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									                                           Kell High School
                                      Career Technology Department
                                            Fall Semester 2011

Instructor: Mr. Terry Collins
Phone: 678-494-7863
School Website:


NovaNET is designed to help students recover credit(s) from previously attempted class(es) and to
academically make up the credits necessary for graduation. Instruction is delivered via computer. Note:
We have just learned that the NCAA does not accept NovaNET recovery of credit. Not all classes are
available on NovaNET; some courses must be made up in the regular classroom, summer school, night
school, or e-high school.
HOW IT WORKS: NovaNET enrollment is a privilege. Behavior problems such as improper use of
Internet, cell phone use, talking, misbehavior, etc. will result in time off the computer. The class period
cannot be used for any purpose other than NovaNET. If student is designated off the computer and not
allowed to log on, silent study of materials already brought to class is the only option. Multiple infractions
may result in ISS or expulsion from the course. To use the program successfully, students must be motivated
to remain on task. The instructor is present only as a facilitator who gives assistance when necessary, but
does not instruct the class as a whole. Some NN courses require written work and reading that is not
computer based. It is the student’s responsibility to progress in a course at a reasonable rate to complete the
course by the end of the semester. If a class is not completed by the end of the semester, credit cannot be
earned and the student will receive a failing grade in accordance with Cobb County NovaNET policy.
                        EOCT Course:
                        Post-Test average: 85%
                        EOCT: 15%

                        Non-EOCT Course:
                        Post-Test average: 90%
                        Notes: 10%
Pre-Tests: Students must earn a score of 80% or better on a pre-test in order to pass a module. The pre-test
can only be taken one time. If the student passes the pre-test, they move on to the next module. If, however,
the student scores below 80% on the pre-test, NN will assign lessons designed to help the student pass the
post-test. Students cannot use any outside assistance of any kind other that their own prior knowledge on all
pre-tests. If outside assistance is attempted, the instructor will automatically assign all lessons for that
module as well as refer the student for disciplinary action.
Working on modules: As a student works on sections in a module as determined by pre-test scores, it is
imperative that students take notes. This will help them focus on the material, help them remember the
covered material, and provide a resource for the post-test. Students are required to keep all notes in the
designated folder in the room. While learning new material, students may receive help from textbooks,
teachers, and other teacher-designated sources. Students are not allowed to copy and paste lessons from NN
onto a word document. If this occurs, forfeit of computer rights could result. Students will have folders in
the filing cabinet with copy of curriculum, a place to record pre- and post-test scores, and information
regarding offline assignments, if applicable. These folders are to remain in the room to be available for class
Post-Tests: In order to complete a module, a post-test score of 80% or better is required. Notes that the
student took during the lessons are permitted as a reference during the post-test. This is the only acceptable
reference that a student may call upon during the post-test. No other outside sources may be used during the
post-test, including notes taken by other students. If outside assistance is sought during a post-test, a score
of 0% will be given for that module and disciplinary action will also be taken. If the post-test is near an
80% but not an 80%, the instructor can either reassign the post-test or consider the notes and possibly raise
the grade to 80%, at the discretion of the instructor. If the post-test score is significantly below an 80%, the
instructor will most likely reassign the lessons in that module. Students retake a post-test to achieve a better

TEXTS/READINGS: Texts must be secured for English courses as they require offline assignments from
the book. It is the responsibility of the student to secure the required text from the Textbook System
administrator, Mr. Parker. Texts are also available for other courses on NovaNET, and students are
encouraged to check these out for reinforcement of concepts, an alternative method of curriculum delivery,
and a study aid at home if the student is out sick. Each student is responsible for his/her own book; no books
can be left in the room.
 Spiral notebook or a notebook with loose-leaf paper for note-taking required on modules. Leave in room
    daily with folder in filing cabinet.
 Calculator: no cell phone calculators will be allowed.
 Pen/pencil
A student who is present and actively participates is more likely to be successful. Each student works at
his/her own pace on modules, and the time to do that work is during this class period only. Time lost due to
absence is just that, lost time. No provision is made for additional time outside of this class period to
complete modules.
To avoid being counted tardy, students must be seated and ready for class when the bell rings. If student
arrives after the bell, he must go to PPO to secure a Late Arrival System pass. No one will be admitted late
without a pass. Unexcused tardies are subject to discipline referral and will take away the time available to
the student to work on modules on that day.
Cheating is considered a serious matter. The parents of a student who has been involved in cheating will be
notified and the student will receive a grade of zero for the test or evaluation period, and a grade of U in
For this course, cheating is defined as, but is not limited to, the following acts:
 Copying anyone’s answers to questions, exercises, study guides, class work or homework assignments
 Taking any information verbatim from any source, including the Internet, without giving proper credit to
    the author, or rearranging the order of words and/or changing some words as written by the author and
    claiming the work as his or her own, i.e., plagiarism.
 Looking onto another student’s paper during a test or quiz.
 Having available any study notes or other test aids during a test or quiz without the teacher's permission.
 Collaborating on assignments when independent work is expected.
 Students displaying cell phones during tests and/or quizzes will have their cell phones confiscated, and
    will be given a zero for that test or quiz.
   Students are not allowed to use or listen to music or anything else with headphones, earbuds, etc. during
    class time as per school policy. Exceptions are made for a few modules requiring audio instruction.
 Using any kind of recording device as a means of taking curriculum out of the room or for any other use.
An ASE for NovaNET is available for students enrolled in two courses with seniors taking priority. Any
student enrolled in a math class on NovaNET is strongly encouraged to select the appropriate math ASE so
they have a place to ask questions about material.
KELL HIGH SCHOOL                                                                    Fall 2011

                               SYLLABUS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT

TEACHER: Mr. Collins          COURSE: NovaNET


 I have read and understand the academic integrity policy.
 I have reviewed the class syllabus and understand the grading policy.
 I am willing to be contacted by email.
 PinnacIe grade reporting is not available due to the nature of the course. Progress reports with 6,
  12, and 18 week grades will be provided.
 As part of my participation in the NovaNET program at Kell, I agree to the terms and conditions
  listed on this syllabus and acknowledge that I understand what is required to successfully earn
  credit for up to two classes a semester. Furthermore, I understand that I can’t begin course work
  for credit until this syllabus has been signed by a parent or guardian and returned to my
  instructor along with all other required paperwork.

Student/Name: ________________________________ signature__________________________

Parent/Name:__________________________________ signature__________________________

Contact information: home phone ___________________________

Work phone______________________________ ext. _____        Cell phone ___________________

Email for Parent is required: __________________________________________________________

Alternate parent contact name:______________________________________

Work phone______________________________ext._____ Cell phone_______________________

Email address for alternate parent contact_______________________________________________

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