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									Led NMF contingency ops during Andrews Air Show; provided 240 meals--surged to 5x normal msn capacity
Briefed 1st ever healthy eating crs; imparted age-specific nutrition info--promoted diet change in 24 dorm mbrs
Overhauled NMF disaster tm pgm; ID'd/corrected 15 checklist items/updated 5 outdated tng plans--insp ready
Filled HAWC staff shortfall; enrolled 47 mbrs in "Be Well" crs--met mandates/averted compliance violations
Provided NM spt at Wing Air Show; treated 17 affected by dehydration/low blood sugar--safe event for 180K
"Team Kid" mentor at lcl church; led 24 wk outreach/faith oriented pgm; offered spiritual direction to 55 youth
MDG Ex Eval team mbr; evaluated 4 Gp/2 Wing Exs--detailed reports prepared 730 prsnl for compliance insp
Designed robust PT tracking sys to monitor/schedule prsnl; MDG benchmark--Sq pass rate escalated to 98%
Taught 3 Self-Aid/Buddy Care courses; equipped 72 mil w/critical life-saving skill--bolstered prsnl readiness
Finished Dietetics & Nutrition degree; awd'd 12 credits/4.0 avg--applied skills to serve base/community pop
ASF volunteer; drove ambulance/filled 7 short notice manning shortfalls; transferred 65 wounded/0 msn delays
Led 2 fundraisers for MDG Top-3/devoted 16 hrs; raised $850--spt'd morale/mentoring events for 135 Airmen
Wing Retiree Appreciation Day cmte chair; coord'd speakers/emceed pgm--honored retirees w/flawless event
A tremendous leader; shaped dynamic NM function into cohesive team--promote him to SMSgt immediately!
Sq 1st Sgt 5 weeks; cut delinquent travel cards 88%/guided CC thru 2 Article 15s--kept 153 military on track
MDG Top 3 Vice President; led professional dvlpment seminar/ignited mbr participation--fired up 43 SNCO's
Standout SNCO and MDG SNCO 2d Qtr 2011; leadership and impact is unparalleled--promote to SMSgt now!
Set up temp kitchen during 2-mo DFAC closure; enabled cont care for 113 OCO wounded--no ASF msn delays
Guided commissary health fair; showcased NM function--imparted healthy lifestyle/eating advice to 950 mbrs
Outstanding servant leader with unique vision/ability--make a Sq Supt next and promote to SMSgt this board!
Paktya Ancillary Chief x90 days; guided 18 mbr tm/insp'd 16 depts--raised int'l hospital compliance stds 20%
Oversaw transformer proj; raised power output 16 to 24 hours for 200 prsnl/3 bldgs--vital to dorm/clinic ops
Led $4M inventory; guided 3 teams, screened 20 areas/stopped duplicate orders--returned $51K to med budget
Refocused lab 3d party insurance pgm; recoups up 19%, returned $64K to MDG; Flt received $1.8K incentive
Marketed health pgms to 42 visitors/lcl village prsnl; tripled pt visits at dplyd hospital--coined by EMDG/CC
Coord'd Afghan outreach; rallied 322 prsnl/dlvrd 22K medicines/427 care pkgs--aided 608 impoverished lcls
Relocated 51 blood units/450 lab kits during eqpmt failure--saved vital life saving resource/$54K reagent loss
ID'd shortfall; set up tracking/secure storage for 5K pharmacy items--ensured optimal drug therapy for 36K pts
Completed 300 hr combat crs; certd on 6 weapons/4 vehicles--bested 35 peers/garnered "Top Student" award
Set-up blood ctr; taught 13/screened 98 donors--enabled life sustaining spt to 650 coalition prsnl/saved $8.5K
Upgraded Med Cntl Ctr; added Secret Internet Protocol Router--provided ETT/CC w/secure onsite comm link
Directed 3 live fire/combat skills tngs; honed M4/M9 expertise/battle tactics--polished field ops' tm readiness
Started Afghan Physician Assistant pgm; proctored 300 exams/recruited 70--improved access to care by 29%
Superior SNCO--superbly managed numerous diverse/complex medical issues--promote him to SMSgt ASAP!
Managed Paktya modern skills crs; graduated 56/filled 4 ambulance tms--emer ops 100% compliant w/nat'l std
Led Med Cntl Ctr; provided 24 hr air & ground transport for kinetic battle injuries--saved life/limb of 149 pts
Phenomenal SNCO; dynamic leader making a huge impact on Airmen/operations--promote him to SMSgt now!
