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									Support Access
to Health Care?
Protect conscience rights.
Catholic Organizations Respond to HHS “Preventive Services” Mandate
We, the undersigned, strongly support access to life-affirming health care for all, and the ability of secular and
religious groups and individuals to provide and receive such care. That is why we have raised objections to a
rule issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services forcing almost all private health plans to
cover sterilization procedures and contraceptive drugs, including drugs that may cause an early abortion.

As written, the rule will force Catholic organizations that play a vital role in providing health care and other
needed services either to violate their conscience or severely curtail those services. This would harm both
religious freedom and access to health care.

The HHS mandate puts many faith-based organizations and individuals in an untenable position. But it also
harms society as a whole, by undermining a long American tradition of respect for religious liberty and
freedom of conscience. In a pluralistic society, our health care system should respect the religious and ethical
convictions of all. We ask Congress, the Administration, and our fellow Americans to acknowledge this truth
and work with us to reform the law accordingly.

Please note: This list continues to expand as new names are received. {Thursday, January 26, 2012}

Jason Adkins                       Carl A. Anderson               Jodi Atkinson                      Sr. Ann Bartko, OSC
Executive Director                 Supreme Knight                 President/CEO                      Abbess
Minnesota Catholic Conference      Knights of Columbus            St. Andrews Health Center          Poor Clares

