland were with tens      of it. The actual physical ballistics show
made that decision and why?                    of thousands of gun shot wounds over the       that a shot came from in front. And no-
                                               years said at the time that the throat
     JFK                                               DATELINE: DALLAS                                                              33 I
body else at the autopsy remembers any           It simply could not have been the magic           ments and bullet. Any variation at all in
entry hole at all in the back of the head.       bullet that then transited the neck (there is     the molecular structure indicates that dif-
      The JAlliA article claimed that            no pathway in the X-rays( and exited the          ferent batches of metal are involved. So
"[Humes] had performed several autop-            throat.                                           'essentially similar" is not good enough.
sies on military personnel killed by gun-               Humes told JAMA that "dissecting                  Such pseudo scientific expertise is
shot     sounds... [Boswell]     too,     had    the neck was totally unnecessary and              also preposterous since many bullets can
previously autopsied several gunshot             would have been criminal."" These peo-            be made from one lot of lead and fired
wounds..." Neither man was a forensic            ple were removing the President's brain.           from several identical guns, though the
pathologist, and it is doubtful that they        cutting open his chest and cutting up his          barrels might show different land and
had ever worked with gunshots. The               organs and otherwise grossly violating the        groove marks.              Many MannItcher-
 House Committee stated that "he (Huines)        sanctity of his body, and Humes has the           Carcanos had the same serial number as
had not performed autopsies in deaths due        audacity to cover up for the fact that he          that of the gun attributed to Lee Harvey
to shooting previously—neither had the           did not do his job by making this state-           Oswald. Mere circumstantial evidence
other autopsy pathologists."           When       ment. He then made up and lied about              that a gun can be traced to a particular
 Humes was asked before the Warren                the basic evidence used to cover up the           individual doesn't mean that the subject
Commission what experienced he had                murder because he had not done this Dr.           fired that gun at the victim. The fine bul-
 with gunshot wounds, he simply avoided           Robert Livingston wrote me that he had            let found at Parkland on the stretcher of a
 answering.                                       in fact told Humes before the autopsy be-         little boy might certainly be linked to the
      I would like to say that the emphasis       gan over the phone that the Dallas Doc-           gun alleged to belong to Oswald. but it
 in their article and in quotes by the al-        tors had publicly stated that the President       certainly could not have left any of the
 leged autopsy pathologist impugning the          had been shot in the throat from in front.        fragments found in John Connally. No
 integrity and sincerity of those of us who       That is something to cover up for sure.           fragments as such could be linked to the
 greatly loved John Kennedy and who care          because it proved a conspiracy.                   gun itself or to the bullet, even if of the
 about what happened to him, is by people                The military autopsy protocol re-          sine molecular structure, which they
 who did not care. When Dr. Humes talks           quires that the organs of the neck be ex-         were not in fact. If there is any variation
 of the body of the President as "the man".       amined.                                           in the molecular structure, as there was
 I know he does not care. that Kennedy                   I defy anyone to show me photo-             between the fragments found and that of
 was just another corpse. They have no             graphs showing the President's shirt and          the bullet found at the hospital, it could
 right to call us "buffs" for the clear pur-      coat bunched up to explained why the               not have come from the same lot of lead.
 pose of denigrating our research and con-         bullet holes are so far down on them.             Of course, two different bullets can be
 cern. No-one has the right to criticize us        And one more misconception is that Rob-           made from two different lots of lead hav-
 on that basis. As a matter of fact. I am a        ert Kennedy buried the President's brain          ing different amounts of antimony and so
 critic of the critics, where I feel that mis-     with the body. There is a lot more than           on in them.
 representation, fraud and hoax are in-            the brain missing from the National Ar-                 it is also clear from the description of
 volved, and I don't feel that the Oliver          chives, and an investigation by the House         the Dallas witnesses that along with the
 Stone film does us any good when it says          Select Committee on Assassinations con-           other stage props at the National Ar-
  that we had to have been sodomized in            cluded that the brain was not buried with         chives. the bullet fragments cannot be the
 order to understand this conspiracy. That         the body. How could it have been, since           same ones removed from Connallys
  movie has coopted this case and every-           its examination at Bethesda did not occur         body. They held in their bands in Dallas
 one's energy so that all of the new evi-          for two more weeks? Or are we being               fairly large chunks of metal that could not
 dence was completely buried both by               lied to about this, since the brain they ex-      have come from the "magic bullet", as Dr.