Drafted PRMH active shooter pln--led 3 exercises/extraction tm tng; secured 43 mbrs--benchmarked nationally
Tackled CMSAF visit--directed logistics for 3 FOB All Calls; boosted dplyd morale--coined by CMSAF Roy
Tremendous SNCO--servant leader dedicated to mission/people; Sq Supt next--promote to SMSgt immediately
Led 6 mbr tm to perform 731 forensic radiology/320 personal property and 112 integrity studies; all error free
MDOS/CC exec aide six mos; eliminated redundant steps/revised report processes--turnaround lowered 20%
Trained 17 hrs in forensics; ID'd foreign materials during 33 autopsies--eliminated 48 hr delay processing HRs
Performed joint service mortuary eqpmnt inspections--412 devices sustained 98% uptime during wartime ops
MDG Top 3 secretary 6 mos; organized three career development seminars--mentored path for future SNCOs
Chaplain's aide; organized 3 morale trips--67 deployers enjoyed Marine parade/canoeing/Cape May excursion
Conducted forensic imaging training for 37 Army mortuary personnel--reduced triage reporting errors by 25%
Resiliency tng lead for 137 deployers; motivated tm to live out wingman culture--3 potential suicides averted
Enrolled in BS Nursing program; completed 12 credit hrs/maintained solid 4.0 GPA; advancing medical skills
Attained 28 continuing ed hrs; doubled annual certification rqmts--dual registry efforts surpassed 75% AFSC
Authored mortuary affairs first DI OI's/tng; set-up contingency ops continuity for TDY techs--coined by AF/SG
Challenged 15 airmen to perform at their highest lvls--2 BTZ/3 Sq/1 Gp/1 Wg/5 AMC Awds validated results
Security team for 50th Fisher House Ribbon Cutting; efforts supported 1.9K mbrs/yr--lauded by SECAF/CSAF
Developed personal effects localization crs; contributions earned "Warrior of the Month"--make a SMSgt now!
Expertly trained 5 executive spt prsnl for 3 Sqs--flawless execution; contrib to AMC Clinic of the Year 2010
Wingman day advocate; championed 22 briefs/7 activities--380+ personnel equip'd on the pwr of camaraderie
Exemplary ldrshp; DI subject matter expert to Dover med exam tms; transfered 330 fallen heroes--SMSgt now!
Acting 1st Sgt for 4 wks; eval'd 31 family care plns/9 dorm insps/highway clean-up--spt'd welfare of 364 Amn
Dover AFSO 21 project lead; consolidated autopsy/dental/DI equipment--increased warehouse capacity 25%
Outstanding leader and 375th MDG SNCO of the Year; selected to lead my A&FRC--promote to SMSgt now!
Initiated Disability Eval Sys Agreement; secured MDG VA benefits rep--benefits to svc mbrs 200 days faster
Revised Base Newcomer's briefings; redesigned clinic marketing--educated 26K pts/staff; lauded by MDG/CC
Restructured local Svc Treatment Rcds process; improved reportable separation/retirement stats 47% to 95%
Managed 4 detached med records staging areas; enforced stds on 40K pt files--beat AF 90% availability std
Authored TRICARE disaster/contingency plan; developed decision-tree/activation steps--tested to serve 14K
Leader in Top-3 picnics/fundraisers; garnered $3K--raised morale/funds used to offer 12 dvlpmnt crs' to 730
Managed Pediatric & Optometry resource sharing contract support agreements--assured $400K/yr efficiencies
Streamlined med clearance process for 500 special needs patients & sponsors--families ready to PCS on time
MDG rep for 5-day/40 hour 4A0 Advanced Course; bolstered sr level aptitude--used knowledge to mentor 12
Led 3 EET reviews; inspected med mobility line/ID'd 9 errors--ensured fix; Gp deployment/contingency ready
AF Smart Ops 21 mbr; leaned pt demographic update tng for MDG clinics--removed MPF visit/saved 2 hours
Guided 2 element off-sites; set technical improvements/customer svc goals--bolstered patient referral process
Led logistical support for base-wide flu shots; recorded 350 annual inoculations--improved pop flu resistance
Extraordinary/positive leader w/unsurpassed ability; led dynamic function flawlessly--promote to SMSgt now
Guided 15-member Pt Admin disaster team; tracked 367 pts for County/DoD Stockpile Ex/Scott '10 Air Show
Initiated 4A0 pre-tests, OJT/warskills plan; trained 45 Active/5 ANG/AFR--no end of crs failures/dplymnt rdy
Dynamic SNCO w/robust leadership/admin acumen; large Flight/Sq Supt next--promote to SMSgt immediately!
Gp Air Show Deputy Med Director; led ops/disaster planning for 400 medics--flawless event for 180K guests
Volunteered/chair of 4A0/Med Service Corps Wk; 4 units as one--improved organizational resiliency for 150
Dedicated/fast-charging leader; a true professional w/tremendous installation impact--make her a SMSgt now!
Managed five, 3-man traveling mx tms; maintained 4K items for ANG/AFR--saved $45K in reqd insps/repairs
Revamped MDG yrly med eqpmt mx insps; realigned 475 items into correct mo; cut missed mx frequency 10%
Governed PMI manpower needs; justified 3 critical psns w/workload analysis--ensured future msn sustainment
Led insp/repair of 1.2K AOR items; prepped PMI ctr for contingency ops--stamped AE eqpmt 100% OCO rdy
Directed Force Protection cntl/14 buildings; honed security tm tng in 9 skills--enforced safety for 700 members
Led tm of 16 as Rebuilding Together house capt; remodeled bathroom--improved quality of life for lcl elderly
QAP for $671K mx contract/$6.1M eqpmt; quick response to imaging failure--averted $10K per day expense
Developed gapfill plan to spt 4A2 rotational dplymnts; earned 3 contract psns--sustained short/long-term msn
1st Term Amn Ctr/NCO Professional Enhancement 1st Sgt panel mbr; ldrshp prospective relayed to 71 Airmen
Maximized ANG/AFRES 4-mo OJT pgm; mil liaison to 4A2 RC ldrs--qualified 10 prsnl/42% annual increase
Took charge of med repair ctr; developed org structure/divided functions amid prsnl losses--created mil/civ tm
Tracked "unable to locate" eqpmt; reduced missing items from 12 to 0 in 3 mos--eliminated reports of survey
Ex-POW/AF Sgts Association Jt-svc Dining Out liaison; aided planning/execution--event benefited 130 prsnl
Superior leader/hard charger; guarantees outstanding results no matter the challenge--promote to SMSgt a must!
