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									                                                                                            , 2011

Insert Name and Address

Dear Dr.       :

        Upon the recommendation of the faculty of the College/School of             , we are
pleased to offer you a tenure earning position as          at an [academic or annual] year salary
of        at         FTE at the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee (USFSM). The
appointment will commence on             . Your appointment is subject to the Constitution and
laws of the State of Florida and the United States, the rules and regulations of all applicable
governing bodies of the USF system.

        Your assigned duties will include teaching in the area of    in the College/School of
        at USFSM at the undergraduate and/or graduate level(s) and other duties as may be
determined by the dean. USFSM faculty members are sometimes assigned to teach at the
North Port site and online. Faculty members at USFSM are expected to be effective teachers,
productive scholars, and to engage in University, community, and professional service.
Depending upon the needs of USFSM and the availability of resources, supplemental summer
appointments may be available. Faculty members holding the position of           are members
of the collective bargaining unit.

        USFSM is issuing this contract in accordance with USF Regulation USF10-102, Personnel
[Faculty] Recruitment, Selection, Appointment, and Article 8,
Appointment, of the USF-UFF Collective Bargaining Agreement. This employment offer and
contract will remain in force unless otherwise specified. It is your obligation to report outside
activity and conflict of interest under the provisions of Article 19, Conflict of Interest and
Outside Activity of the USF-UFF Collective Bargaining Agreement

        One of the benefits provided by the University is the selection to one of three
retirement programs: A choice of contributions to one of several independent retirement
annuity programs under the Optional Retirement Program, a defined benefit plan under the
Florida Retirement System, or a defined contribution plan under the Florida Investment Plan.
You may wish to review the list of all benefits offered to employees by visiting the Human
Resources website at

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[Faculty Name]

        At USFSM, newly appointed faculty members holding the rank of                are normally
considered for tenure and promotion during the sixth year of continuous employment. You
must achieve tenure no later than the end of the             academic year, your sixth tenure
earning year. Your mid-tenure review packet should be submitted through your college/school
in Spring semester          (insert year). (If applicable In view of your successful experience at
        University, we are awarding you          years of credit toward tenure. Should you decide
to accept these years of credit, you must submit your application in August          to be
nominated for tenure by Spring Semester            .) Should tenure be denied, you will be offered
one additional year of employment.

        (If applicable: Faculty awarded credit toward tenure have one opportunity to give back
all or part of the time credited. Normally, faculty members make the decision to give back all or
a portion of the credited years following their mid-probationary review. Mid-probationary
review usually occurs in the spring semester of the third (3rd) year. However, faculty members
who have been granted two (2) years credit will have their mid-probationary review in spring of
year four (4), in order for their review to consider at least one full year’s work at USFSM. This
arrangement allows you maximum flexibility in the timing of your tenure application. Your mid-
probationary review packet should be submitted at the end of Fall Semester               for review
during Spring Semester           . )

        Information pertinent to tenure may be found in Article 15, Tenure, of the USF/UFF
Collective Bargaining Agreement, 2010-2013, currently in effect as well as USF Regulation
USF10.105, Tenure, University
usf10.105.pdf. Also, we are enclosing a copy of the current USFSM Guidelines for Tenure and
Promotion which is available along with additional information online:

        The USF/UFF Collective Bargaining Agreement (Article 6) prohibits discrimination against
any employee based upon race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, age,
military status, veteran status, disability, political affiliation, marital status, or employee rights
related to union activity as granted under Chapter 447, Florida Statutes. Claims of such
discrimination by the University may be presented as grievances pursuant to Article 20,
Grievance Procedure and Arbitration.

        Please arrange for an official transcript/s for all graduate coursework completed and
certifying the highest level of degree to be sent to Dean           by       . Final appointment is
subject to verification of your credentials.

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[Faculty Name]

        On or before your hire date the college staff will make an appointment with the Human
Resources (HR) Office located in Room SMC B113 at USFSM for you to complete the necessary
payroll paperwork. To expedite this process, please be prepared to:

             Provide documentation that establishes your identity and employment eligibility
              (in accordance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986). A list of
              acceptable documents for the I-9 form is attached.
             Provide your passport, I-94, visa and appropriate immigration support
              documents based on visa class, if you are a foreign national.
             Enroll in USF’s Direct Deposit program which is a condition of employment at the
              University. A voided check or a deposit slip is needed in order to complete the
              enrollment forms. If you do not currently have a bank account established, HR
              can provide you with information on available options.

