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									Community Education

     Clean it Up, Green it Up
  Environmental Quality Division
  Animal Care & Control Division
Municipal Code Compliance Division
 Community Development Division
    Clean it Up, Green it Up Overview
   Environmental & Compliance director’s office activity
       Two full-time staffers
   Coordinates beautification/litter prevention programs
    & initiatives; provides info & expertise to businesses,
    organizations & residents on beautification &
    supports Keep Jacksonville Beautiful Commission
    (KJB) operations
    Clean it Up, Green it Up Overview
   FY 06-07 CIU/GIU coordinated:
      7,105 volunteers who worked 15,098 hrs.
       collecting 308,960 lbs. of litter

   Over last five years, CIU/GIU coordinated:
     51,584 volunteers who worked 108,300
      hrs. collecting 2,197,660 lbs. of litter

    *Numbers do not include tires or other large items.
            Clean it Up, Green it Up
         Education & Outreach Programs

   Community-Wide Cleanups:
       St. John’s River Celebration, International
        Coastal Cleanup, Great American Cleanup,
        July Fifth Cleanup, International Surf
       Sponsors include Citi, Vistakon, Publix, JEA,
        Anheuser Busch, state & local agencies
       Thousands of volunteers, thousands of
        pounds of litter annually
   Clean it Up, Green it Up
Education & Outreach Programs
   Neighborhood Cleanup Support
       Assists residents & volunteer groups in
        planning neighborhood cleanups,
        beautification projects or annual
        community cleanups
       Volunteer groups cleaning several blocks of
        public right-of-way or areas eligible for
        assistance & free support materials
       Clean it Up, Green it Up
    Education & Outreach Programs
   Adopt-A-Road Program
        Long-term commitment to perform monthly cleanups &
         report results
             Non-profits= free
             Businesses pay one-time $300 & $50 annually
        Group recognized by signs on roadway
        CIU/GIU recruits groups, surveys roads, conducts installation
         ceremonies, maintains results, interfaces with sign
         contractor, maintains communication with A-A-R groups
        More than 100 active groups
             Some active for 20 years
        In FY 06-07, A-A-R groups collected 85,380 lbs. of trash
         from roadways
       Clean it Up, Green it Up
    Education & Outreach Programs
   Education/Outreach
        In conjunction with Public Information Division:
             Award-winning TV PSAs
             Radio PSAs
             Web site
                   61,395 hits in FY ’06-‘07
             Daily Billboards
             Targeted print material
             News releases & advisories
             Earned media in FY 06-07 includes N. Jax Monthly, Resident
              Community News, TU, Shorelines, Biz Journal, First Coast Happenings,
              radio & TV
             E-mail newsletter in FY 07-08
        Presentations to community groups, businesses & schools
             FY 06-07, 56 presentations reached 5,176 people
       Clean it Up, Green it Up
    Education & Outreach Programs
   Special Projects
        Special projects with community partners
        Visible at numerous community events each year
        Examples include:
             School plantings, JSO-sponsored cleanups, “Recycling
              Day” events, Springfield & Riverside alley cleanups, UNF
              “Garbage on the Green” audit, Super City Cleanup,
              household mobile hazardous waste collections, Seeds of
              Change Summer Jobs program
       Clean it Up, Green it Up
    Education & Outreach Programs
   Keep Jacksonville Beautiful Commission
        29-member affiliate of Keep America Beautiful &
         Keep America Beautiful Affiliates of Florida
        Supported by CIU/GIU
        Conducts annual litter survey, coordinates
         volunteer projects, fundraises & prepares reports
        Operates annual awards program for individuals,
         groups, businesses & schools
       Clean it Up, Green it Up
    Education & Outreach Programs
   Clean Business Program
        Educate businesses on litter & preventative
        Businesses make pledge to adhere to litter
         reduction strategies & maintenance schedules &
         display program decal on premises
        CIU/GIU promotes program & seeks new business
        Current enrollment= 97 businesses
             Includes Bono’s Pit Bar-B-Q, Gate Petroleum, Golden
              Coral, Joseph’s Pizza, Larry’s Giant Subs, Omni Hotel,
              Subway Sandwiches, among others.
   Clean it Up, Green it Up
Education & Outreach Programs
   Recycling
       Partner with environmental groups to
        promote strategies for sustainable lifestyles
       Give recycling presentations
       Address questions & concerns from
        community & other agencies about
   Clean it Up, Green it Up
Education & Outreach Programs
   Beautification
       300,000 trees distributed with JEA over
        five-year period
       Support & involvement with entryway and
        corridor planting efforts, school
        landscaping & other planting projects
   Clean it Up, Green it Up
Education & Outreach Programs
   Grants
       Operations supplemented by grants since
       In 2008, KJB will receive grant from FDOT
        for retaining their standing as a Keep
        America Beautiful affiliate.
   Clean it Up, Green it Up
Education & Outreach Programs
   Awards & Recognition
       Since 1999, CIU/GIU received 24 awards
        from local, state & national organizations
       CIU/GIU prepares & distributes recognition
        from Mayor for members of Clean Business
        & Adopt-A-Road programs, volunteer
        leaders, community groups & financial
       Clean it Up, Green it Up
    Education & Outreach Programs
   Program Effectiveness
   Keep America Beautiful requires CIU/GIU conduct an annual litter
        Snapshot of litter conditions
        Examines trends over time
        Since FY 00-01, Jax score has improved by 39%, in spite of growth
   In ‘04, ‘05 & ‘06, community-wide surveys conducted to gauge
    awareness of award-winning “Don’t Trash Jacksonville” campaign
        Results reflected growing community awareness
             56% positive responses in ‘04
             59% positive responses in ‘05
             74% positive responses in ‘06
   Positive return on investment through minimal investment
        Cost avoidance, community involvement, positive PR, increased compliance
     Environmental Quality Division
    Education & Outreach Programs
   Environmental Quality Division (EQD)
    Annual Conference
      Highlights important environmental issues