Karl P. Adler, MD                  Tony Aretz, PhD                Rev. Thomas Au                     Shelly Bauer
Archbishop's Delegate for Health   President                      Superintendent                     Principal
Care                               College of Mount St. Joseph    St. John the Baptist School        New Ulm Area Catholic Schools
Archdiocese of New York
                                   Debbie Armstrong               Howard Avril                       Rev. William Beauchamp,
Louis J. Agnese, Jr, PhD           Principal                      Principal                          CSC
President                          St. Jude School                St. Helen School                   President
University of the Incarnate Word                                                                     University of Portland
                                   Rick Arnold                    Sr. Marjorie Ann Baez, DC
Robert B. Aguirre                  State Deputy                   Chairman of the Board, Visiatrix   Rev. Michael Becker
President                          Knights of Columbus            Daughters of Charity Health        Rector
Catholic Association                                              System                             St. John Vianney College
of Latino Leaders                  Kay & Lonnie Arrington                                            Seminary
                                   Section Representatives        Andy Bagnall
Rev. Philip A. Altavilla, VG       Equestrian Order of the Holy   President/CEO                      Shawn Bender, FCCP
National President                 Sepulchre of Jerusalem         St. Nicholas Hospital              Co-Director
Slovak Catholic Federation                                                                           Holy Family Center for Life
                                   Mercedes Arzu Wilson           Msgr. Liam Barr
Aaron K. Alton                     President/Founder              Superintendent                     Larry Bernhardt
President/CEO                      Family of the Americas         St. Joseph School                  Executive Director
SMP Health Care System             Foundation                                                        Catholic Charities North Dakota
John Bertini                          Lee Boyles                         Joe Cieply                          Mother M. Regina Pacis
Chairman of Board of Directors        Adminstrator                       National Director Men's Section     Coury, FSGM
St. Joseph Medical Center             Oakes Community Hospital           Support                             Provincial Superior
                                                                         Local Coordinator of Apostolate -   Sisters of St. Francis of the
Rev. James W. Bessert                 Sr. Joanna Buckley, ISSM           Ohio Valley Region                  Martyr St. George
Diocesan Chaplain                     Provincial Superior                Regnum Christi
Knights of Columbus                   Secular Institute of the                                               Sr. Mary Christine Cremin
                                      Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary        Roxie Cieply                        Superior
F. DeKarlos Blackmon,                                                    Women's Section Leader              Religious Sisters of Mercy of
OblSB                                 Sr. Therese Buckley, ISSM          Regnum Christi                      Alma - Knoxville Community
Supreme Knight/CEO                    Principal
Knights of Peter Claver               John Ireland Catholic School       Dr. Paul Cieslak                    Robert E. Crotty, Esq
                                                                         President                           President
Bill Blanke, MD                       Mother Mary of the Angels          Portland Guild of Catholic          The Guild of Catholic Lawyers of
Family Physician and NFP              Bunty, SR                          Medical Association                 the Archdiocese of New York
Medical Consultant                    Superior
Integrity Family Physicians           Sisters of Reparation of the       Richard Clements                    William J. Cox
                                      Sacred Wounds of Jesus             President                           President/CEO
Steven E. Bogus                                                          Serra Club                          Alliance of Catholic Health Care
Executive Director
                                      Timothy N. Burchill
Catholic Charities of Louisville,                                        Joan Coffman                        Rev. Mark T. Cregan, CSC
Inc.                                                                     President/CEO                       President
                                      Ave Maria Village
                                                                         St. Joseph’s Hospital               Stonehill College
Sr. Linda Marie Bolinski,
                                      Rev. Msgr. Paul J.E. Burkard
SSCM                                  Pastor                             Ray Cole                            Christopher Dadlez
General Superior                      Our Lady of Victory Shrine         Grand Knight                        President/CEO
Sisters of Saints Cyril and                                              Knights of Columbus Council         Saint Francis Hospital and
Methodius                                                                4842                                Medical Center
                                      Very Rev. John Byrnes, JCL
Kol Bonna                             Bishop Carroll Catholic High       Rev. Gerald D. Coleman, SS          John Damiani, DO
President                             School                             Vice President, Corporate Ethics    President
Catholic Charities of the                                                Daughters of Charity Health         Christus Medicus Foundation
Archdiocese of Galveston-                                                System
                                      Davide M. Carbone, FACHE
Houston                                                                                                      Bruce Davidson
                                      St. Mary’s Medical Center          Teresa S. Collett                   President/CEO
Rev. Kenneth Borowiak                                                    Professor of Law, University of     Rosewood on Broadway
Superintendent                                                           St. Thomas School of Law
                                      Mother M. Jennifer Carroll
St. Michael School                                                       Director, Prolife Center at the
                                      Superior General                                                       Barbara Q. Decker
                                      Daughters of Mary of the           University of St. Thomas (MN)       President
Br. Francis Boylan, CSC               Immaculate Conception                                                  Mercy College of Health Sciences
Executive Director                                                       Sr. Therese Collison, SSND
Holy Cross Children's Services                                           Principal
                                      William Carroll, PhD                                                   Dr. Jerry Deegan
