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					Job Description and Person Specification (HR5)
Vacancy Number: 083312JF

Job Description

Department:        iSolutions

Post Title:        Infrastructure Engineer

Please enter          ERE            TAE             MSA          CAO           R.Nurse       Clinical
Level under
appropriate                                             5
Career Pathway
                                Academic Posts                           Non-Academic Posts
ERE Category       Academic       Research       Teaching
                                                            Enterprise       Education Development
                    (mixed)         only           only

Posts Responsible to (and
                                   Team Manager - Enterprise Systems Management (MSA5)

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Job Purpose:

As a senior member of the team you will provide the team with extensive technical expertise in
providing support and continuous improvement to the enterprise ICT infrastructure for the whole

                             Key Accountabilities/Primary Responsibilities

       To ensure the University’s server, storage and backup estate is maintained to the required

       To ensure the implementation, configuration and documentation of specialist tools,
        applications and equipment.

       To assist in the provision of usable monitoring and capacity planning solutions to ensure the
        server and storage estate is fit for purpose.

       To assist the Team manager in creating and delivering a continuous improvement
        programme for enterprise systems management.

       To provide technical leadership and supervision when ESM Manager/ Supervisor is

       To implement, configure and maintain specialist software tools, applications, equipment and
        resources in the area of the installed server and storage infrastructure systems and related

       To support use of the software tools, applications, equipment and/or resources with the
        provision of documentation, support and training materials as appropriate.

       Supplier Management: To liaise with suppliers concerning the resolution of reported faults,
        the implementation of vendor updates and products and to advise iSolutions of vendor

       To assist the Team Manager in developing and implementing quality assurance monitoring

       To assist the team Manager in keeping the infrastructure secure and stable throughout the
        life cycle of related services.

 To undertake any other duties as required by the Director of iSolutions.


       To participate in the planning for inception and handover of infrastructure products and
        systems from the Enterprise Solutions Team into the Production environment.

       To advise the Team Manager of the products, resources and technical processes needed to
        accept new and maintain existing systems in order to meet the agreed operational plan and
        service levels.

       To advise the Team Manager on suitable current products within the commercial market
        place to meet identified needs, to identify gaps that the commercial marketplace cannot fill
        and to offer alternative solutions to a market approach as needed.

       To advise the Team Manager on the relevance and suitability of emerging technical and
        operational standards to iSolutions.

       To determine the needs of University business processes and the needs of planned
        developments within the University and how best to deploy products and systems to meet
        those needs.

 Internal & External Relationships: (nature & purpose of relationships)

 The post holder will be expected to undertake the duties as part of an integrated support team and
 will be expected to adopt priorities and engage in activities which promote the effective working of
 the whole team.

 The post holder will be expected to liaise with colleagues within the department, members of the
 University, with hardware, software and service suppliers as appropriate and with colleagues in other
 institutions and related organisations.

 It is expected that the duties will be performed in the light of the relevant activities in Higher
 Education generally. The post holder will be expected to be aware of the activities and initiatives
 being formulated nationally within the relevant specialist area and will be expected to take part in
 such activities should they be relevant to and of benefit to the work being undertaken locally.

 Special Requirements:

 To maintain the relevant level of professional expertise and qualifications to discharge the duties of
 a professional specialist and to agree with the team manager on a relevant professional development

 There may be a requirement to work varying core hours, or on occasion to work outside normal
 hours, to ensure that service commitments are met.

December 2011

Person Specification

Criteria          Essential                                              Desirable                                            How to be assessed
Qualifications,   Degree in Engineering, Computer Science or other                                                            CV, certificates,
Knowledge and     relevant technical discipline                             Servers, Windows, Linux, UNIX, Solaris,          references, work
Experience:                                                                  Samba, NFS;                                      experience,
                                                                            Storage, SAN, NAS, IBM DSxxxx, N-Series,         interview
                                                                             NetApp, Brocade;
                  Equivalent higher qualification
                                                                            Fibre Channel Switching / Fabric
                  PLUS                                                       management
                                                                            Backup and archive;
                  Significant and demonstrable understanding of             Virtualisation: VMware ESX, ESXi, vCenter,
                  enterprise level IT infrastructure engineering:            vSphere;
                                                                            Network engineering, TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP,
                      Server administration                                 Subnetting & ICMP
                       - at least one of:                                   Switching, Routing, Security, Firewalls
                       - Unix                                               IBM Tivoli Storage Manager or equivalent
                       - Linux                                               scale backup solution
                       - Windows                                            Tape library and/or Drive Management and
                  PLUS                                                      Disaster Recovery tools and processes
                                                                            MacOS (Server Bias)
                      Data Networking (TCP/IP)
                                                                            Exchange 2007, 2010, mailgates, antispam
                       and/or                                               Active Directory AD, Kerberos
                                                                            SharePoint
                      Storage                                              MS System Center Suite, SCCM
                                                                            Web Services, IIS, Apache & Tomcat, JAVA,
                                                                            Scripting skills: VBScript, PowerShell, Perl &
                      Disaster Recovery                                     Shell Scripts, BASH, KSH
                                                                            Naming services, LDAP, NIS,
                       and/or                                               Bespoke application support
                                                                            An understanding of the issues involved in
                      Web Services
                                                                             operating in a mixed
                       and/or                                                Unix/Linux/Windows/Mac environment