       On your first day, please stop by the Parking Services office located in SMC B116 and
pick up a temporary courtesy parking permit. You will be provided with information on
obtaining a regular University parking permit.

        The University system and USFSM conduct new faculty orientation events in August.
New faculty members are expected to participate in their campus orientation events, and they
are invited to attend the system-wide events.

       If you wish to accept this contract on the above terms, please sign the original copy
where indicated and return it to Dean          no later than      . Your signature on this
document shall not be deemed a waiver of the right to process a grievance with respect thereto
in compliance with Article 20 Grievance Procedure and Arbitration.

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Page 4
[Faculty Name]

        We are enthusiastic at the prospect of your joining the faculty. Your background and
qualifications will add unique strength to the College, and hence to the University as a whole.
We look forward to many years of collegial activity with you, and to our mutual growth and


                                             Insert Dean’s name
                                             Dean, College/School

                                             Bonnie Jones, Ph.D.,
                                             Regional Vice Chancellor

                                             Arthur Guilford, Ph.D.,
                                             Regional Chancellor


I accept the contract on the above-stated terms and conditions.

Signature, (Insert Candidate's Name)

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Page 5
[Faculty Name]

HR Processing Information (please insert information)

            Department I.D.:
            Job Code:
            Position #:
            Supervisor’s Name:
            Supervisor’s Title:
            Supervisor’s Position #:
            Mail Point:
            Office Location:
            Office Phone Extension:
            Pay Distribution #:

Enclosure:      USFSM T/P Guidelines
                Acceptable Documents List

USFSM_TenureEarning_LOF_Template                        Revised August 1, 2011

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                                           LISTS OF ACCEPTABLE DOCUMENTS

            LIST A                                  LIST B                                         LIST C

Documents that Establish Both         Documents that Establish Identity                 Documents that Establish
  Identity and Employment        OR                                          AND         Employment Eligibility
           Eligibility                 1. Driver's license or ID card
                                          issued by a state or outlying
1.   U.S. Passport (unexpired             possession of the United                 1. U.S. social security card issued by
     or expired)                          States provided it contains a               the Social Security
                                          photograph or information                   Administration(other than a card
2.   Certificate of U.S.                  such as name, date of birth,                stating it is not valid for
     Citizenship(Form N-560 or            gender, height, eye color and               employment)
     N-561)                               address
                                                                                   2. Certification of Birth Abroad
3.   Certificate of                    2. ID card issued by federal, state            issued by the Department of State
     Naturalization(Form N-               or local government agencies                (FormFS-545 or Form DS-1350)
     550 or N-570)                        or entities, provided it
                                          contains a photograph or                 3. Original or certified copy of a birth
4.   Unexpired foreign                    information such as name,                   certificate issued by a state,
     passport, with I-551                 date of birth, gender, height,              county, municipal authority or
     stamp or attached Form I-            eye color and address                       outlying possession of the United
     94 indicating unexpired                                                          States bearing an official seal
     employment                        3. School ID card with a
     authorization                        photograph                               4. Native American tribal document

5.   Permanent Resident Card           4. Voter's registration card                5. U.S. Citizen ID Card (Form I-197)
     or Alien Registration
     Receipt Card with                 5. U.S. Military card or draft              6. ID Card for use of Resident Citizen
     photograph(Form I-151 or             record                                      in the United States(Form I-179)
                                       6. Military dependent's ID card             7. Unexpired employment
6.   Unexpired Temporary                                                              authorization document issued by
     Resident Card (Form I-            7. U.S. Coast Guard Merchant                   DHS (other than those listed under
     688)                                 Mariner Card                                List A)

7.   Unexpired Employment              8. Native American tribal
     Authorization Card(Form              document
                                       9. Driver's license issued by a
8.   Unexpired Reentry                    Canadian government
     Permit(Form I-327)                   authority

9.   Unexpired Refugee Travel             For persons under age 18 who
     Document (Form 1-571)                are unable to present a
                                          document listed above:
10. Unexpired Employment
    Authorization Document             10. School record or report card
    issued by DHS that
    contains a                         11. Clinic, doctor or hospital
    photograph(Form I-688B)                record

                                       12. Day-care or nursery school

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