4A2 functional mngr for 6 mos; processed 2x norm/$40M new PMI eqpmt; exceeded every Surg Gen msn rqmt
Served superbly as 1st Sgt x1 mo; prep'd 30 fam care plns for 2 Sqs; 0 discrep for 1st-ever CUI--Wg "Exclnt"
#2 of 18 Sq MSgts; outstanding leader with consistently excellent results--promote him to SMSgt immediately!
Led strategic 4A2 manpower resolution for PMI & MERC msns; gained addl staffing--1 mil/2 civ from AF/SG
Guided 28 mbr team; set-up audio/seating/security for MAJCOM "All Call"; 1K attended--coined by AMC/CC
#19 of 175 Wg MSgts; tremendous leader with significant impact across AMC readiness--make SMSgt ASAP!
Aided AES; created storage plan of 4 narc kits to spt realworld msns--contributed to AE's "Outstanding" HSI
Revamped lab HLD proj, reduced needless/perishable supply items; gained HQ AMC approval--saved $17K
Procured 6 tactical critical care kits/152 items; enhanced AE operability--lauded by HQ AMC/SG AE Branch
Directed medical gas mgmt changes; developed new Gp instruction/tng pgm--ensured 4 Sqs exceeded AF stds
Devoted 8 hrs at MO Veteran's Home; spoke w/Veterans/attended ice cream social--honored former warriors
Community youth leader; volunteered over 100 hrs coaching local sports tm--developed character of 13 youths
Directed end of yr closeout; bought $23M AE eqpmt for global Pt Movement Items pgm--met AMC suspenses
Implemented process improvement filing sys for receipts; eased search of documents--saved 672 man-hrs yrly
Earned 12 credit hrs towards Bachelor's Deg in Business Mgmt/6 classes remaining--earned overall 3.5 GPA
Tackled 15 hrs skill dvlpment crs's; honed emer ops knowledge to evaluate 10 response tms--contingency rdy
Evaluated Gp/Wg/ANG/AFR unit capabilities in 12 ex's; provided valuable guidance--enhanced response ops
Briefed 12 USAF Academy cadets on role/impact of Med Logistics--broadened future ldrs' insight of AF msns
Coord'd 51 Sq award pkgs; recruited/guided 36 board mbrs, selected best from 235 prsnl--8 Gp/3 Wg winners
Sets example for all; job dedication/work ethic unmatched; a leader and mentor for all Airmen--SMSgt ASAP!
Led Flt Chief psn for 46 prsnl/8 mos; 9 critical HLD projects; Gp readiness pgm 99%--#1/10 AF large clinics
Champ'd emer buy of 5 med eqpmt in 3 hrs; spt'd AE specialized lung tm/peds pts--ltr of apprc'n HQ AMC/SG
Group SNCO 3rd Qtr! Dynamic ldr; significant impact as Wg 4A1 functional/3 units--promote to SMSgt now!
Prep'd 5 major areas for AFs 1st-ever Combined Unit Insp; zero findings/garnered IG tm awd--Wg "Excellent"
Led Gp Wingman Day; guided 24 Sq POCs on social/spiritual fitness exercises--enhanced resiliency for 600
Outstanding servant leader; proven performer w/robust logistics acumen--promote him to SMSgt immediately!
Initiated Sq/CC breakfasts w/enl & civ; interfaced 60 mbrs w/Sq ldrshp--fostered open lines of communication
Managed 4 emer leave/med redplymnts; organized travel, confirmed mbrs resiliency--expedited return home
Aided deplyd Airman w/lost ID; worked temp lodging w/joint unit/found ID--safeguarded mbr/security upheld
Hand-picked for 1st Sgt panel AMC Sq/CC/spouse orientation crs; provided insight--clarified role for AF ldrs
Drove Caring Hearts pgm; tm'd w/lcl church/distributed 2.2K food boxes worth $156K--300 to base families
Mentored EMDG change of cmd tm/passed guidon; experience/leadership polished event--lauded by Wg/CC
Synchronized AEF beddown; maxed available rooms/avoided rat infested tents--assured safety/quality of life
Augmented theater blood shipment ctr; shipped 1.4K units to 47 bases--guaranteed on-hand lifesaving resource
Instituted 1st ever EMDG running group; developed tng pln/led 5 in 1st half marathon; pushed deployed fitness
Briefed intoxicating substance use during CC call; conveyed consequences/career impact--enlightened 96 mbrs
Headed EMDG awd pgm; ran 5 cycles/guided 80 bd mbrs; recognized 25 top-notch Airman--unit pride soared
Implemented 1st Sgt shadowing pgm; recruited/mentored 4 SNCOs--set direction for future readiness enforcers
Governed intra-theater care pgm; solved patient prsnl issues during hospital stay--eased rehab/returned to duty
Phenomenal First Sergeant with robust leadership acumen; Airmen praised his service--make a SMSgt now!
