General Conditions Worksheet by xiagong0815


									                                                     Store Name
                                                        and #
Best Buy Co., Inc.

A. Engineering and Testing
A1. Field Eng/Proj Layout (incl bldg corners)
A2. Testing Laboratories
                                            Totals         $0.00
B. General Requirements
B1. Best Buy Project Signage
B2. Contractor Signage (not reimbursable)
B3. Printing (Plans & Specifications)
B4. Rent Equip (spec trades equip chgd to CSI
B5. Project scheduling
                                            Totals         $0.00
C. Site Administration
C1. Superintendent
C2. Reimbursable Travel and Subsistence
C3. Other
                                            Totals         $0.00
D. Temporary Facilities
D1. Temporary Utilities
 a. Winter Protection
 b. Temporary Enclosure
 c. Temporary Heat
 d. Hook-up Charges
 e. Electrical
 f. Water
 g. Dewatering
                                            Totals         $0.00
D2. Field Office
 a. Office Trailer
 b. Office Furniture
 c. Telephone Equipment (Land Lines) & Charges
 d. Walkie Talkies/Repairs
 e. Copiers & Supplies
 f. Fax Machine, Supplies & Charges
 g. Water, Coffee, Ice
 h. Office Supplies
 I. Mail & Shipping
 j. UPS Charges
 k. Sanitary Facilities
 l. Film/Developing
 j. Web Cams
                                            Totals         $0.00
D3. Storage
a. Containers/Storage Trailers/Forklift
b. Tents/Fences
                                          Totals   $0.00
D4. Temporary Roads                                $0.00

D5. Snow Removal                                   $0.00

D6. Security, Protection & Safety
a. Traffic Control
b. First Aid
c. Barricades
d. Dust & Noise Control
e. Staging Area Fence
f. Security Guards
g. Temporary Alarms
                                          Totals   $0.00
D7. Clean-Up
a. On-Going (Building & Site)
b. Final
c. Dumpsters
                                          Totals   $0.00

Total Temporary Facilities (D1.-D7.)               $0.00

Total General Conditions                           $0.00

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