                                      President                          John Ireland Catholic School        President
William Brazier                       Benedictine University                                                 Dowling Catholic High School
Executive Director                                                       Tom Conklin
Society of Saint Vincent de Paul -                                       Executive Director
                                      Christiane Chagnon                                                     Faye Deich
Detroit Council                                                          Catholic Family Services –
                                      International Regent                                                   Interim President/CEO
                                      Daughters of Isabella              Saginaw                             Sacred Heart Hospital
Steve Bresnahan
Executive Director                                                       Michael D. Connelly
                                      Tom Chapman                                                            Rev. Patrick D. Delahanty
Catholic Charities - Diocese of St.                                      President/CEO
                                      Executive Director                                                     Executive Director
Cloud                                                                    Catholic Health Partners
                                      Iowa Catholic Conference                                               Catholic Conference of Kentucky
Rev. Gary Brethour                                                       Joe Connolly
                                      Sr. Donna Marie Chartraw,                                              Gordon C. DeMarais
Superintendent                                                           President
St. Patrick School                    OSB                                                                    Founder & Executive Director
                                      Prioress                           Saint Albert Catholic School        Saint Paul's Outreach
                                      Benedictine Sisters of Mt. Angel
Joe Brettnacher                                                          Rev. Brian Connor
Principal                                                                                                    Rev. Douglas Dietrich
                                      Arturo Chavez, PhD                 Superintendent                      Superintendent
Central Catholic Junior-Senior                                           North American Martyrs School
High School                           President/CEO                                                          St. Mary School
                                      Mexican American Catholic
                                      College                            Lisa Cook, FCCP                     Rev. Domenico DiRaimondo,
Sr. Helen Jean Brinkman, FSE
                                                                         Co-Director                         MSPS
Local Superior
                                      Rev. Michael Christensen           Holy Family Center for Life         Provincial Superior
Franciscan Sisters of the
Eucharist                             Superintendent                                                         Missionaries of the Holy Spirit
                                      St. Peter School                   Dr. Michael Coury
Rev. Thomas Brouillette                                                                                      Mariann Doeling, RN
                                      Craig Christianson                 Pope John Paul II High School
Superintendent                                                                                               Administrator
St. Cecilia Junior and High           President/CEO                                                          Carrington Health Center
School, St. Michael School            Sheyenne Care Center
Sr. Jacquelyn Doepker, OSF      Marianne Evans Mount,            Karen Gabbert                      John Grahm
Community Minister              PhD                              Administrator                      President/CEO
Sisters of Saint Francis        President                        St. Gerard’s Community Nursing     St. Mary’s of Michigan
                                Catholic Distance University     Home
Kathleen Donnellan                                                                                  Sr. Maria Fidelis Gray, OP
Chief Executive Officer         Amy Falk                         Br. James Gaffney                  Principal
Catholic Charities of           Executive Director               President                          Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School
Southwestern Ohio               Caritas Clinics, Inc.            Lewis University
                                                                                                    Sr. Kathy Green, RSM
Mother Agnes Mary               Dr. Angela Farmer                Michael Galligan-Stierle,          President
Donovan, SV                     Director                         PhD                                Sisters of Mercy
Superior General                St. Mary School System           President /CEO
Sisters of Life                 Diocese of Owensboro             Association of Catholic Colleges   Eric A. Gregory
                                                                 and Universities                   President
Sr. Dianne Doughty, OSC         Nancy Farnham                                                       St. Thomas More Society of
Abbess                          CEO                              Mary Gangelhoff                    the Diocese of Richmond
Franciscan Poor Clare Nuns      Maryhill Manor                   Principal
                                                                 St. Mary Elementary School         Rev. Loras Grell
Donald Drake                    Lawrence M. Fehrenbach                                              Superintendent
Lieutenant, Northern            President                        Sr. Marcella Marie Garus,          Sacred Heart School
Lieutenancy                     Catholic Kolping Society         CSSF
Equestrian Order of the Holy    Cincinnati                       President                          Steve Grinnell
Sepulchre of Jerusalem                                           Villa Maria College                CEO
                                Pietro Ferrari                                                      Lourdes Hospital
David Dries, MD                 Executive Director               John Garvey, JD
Assistant Medical Director,     Catholic Charities               President                          Ken Groya
Professor of Surgery &                                           The Catholic University            Director
Anesthesiology                  Dr. Joseph Finley, Jr.           of America                         Catholic Cemeteries
HealthPartners Medical Group    Principal
                                St. Mark School                  Robert Genelin                     Dr. Ray Gruby
Rev. Peter J. Drilling, ThD                                      Grand Knight                       President
President/Rector                Ambassador Raymond Flynn         Knights of Columbus Council        Bismarck Catholic Physicians
Christ the King Seminary        Former Mayor of Boston           1509                               Guild