Led CCs thru 4 discharges/2 Art 15s; offered solid legal direction/timely UCMJ discipline; drove quality force
Comforted family through child's death; contacted base support agencies & coordinated benefits--relieved grief
Exceptional servant leader; MDG's 2010 1st Sergeant of the Yr; exudes SMSgt attributes--promote this board!
Wrote Al Udeid contact lens policy; enforced no-wear std/stopped eye infections--upheld readiness for 12K
Coordinated no-notice dorm insp; employed 180 SNCOs/OSI/JAG for 396 rooms--averted K2/spice epidemic
Consummate professional/brilliant leader; significantly influenced installation resiliency--SMSgt immediately!
Restructured flt w/10% manning cut--realigned prsnl/solidified pgms/6 critical 4A1/4A2 psns/removed waste
Spearheaded off-site ldrshp meeting; vectored supervisors/NCOs & flt functions--8 elements inspection ready
Maximized ANG/AFRES 4-mo OJT pgm; AD liaison for 4A2 RC ldrs--10 psnl qualified/42% annual increase
Administered HQ $40M end-of-year bulk PMI buy; largest worldwide procurement--resupplied 5 AF PMI ctrs
Led MDG Top-3, 58 mbrs; executed monthly activities; raised $7K w/fundraisers--improved unit cohesiveness
Served as Gp PTL for 24 AOR arrivals w/failing PT score; led weekly review of pgm--18 passed in <90 days
Developed gapfill plan to spt 4A2 rotational dplymnts; earned 3 funded contract psn--sustained long-term msn
Reduced PMI backlog/surges; instituted RC 4A2s spt--resupplied AOR PMI centers; shaved wait time by 75%
Taught team motivation for 332 AEW professional dvlpmnt crs--enhanced 35 joint service officer/enlisted ldrs
Completed 8 credit hours for bachelor degree in business admin; 8 classes remaining--attained stellar 3.8 GPA
Championed recognition pgm; mentored flt ldrs/others rewarded--garnered 4 Sq/2 Gp/2 Wg/3 Cmd/2 AF awds
Led 332 AEW as primary EET for command & control function; 5AF/2 Army units/33 pts--EMDG msn ready
Participated in Iraqi Kids Day; tutored youth/cultivated cultural exchange--won 180+ children's hearts/minds
Exemplary SNCO; led Top-3/MDG ldrshp awd pgm, 40 pkgs/11 selection bds--don't wait, promote to CMSgt!
Gp Top-3 vice pres, led 2 Airmen/NCO sports day events; huge success--increased camaraderie 75 svc mbrs
Expeditionary Sq superintendent; created AOR professional development classes; expanded ability 101 prsnl
Outstanding leader/AFSA Chapter Vice Pres; pushed org goals to unprecedented levels--promote immediately!
Superbly led CAT; revamped processes & prepared sr ldrship tm w/4 OREs--tm chief "best wing in 40 insps!"
Orchestrated manning assistance to readiness flt; tm effort led to AMC Surg Gen Awd for Best Clinic of the Yr
#4 of 28 Wg SMSgts; incredible ldrship/mgr w/significant impact across installation--promote to CMSgt now!
Discovered inadequate tng with Contingency AE Staging Facility; AF formal crs added--eliminated OJT time
Revamped disaster tng; standardized slides/lesson plans for 27 tms--consolidated/reduced tng from 4 to 2 days
Created weekly dplymnt out-processing tracking database--MDG Leadership now w/real-time vis on deployers
Orchestrated biohazard exercise; ran cmd & control, led 7 disaster tms--objectives met w/zero discrepancies
Partnered w/University; adopted Combat Paper program in deployed site--aided wounded to share their stories
Organized Flt fitness improvement tm; competed base lvl championship--won most accumulated points per mbr
Sought just-in-time SORTS tng; gained knowledge; now alternate to pgm--no delays in submitting info to AMC
Organized SAFB Med Svc Corps/4A Recognition lunch; brought together 33 to celebrate heritage/camaraderie
Notre Dame Univ Exec Grad Ldrshp pgm certificate; learned conflict resolution & motivation skills--3.9 GPA
Am College of Healthcare Executives affiliate; mastered 80-hr med planning crs--applied strat skills to job
Gp Top III Treasurer; modified budget; created fundraiser plan w/in 2 wks of position--future events funded
Obtained Wing funding for shipment to home station--solved deployer equipment dilemma & financial burden
Reconciled sponsored mbr's family med record issue; liaison w/losing base & mbr--eased transition for family
Outstanding leader and manager; unwavering determination & dedication to the mission--promote to SMSgt!
Revamped exercise pgm; organized 86 events/4 yrs of tng w/proper documentation--Gp "Excellent" HSI rating
First on scene at house fire; activated 911; evacuated family of 4--potentially saved lives/further home damage
Infallible record, outstanding SNCO, zero discrepancies in 120+ deployed or tasked--promote to SMSgt now!
Expert prep of 48 MDG deployers for Wg insp; motivated tng/tracked to completion--375 Wg ORI "Excellent"
Air Show med coordinator w/lcl emerg resp tms; updated med C2 ops plan--180K patrons hlth/safety secured
Role-model ldr; hand-picked 375 AMW CINC Installation Excellence Award tm mbr--promote to SMSgt now!