  Stone and the media_ The media has not           amined was of normal weight, as though             Humes tried to tell Arlen Specter, who
  reported my research, for example.               it had lost none of its mass in the shoot-         covered up what the Dallas doctors had to
       Finally. there is more distortion when      ing?                                              say.
  Humes, in continuing to fudge certain                   As for the alleged linking of the bul-            As for the credibility of the National
  evidence, continually repeats that there          let fragments to the alleged murder weap-         Archives. years ago they published a long
  was an entry hole "at the base of the            on, the alleged neutron activation analysis        list of the missing documents stolen from
  neck." No-one saw it there. It is not in         has always been a joke. because Dr.                there, and we all know that the brain and
  the photographs. There are three things in       Guinn stated that the weight of the frag-          numerous other physical specimens and
  the photographs on the back that might be        ments he tested bore no relation to those          photographs are missing.
  a bullet hole, and Dr. Finck and all others       recorded by the Warren Commission. In
  at the autopsy have stated that the hole-        addition. the findings were in fact not               Continued on fallowing page.
  wber6ver it was—did not penetrate the             conclusive, since there were variations in
  wall of the chest or the body in any way.         the molecular structure among the frag-
     JFK                                               DATELINE: DALLAS                                                            34
    Continued from previous page.                cine men, fraudulent preachers and other                Certainly Breo and his publicist, Dr.
                                                 assorted shills. Prestigious organizations,       George Lungberg, never dared take a
      What we have here is a compart-            even one like J.4,tfA headed up by a long-        close look at the evidence. It is clear that
                                                 time military doctor (Lundberg) protect-          they were running scared and opted for
mentali7ed case. The evidence and testi-
mony from Dallas was kept in the far             ing military doctors who botched the              sensationalism as a way of setting back
compartment. and separate from that sup-         autopsy of a president need only to gate          serious and massive research which
posed evidence fabricated at Bethesda            conclusory arguments based on shreds of           threatens to tear the lid off the entire
and in Washington.                               fact taken out of context, and their intel-       cover-up of the same medical evidence
      What we have from ./.4M.4 is the stat-     lectually dishonest game gets widely re-          they are trying to bury. Somebody in this
ing of fact and evidence that are actually       ported, forcing those with the truth to           country is evidently quite frightened at
suppositions or tortured distortions of the      struggle mightily against the tide, treated       what is written in the books of Dr. Cren-
evidence. There was no "exhaustive in-           like frauds and dirt.                             shaw and myself, so they directed an
vestigation" by JAMA. I personally have                 Some aspects of 14A1A 's article are       oblique attack, never discussing the main
conducted a relatively exhaustive inves-         so low as to appall civilized people. The         evidence of the autopsy and what was
tigation and know what that is all about.        second of the two LIMA articles starts off        seen at Dallas.
These guys are little boys in short pants.       at the beginning with the bald implication               Let us point out that one of the autop-
JAMA and Dennis Breo actually talked to           that anything the Dallas doctors have to          sy doctors. Dr. Pierre Finck. whom JILL4
only a tiny percentage of the medical wit-        say about the wounds is not only to be            alleges would not be interviewed by
nesses, and they are selectively reporting        discounted but will not be heard in the           them, testified in a court of law under
only thimblefuls of imagined information.         article because "There were no examina-           oath that the bullet that struck Kennedy in
 compared to what their witnesses really          tions. measurements, or photographs per-          the back never penetrated his body, let
 have to say. There have been lots of writ-       formed in Parkland's Trauma Room I that           alone his neck. In addition, I have this
 ers like Breo in this case that think they         in any way, shape of form allowed any of        independently from all of the men who
 have made a big breakthrough or settled          the physicians attending the president to         saw the probing.
