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					      YPP @ CERN
     Veronique Boisvert

Introductory meeting
October 22nd 2002


   What is Young Particle Physicists (YPP)?
   YPP Local Chapters

                 Young = Non-tenured!
        What is YPP? It all started…
   Snowmass 2001:
       YPP (Young Physicists Panel) started at FNAL in
        May 2000 in preparation for Snowmass
            Decided to do survey: Survey on the Future of HEP
            Received 1500 responses over 2 weeks, results shown at
            Ntuples of data available
            Some conclusions:
                 Young and tenured physicists tend to agree on issues
                 Disagreement on site of future machine correlated to respondant’s
        What is YPP? It all started…
   Snowmass 2001:
       YPF (Young Physicists Forum) at Snowmass:
            Steering group formed before the conference:
                 Decided on a plan: have a “town meeting” to discuss basic issues,
                  perform live votes, come up with conclusions to be presented at the
                  Forum in front of all participants
                 Formed working groups for the different issues and produced document to
                  steer the Town meeting
                     Outreach/Building the field

                     Globalization

                     Balancing a program of physics

            Presented results at the Forum and at Closing Plenary session
                 See: and proceedings
                 A lot of excitement generated from young and not-so young!
           What is YPP? Organization
        Local          Local        Local        Local
       Chapter        Chapter      Chapter      Chapter
                                                        Labs: BNL, CESR, DESY,
                                                       FNAL, SLAC
• Elects Executives                                        Universities:Boston U.,
• Approves budget      Representative Body              U. Chicago, Florida State,
• Amends bylaws                                         U. Pittsburgh, U.
• Admits new                                            Washington
                                                    YPP membership:~150

• Ensures communication                                     Working Groups:
between local chapters  Executive Committee                  Outreach to Government
•Proposes budget                              Working
                                                            Outreach to the Public
•Administers funds                            Groups

                                     Ambassadors            Young Physicists Issues

                      Charter and Bylaws
        What is YPP? Funding
   Funding of local activities is left to local Chapters
   Funding for YPP wide activities is sought by
    YPP treasurer
       NSF grant submitted (~10,000US$)
           Will be used for holding a 1 day workshop on Outreach
            activities at the end of the APS/DPF conference
           Will also be used for paying for extra hotel night for young
            physicists interested in attending (US and non-US)
        Local Chapters: SLAC

   YPP@SLAC: ~80 members
       SLAC core group: 7 members
   Outreach:
       February 2002: “HEP funding 101” given by J. Dorfan
       March 2002: met with H. Quinn about Outreach at SLAC
       April 2002: “How to Get the Press your Physics deserve”
        given by N. Calder
       Started 3 questions Project with local high school
   Physics related:
       May 2002: 4 lectures on “Physics at an e+e- Linear Collider”
        by M. Peskin
       November 2002: 3 lectures on Astrophysics
       Started YPP Journal Club
        Local Chapters: FNAL                      

   Working in collaboration with GSA and UEC
   Anybody trying to access young physicists
   Young Physicists Issues:
       Health care for students, day care
   Outreach:
       Started collaboration with Chicago Museum of Science and
        Industry for a HEP display
       Get more young physicists involved in lab tours, etc.
   Physics related:
       Lepton/Photon 2003 in Chicago
            Encourage young physicists participation with poster session
            Etc.
        Local Chapters: DESY
   Started recently
   Young physicists issues:
       July 2002: Minister of Research went to Hamburg to
        discuss the new law 'Hochschulrahmengesetz’
       December 6th: Podium discussion:
            Ministry rep., DESY rep., Hamburg U. rep., etc.
            For YPP and moderated by YPP
            CERN German YPP members interested? Video
             conference could be arranged
        Working Groups
   Outreach to Government:
       August 2002: letter to Congress sent by young
        physicists in view of budget considerations
       Every year: FNAL UEC and SLAC SLUO go to
        Washington, YPP is planning to be part of future
   Outreach to public:
       NSF grant: Workshop at APS/DPF
       A lot of activities in local chapters
        Working Groups
   Globalization:
       June 2002: talk at FNAL by R. St-Denis on “New Visa Class
        or You Want a Law, You Write It”
       DØ control from remote location Project
            DESY controlled Tevatron in November 2001
   Young Physicists issues:
       Snowmass survey found that main reason for young
        physicists leaving the field: lack of permanent positions
       New survey is planned to study in more detail the reasons for
        leaving the field
   YPP is asked to send representants in national
       2 in a national committee on how to attract more
        students into HEP
       2 in 2 national committees sponsored by DPF on
        outreach to the public and to the government
       Job: to represent YPP views
   Main Goal: Information
       Information TO the young physicists at CERN
            What is the future of the field?
            Do you know enough about your experiment?
            How are other young physicists doing outreach?
            Etc.
       Information FROM the young physicists at CERN
            With activities we will show we ARE excited about the LHC
            And that we ARE interested in keeping the field attractive
   2 types of activities
       Local activities
       YPP wide activities
        YPP@CERN: Organization
   Steering group:
       Suggest activities and lead them through
       Poll local young physicists for activities and concerns
       Find funding
       Connection to YPP wide
       Web page
   Email lists
        YPP@CERN: Possible Activities
   Outreach to Government:
       “CERN funding 101”?
       Other ideas?
   Outreach to public:
       CERN is very active in outreach
       Talk about all the different activities, so that young physicists
        get involved?
       CERN young physicists could go to the APS/DPF YPP
        workshop and share experiences
       Organize similar workshop at EPS?
       Other ideas?
        YPP@CERN: Possible Activities
   Globalization:
       Participate in the DØ operation from CERN?
       ICFA held one of their meeting here recently
       Structure of a future international lab
   Physics related:
       Series of lectures on future colliders? e+e- Linear
        Collider, CLIC, VLHC, muon storage ring
       Other lectures
       Participate in the YPP wide project of increasing
        young physicists participation at lepton/photon 2003
        YPP@CERN: Possible Activities
   Young Physicists issues:
       CERN doesn’t have a grad student association
       The ACCU doesn’t have a young physicist rep.
       CERN can be a big place:
            We could have YPP subgroups according to groups:
                 Theory
                 Accelerator
                 Atlas, CMS, LHC-B, Alice, LEP experiments, …
            Subgroups could discuss issues related to their group
                 Atmosphere issues
                 Young physicists Journal Clubs/Seminars?
   YPP is a world wide organization (progress toward a
    KEK chapter!) of young particle physicists
   CERN is a crucial place for the field: for its
    young physicists to be part of YPP would be a
    big asset!
   YPP@CERN will do what YOU are interested in
   Contact me to be part of Steering group
   I’ll contact you about email list
   The physics that WE will do is being decided on
    now… we should take part in the discussion!

               Young Particle Physicists

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