Directed NM eqpmt upgrade; coord'd tng--increased imaging capabilities by 50%, saved $30K outsource fees
Flawless control of radiology disaster tm of 18 prsnl; 8 hrs tng completed improved tm rate from 55% to 100%
Authored DI patient assessment/reassessment OI; clarified procedures for 33 staff--full compliance w/new stds
Implemented 20 health physics protocols; enhanced radiation safety practices--SG physicist lauded as AF best
Oversaw Air Show booth; coord'd 31 prsnl/4 shifts over 18 hrs--provided safety/refreshments for 180K guests
Emceed Med Group promotion ceremony; read NCO Charge--executed time honor tradition for 150 attendees
Coord'd nuclear pharmaceutical storage; secured on-base locale exceeded NRC guidelines--MTF saved $24K
Increased Flt OJT capabilities; trained 2 technologists--doubled efficiency/reduced network expenses $40K+
Attended 7 accredited lectures; attained 24 education credit hrs--holds 2 nat'l registries, surpassed 65% AFSC
Earned 12 college credits with 3.65 GPA in Radiology Health BS--4 classes until completion, enrolled in 2
Organized 2 MDG Top 3 prof development courses--42 mbrs improved writing skills/learned career options
Mentored 150 JROTC cadets; facilitated tour/interviews for 8 duty sections--superbly mentored future AF ldrs
Accomplished 40 hr First Sgt's Symposium/shadowed 4 shirts; learned needed skills--academy date Aug 2011
Improved Flt's recognition pgm; efforts key to recognizing 18 deserving members excellence--promote now
President, Gp booster club; led 500 mbrs/12 mos/raised $7K toward yrly picnic/holiday party--lauded by all
Relentless Airmen's advocate; wrote/edited 7 awd pkgs; Flt earned 1 BTZ, 1 Gp, and 3 squadron qtr winners
Outstanding leader; MDOS SNCO of the Qtr (Apr-Jun 10) award win proof positive--promote to SMSgt now
Managed Flt Supt duties 6 weeks; secured 11th hr data request/$340K contract--averted 20% loss in manning
Inspected MDOS safety pgm; id'd/corrected 180 discrepencies--critical role in MDG "Excellent" HSI rating
Tremendous ldr molding today's Airmen for tomorrow's challenges; will be outstanding 1st Sgt--promote now!
MSgt a must!
Managed 100 medics as Gp 4N0X1 FM; validated UMD--realigned prsnl based on msn rqmt/dplymnt taskings
QAE over $640K in contract svcs; secured 8 addl civ med techs--backfilled deployers/averted work stoppage
Active Flight Patient Advocate; complete resolution for 312 customer concerns--slashed response time by 35%
Directed Med Svcs daily ops/supervised 23 staff within 6 specialty clinics--$420K in care/met business plan
Engaged chronic fitness failure w/diet/exercise solution; mbr lost 3 inches/50 lbs--salvaged 14 yr mil career
Organized 50 mile/$15K charity ride as Green Knights Chapter Sec--March of Dimes "Most Involved" Award
Flt Cost Ctr Mgr; eliminated redundancies/turned in 60 items for preventative mx--optimized $1M in resources
Oversaw surgical ops; sedation available to 74 providers in 450 invasive procedures--saved $250K referrals
1/30 selected for AF Nursing Sr Ldr Crs; engaged in svcs challenges--implemented strategic lvl mgmt to AFSC
Decon UTC team chief; maintained tng 100%/validated critical skill comprehension--19 mbrs deployment rdy
ID'd 2 critical RN shortfalls in '12 UMD to AFMOA--rectified manning fix/defended clinic surgical svcs msn
Gp Annual Awds Master of Ceremonies--recognized 26; donated 8 hrs to clean/repair local elementary school
After-hrs Code Blue responder; operated defibrillator/assisted ambulance tm--administered advanced lvl care
Tremendous leader who shaped a Showcase Flight--select for ALS Cmdt and promote to SMSgt immediately!
MDG Top 3 Pres; proj'd annual budget/24 events in 1st 60 days--expanded prof development tng for 618 prsnl
Coord'd mil & civ regional med coverage during MARE--prepped 80 disaster tm mbrs for Air Show response
Superb mentor/role model & outstanding 4N0 Functional Mgr; captured Sq SNCO of Qtr '11--promote at once!
Asst Clinical Dir for Scott AFB Air Show '10; prep'd 400 medics--flawless emer response for 180K attendees
Wingman Day facilitator; led grp interactive discussions--advanced perspective on mental/physical well being
Phenom SNCO; her std of excellence helped lead Gp to selection as Best AMC Clinic '10--SMSgt this board!