       relevant to Jax
      Average attendance= 175
    Environmental Protection Board
    Education & Outreach Programs
   Environmental Protection Board
        Supported by EQD
        Active public outreach & education program
        Appearances & presentations
             “Drippy” water education mascot
             EPB & EQD volunteer to judge science fairs annually
             Presentations to schools & community organizations
              throughout the year
Environmental Protection Board
Education & Outreach Programs
    Earth Day Jacksonville Ecology Fair
         Sponsored in part by city
         Average attendance: 12,000-14,000
    Earth Day Mini-Grants
         Up to $500 for local teachers & non-profits for
          environmental education programs
         10-15 grants given annually
    Annual Earth Poster Contest
         DCPS students compete
         Winners receive U.S. Savings Bonds, recognition at Earth
          Day Ecology Fair & display of poster on Web site
Environmental Protection Board
Education & Outreach Programs
    Mayor’s Environmental Luncheon Awards
        Local businesses & individuals honored for
         going beyond the requirements of law to
         enhance &/or protect local environment
Animal Care and Control Division
Education & Outreach Programs
   Web site
       Highlights ways to get involved,
        responsible ownership, licensing
        requirements, etc.
       Cooperative relationships w/ other animal
        groups, shared links on Web sites
Animal Care and Control Division
Education & Outreach Programs
    Print materials
        Responsible pet ownership coloring book
             Targeted at elementary students
        Brochures
             Requirements of pet ownership & adoption
        Working with Humane Society & U.S. Postal
         Service to produce a written piece to be mailed
         to all Jax residents
             Highlight responsible pet ownership, how to respond
              if approached by strange dog & dog bite info
Animal Care and Control Division
Education & Outreach Programs
   Education/Outreach
       Adoption coordinator appears each
        Saturday on First Coast News
       Presentations to community groups,
        businesses & schools
Municipal Code Compliance Division
Education & Outreach Programs
   Supervisors, senior officers & officers regularly & upon request
    attend CPAC, civic association, homeowners' association &
    neighborhood group meetings
   Supervisors work closely with neighborhood leaders &
    sometimes JSO, to execute neighborhood systematic (street-by-
    street) inspections
   Supervisors and senior officers attend all JSO Neighborhood
        Street-by-street walking tours to view conditions & formulate
         inspection plans.
   Inspection personnel frequently meet with property owners to
    provide guidance & encourage compliance
        When owners correct violations, city saves abatement funding
Community Development Division
 Education & Outreach Programs
   Neighborhood coordinators meet regularly
    with neighborhood leaders from CPACs
       Distribute info about city departments to residents
       Host guest speakers
   Provide “Toolkit” to help neighborhoods start
       Kits include info on Solid Waste, JSO, Municipal
        Code Compliance & more
             Contact information
   Clean it Up, Green it Up
       Vivian Harrell or Dan Durbec, 630-3420
   Environmental Quality Division
       Vince Seibold, 630-1212 x 3118
   Animal Care and Control Division
       Fred Forbes, 387-8895
   Municipal Code Compliance Division
       Kim Scott, 391-3580
   Community Development Division
       Marilyn Fenton-Harmer, 255-8236

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