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									                                                              ATTACHMENT A


                         SFS combination edits have been established requiring a senario code on all budget journals.

Legacy       SFS                      Budget Journal
Equivalent   Scenario                 Source               Description and Comments

             Required Use Codes
RB           REDBOOK                  Institutions         Redbook Budgets - Initial Redbook Budget Loaded to SFS Budget Ledger. Must be
                                                           identified by the senario code REDBOOK and equal the Redbook totals. May be
                                                           created directly in SFS or uploaded from the UWSA Budget System.

PY           PY_ENC                   Institutions         Prior Year Encumbrance Budget - Encumbrance balance recorded in SFS and signed
                                                           off on by institutions at the end of the prior year. Must be loaded to the SFS Budget
                                                           Ledger at the start of the new fiscal year.

40           CARRYOVER                UWSA                 Carryover Budget - Unencumbered nonfringe budget balance recorded in SFS at the
                                                           end of the previous year. UWSA will notify institutions of their authorized carryover
                                                           budget and obtain coding for creation of the entry to the SFS Budget Ledger.

50           REALLOC                  UWSA                 Systemwide Reallocations Between Business Units - Budget reallocations authorized
                                                           by UWSA. Budget transfers between appropriations or business units require prior
                                                           approval by UWSA. UWSA will notifiy the institutions of their authorized amount and
                                                           obtain coding for creation of the entry to the SFS Budget Ledger.

70           SUPPLE                   UWSA                 GPR Supplements - UWSA Authorized GPR Budget Increases due to GPR
                                                           Supplements. Supplements represent adjustments to authorized spending authority of
                                                           an appropriation. (Pay plan is the most common type of budget supplement.) UWSA
                                                           will notify institution of supplement budget adjustments and obtain coding for creation
                                                           of the entry to the SFS budget ledger.

90           LAPSE                    UWSA                 DOA Required Lapses - DOA mandated lapses of spending authority. UWSA will
                                                           obtain coding for creation of the entry to the SFS budget ledger.

60           EXTENSION                UW Extension         Extension Reallocations - UW Extension initiated budget reallocations between

10, 20, 30   ADJUSTED                 Institutions         Intra-Institutional Reallocations - Reallocations between Orgs, Programs and
                                                           Accounts. Used by institutions to group budget transfers not requiring prior approval
                                                           from UWSA. (These budget transfers will typically equal zero.)

             PR_SEG                   Institutions         PR/SEG Budget Increases - Increase budgets on Program Revenue Continuing,
                                                           Program Revenue Federal Continuing and Segragated Continuing appropriations.
                                                           Changes to PR annual and Seg. Annual funds need prior UWSA approval.

             AUXILIARY                Institutions         Auxiliary Accounting - Budget transfers on fund 128 operations not requiring prior
                                                           approval from UWSA.

             PROJ_GRANT               Institutions         Project Grant Budgets - Used to create budget journals for project grant accounts.
                                                           Requires major budget account definitions starting with the letter "Z".

             MISC                     Institutions         Budget transfers not indentified above. The SFS combination edits require a senario
                                                           code to be included in the SFS budget journal. Institutions may use the scenario code
                                                           MISC as a default code for budget journals not falling into the categories identified

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