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					                           Curriculum Vitae
                        Dr Salwa Ahmad Khalaf

1. Over 22 years lecturing experience at Najah National University for both MSc and undergraduate students.
2. Wide background in different biological courses including Cell Biology, Animal Physiology and General
3. Extensive background in the field of specialty; Cell Biology.
4. Implementation of Photoshop program.
5. Application of Dream weaver program.
6. Application of Power Point program.

Laboratory Work Experience
1. Implementation of immunohistochemical staining technique on both waxed and frozen sections.
2. Isolation and culturing of human term placental cells and other cell types.
3. Application of tissue and cell culture technique using different media and substratum.
4. Use of radioactive isotopes during different experimental preparations.
5. Implementation of histocompatibitily technique.
6. Preparation of monoclonal antibodies.
7. Implementation of PAGE electrophoresis.
8. Implementation of immunoprecipitation technique.
9. Animal dissection.

1. As an experienced lecturer managed advising, training, and communicating with hundreds of students
throughout their study.
2. As an interior examiner participated in examining MSc thesis in the field of Biology.
3.As a Head of the Biology and Biotechnology Department, managed to improve the state of the Department
and its study plan.
4. As a Chairperson of the Department of Graduate Studies for Natural Sciences, managed to coordinate work
and direct MSc students.
5. As a member of the Employee's Union, managed to work effectively in a team, coordinate activities, listen,
understand and help to solve colleague's problems at the university.
6. As a member of the Science College Council for two successive years, managed with other colleagues to
discuss many issues related to the college, colleagues and students.

Academic Positions History
1.   Head of Biology and Biotechnology Department (2001-2004).
2.   Chairperson of the Department of Graduate Studies for Natural Sciences (2002-2003).
3.   Member of the Employee's Union (2005-2006).
4.   Member of the Science College Council for two years (2009-2011).

Education and Qualifications
1. PhD degree in Cell Biology and Immunology (1981-1985).
Glasgow University- Scotland
Thesis title: Studies on the Cells from the Basal and Chorionic Plates of Human Placenta.
2. B.Sc degree in Biological Sciences (1977-1981).
An - Najah National University- Palestine.

Arab Student Aid International, New Jersey, USA (1982-1985).

Conferences, Workshops and Publications.

1. Feto-Maternal conference at Cambridge University, 11-13 April 1985,
Cambridge, UK.
2. Regional workshop for teaching biology online (part one). Egypt 11-April
3. Regional workshop for teaching biology online (part two). Egypt, 21-25
November, 1999.
4. The Educational Conference on the Instructional Process in the Internet-Age,
9-10 May, 2001, An Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine.
5. Cell Signaling and Cancer conference July 6-9-2003 and Real Time Signalling
and Imaging Workshop July 10 2003 Glasgow (Beatson institute for cancer
research), Scotland.
6. Cell cycle, senescence, apaoptosis and cancer conference 20-23 June, 2004.
Glasgow, Scotland.
7. Beatson International Cancer Conference (Human Cancer: Modeling the
Disease). 19-22 June, 2005. Glasgow, Scotland.
8. The first Palestinian conference for medical and health sciences, August 25-26
2005 Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine.
9. Beatson International Cancer Conference (24 Years of Ras and Human Cancer).
Sunday June 18- Wednesday June 21 2006. Glasgow, Scotland.
10. Beatson International Cancer Conference (Molecular Cancer Therapies: New
Challenges and Horizons). 17- 20 June, 2007. Glasgow, Scotland.
11. Beatson International Cancer Conference (Cell Growth, Metabolism and
Cancer) 15-18 June 2008. Glasgow- Scotland.
12. Beatson International Cancer Conference ( The Multiple Tires of Gene
Regulation in Cancer)4-7 July 2010. Glasgow-Scotland.
13. Frontiers in molecular biology and Biomedicine Workshop (20-21 March
2010). Department of Biology and Biochemistry. Birzeit University. Palestine.
14. The Second Palestinian Conference for Biotechnology ( 26-27 Sept. 2010).
Biology and Biotechnology Department. Najah University. Palestine.
15. The First Biomedical Research Symposium (7th May 2011). Palestine
Polytechnic University.Palestine.
16. The 5th Palestinian International Chemistry Conference (1-2 June 2011). Najah
National University. Nablus-Palestine.
17. Beatson International Cancer Conference-Cancer Models and Novel Therapies
(3-6 July 2011). Glasgow University. Glasgow-Scotland.
18. Khalaf, S.A., Livingstone, J.C., Nickson, D.A., Henderson, S.J., and
Sutcliffe,R.G. (1985). Trophoblastic Cells and Markers. In Early Pregnancy
Factors ( F.Ellendroff and E. Koch) ( pp 141-151). Perinatology Press, England.
       Future Goal
       Seeking participation in any research center related to cell and cancer biology with
       the following goals
       1. Contributing my skills and experiences to achieve results that would serve
       cancer patients in the community and provide them with the proper therapy.
       2. Extend my background and knowledge to be updated with the fast growing
       scientific information, to keep my students well informed.

       Personal Details
       Salwa Ahmad Khalaf
       Biology and Biotechnology Department
       Najah National University
       Nablus POB 7


       Tel. 00972 2341 208
       Mobile 00972 599 707568

       Jordanian Nationality
       Date of birth: 5th march 1960


   Dr Yahya Faydi , Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences, Najah National University,
    Nablus, P O Box 7, Palestine. Tel. 00972 09 231114, Fax 00972 09 2387982, email
   Dr Kamel Adwan, Department of biology and biotechnology. Najah National University, P O
    Box 7, Nablus, Palestine. Tel 00972 09 231115, Fax 00972 09 2387982, email
   Dr Sulaiman Khalil, Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences, Najah National University,
    Nablus, P O Box 7, Palestine. Tel       00972 09 231116, 00972 09 2387982, email

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