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					                                                                       Item No : 357
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        Sub: TTD Information Centre, Hyderabad – Enhancement of Dittam
             for Annaprasadams in S.V.Temple, Hyderabad – Approval and
             ratification Orders – Requested – Regarding.



            T.T.D. has constructed and inaugurated S.V.Temple, Hyderabad in the
year of 2005 and dittam was sanctioned as per procs. TS3/5041/2007 dt. 11.07.07
for 4 kgs of Daddyodhanam in the morning, 4 kgs of pulihora in the afternoon and
4 kgs of molahora in the evening.

            In this connection, it is to submit that Sri D.K.Adikesavulu, Ex- chairman,
TTD Board during his camp at Hyderabad on 01.05.2010 had instructed the Deputy
Exe. Officer, TTD, Hyderabad to prepare and supply 2 kgs of pongal prasadam in
addition to the existing 4 kgs of Daddyodhanam in the morning and 2 kgs of
Molahora prasadam in addition to the existing 4 kgs of Molahara at S.V.Temple,
TTD, Hyderabad immediately. Due to urgency and pressure, without following the
procedure mentioned at Rule 172 to 177 of G.O.Ms.No.311 of 1990 the following
dittam is being issued from the stock of S.V.Temple, TTD, Hyderabad from 07.05.10
to prepare additional Annaprasadams.


                 Sl.No.     Name of Item        Quantity required

                    1     Rice                            2.000 Kgs.

                    2     Greengram Dal                  0.600 Gms.

                    3     Ghee                           0.600 Gms.

                    4     Pepper                         0.150 Gms.

                    5     Jeera                          0.100 Gms.

                    6     Asafoetida              1 Packet for 4 days

                    7     Cashewnuts                     0.250 Gms.

             Name of Item        Quantity required

                     1     Rice                           2.000 Kgs.

                     2     Pepper                        0.100 Gms.

                     3     Ghee                          0.500 Gms.
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          Further to submit that there is no objection on this issue from the
devotees and we may face criticism from the pilgrim public if we stop the additional

             It is further to submit that a file bearing even no. of this file on this issue
was circulated in the month of May 2010 to the higher authorities by the then
Dy.Exe.Officer, TTD, Hyderabad. But it was misplaced during circulation. Despite
several efforts were taken to trace out the file, the file was not traced out. Again a
fresh file is circulated in the month of November 2010 by the present Dy.Exe.Officer,
TTD, Hyderabad to obtain necessary orders to avoid audit objections in future.

          Hence, the matter is placed before the TTD Board to approve and ratify
the action taken by the Deputy Executive Officer, TTD, Hyderabad in having issued
the above additional dittam from 07.05.10 from the stock of S.V.Temple, TTD,
Hyderabad. continuously.

                                            -      -      -

                      Res. No. 357 dated 03-09-2011
                            Ratified and approved.

                                                              Sd/- Chairman,
                                                                  TTD Board

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