Lotus Notes R5 Series by wuzhengqin


									Lotus Notes R5 Series

       This series provides a comprehensive overview of Lotus Notes R5. It introduces basic concepts
       such as navigation, views, databases, and security. Use of mail with Lotus Notes R5 is covered in
       detail, along with using the calendar and Address Books. This series also discusses using Lotus
       Notes to surf the Web, editing, formatting, and managing documents, and linking and attaching
       files to Notes documents. Advanced topics include finding and viewing data, replication, and
       using Notes remotely.



       This series is for anyone who wants to get the most out of using Lotus Notes.


    Exercises allow learners to practice in the actual application being studied.
    A file containing the text of the exercises.
    Simulations teach learners to perform specific tasks in applications through guided, multi-step
    A glossary provides a reference for definitions of unfamiliar terms.
    A skill assessment generates a customized learning path based on the results of a pre-test.

Lotus Notes R5 Series: Getting Around in Notes

       This course introduces users to running Lotus Notes, logging in, and getting around the Notes


      Start Notes
      View important database documents
      Manage database views
      Navigate Notes windows
      Change Notes passwords
      Exit Notes

         Starting Notes
         Introduction to the Notes Program
         Views and the Notes Windows
         Using Databases
         Notes Security and Exiting

Lotus Notes R5 Series: Reading and Sending Mail

          This course explains how to exchange electronic mail memos in Lotus Notes.


         View pending mail memos
         Reply to and forward mail memos
         Create mail memos
         Spell check mail
         Send mail with delivery options


         Viewing Pending Mail
         Reading Mail
         Creating Mail Memos
         Addressing Mail
         Typing and Sending Mail

Lotus Notes R5 Series: Managing Mail

          This course shows how to use Lotus Notes to manage waiting messages and sort incoming

         Print messages
         Control read and unread marks on messages
         Sort mail and divide mail into folders
         Use stationery and Link Messages
         Create Inbox rules
         Use Out of Office notices
         Manage mail preferences
         Archive and compact mail


         Tips for Using Mail
         Managing the Inbox
         Stationery and Link Messages
         Inbox Rules and Out of Office Notices
         Mail Preferences
         Managing the Mail File

Lotus Notes R5 Series: Using the Calendar

          This course shows how to manage the Lotus Notes calendar for Appointments, Reminders, and
          other events. Users also learn how to create and manage a list of To Do items and assign To Do
          tasks to co-workers.


         View the calendar and its entries
         Set Appointments, Reminders, and To Do items
         Manage calendar entries
         Manage To Do tasks and assignments
         Print calendars
         Set calendar preferences

         Looking at the Calendar
         Setting Appointments and Reminders
         Editing and Managing Entries
         Managing Tasks
         Calendar Printing and Options

Lotus Notes R5 Series: Meetings and Address Books

          This course shows how to manage meetings and use the address book in Lotus Notes.


         Create and respond to meeting invitations
         Reschedule and cancel meetings
         Confirm meetings and view meeting status
         Use Address Books
         Create Address Book Contact entries
         Edit and delete Contact entries
         Manage Contact categories and groups


         Creating and Answering Meeting Invitations
         Managing Meeting Plans
         Using with Address Books
         Managing Contacts
         Creating Categories and Groups

Lotus Notes R5 Series: Browsing the Web

          This course provides an introduction to using Lotus Notes to surf the World Wide Web.

         Set browser preferences
         Surf the Web and bookmark favorite spots
         Store and retrieve Web pages
         Customize the Welcome page
         Forward Web pages via email
         Manage Web page storage


         Setting Up Notes for Web Browsing
         Surfing the Web
         Managing Web Page Retrieval
         Customizing the Welcome Page
         Mailing Pages and Managing Storage

Lotus Notes R5 Series: Editing Documents

          This course explains how to edit, format, and manage text in Notes documents.


         Manage document properties
         Edit all types of document fields
         Format text and paragraphs
         Use pen, highlighter, and find/replace tools
         Create document links and hotspots
         Divide a document into sections
         Manage text styles
         Print documents


         Document Properties and Fields
         Formatting Text and Paragraphs
         Marking and Finding Text
         Creating Links and Sections
         Using Document Styles
         Printing Documents
Lotus Notes R5 Series: Using Document Tables

          This course shows how to create and enter data in tables within Notes documents.


         Create tables and tabs
         Change the size or number of columns or rows
         Merge and split cells
         Add colors and borders to a table


         Creating Tables
         Changing Table Size and Dimensions
         Changing Table Layout
         Giving Colors and Borders to Tables

Lotus Notes R5 Series: File Attachments and Links

          This course explains how to link or attach files to Notes documents.


         Create document attachments
         View, detach, and launch attached files
         Import and export files
         Link and embed files, data, and objects in documents


         Adding Attachments
         Receiving Attachments
         Importing and Exporting Files
         Linking to External Data
         Embedding Objects
Lotus Notes R5 Series: Finding and Viewing Data

          This course shows how to search databases and how to create and manage folders, views, and


         Index a database
         Search a database
         Set search options and results
         Create views
         Create and manage folders
         Create agents


         Indexing and Searching Databases
         Advanced Searching
         Creating Views
         Creating Folders and Agents

Lotus Notes R5 Series: Replication

          This course explains how to manage database replication in Notes.


         Explain the replication process
         Set replication preferences
         Replicate databases
         Use the Replicator page to manage replication


    Understanding Replication
    Replicating Databases
    Using the Replicator Page
Lotus Notes R5 Series: Using Notes Remotely

          This course shows how to use Lotus Notes from a location away from a direct connection to the
          Notes servers.


         Manage Location, Connection, and Account documents
         Set up Notes to connect remotely to a server
         Connect to an Internet server
         Manage a remote connection
         Use Internet mail with Notes


         Preparing to Go On the Road
         Managing Location Documents
         Setting Up Notes to Connect Remotely
         Connecting to an Internet Server
         Using a Remote Connection

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