Abbot Gregory Duerr, OSB        Thomas Flynn, PhD                Michael Gerard                     John M. Haas, PhD, STL
Abbot                           President                        Principal                          President
Benedictine Monks               Alvernia University              St. Thomas Catholic School         National Catholic Bioethics
Sr. Karin Dufault, SP           Scott Foss                       Sheila Gilbert
Provincial Superior             Administrator                    President                          Lee Hall
Sisters of Providence           Benedictine Living Center of     National Council of the U.S.       President
                                Garrison                         Society of St. Vincent de Paul     Legatus, Lexington Chapter
Rev. Thomas Dunavan
Superintendent                  Matthew Fox                      Ambassador Mary Ann                Sr. Maureen Hall
St. Andrew School               President/CEO                    Glendon                            Community Director
                                Alexian Village of Tennessee     Learned Hand Professor of Law      Sisters of Charity of
                                                                 Harvard University                 Leavenworth, Kansas
Sr. Diana Lynn Eckel, OSF
Congregational Minister         Sr. Donna Franklin, DC
Sisters of St. Francis of the   Diocesan Director                Larry Glugosh                      Ken Hackett
Congregation of Our Lady of     Catholic Charities               Supreme President                  President
Lourdes                                                          Slovak Catholic Sokol              Catholic Relief Services
                                Jon Frantsvog
                                Administrator/CEO                Christopher Godfrey, JD            Rose Anne Hallgren
Pauline Economon, RN, MSN
                                St. Benedict’s Health Center &   President                          President
Executive Director
                                Benedict Court                   Life Athletes, Inc.                Archdiocesan Council of Catholic
FirstChoice Clinic
                                Rev. Al Fritsch, SJ              Sheila Gomez
Sue Ek                          Director                         Executive Director                 Tony C. Hanson
Executive Director              Earth Healing Inc.               Catholic Charities - Palm Beach    Administrator/CEO
Billings Ovulation Method
                                                                                                    Prince of Peace Care Center
Association - USA
                                Tim Fuetsch                      Rev. Christopher Goodwin
                                Principal                        Superintendent                     Sr. Kristine Harpenau, OSB
James F. Ennis                  Our Lady of the Snows School     St. John Nepomucene                Prioress
Executive Director
                                                                                                    Sisters of St. Benedict
National Catholic Rural Life
                                Rose Fuller                      Sr. Andrea Marie Graham,
                                Executive Director               OP                                 Jack Harris
                                Northwest Family Services        Superior                           Faithful Navigator
Robert Erickson
                                                                 Oak Ridge Dominican                Knights of Columbus Assembly
                                                                 Community                          612
St. Francis Health Center
Rev. Matthew Hartley               Rev. Larry Hostetter              Patty Johnson                        William Kirsch, MD, PC
Administrator                      President                         President                            Trustee
St. Peter Catholic Parish          Brescia University                National Council                     Bishop Guilfoyle Catholic High
                                                                     of Catholic Women                    School
Stephen Hasenohrl                  Richard Houck
Grand Knight                       President                         Vince Johnson                        Sr. Jane Marie Klein, OSF
Knights of Columbus Council        Catholic Defense League           President                            Chairperson of the Board
1489                                                                 Society of Saint Vincent de Paul -   Franciscan Alliance, Inc.
                                   Andrew Houvouras                  Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown
Steven Hauer                       Principal                                                              Mark Klosterman
Grand Knight                       St. Clare School                  Walter S. Johnson, MD                President/CEO
Knights of Columbus Council                                          President                            St. Joseph’s Hospital
1841                               Br. John Howard, CFA              Fargo Guild of the Catholic
                                   Community Director                Medical Association                  Theresa Kluchinski
Kenneth Heinen                     Community of Alexian Brothers                                          National President
Grand Knight                                                         Jean Johnstone                       Ladies Pennsylvania Slovak
Knights of Columbus Council                                          Executive Director                   Catholic Union
                                   David Huber
13529                                                                Catholic Charities - Diocese of
                                   Catholic Order of Foresters       Altoona-Johnstown                    Sr. Evelyn Korenek, IWBS
Robert C. Helmer, JD, PhD                                                                                 General Superior
President                                                            Michael P. Jones                     Sisters of the Incarnate Word
                                   John J. Hurley
Lourdes University                                                   Vice President, General Manager      and Blessed Sacrament
                                   Canisius College                  Ave Maria Radio
David A. Helmstetter                                                                                      Al Kresta
State Deputy                                                         Dr. James Joyce                      Chairman, President/CEO
                                   Paul B. Hurley, Jr., PhD
Ohio Knights of Columbus                                             President                            Ave Maria Radio
                                   Trocaire College                  New Ulm Guild of the Catholic
The Very Rev. Larry J.                                               Medical Association                  Sr. Elise Kriss, OSF
Hemmelgarn, CPPS                   William D. Huston                                                      President
Provincial Director                President                         Rev. Brian Kane                      University of Saint Francis
Missionaries of the Precious       St. Catharine College             Superintendent
Blood                                                                Bishop Neumann Jr/ Sr High           Sr. Rose Marie Kujawa