 something just because they were lucky           make any meaningful evaluation of the                   I question to what extent Breo ever
 enough to have hard to find witnesses be         entry and exit gunshot wounds and the             talked to any of these doctors, since only
 nice to them or pose for photographs.             forensic circumstances of death. That            days after his article appeared. three of
 Certainly the article is intellectually dis-     assignment was left to the autopsy pa-            the four he claims to have spoken to com-
 honest when it deliberately ignores what          thologists at the Naval Medical Center,           pletely controverted the statement he at-
 the author should know is what these              and their comments in the preceding story         tributes to one of them that "Crenshaw's
 same witnesses really know and would              stand as the definitive version that Kenne-       conclusions are dead wrong." What con-
 say, and uses them against each other in a        dy was struck by only two bullets tired           clusions? That is what we aren't being
 form of character assassination. Charac-          from behind and above from a high-                told by JAMA, since Dr. Marion Jenkins
 ter assassination is no way to deal with          velocity rifle." (The Mannlicher-Carcano          more that confirmed almost every single
                                                   was only medium powered, so are they              statement Crenshaw has made about the
  the evidence here, and is just yellow jour-
  nalism.                                          trying to tell us something more here?)           wounds, and a lot nor=. I will say that
        I always know what I am dealing                  The JAMA article, of course, was            those who wrote Crenshaw's book with
  with when someone claiming to talk to a          published in such a way that almost no-            him distorted something he had to say
  witness produces the witnesses' business         body will ever be able to find it or read it,     about the appearance of the throat wound,
  card, which they might have picked up in          and so we have presented to us the predi-        since I have the exact quote in my own
  an outer office, and says or implies that is      gested pronouncements about the alleged           book, and it is in total conformity with
                                                    contents from its author and editor pres-         what the other Dallas Doctors have said
  proof that they talked to the person, or
  when photographs are produced showing             ented to the media. That is right out of          about the throat wound being of the same
  the claimants with the alleged victims of         Berlin in the 1930's. We read about the           size in the photographs as what they saw.
   their passing acquaintance.                      technique in Vein Kampf,                          He just thought it had been tampered
                                                          Lundberg—ar the news conference (a          with, as we all suspect, but not enlarged,
        The plain facts are that there are two
  countries in the United States. The other         most unusual procedure)—absolutely re-            There is evidence of retouching along the
  one is populated by those in the Establish-        fused to discuss Connally or the bullet          edge of the wound to make it appear as an
   ment that feed propaganda and lies to the         that was supposed to have gone through           exit wound, and originally all we had was
   rest of us and put us through an enormous         him and Kennedy as well. We can see              the imperfect Ida Dox drawing of it made
   smoke and mirror game, shell games, and           why, when two weeks later the doctor that        by the HSCA which exaggerated not only
   the charade of democracy. What JAMA               operated on Connally demonstrated why            that wound, but the alleged entry in the
   did was unconscionable, but then Ameri-           the single bullet theory was preposterous.       back of the head at the cowlick, which
   ca has always been afflicted with medi-                                                             Humes "defied" the other doctors to show

      JFK                                             DATELINE: DALLAS                                                         35       1


him in the other photographs. Meaning it         research and what nobody in an official
was never there in the first place.              capacity can face, and that is why .1.4A1A
      And so for the other doctor men-           cooked their article and inflicted it upon     Charles A. Crenshaw, MD.
tioned in the .L4MA article, who per-            the rest of us just as two books, mine and
formed the tracheotomy right through the         that of Dr. Crenshaw, are on the best sell-             5TArEwrsrf Frapha
bullet hole in the neck, Dr. Malcolm Per-        er lists and threaten to blow the whole                     11.1..4_S PRESS
ry. 1 am sure he will repeat what the other      phoney case out of the water.                       CONFFRESa AT Jrk-A1C
doctors said at the forum in Dallas—that                                                                   30 APRIL 1992
he saw an entry wound. He has told me            1. Con.wiracy of Silence Signet, 1992,
often enough that what he said in 1963           New York.                                         Harrison Livingstone has done
stands. And there was a fifth Dallas Doc-        2. thaffeaavaL2 Carroll & Graf, NY,           extensive scholarly research on the
tor written about in the ,JAMA article. Dr.      1992. pp. 110-115.                            assassination of President John F.
