Josef Stalin Dictator of USSR _1924-1953_

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					        Josef Stalin
      Dictator of USSR (1924-1953)

(Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)
            aka Russia
Josef Stalin
   Born in the Georgia region of
    southern Russia.
   Went to Seminary (School to
    become a priest), but gave up
    Russian Orthodoxy (Russian
    Catholic Church) to follow socialist
   Stalin held the position of Secretary
    under Vladimir Lenin in the
    Bolshevik party in 1922
Stalin’s Rise to Power
                 When Lenin died there was a
                  struggle for who would become the
                  next leader.
                 Since Stalin was Secretary of the
                  Party, he was in charge of the
                  complete list of party members, their
                  position and their status of loyalty.
                 Stalin used this power to kick out
                  party members who challenged him
                  to authority and slowly moved to
                  become the most powerful man in
                  the party.
                 Stalin will eventually force Leon
                  Trotsky (who is Trotsky?) to leave
                  the USSR. He flees to Mexico where
                  he is eventually assassinated by one
                  of Stalin’s spies.
   Stalin was extremely paranoid about political opponents
    trying to kill him or take power from him.
   Stalin will purge, or kill and get rid of, all opponents.
   Wants glory for the USSR internationally and fame for
      Prove to the world that communism works

   Stalin distrusted the United Kingdom and United States.
    Thought they just wanted to end communist power in USSR.
    Wanted UK and USA to open a Western
    Front in war sooner to help out.
   Government owns everything
       No private property, it’s all shared
   People receive same amount of resources
       Is this really true though?
   Totalitarianism: Total control of country
       Through means of terrorism, fear
       Secret Police= The Cheka (later the KGB)
   Single Party Politics
       Stalin decides what USSR thinks
               Forced growth in industry
                and agriculture
               Worker camps, and labor
                camps (Gulags)
               No Religion
                   All churches must stop
                    having services
                   Religion outlawed and illegal
USSR Actions
   Stalin-Hitler Pact 1939: Deal between Hitler
    and Stalin not to attack each other if war
    breaks out in Europe
       Shocks Western powers (UK and USA), because
        communists and fascists hate each other.
       Pact broken when Hitler invades Russia two
        years later in 1941
Terms to Know
   Gulag- Forced labor camps where men and women were
    sent to work to benefit the industries.
   5 Year Plan- Push industry production up 200% in 5 years,
    and agricultural production up 300% in 5 years.
       Forced collectivization (forced farmers to give up crops and
        farms for benefit of all USSR)
   Secret Police = The Cheka (later would become the KGB)
   Terror Famine in Ukraine- Forced farmers in Ukraine to hand
    over nearly 100% of their crops, land, and farming resources
    to feed industrialists.
       Thousands of Ukrainians will starve and die
       Some resort to cannibalism, others eat their pets, or manure
        from their horses.
Gulags and Labor Camps
Was Stalin Successful?
   YES and NO!
   Industry rose, but at a brutal
       Millions lost their lives
       Owners faked production
        numbers to avoid being
       The work that they did was
        extremely fast, and therefore
        weak, low quality, and didn’t last
            Had to continually re-do
Stalin Speech
   Stalin speaking to the USSR after Hitler
    betrays him and invades.
   Stalin Speech
USSR War Propaganda

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