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									     Field Trip Report – Group II
           October 5, 2007

Chairman:             Dr. L.G. Giri Rao

Rapporteur:           Dr. R. Rajendran

Liaison Officer:      Mr. Ashish Saha

Co-ordinator:         Mr. Chakraborthy

Officer – in- charge: Mr. P.K. Datta
No. of delegates participating   50
Villages covered                 3
Farmers participating            35
Farmers interviewed              5
S.      Villages      Location           Farmer
No.                                   interviewed
1     Bagabasa GP   Melaghar RD    Mr. Vallab Debnath
                    Block, West
2     Sonapur       Bosh Nagar     Mr. Chowdhary
                    RD Block,
                    West Tripura
3     Indiranagar   Melaghar RD    Mr. Amirthalal Das
                    Block, West
Visitors received an
Farmer experiences: Mr. Vallab Debnath
In local govt area, 40 ha planted with SRI
  •   Practices under SRI:
      Seed rate – 2 kg/ac (conv. 20-25 kg/ac)
      Compost - 3 t/ac, NPK – 40 kg/ha
      (conv. applic. 70 kg/ac)
      8-10 day, single seedlings, gap-filling
      Water management – AWD
  Yield – 30-35 mond/kani (3 t/ac)
Field observations :
Bagabasa Gram Panchayat area
•    Swarna Mashuri and Pooja varieties
•    Square planting, 22 – 25 cm
•    Tillers per plant 25- 35 (ave. 30)
•    Water stagnation by rain but draining
•    First hand weeding by rotary weeder
2. Mr. Chowdhary (Sonapur)
Aman rice – planted with SRI methods
Seed rate – 2 kg/ac (conv. 25 kg/ac)
Seedling – single (conv . 5-6/hill), 10 d old
seedlings (conv. 30 days)
NPK fertilizer – 65 kg/ac (conv. 175 kg/ac)
Three rotary weedings – 12, 24 and 36 DAT
(conv. 2 hand weedings); AWD irrigation
No lodging; reach maturity 5-7 days earlier,
but pest attack is more in SRI
Paddy yield expected from present aman crop:
• 40 mond/kani - 3.8 t/ac (9.5 t/ha)

• Labour problem especially for weeding
• Time-bound operations
3. Mr. Amirthalal Das, Indhiranagar
10 d old seedlings, single seedlings,
square planting, 25 x 25 cm spacing
Rice yield
40 panicles/hill, 38 mond/kani – 3.8 t/ac
(conv. yield 1.8 t/ac -- 9.5 vs. 4.5 t/ha)
Yield >doubled; cost reduced; 15 days
earlier maturity; low pest pressure; good
grain filling; low chaff (few unfilled grains);
maximum tillering; only labour is a problem
    After the field visit, 6 presentations were
                made by delegates
S. Name of delegate               Topic
1   Dr. V. Ravindra   Grain quality assessment
    Babu, DRR,        in SRI
                      • BPT 5204, DRRH-2, Swarna
                      • Eco-SRI, SRI and Traditional
                      • Only varietal difference in
                      grain quality
                      • No influence by management
                      effect except few parameter,
                      viz., amylose content
                      • Results need to be confirmed
S.No      Name of                    Topic
2      Dr. K. Surekha,   Nutrient uptake and soil
       DRR, Hyderabad    mining study in SRI
                         • Low NUE and yield in Eco-SRI
                         • SRI & conventional NPK
                         uptake on par
                         • SRI & conventional yields --
                         no difference
                         • No soil depletion after 2
                         seasons of SRI
                         • No clear varietal difference
                         exists on NUE
                         • Soil-available K more in Eco-
                         • Results need to be confirmed
S.No       Name of                     Topic
3      Dr. K. Karthikeyan, Pest incidence in SRI
       Kerala              • Jyothi & KRH–2 evaluated
                           • Stem borer moderate level
                           • Rice blue beetle - more under
                           • Leaf folder and whorl maggot
                           reduced in SRI
                           • Increased activity of natural
                           enemies, viz., spiders and
                           larval parasites
                           • Only one season of data,
                           results need to be confirmed
S.No       Name of                       Topic
4      Dr. G. Ravi, TNAU,   SRI and IPM
       Tamil Nadu           • Stem borer, BPH, whorl
                            maggot, gall midge reduced
                            under SRI
                            • Only leaf folder is more under
                            • Increased activity of predatory
                            • IPM fits very well with SRI
S.No       Name of                        Topic
5      Sardar Iqbal Singh, Used marker, 25x25 cm
       Farmer, J & K       spacing, 15 d seedlings, pulling
                           out of nursery very easy,
                           conventional method laborious,
                           AWD irrigation, full NPK
                           applied, cono weeder 20th day

                           Variety: PC 19

                           35-55 tillers/hill

                           Ave. yield: 4.5 to 5.0 t/ha
S.No       Name of                 Topic
6      Mr. Gopal      Shared his experiences on:
                      Double transplanting technique
       Agricultural   with SRI to mitigate extremely
       graduate cum   hot climate in Cauvery Delta
                      Innovative method of planting
                      rice on ridges (direct seeding)
                      in ridge-furrow system
Field study ….
Serious discussions
    going on …..
Field view & view of
  rotary weeder in
 Bagabasa village
                Field study ….

  Seeing the
between SRI &

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