Steered Sq EPR/dec pgm; guided timeliness/enforced effective writing--on-time rate 5% above Wg standard
Recruited 6 med techs to critical/short notice positions--built stable career field/enabled sub-specialty staffing
Tracked readiness training for 156 staff/6K items; achieved amazing 99% currency rate--mission ready medics
Conducted SAV at 2 remote locations; helped create Site Support Plans--established effective base operations
Created Flt Chief's "murder board" for 1206 pkgs; improved writing skills--MDG/Wg win rate soared by 20%
Oversaw 19 cost centers/$563K budget as MDOS Resource Advisor; fiscal spending on target/best in the Gp
Managed Defense Travel Sys vouchers/authorizations; scrutinized/approved 103 entries--zero discrepancies
Active mbr in local VFW/American Legion/Chief's Grp; vol'd 50 hrs--excellent AF ambassador in community
Completed BA in Business/Health Care Management; ready for Gp/Wg/MAJCOM/AF lvl ldrshp opportunities
Filled 100% AETC class seats allotted for 4N0s in AMC; built strong skills set--postured Airmen for success
Took lead as entertainment comm chair at Exec Ldrship Symposium; 800 prsnl--accolades by AF Chief Nurse
Pulled tm together; org'd Wg Commander's Challenge run--elevated spirit of competition for 300 participants
Panel member for FTAC & Nurse/Tech Week briefing--afforded Senior level guidance on current AF issues
Incredible leader/mentor; tm captured 1 BTZ/4 Wg quarterly/4 ALS awds/2 Gp annual winners--Gp Supt now!
Mentored next MDG 4N0 Functional Mgr; highlighted position/UMD rqmts--postured Group for CUI success
Tracked SABC Tier II trng for 94K AMC members; educated monitors on new pgm--ensured force readiness
Outstanding leader; set NCO accountability goals and gained results; key to Group's AMC Clinic of the Yr awd
Realigned mis-matched AFSC at three hard-to-fill AMC facilities; allocated manning--clinic prod enhanced
Collaborated w/ AFMOA on validation of product line/4N0 manning--devised AF 4N0 long-term staffing plan
Exceptional mentor; sought out for advice across career field and Wing; set up future AF leaders for success
De-escalated deadly situation; coord'd w/sq supt, on-call provider on "missing" pt; averted in-progress suicide
Strategized/executed Flt daily ops; managed 41 across 4 elements; 75% of enlisted pursuing higher ed/degrees
Guided pre-deployment brain injury screening pgm; increased cbt readiness/mitigated trauma for 753 Airmen
Rectified critical safety concern; ensured full duress sys installed/rewrote OI; achieved 100% HSI compliance
Perfectly mng'd $25K budget, zero errors/modified flt workspace--increased safety/office availability up 20%
ID'd huge drug testing pgm oversight; ensuing SAV eliminated sr ofcr over-testing--saved $21.5K/842 man-hrs
Directed move of $10K computer/telephone items; improved work space efficiency/privacy--optimized pt care
Handselected for key audit; verified 4 clinic's controlled drugs; accounted for $32K MDG assets/met gov't stds
Chaired Professional Dvlpment cmte; created key topic luncheons; 180 educated on vital enlisted/CGO issues
By-name request; taught three NCO/SNCO SAFB Prof Enhancement courses; 58 mbrs gained vital ldrshp skills
MDG Top 3 dynamo; sq qtrly board mbr/active in 4 fundraisers/netted $5.6K; ensure viability of morale pgms
Mentored Flt; career mapping plan led to 2 BTZ/1 Levitow/1 DG/1 AMC AFMS/8 Sq qtrly/2 Gp annual awds
Led MDG air show food booth; organized 48 person schedule--served $12K in concessions; profited $2.4K
Superb leader who exceeds highest expectations; Sq SNCO for 4th qtr; tremendous Alt Sq Supt--SMSgt ASAP!
Unyielding ldrship as addl duty 1st Sgt for 350 mbrs; resolved 4 prsnl/admin issues; kept all cylinders running
MDG Project Officer for AFAF; flawlessly led 5 mbr tm/549 prsnl reached; raised $10K/beat Gp goal by 10%
#2/10 Sq MSgts; phenomenal mentor/tm builder; excelled as alternate Sq Supt/4 wks--make her a SMSgt now!
Wingman Day facilitator; led CGO & S/NCO forums--20 devised goals/enhanced mental & physical wellness
Served as Med Incident Investigator; results led to Mil OneSource/pt hand-off policy change--AF-wide impact
#15/175 Wg MSgts; amazing ldrshp led to AMC 2010 Clinic/AF Behavioral Health Tm/Yr--SMSgt this board!
Implemented 2569/Notice of Privacy Practices pgm; coord'd Gp/insp requirements--100% & 90% compliant
Managed DHMRSi; tracked 46 timecards/resolved mbrs issues--captured Flt workload, 100% on time to Gp
Stepped up & moulaged 90 members during 2 Wg readiness ex--medics equipped to respond to mass casualty
Master patient advocate; resolved 32 concerns with compassion at Flt level--customer approval rate over 98%
Instituted 2766 policy; streamlined process/saved 7 hours wkly--increased efficiency & quality of patient care
First responder to off-duty emer; prov init'l care to 2 pts/assisted EMS crew--stabilized/averted further injury
ID'd critical security flaw in GSU; worked with Safety Officer, procured alarm system--safeguarded 130 prsnl
Polished check-in process; won most improved 2569/TPC program--garnered $600 Gp awd for Flt March '10
Attended 3-day EMT Emer Mgmt Conference; earned 48 CEUs--solidified chemical & biological awareness
Supervised school physicals; screened 208 pts/120+ shots in 2 days--parents praised svc; 98% in/out in <1 hr
Volunteered 24 hrs for Meals on Wheels; delivered to 120 homes; brought meals/companionship to local needy
Top 3 mbr; coord'd Bagel Cart for GSU, worked 4 promotion ceremonies/coord'd 1/Cards game--raised $800
Worked 5 hrs at SAFB Autism Spt Gp booth; raised $2K/GS co-Leader for 10--bolstered community relations
Secured airway/safeguarded 90K attendees at Scott '10 Air Show; supported wing mission--promote to SMSgt
Conducted mil resident physician orientation for 8--discussed customs/courtesies/readied new ofcrs to lead
Updated MCRP; outlined GSU FPCON and Shelter-in-Place limitations--insp findings corrected/fwd'd to Wg
Coord'd base paper article; highlighted unique clinical msn/community residency; pos AF publicity--promote!