                                                                     School                               President/CEO
                                   Robert Issai
Jan R. Hemstad, MD                 President/CEO                                                          Madonna University
President                          Daughters of Charity Health       Kevin Kast
Catholic Medical Association       System                            President/CEO                        Leslie Kuhlman
                                                                     St. Mary’s Hospital                  Executive Director
Sr. Charlene Herinckx, SSMO        Mary Pat Jahner                                                        Ruah Woods/Theology of the
Superior General                   Director                          Rev. Fausto Kauerenge                Body Center
Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon      St. Gianna’s Maternity Home       Chaplain
                                                                     Memorial Health Care System          Alvin Kulcak
Cheryl A. Hettman, PhD, RN         Evan W. James                                                          Diocesan Deputy - Victoria
President                          Student Officer                   J. Patrick Kearns                    Knights of Columbus
National Association of Catholic   University of Minnesota Medical   President
Nurses                             School - Catholic Medical         Legatus Northern Virginia            Sr. Carol Jean Kuntz, SMP
                                   Association Student Group         Chapter                              Provincial
Keith E. Heuser, FACHE,                                                                                   Sisters of Mary of the
CNHA, FACHCA                       Tammy A. Jangula                  Jerome Kearns                        Presentation
Administrator                      Administrator                     Executive Director
Mercy Hospital of Valley City      Manor St. Joseph                  Our Sunday Visitor Institute         Linda Lambert
Rev. Richard Hockman, CSC          Rev. John Jenkins, CSC            Tom Keaveny                          Diocesan Council of Catholic
Local Superior                     President                         Director                             Women
The United States Province of      University of Notre Dame          Catholic Charities - Diocese of
Priests and Brothers of the                                          New Ulm                              Steven LaNasa
Congregation of Holy Cross         Jerome Jensen                                                          President
                                   Grand Knight                      Del Keller                           Donnelly College
Christine Hoehn                    Knights of Columbus St. Francis   President
Director Newman Ministry           Council                           Archdiocesan Council of Catholic     John Lane, MD
University of Southern Indiana                                       Women                                President
                                   Mary Ann S. Johanek                                                    Catholic Medical Association -
J.R. Hoffman, MD                   National President                Peter Kilpatrick                     Winona
Family Physician and NFP           First Catholic Slovak Ladies      Dean
Medical Consultant                 Association                       College of Engineering,              Rev. Randall Langhorst
Jasper Family Physicians                                             University of Notre Dame             Superintendent
                                   Rev. Lyle Johnson                                                      St. Vincent de Paul School
Barb Honeycutt                     Superintendent                    James Kinyon
Superintendent                     St. John School                   Executive Director                   Craig Larson
Rapid City Catholic School                                           Catholic Social Services -           Minnesota State Deputy
System                                                               Rapid City                           Knights of Columbus
Rev. Patrick Lee, SJ              Rev. Kevin E. Mackin, OFM          Ms. Dorothea A. McElduff              Dr. Frank Montecalvo
Provincial                        President                          Archdiocesan President- Ladies        Trustee
Oregon Province of Jesuits        Mount Saint Mary College           of Charity                            Bishop Guilfoyle Catholic High
Sr. Joyce Lehman, CPPS            Mary Maertens                      Mother Mary McGreevy,
President                         Regional President                 RSM                                   Armando Montes, Jr
Sisters of the Precious Blood     Avera Marshall                     Superior General                      Grand Knight/ Faithful Navigator
                                                                     Religious Sisters of Mercy of         Knights of Columbus Council
Rev. Joseph Levesque,             Rev. Steven Major                  Alma                                  7079, Assembly 1075
CM, STD, LHD                      Superintendent
President                         St. Joseph School                  James McNeany                         Robert Montler
Niagara University                                                   Principal                             Trustee
                                  Michael D. Manhart, PhD            All Saints School                     Bishop Guilfoyle Catholic High
Jan Lewis                         Executive Director                                                       School
President/CEO                     Couple to Couple League            Jeremy McNeil
Catholic Charities of Northeast   International                      President                             Sr. Mary Margaret Mooney,
Kansas                                                               Catholic Professional                 PBVM
                                  Curtis Martin                      & Business Group                      President
Paule Anne Lewis                  President                                                                Sisters of the Presentation
President                         FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic      Sonia Mehta, MD                       of the Blessed Virgin Mary
San José Clinic                   University Students)               President/CEO
                                                                     HSHS Medical Group                    Rev. Michael Morin
Sr. Carol Lichtenberg,            Sr. Maureen Martin                                                       Superintendent
SNDdeN                            Provincial                         Sr. M. Angela Mellady, OSF            Sacred Heart School
Provincial Moderator              Apostles of the Sacred Heart of    Provincial Superior
Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur,   Jesus                              Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual   Sr. Rita Mary Morrissette,
Ohio Province                                                        Adoration                             OSM
                                  The Very Rev. Phil Massetti,                                             President
James G. Lindsay                  OSJ                                Rev. James Meysenburg                 Council of Religious
Executive Director                Provincial Superior                Superintendent
