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  If you are like most TV and movie
 viewers, you make guesses about
  how the story you’re watching will
   turn out. Making guesses about
future events is called Predicting.
 If you are watching a mystery, you
  might predict who has committed
                the crime.
Predicting keeps you involved and
  interested in what you read or
    As you read, ask yourself:
     What do I know about the
characters so far? Is a character
     likely to behave selfishly?
Generously? foolishly? Cleverly?
What do I know about this kind of
story? Is it a mystery with details
      that might be clues?

Making a prediction is a way of
   using clues from a reading
 passage, as well as things you
 already know, to make a good
guess about what might happen
 Clues to look for when predicting:
• Clues are often in the title of a reading
  passage. Read the title, and then make a
  prediction about what you will be reading.
• Clues are often in the facts and details in a
  reading passage. Details about the things
  characters do and say often help you
  make a prediction about what they might
  do or say later in a story.
          Clues continued:
• Clues are often in any pictures included
  with a story. Pictures often show
  something that is happening or will happen
• A good prediction combines story clues
  with your own personal knowledge.
  Example of how to read and
complete a graphic organizer on
Read this opening to a story and
then look at the organizer after it:
 Long, long ago in China, a boy named Yu Shin
grew up with a good heart. Despite his kindness
to everyone, Yu Shin was harshly treated by his
parents, who favored Yu Shin’s spoiled and
selfish brother. One day, after Yu Shin was
punished for doing nothing wrong, he went to
the house of his teacher, an elderly man who
was Yu Shin’s only source of comfort. “How is it
that parents may give special foods and favors
to one son yet to the other son give only crumbs
and cruelty?” Yu Shin asked.
 “There is no answer to that question,”
replied Yu Shin’s teacher. “But, as
Confucius wisely teaches, you must
remain obedient to your parents. Do not
envy your brother. Your goodness will
help you rise above any evil that
surrounds you now,. Be unafraid.”
 Yu Shin bowed and accepted his
teacher’s advice. He returned home,
determined to accept whatever would
happen without complaint.
               What I know So Far:

  Chinese legend
  Good or evil characters
  Yu Shin-good, kind, obedient
  Teachers tells Yu Shin to rise above evil family members

Prediction: Yu Shin’s goodness will make
him a hero.
Read the following excerpt and
  answer the two questions.
  “In the Valley of the Kings”
 The fame and fortune that would soon be
his were still only a dream to Howard
Carter on that hot and dusty day in
November of 1922. As he stood under the
blazing sun of the Egyptian desert, Carter
wondered if all his years of searching in
the Valley of the Kings would finally be
rewarded. Would he discover the tomb of
the legendary pharaoh, Tutankhamen?
 Howard Carter had been living in Egypt
since he was 17. He was now 50. For
several years, Carter and his supporter,
fellow Englishman Lord Carnarvon, had
been searching for a tomb that still held
the treasures of the past. Most of the
tombs that had been robbed long ago by
ancient treasure seekers. Carter and
Carnarvon were hoping they would be the
ones to find the tomb of Tutankhamen.
They believed that this tomb still held the
pharaohs wealth.
  Carter knew that Lord Carnarvon was getting
frustrated with the lack of progress. If he didn’t
find something soon, Carnarvon would withdraw
his financial support. Carter was becoming
desperate. On November 3, as he and his team
of Egyptian workers were digging, they came
across a series of steps. After uncovering
twelve steps, they discovered a door. The door
was secured with the ancient seal of the royal
burial grounds. As Carter later wrote of the
moment, “I found myself after years of
comparatively unproductive labour on the
threshold of what might prove to be a
magnificent discovery. Anything, literally
anything, might lie beyond that passage…”
  1. What will most likely happen
A. Lord Carnarvon will cut off all support,
   and Carter will be unable to continue his
B. The Egyptian workers will refuse to
   continue digging.
C. Carter’s discovery will prove to be
   another entrance to a previously
   discovered tomb.
D. Carter’s discovery will turn out to be the
   tomb of King Tutankhamen.
 2. Where did you find clues to
help you make your predictions?
  A. In the title of the article
  B. In the details provided about Lord Carnarvon’s
  C. In the details provided about Carter’s later life
  D. In what Carter was quoted as saying

1. D
2. C

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