Robert McClelland. He has spoken out so          3. New York Times May 26, 1992.
                                                                                               Kennedy. In his book 'filth Trea-
strongly against the lies and cover-up-          4. "JFK's death—the plain truth from the
                                                                                               son 2, chapter four is entitled.
ndiculing the X-rays and some of the oth-        MDs who did the autopsy "journal of Me        "Parkland Memorial Hospital."
er aspects of the evidence—that JAMA did         American Medical Association, May 27.         This portion of the book. which
not dare attack this religious and honest        1992. Not "performed", but who "did" it.      includes his extensive interviews
man.                                             The perpetrators.
                                                                                               with many of us who were there in
      It is a shame that JAMA tried to di-       5. Journal of the American Medical 4.s-       Trauma Room 1, reflects the reali-
 vide the "experts' in Dallas—those who          sodation May 27. 1992.                        ties of what we saw and felt as we
performed what they call the "primary            6. "JFK's death, part II, Dallas MDs re-
                                                                                               tried to save our mortally wounded
 care" from all those other medical wit-         call their memories", Journal of ilw
nesses who were standing there, including        American Medical Association May 27.
                                                                                                   There were two wounds to the
 the President's wife and widow, and the         1992, p. 2804                                 President that we observed at
 very many other doctors and nurses who          7. ibid p. 2894
                                                                                               Parkland_ The first was a small
 at one time or another came in and              8. Dallas Council on Foreign Affairs
                                                                                               and neat entrance wound to the
 viewed closely the President's body, in-        "Autopsy Forum", June 4. 1992
                                                                                               throat, across which Dr. Malcom
 cluding the nurses who washed and               9. ibid p. 2804
                                                                                               Perry made an incision to put in a
 wrapped the body. It is there word that is      10. ibid p. 2804
                                                                                               trach tube. The second wound
 the final word. Additionally, the Dallas        1 I. ibid. p. 2805
                                                                                               was much more obvious. This
 doctors had a vast experience with gun-         12. The Third Decade July, 1992, p. 1
                                                                                                wound, to the right rear side of his
 shot wounds, something the autopsy doc-         13. People, June 8. 1992.                     head, obliterated pan of the parie-
 tors had almost no experience with.
                                                                                               tal. pan of the temporal. and all of
      Three of the Dallas doctors repeated
                                                                                               the occipital area. This resulted in
 on June 4th, 1992, that they saw an entry                                                     a gaping hole, the size of a base-
 wound on the President's throat. Those
                                                                                               ball. in the back of the head, and
 three. who said that they would let stand                                                      the cerebellum was hanging on a
 in all respects the observations they made
                                                                                                thread of tissue outside the wound.
 in 1963, are not all that stated at one time
                                                                                               The front of his head and the fa-
 or another that there was an entrs wound
                                                                                                cial features were umnarred. The
 there. Add to that: Jones. Perry and Cren-
 shaw. None of them has ever changed
 their mind This fact alone is one of the
                                                        HIGH TREASON               2           so-called "official" autopsy photos
                                                                                                I have seen do MN reflect the
                                                                                                wounds we saw at Parkland.
 biggest things being covered up beneath                  TI IE GREAT COVER-UP:                     I believe then, as I do now, that
 vast piles of manure in this case. Scurri-
                                                           TILE ASSASSINATION                   President Kennedy was shot from
 lous articles don't help bring out the truth.
                                                                    OF                          the front—not once, but twice. I
      The issue is that photographs and X-
                                                                                                commend Mr. Livingstone for his
 rays were faked—unknown to Humes and                  PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNF.111'             continued research and his search
 Boswell. who both have questioned them
                                                                                                for the truth. I express my per-
 in the past and continue to do so in an                                                        sonal appreciation to those who
 oblique fashion—in order to trick Earl                 Harrison Edward Livingstone
                                                                                                came forth today, some at great
 Warren. That is the issue that JAMA,
                                                                                                sacrifice, to help bring the truth to
 Oliver Stone, and everyone else is ignor-
                                                                                                the American People.
 ing at this time. That is the core of my
    JFK                                     DATELINE: DALLAS                                                     36 1

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