Catholic Volunteer Network        Oblates of St. Joseph              Pius X High School                    Robert Motley, MD
John P. Loes, MD                  Jean Masterson, CSJ                Stephen L. Mikochik, JD               Friends of Fertility Care
Medical Director                  Congregation Leadership Team       Chair
Anoka Area Family Medicine        Congregation of St. Joseph         National Catholic Partnership         Tom Mulhern
Clinic                                                               on Disability                         Executive Director
                                  Tessa Martinez Pollack, PhD                                              Catholic Community Services
Carl Loesch                       President                          Daniel Miller                         of Lane County
Principal                         Our Lady of the Lake University    President
Marian High School                                                   St. Vincent de Paul, Diocese of       Sr. Anne Munley, IHM
                                                                     Evansville                            President
                                  James May
Robert J. Looby                                                                                            Marywood University
Managing Partner                  Mercy Health                       Gary P. Miller
Looby Baumgarten, PC                                                 President/CEO                         Sr. Ellen Murphy
                                                                     St. Alexius Medical Center            Principal
                                  John May                                                                 St. Joan of Arc School
Rev. Jan Lundberg, OCD            CEO/Administrator
Superior                          Villa St. Francis                  Sr. Nancy Miller, OSB
Carmelite House of Studies                                           Prioress                              Mark A. Myczkowiak
                                                                     Annunciation Monastery                General Manager
                                  Thomas McAneny                                                           G.L.S. Diocesan Reports Inc. /
Joseph Lundberg, OCD              Trustee
President                                                                                                  The Catholic Weekly
                                  Bishop McCort Catholic High        Sr. Sharon Miller, GHMS
Knights of Columbus Seminarian    School                             President
Education Endowment Fund                                             Glenmary Sisters, Owensboro           Linda Nelsen
                                  John McCabe                                                              Benedictine Living Community
Rev. Thomas Lux                   Administrator                      Mary Elizabeth Miller, SCN
Superintendent                                                                                             of St. Peter
                                  CHRISTUS St. Catherine Hospital    President
All Saints School                                                    Sisters of Charity of Nazareth
                                                                                                           Msgr. Joseph Nemec
                                  Rev. Michael McCabe                                                      Superintendent
Michael A. MacDowell              Superintendent                     Steve Minnis
President                                                                                                  St. Teresa School
                                  Lourdes Central Catholic Schools   President
Misericordia University           (K-12)                             Benedictine College
                                                                                                           Lois Nesci
Rev. Canon Thomas C.                                                                                       CEO
                                  Sr. Mary McCarrick, OSF            Very Rev. Msgr. Jeffrey M.
Machalski                                                                                                  Catholic Charities
                                  Diocesan Director                  Monforton
Rector/Chancellor                 Catholic Charities                 Rector
Saints Cyril & Methodius                                             Sacred Heart Major Seminary           Jerry Neubauer
Seminary                                                                                                   Principal
                                  Joseph McDonald
                                                                                                           St. Mary School, Sleepy Eye
                                  Catholic Health System
Sr. Mary Trinh Nguyen, MTG          Therese Pandl                     Matthew Pinto                      Maryann Reese
Regional Superior                   President/CEO                     President                          President/CEO
Adorers of the Holy Cross           St. Mary’s Hospital Medical       Ascension Press                    St. Elizabeth’s Hospital
                                    Center, St. Vincent Hospital
Jennifer Nolan                      & St. Nicholas Hospital           Ann Plaster                        Msgr. James Reinert
President/CEO                                                         Executive Director                 Superintendent
Our Lady of Peace Hospital          Mike Panka                        Society of St. Vincent de Paul -   St. Joseph School
                                    Chairman of the Board             Portland Council
Peter Noll                          Divine Providence Health Center                                      Peter Riccardo
Executive Director                                                    Stephen M. Pogorelec, FIC          Executive Director
Minnesota Catholic Education        James S. Parobek                  Supreme Secretary                  Mother and Unborn Baby Care
Association                         President/CEO                     Slovak Catholic Sokol
                                    Saint Mary & Elizabeth Hospital                                      Reed E. Reyman
Margaret Novak                                                        Jack E. Pohrer, GCM                President/CEO
State Regent                        Christopher Pascucci              President                          St. Joseph’s Hospital
Catholic Daughters of the           Member of the Board               Order of Malta, American           and Health Center
Americas                            St. Francis Hospital              Association, U.S.A.
                                                                                                         F. Dennis Riegelnegg, EdD
Randall Nyp                         Michael Pascucci                  James W. Pope                      President
President/CEO                       Chairman of the Board             President/CEO                      Saint Joseph’s College
Providence Medical Center           Telecare                          Sylvania Franciscan Health
& Saint Joseph Hospital                                                                                  Karen M. Ristau, EdD
                                    Jeff Pederson                     Sr. Mary Evelyn Potts, OP          President
