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					                                                           GATE English 4, Spring 2007, Dr. Courtney Coffey

                          Global Citizen Project: Details and Deadlines
Research any contemporary international or global issue. Examples: loss of biodiversity (fifth great
extinction); disappearance of tropical rainforests; sweatshop labor; gender equity in politics; overfishing and
extinction of marine life; global warming; HIV/AIDs and other infectious diseases; poverty; Americans’
(un)awareness of other cultures/languages; U.S./Mexico border and immigration issues; U.S. foreign policy;
significant issues facing a region or country [democratization in Latin America, secularism in Iran, religious
persecution in China; war in Darfur; sustainable energy use in Europe or elsewhere; anti-immigrant sentiment
in Europe], etc, etc.

   1) Brainstorm on a topic and/or region that interests you. What region of the world (or what global
      issue) would you most like to learn more about? Toss around some ideas with me, your friends, your
      parents or your history teacher. Peruse these websites to get some ideas:

2) Write a well-informed, well-supported, and well-crafted essay expressing your stance on this global issue.
For example, if your topic is immigration to the U.S., you might want to address the question: Should the U.S.
grant amnesty to illegal residents? Why? Under what conditions?

2) Give a presentation (using the Smart Board) on your topic that presents multiple perspectives on the issue
and explains in detail your own stance.

Argument/Essay:                5--6 pages (not including a separate title and reference page)
Presentation:                  5-7 minutes

Other Requirements
    The essay must be typed, in 12-point Times New Roman, with one-inch margins on all sides.

    You must use at least five sources. At least one of these sources must be a visual. As a general rule,
     avoid blogs, personal Websites, and any other sources whose credibility is questionable. Check with
     me if you have concerns about the value or credibility of a source!

    Both the essay and presentation must include a reference page, properly formatted in MLA style. For
     the presentation, this list can be your final slide; you do not need to explain it, but you must display it.

    You must cite (in-text and in the reference page) all sources: those you paraphrase, as well as those
     you quote directly. Even though you cannot “quote” or “paraphrase” an image in the same way you
     would a written text, you must cite your visual source, as well.

    You can structure your argument any way you choose to. Be sure to explore at least two perspectives
     (e.g. pro and con) on the issue in depth. There will probably be more than two perspectives on most
     issues; discuss the most prevalent (popular) and most reasonable ones.
Scoring: The projects will be scored on a holistic basis, with the following maximum point values for
each element of the project

Formatting and Conventions
Proper formatting (MLA, spacing, margins, font)                                     10points
Conventions (spelling, punctuation, comma use, pronoun use, etc.)                   10 points
Style (diction and syntax)                                                          10 points
Argumentation (argument is well-supported, well-crafted, and credible)
Organization and Clarity (position clear, and organization suits the purpose)       15 points
Thoroughness (multiple perspectives explored, and argument is well-developed,
overall depth)                                                                      25 points
Quantity and Quality of Evidence (sufficient and appropriate evidence)              15 points
Discussion of Evidence (evidence used effectively to support and/or refute claims) 15 points
Total Points Possible for the Essay                                                 100 points

Overall Organization and Clarity (structure makes it easy to follow and understand) 5 points
Overall Argumentation (presenter’s position clear and well-supported)               5 points
Presentation and Discussion of Evidence (informative, concise, clear)               5 points
Visual Appeal (visual display helps makes information clear, is engaging)           5 points
Total Points Possible for the Presentation                                          20 points

You will not be able to revise the essays after receiving them back with a grade from me. Therefore,
seek help as needed in revising your rough drafts before turning in the drafts that will be graded.

Due Dates for Essay
What?                                                                               When?
One-paragraph, typed proposal describing topic                                      February 9

Rough draft of reference page (i.e. list of sources you may use)                    March 5/6

Rough draft of essay                                                                April 12

Final draft of essay                                                                April 23/24

Presentation Scheduling: Presentations will begin the week of April 23.

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