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									OSCAR WILDE
 Oscar   (Fingal O’Flahertie Wills)
 Born October 15, 1854
 Father—eye and ear surgeon
  knighted by Queen Victoria for
  founding a hospital
   Attended Oxford—known for flamboyant
    dress (wore green carnation in his lapel),
    collected peacock feathers and blue china
   Came to personify the term “Dandy” used
    to describe men who paid excessive
    attention to their appearance.
   Became a spokesman for Aestheticism, a
    belief in the supreme importance of “Art for
    Art’s sake”
   Spent ten months giving 125 lectures
    throughout the United States.
   Returned to Britain after disappointing
    reception of first play, Vera
   Married Constance Lloyd
   Wrote Salome in French—play was refused a
    license for performance in England, though the
    1896 Paris production starred Sara Bernhardt
   Social criticism of Wilde’s openly homosexual
    behavior (though married with children, he
    professed a deep passion for young men) led to
    the end of his career.
   Wilde’s relationship with Lord Alfred
    Douglas led Douglas’s father to publicly
    accuse Wilde of homosexuality.
   Refused to flee the Continent—in
    subsequent trials was convicted of “public
    indecency” and sentenced to two years of
    hard labor
   With the scandal, his plays ceased
   Upon release from prison, divorced and
    bankrupt, adopted the name of Sebastian
    Melmouth and moved to Paris, France,
    where he died in 1900.

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