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					CATEGORY:           4 Exceeds the Standard                        3 Meets the Standard          2 Nearly meets the Standard                        1Does not meet the Standard

Evidence of         Gestation and adult weights for more than     Gestation and adult weights Gestation and adult weights for 7 to 9 adult         . Insufficient data for less
Research            10 adult female placental mammals have        for 10 adult female placental female placental mammals have been correctly       than 5 mammals is present.
                    been correctly identified. Diversity of       mammals have been             identified. .
                    mammals exists emphasizing the                correctly identified.

Type of Graph       Graph fits the data well and makes it easy   Graph is adequate and does Graph distorts the data somewhat and                   Graph seriously distorts the
Chosen              to interpret. More than one graph is used to not distort the data, but     interpretation of the data is somewhat difficult.   data making interpretation
                    interpret the data.                          interpretation of the data is                                                     almost impossible.
                                                                 somewhat difficult.

Representation of   Exceptionally well designed, neat, and        Neat and relatively           Neat, but the graph appears quite plain. Colors    Appears messy and "thrown
Data                attractive. Graphs are labeled correctly.     attractive. Graphs are        may be distinguishable. Graph is mostly            together" in a hurry.
                    Colors that go well together are used to      labeled correctly. Colors     labeled correctly. Software procedure may or
                    make the graph more readable                  are distinguishable.          may not be followed.

Process of Data     Data was collected. Spreadsheet was           Data was collected.           Inaccurate data was collected. Spreadsheet         Inaccurate data was
Collection          created by manipulating format (e.g.,         Spreadsheet was created by    was created by manipulating format. Graph          collected. Spreadsheet and
                    resizing rows and columns, font, colors,      manipulating format. Graph    does not fully support data. Text or numerical     graph are inaccurate.
                    hiding grid). Graph was created to support    supports data. Text or        data may be inaccurately depicted.
                    the data. Graph representation displays       numerical data may be
                    text and numerical data accurately.           inaccurately depicted.

Interpretation of     Data was assessed and interpreted           Data was assessed and         Most data was assessed and interpreted             Some data was assessed and
Data                correctly showing insight. Language is        interpreted correctly.        correctly. Language is mostly clear and            interpreted correctly.
                    clear and effective. Conclusions are well     Language is clear and         effective. Conclusions are attempted.              Language is mostly unclear.
                    developed and establish new direction for     effective. Conclusions are                                                       Conclusions are not
                    consideration.                                well developed                                                                   attempted.

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