Deployed to Operation Unified Response; led 136-patient transfer/safeguarded $403K in transport resources
Key to AMC MASF video design; benchmarked by AMC Dep SG; vital CBT training for 29 total force teams
Stellar ldr; planned MASF AE demo for 40 NATO Air Ch's--enhanced int'l disaster resp; promote to SMSgt!
Responded to civ suicide in mil mbr's household; extended immediate assistance--secured family counseling
ID'd travel benefits for 2 Airmen needing med care; coord'd w/resource office to dispense $4K in entitlements
Led sq mbrs in Operation Warmheart; helped raise >$12K in donations--procured $625/gifts for units' families
Ended yr long stalking situation; worked w/police to arrest abusive spouse; demeanor improved significantly
Removed 4 Amn from volatile domestic setting--delivered counseling, funds, temp housing to distressed mbrs
Aided/coached Airman in financial trouble; recovered $700 in bank fees/$2K in unpaid salary/< GTC overdue
Cautioned/advised 2 mbrs in crisis; suicides averted--imparted tools for successful transition to civilian life
Took lead in resolving travel card delinquencies of 85 Airmen; enforced payment of $74K in charges w/in Gp
Earned 3 semester hrs toward Bachelor's of Science degree in Computer Science--achieved GPA with 4.0 goal
Educated 15 mbrs in Enlisted Force Structure/15 first-term Amn in standards of discipline--molded future ldrs
Spearheaded Adopt-a-Highway project--collected 1.1K lbs trash; delivered H20 to 300 Amn during Air Expo
Advised Addl duty First Sergeants w/domestic/suicidal cases--Facilitated resolution w/family/Sq/support orgs
Mentored supervisors of 3 troubled Airmen; developed improvement plan, drastic turnaround--careers saved!
Ldrshp pushed Sq to 3 Gp/1 Wg qrtly/annual awds & 1 John Levitow/1 DG ALS awds & 1 BTZ; SMSgt now!
Signaled AFI deficiency at pretrial confinement facility; tracked fix--fitness eqmt available for future detainees
Revitalized dormant dependant care program; corrected 34 errors w/21 plans; 100% dplymt ready/up from 0%
Narrated Wing/Base quarterly awards--led MDG formation at 375 AMW Change of Command--promote now!
Mob guru; CSPTS/CC request to organize Sq ORI prep; zero unit discrepancies--vital to Wg "Excellent" rating
Emceed inaugural tm Scott suicide Prevention field Day--set CAF foundation/momentum for base/500+ prsnl
Ldr by example; elicits outstanding results from all Amn; efforts earned '10 AMC MTF Clinic/Yr; SMSgt now!
Interim Med Svcs Flt Ch for 8 wks; provided clinical mgmt for 5 elements/22 enlisted/civ prsnl--sustained ops
Simultaneously led IMC/spt'd largest PCM tm--maintained appt access >90%/customer satisfaction rate 98%
Directed IMC move plan; coord'd placement of $110K in furniture/eqpmt/supplies--fully operational in 24 hrs
Flt Ch busiest ICW in AOR; led 30 prsnl/enabled 1.6K admits/moved 880 AE pts--tm coined 2x by ISAF CC
Led Infection Cntl effort; terminally cleaned 6 bays/133 eqpmt items--contained bacterial outbreak w/in 26 hrs
Organized 3 man tm for base "Amazing Race"; finished 8 physical challenges in <2 hrs--inspired camaraderie
Implimented mass casualty pln; converted ward to 8 bed Pediatric unit--increased space by 50%/treated 11 pts
Inventoried $500K supply surplus; reallocated 279 medical items/eqpmt to FOBs--saved $46K in reach back
Attended 6 hr "Developing the Ldr Within" seminar--sharpened ldrshp knowledge/mentored 9 NCOs/6 Airman
Accomplished 2d QAP course; liaison for 2 medics--addressed/resolved issues for GWOT contracts >$300K
Assimilated 7 competency assessment folders--rectified 21 compliance errors in <48 hrs--100% insp prepared
Orchestrated readiness skills rodeo; completed 26 competencies/certd 16 technicians--eradicated deficiencies
Overhauled IME templates; scrutinized gaps during provider shortfall--optimized access to 114% per provider
Seized 200+ hrs of Post Anesthesia Care Unit skills; recovered 116 surg pts; immediately ready for promotion
Launched CGM pgm; 1 of 2 MDG specialists; placed 12 monitors/abated 6 mo backlog; saved $3K in referrals
Revamped 4N tng pgm; converted 7 records/master tng pln to electronic sys; key to Gp's HSI "Excellent" rating
Directed efficient use of $1.2M in eqpmt/$400K budget for 5 section; fiscal goals on target; definitely promote
SNCO Performer of the Month/455th EMDOS/EMDG; led 25 mbrs to Team of the Mo win--lauded by POTUS
455th AEW Top 3 Secretary; coord'd cbt stress brief w/17 SNCOs--amassed 11 volunteer hours/raised $325
