Mammals Notes Questions by xiagong0815


									                   Mammals Notes Questions
1. How many species of mammals are there?
2. What are the most dominant land animals on earth?
3. When were early mammals active?
4. Did they compete with dinosaurs?
5. Were there many mammals during the Mesozoic Era?
6. What Era is known as “The Age of the Mammals”?
7. What animals have both mammalian and reptilian characteristics?
8. When were the earliest mammalian fossils found?
9. What are the 9 major mammalian characteristics?
10.What two features distinguish them from all other vertebrates?
11.How many orders of mammals are there?
12.How many of these lay eggs?
13.What percent of all mammals do not nourish there unborn young in the
14.How are species in the order Monotremata different than other mammals?
15.What are the species in the order Monotremata?
16.How are Marsupials different from other mammals?
17.Where are Marsupials found?
18.What are the two types of marsupials found in the Americas?
19.How are they doing as compared to placental mammals?
20.What are the major characteristics of placental mammals?
21.List all of the orders of placental mammals discussed and at least 3 to 5
   facts about each one.

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