The Very Rev. Bernard               President/CEO                     Superior                           National Catholic Educational
O’Connor                            Villa Nazareth, Friendship Inc.   Chattanooga Dominican              Association
President                           & Riverview Place                 Community
DeSales University                                                                                       Bob Ritz
                                    Rev. David Peles                  Mary Preston                       President/CEO
Christopher O’Connor                Trustee                           Principal                          St. John’s Hospital
President/CEO                       Bishop McCort Catholic High       St. Joseph School
Saint Raphael Healthcare System     School                                                               Rev. Thomas E. Roach, SJ
                                                                      Andrea R. Price, FACHE             Local Superior
Michael O'Dea                       Msgr. John Perkinton              President/CEO                      Scranton Jesuit Community
Founder/Executive Director          Superintendent                    Mercy Hospital - Northern
Christus Medicus Foundation         Villa Marie School                Region                             Sr. Denise A. Roche, GNSH
Dr. Chris O'Hara                                                      Rev. James Price, CP               D’Youville College
                                    Thomas Permetti
President                           Administrator                     Rector
The Philadelphia Guild of the       CHRISTUS St. John Hospital        St. Anne's Shrine Basilica         Laura Jordan Roesch, MRC,
Catholic Medical Association                                                                             LSW, LPC
                                    John F. Perry, MD                 Audrey Prokosch                    Executive Director
Robert J. O'Hara, Jr.               Chair of Trauma Surgery/          President                          Catholic Social Services of
Executive Director                  Professor of Surgery &            Diocesan Council of Catholic       the Miami Valley
Pennsylvania Catholic               Anesthesiology                    Women
Conference                          HealthPartners Medical Group                                         Msgr. Robert Roh
                                                                      Steve Przybilla                    Superintendent
Sr. Therese O’Rourke, IHM           Patrick Perry                     Administrator/CEO                  Sacred Heart School (K-12)
President                           Principal                         St. Gabriel’s Community
Congregation, Sisters Servants of   St. Albert the Great Catholic                                        Peter Rosario, MD
the Immaculate Heart of Mary        School                            Mary Beth Quick                    Former Chairman of Ethics
                                                                      Principal                          Committee
Rev. Joseph Orr                     Dan Perryman                      All Saints School                  St. Mary's Medical Center
Trustee                             President/CEO
Bishop Guilfoyle Catholic High      St. Francis Hospital              Rev. Kevin P. Quinn, S.J.          Mark Roth
School                                                                President                          State Deputy
                                    Michael Pfeifer                   University of Scranton             Knights of Columbus - Kansas
Mary Ortwein                        President/CEO                                                        State Council
Executive Director                  Presentation Medical Center       Patrick Raiber II
Ideals of Kentucky                  & Villa Maria                     Grand Knight                       Sr. Pia Rottinghaus, OSB
                                                                      Knights of Columbus Council        Secretary of the Board of
Sr. Maureen Ouma                    Angela Pfister                    2029                               Directors
Superior                            Associate Director                                                   Essentia Health Graceville
Missionary Congregation of the      Notre Dame Center for Ethics &    James P. Reber
Evangelizing Sisters of Mary -      Culture                           President/CEO                      Peter Roufs
Knoxville Community                                                   St. Rita’s Health Partners         Principal
                                    Eric Piepmeier                                                       Cathedral High School
Frederick Overman                   Grand Knight                      Thomas Reed
Grand Knight                        Knights of Columbus Council       Interim Chief Executive Officer    Myriam Ruager
Knights of Columbus Council         4797                              Catholic Charities of Southeast    Executive Director
2764                                                                  Michigan                           Chester County Women’s
                                                                                                         Services Medical
Lester Ruppersberger DO,           Pat Schommer                      Sr. Sharon Sullivan, OSU             Rev. Julius Tvrdy
FACOOG, NFP                        Grand Knight                      Congregational Leader                Superintendent
President                          KC Council 8253                   Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint      St. James School
Philadelphia Natural Family                                          Joseph, Maple Mount
Planning Network                   Rev. Ragan Schriver                                                    Rev. David Tyson, CSC
                                   Executive Director                Mary Starmann-Harrison               Provincial Superior
Austin Ruse                        Catholic Charities of East        President/CEO                        The United States Province of
President                          Tennessee                         Hospital Sisters Health System       Priests and Brothers of the
Catholic Family and Human                                            (HSHS)                               Congregation of Holy Cross
Rights Institute (C-Fam)           Mother Catherine Marie
                                   Schuhmann, C.P.                   Colleen Steele                       Gayle Uebelhor
Rev. John J. Ryan, CSC             Superior/President                Administrator                        Interim Director
President                          Passionist Nuns of Whitesville,   St. Joseph’s Home                    Catholic Charities
King’s College                     KY
                                                                     Joseph Swedish                       Glenn Van Cura
Cherie Sammis                                                        President/CEO                        Executive Director
                                   Michael Schuttloffel
Vice President of Mission                                            Trinity Health                       Catholic Charities
                                   Executive Director
Integration                        Kansas State Catholic
St. Mary’s of Michigan             Conference                        Sr. Margo Tafoya, MSSp
                                                                                                          Sr. Vimala Vadakumpadan,
