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					                                                                                  UP FRONT

                                                                                                                                                            TOM WARING / TIMES PHOTO
Outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art, police officers ride the three new motorcycles donated by Bernard and Harriet Gross.

                                                Ready to ride
By Tom Waring                                                                                                                                    Gross and his wife donated $50,000
Times Staff Writer                                                                                                                            toward purchase of the motorcycles,
                                                                                                                                              saying it was unfair for police officers to
    Attorney Jimmy Binns has been                                                                                                             be riding 17-year-old vehicles.
devoting much of his time the last few                                                                                                           Binns indicated that the Harley-
years to causes involving the                                                                                                                 Davidson models are state of the art,
                                            ➤A local couple noticed that the Philadelphia Police Department had
Philadelphia police and fire depart-                                                                                                          with all the safety features.
ments.                                                                                                                                            “We wanted no expense spared,” he
    Binns organizes plaque dedication                                                                                                         said.
ceremonies for police officers and fire-    some aging motorcycles, so they donated three new Harley-Davidsons.                                   Like the plaque dedication cere-
fighters killed in the line of duty.                                                                                                          monies, Friday’s event was a spectacle.
    The veteran lawyer is also helping          announcement about the mounted             police department.                                 There were motorcycle units from the
revitalize the Hero Scholarship Thrill          police unit, eliminated in 2004 by then-      Binns has promised to arrange for 62         Pennsylvania       State     Police,      the
Show, proceeds of which provide college         Mayor John Street.                         new motorcycles for highway patrol and          Philadelphia Police Department and the
scholarships for the children of police offi-      Last week, Binns announced that a       the traffic division. Prior to Friday’s dona-   departments in Margate and Winslow
cers and firefighters killed or injured on      longtime friend — lawyer-turned-philan-    tion, 25 motorcycles had been sponsored.        Township in New Jersey.
the job. This year’s show will be on Sept. 6    thropist Bernard Gross, along with his        “We’re well on our way to sixty-two,”          The ceremony was held outside the
at the Wachovia Center.                         wife, Harriet — had donated money to       said Binns, adding that six more will be
    In the fall, Binns promises a major         purchase three new motorcycles for the     dedicated soon.                                            Please see RIDE / Page 73
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Philadelphia Museum of Art. The police motorcyclists joined
civilian riders and members of the Blue Knights motorcycle
club in taking three victory laps around Eakins Oval.
    Monsignor Michael McCulken, rector of the
Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, blessed the
new motorcycles with holy water.
    The crowd included Mayor Michael Nutter, Police
Commissioner Charles Ramsey, Fraternal Order of Lodge
5 president John McNesby and the families of slain police
officers James Ramp and Chuck Cassidy.
    Binns will host a plaque dedication ceremony on Aug.
21 for Ramp, a Holmesburg resident who was shot to
death in 1978 by members of the radical group MOVE.
    International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local
98 provided refreshments for all guests on the scorching
hot day next to the Rocky statue (Binns portrayed himself
in Rocky V and Rocky Balboa).
    Ramsey, who said the three new motorcycles would be
assigned to the traffic division, told the crowd that it’s
important for the police department to have a top-quali-
ty motorcycle fleet.
    “They’re going to be put to good use to make our
streets safer,” he said.
    Nutter said his administration is grateful for people
such as Bernard and Harriet Gross, who want to make the
city safer.
    “It is our No. 1 focus, to make Philadelphia the safest
big city in the United States,” he said. ••                                                                                              TOM WARING / TIMES PHOTO

Reporter Tom Waring can be reached at 215-354-3034 or
                                                              Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, Mayor Michael Nutter and lawyer Jimmy Binns are pleased with                                        the motorcycle donations.

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