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                         DIAL DONCASTER

                         JOB DESCRIPTION

Job Title:            ULO Project Manager
Hours of Work:
Responsible to:

This Job Description could be used, with appropriate amendments,
for other Project Work that an organisation might apply for.

Overall purpose of the job

To manage the ULO Project to ensure the mentee organisation is
capable of meeting challenges and changes within the voluntary sector
and work towards obtaining appropriate quality marks. Working in close
partnership with DiAL Doncaster.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

 Ensure the project is run efficiently in line with ULO guidelines and
  that of the mentor organisation.
 Develop the project and achieve the stated aims of the project.
 Act as Line Manager and be responsible for supporting volunteers
  recruited for the project.
 Compile monthly reports on work undertaken and future indicators.
 Attend Management Committee Meetings to provide project updates.
 Keep accurate records and statistics.
 Ensure the development, use and monitoring of appropriate systems
  e.g. financial management, information retrieval, recording and
  reporting systems, performance and monitoring.
 Implement a chart showing decision making process and review
  staffing structure.
 Explore ways that constituents can exercise choice and control and
  the impact this will have on their lives.
 Improve ways of networking with Commissioners.

ULO Project Officer                                           Feb 2009

 Examine ways to promote the service and how the mentee
  organisation can support other organisations.
 Look at monitoring and evaluation procedures.
 Review the organisation’s legal models and look at best options.
 Undertake a skills and access audit for existing Board Members and
  be responsible for recruiting new Members to fill in identified skills
 Organise the development of a three-year Business Plan.
 Review policies and procedures and implement new ones as
 Look at ways of improving systems to enable the organisation to
  become more sustainable.
 Research training to develop skills and knowledge regarding
  procurement and commissioning.
In addition
 Be part of a team and attend regular team meetings.
 To contribute to the development of the service by monitoring the
   views and experiences of service users.
 Understand and comply with the organisation’s Equal Opportunities
 Comply with the Health and Safety Policy and Legislation.
 All duties to be carried out in accordance with the organisation’s
   Policy on Confidentiality.
 To carry out other reasonable duties within the overall function
   commensurate with the grading and level of responsibilities of the
 In order for the organisation to achieve its goals, all staff are
   expected to work co-operatively, contributing to the performance of
   other functions as appropriate.

ULO Project Officer                                             Feb 2009

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