Talented ldr; improved 5 clinic processes; led to MDG selection as AMC Clinic o/t Yr '10--promote to SMSgt
Instituted AF/SGD Tm Dentistry concept; availed 60 addl appts monthly--led to $7.3M in dental care/27K pts
Revised broken appt pgm; directed new procedures/no-show rate down 44%--saved AF $73K in lost services
Secured 4 AFRES/ANG members; provided required tng/met 5 skill level rqmts--bolstered clinic staffing 30%
Procured $85K civ dental hygienist contract; meticulously accounted for 1.9K man hrs--filled critical shortfall
Oversaw unit's med readiness; tracked/documented CBT/hands-on tng--100% of 53 AD mbrs completed rqmts
Chaired Sq Social Committee; organized 6 fundraisers/raised $2.5K for 5 events--improved morale of 74 mbrs
Directed Red Cross Vol pgm; oversaw 5 mbrs' wkly tng/work assignments--saved 5K man hrs/$79K in wages
Helmed MDG Top 3 fundraiser/10 mbrs; organized school physical lunch sale--raised $900 for morale events
Selected by Dental Corps to attend executive crs/40 hrs; enhanced med ldrshp knowledge--earned 14 CME hrs
Attended 3 Christian seminars/mtgs, 16 hrs--utilized spiritual insight to defuse conflicts/assisted mbrs in need
Coached tackle football, 24 youth/127 hrs; taught blocking/tackling technique--instilled tmwork/sportsmanship
Coached MDG's intramural volleyball tm/15 mbrs; taught winning tm offense strategies--inspired camaraderie
Devoted 98 hrs towards local church remodel; renovated sanctuary/storage room--saved congregation $12.5K
Outstanding leader in a dynamic squadron; significantly enhanced operations--promote to Chief immediately!
Led Sq recognition board/6 mbrs; authored 20 submissions--culminated in 5 MDG/2 Wg/4 AMC awd winners
Medic volunteer for base air show; augmented first-aid station/320 pts treated--safe event for 186K attendees
Superior leadership/exceptional performer; nucleus to "high" morale within the dental Sq--promote to CMSgt!
Reduced non-deployable pts to 1.5%, beat AF std by 3.5%; raised Class 1 rate to 70%--exceeded AF goal 5%
Directed Sq pt satisfaction pgm; achieved 97% rate, #1 in AMC; key to AMC Surg Gen Best Clinic o/t Yr awd
Tremendous leader; made a huge impact on Tm Scott dental readiness platform--promote to CMSgt this board!
Improved efficiency; revised schedules for 28 providers--led to 97% pt satisfaction rate/4% above DoD goal
Filled staffing shortfall; managed Spt Flt & Logistics/3 mos--exceeded AF's access to care standard by 8 days
Revised Red Cross tng pgm; enabled 3 dentists to have an extra assistant for 2d rm--added 209 appts monthly
Led Residency Flt/4 mos; coord'd 12 educators/6 residents in nat'ly accredited pgm--$6M tng rqmts completed
Mentored 84 ALS students; key speaker during SNCO Q&A sessions--provided insight on ldrshp expectations
Facilitated 4-day Pharmacy AFSO21 event; 16 courses of action ID'd/implemented--$600K+ returned to DoD
Supervised $493K yrly budget; validated mo'ly allocation/expenditures--kept 21 dentists/53 techs operational
Organized 4 major & 9 minor building modifications/$1.2M in renovations--achieved state-of-the-art facility
Completed 3 crs's/32 weeks/9 semester hours w/Villanova--grad'd prestigious Lean Six Sigma Black Belt pgm
Instructed Dental Ldrshp Crs; taught Forecast Demand/Build Capacity process--equipped 42 future dental ldrs
Provided readiness skills verification tng; taught 45 tasks to 3 UTC pkgs/6 personnel--teams deployment ready
Capitalized on bullet writing skills; reviewed/modified submissions--led to 3 AMC/1 Wg/2 Gp award winners
Sq Executive mbr; advised on clinical issues/strategic planning/goals--led to unit's "Outstanding" 93 HSI score
Multitalented SNCO w/unlimited ldrshp; select to lead a large clinic/superintendent--promote without a doubt!
Chaired AFSO21 dental Class 4 initiative/ID'd 13 deficiencies--geographic separated unit rate improved 17%
Established forensic tng w/St. Louis Med Examiner; 9 prsnl taught/equipped--AF's 1st 4Y0X1 mil-civ tng pgm
Superior NCO; excelled in all functions of squadron management; superintendent next--promote immediately!
Facilitated 24-hr ops in support of Wg ORI; 14 short notice exams achieved--aided Wg "Excellent" ORI rating
Key to Wg's process improvements; achieved AFSO21 Green Belt certification--1st active duty in 375 AMW
Leader across our installation making a huge difference; Base Top 3/Sgt at Arms--promote him to SMSgt now!

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