QuestionsforInterviews by xiagong0815


									Questions for Interviews

Thank people for taking time for meeting with us.
Remind people that we’re here to clarify and verify some things; there are no right
or wrong answers…we just would like to ask you some things about how you do
your job. Just so you are aware, we have all signed confidentiality agreements.

1. Do you understand corporate vision, mission, and goals?

2. How do your personal objectives support/tie in to the applicant’s business plan?

3. Do you know who your customers are and what their needs are?

4. Tell me about the training you receive to help you to do your job.

5. How do you know how the applicant is doing on their objectives?

6. Tell me about your competitors.

7. If you were going to do something to improve your area, what would it be?

8. Can you explain which work processes you use? What steps do you follow to do
   your job? Is this process documented? Where is that documentation?

9. Is this a good place to work?

10. How do you feel the applicant does in the area of employee recognition and rewards?

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