                      Security (IT technical)


                                                                                Formal qualifications:
                     Enterprise level data backup
                      and/or                                                           MCITP, MCTS
                                                                                       MCSE, MCSA
                     Enterprise level application support                             Other relevant MCTS / MCP
                                                                                       RHCSA (or equivalent)
                     Software Development                                             CCNA

                                                                                Knowledge of ITIL
Planning and      Ability to manage own workload                                                                   CV, references,
Organising:                                                                                                        interview
                  Ability to fully plan and own technical projects and
                  have significant input to planning of major
                  infrastructure projects

                  Ability to project capacity requirements for systems, to
                  forecast shortfalls and to make appropriate
                  recommendations to rectify capacity issues.

Problem Solving   Strong fault diagnosis and troubleshooting skills with                                           CV, references,
and Initiative:   logical and pragmatic thought processes.                                                         interview, work
                  Significant experience of working in a 3rd line support

                  Consistent drive to proactively follow problems
                  through to resolution

                  Quick to learn

                  Methodical, calm and clear-thinking under pressure

                  Ability to clearly identify and understand customer
                  needs and service implications

                  Confidence to challenge existing work practices; to
                  produce options and proposals; to strive to make
                  improvements; participate in or lead constructive
                   technical discussions

Management         Able to work as part of a team of systems                      CV, references,
and Teamwork:      administrators, and to collaborate effectively with            interview
                   other technical specialists in both the Windows arena
                   and other areas.

Communicating      A collaborative and supportive approach to working             CV, references,
and Influencing:   and dealing with other iSolutions teams                        interview

                   Ability to thoroughly document all outputs; to review
                   and improve existing documentation

                   Ability to provide clear and concise reporting to Senior
                   Management and Team Manager

                   Ability to disseminate information clearly and
                   effectively and to give guidance to others as

Other Skills and   Flexible and open to change yet with the ability to            CV, references,
Behaviours:        prioritise and focus on delivery                               interview

                   Confidence, experience and skills to take initiative, but
                   know when to refer queries upwards

                   Eagerness to research current market place and keep
                   up to date with developments

Special            The post-holder will be required to occasionally work
Requirements:      outside normal office hours

December 2011

                                      Job Hazard Analysis Form - Appendix to Job and Person Specification

Please tick one of the following statements:

 This post is an office-based job with routine office hazards e.g. use of VDU (if ticked, no
 further information needs to be supplied)
 This post has some hazards other than routine office e.g. more than use of VDU

Please tick all those that apply, and put N/A if not applicable

 Environmental Exposures                                                          O*    F      C
 Outside work
 Extremes of temperature (eg fridge/ furnace)
 Potential for exposure to body fluids                                       ##
 Noise (greater than 80 dba - 8 hrs twa)                                     ##
 Exposure to hazardous substances (eg solvents, liquids, dust, fumes,
 biohazards). Specify ………………………………………………………….                                ##
 Frequent hand washing
 Ionising radiation.
Equipment/Tools/Machines used
 Food Handling                                                               ##
 Driving university vehicles(e.g. car/van/LGV/PCV)                           ##   √
 Use of latex gloves (note: prohibited unless specific clinical necessity)   ##
 Vibrating tools ( e.g. strimmers, hammer drill, lawnmowers)                 ##

 Physical Abilities

 Load manual handling.

 Repetitive Crouching/Kneeling/Stooping
 Repetitive Pulling/Pushing
 Repetitive Lifting

Standing for prolonged periods
Repetitive Climbing i.e. steps, stools, ladders
Fine motor grips (e.g. pipetting)
Gross motor grips

Repetitive reaching below shoulder height

Repetitive reaching at shoulder height
Repetitive reaching above shoulder height
Psychosocial Issues
Face to face contact with public
Lone working
Shift work/night work/on call duties                                    ##    √

     O – Occasionally (up to 1/3 of time); F – Frequently (up to 2/3 of time); C – Constantly (more than 2/3 of time) ## denotes to HR the need for a full
     PEHQ to be sent to all applicants for this position.
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