                                                                     Mission Sisters of the Holy Spirit   OP
Sr. Celia Sanchez                  Rev. Troy Schweiger                                                    Major Superior
Superior                           Superintendent                                                         Dominican Sisters of
Missionary Sisters of the Sacred                                     Sr. Lucy Tardivo, DSMP
                                   St. Patrick School                                                     Presentation of the Blessed
Heart of Jesus "Ad Gentes" -                                         Facilities Director
Chattanooga Community                                                Divine Providence Community
                                   Peggy Sebastian                   Home & Lake Villa Maria
                                   President/CEO                     Apartments                           Mother Shaun Vergauwen
Sr. Cecilia Sartorius, LSP         St. Joseph’s Hospital                                                  Superior General
Administrator                                                                                             Franciscan Sisters of the
Little Sisters of the Poor                                           Robert Tereba
                                   Barnabas Senecal, OSB             Executive Director                   Eucharist
                                   Abbot                             Catholic Charities - Diocese of
Mary Saunders                      St. Benedict's Abbey              Winona                               Michael Vinciguerra, PhD
State Regent
Catholic Daughters of the
                                   Rev. James P. Shea                Robert Thomas                        University of St. Francis
                                   President                         President of the Board
                                   University of Mary                Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy      Peter Vogel
Samuel Spence Saunders,                                                                                   Executive Director
PhD                                Geralyn C. Shelvin                                                     Catholic Charities of Northern
                                                                     Dale Thompson
Grand Knight                       Supreme Lady                                                           Nevada
Knights of Columbus Council        Knights of Peter Claver           Benedictine Health Systems -
5841                               Ladies Auxiliary                                                       Chad Wable
Brenda Savage                      Diane Simowitz                    Brianne Thoreson                     Saint Mary’s Hospital
Executive Director                 National Advisory Board           Principal
Birth Choice Pregnancy Resource    Catholic Leadership Institute     Little Flower School                 Rick Wagner
Center                                                                                                    Principal
                                   Emily Snipes                      Rev. Sean Timmerman                  St. Theodore Guerin High School
Rev. Brian Saylor                  Family Life/Respect Life          Superintendent
Trustee                            Coordinator                       Aquinas Junior/Senior High           Dennis Walczyk, CEO
Bishop Guilfoyle Catholic High     Catholic Charities                School, St. Mary School              Chief Executive Officer
School                                                                                                    Catholic Charities
                                   Rev. Larry Snyder                 Sharon Timmons
Dr. Dennis Scanlon                 President                         Interim President/CEO                Helen Wamstad
Board of Directors Member          Catholic Charities USA            St. Mary’s Hospital                  Administrator/CEO
Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy                                                                           St. Rose Care Center and
                                   James Soukup                      Joanne Tomassi                       Rosewood Court
Tony Schapker                      Grand Knight                      National Regent
Deacon, MD                         KC Council 3134                   Catholic Daughters                   Rev. Brian Wangler, OSB
St. Mary's Physician Health                                          of the Americas                      Abbot
Group                              Richard Spada                                                          Assumption Abbey
                                   State Deputy                      Rev. Charles Townsend
John Schlachter                    IL Knights of Columbus            Superintendent                       Linnea Warda
Principal                                                            St. Wenceslaus School                President
Assumption Catholic School and     Greg Sprigg                                                            Council of Catholic Women
Blessed Sacrament Parish           Grand Knight                      Msgr. Robert Tucker
                                   Knights of Columbus Council       Superintendent                       Sr. Anne Marie Warren, OSF
A. Patrick Schneider II MD,        7322                              Cathedral of the Risen Christ        Superior General
MPH                                                                  School                               Franciscan Missionary Sisters of
President                          Rev. John Sullivan                                                     Our Lady of Sorrows
SS Luke & Gianna Medical Guild     Superintendent
                                   Blessed Sacrament School
Very Rev. Michael Weiler, SJ        The Most Rev. Timothy
Provincial                          Dolan
California Province, Society of     Archbishop of New York
Jesus                               President
                                    United States Conference
Austin Welsh, MD                    of Catholic Bishops
Saints Cosmas & Damian Guild of
Kansas City

Christopher Lee Whitty
Bishop Manogue Catholic High                                   Jenkins, CSC   President
School                                                         Johnson        President
Mark Wiener                                                    Kast           President/CEO
President/CEO                                                  Kearns         Executive Director
Community Mercy Health
Partners                                                       Kinyon         Executive Director
Very Rev. David Wilton,
                                                               Klein, OSF     Chairperson of the Board
CPM                                                            Klosterman     President/CEO
Superior General
Fathers of Mercy, Auburn

Douglas Wolf
Bishop Guilfoyle Catholic High

John Wolf
Bishop Guilfoyle Catholic High

Myrna Wong
Palm Beach Diocesan Council of
Catholic Women

Judy Wood
Regent for Court Prince Gallitzin
Vice Chair
Catholic Daughters of the

Daniel J. Woods
St. Anthony’s Hospital

Cynthia Zane, EdD
Hilbert College

Rocky Zastoupil
St. Aloisius Medical Center

Rev. Gabriel Zeis, TOR
Saint Francis University

The Most Rev. José Gomez
Archbishop of Los Angeles
Migration and Refugee Services

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