X4008_ATYPICAL DEVELOPMENT by wuzhengqin


									                  SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SOCIAL SCIENCES


                                LEVEL 4 /DIET 2

                        ATYPICAL DEVELOPMENT X4008

DATE: 4 August 2010                                TIME: 9:30
                                                   DURATION: 2 HOURS
                                                   READING TIME: 5 MINUTES

Candidates should attempt 2 questions.
Each answer is worth equal marks.
Use a separate answer book for each question.

PAPER SETTERS:        Karen Goodall, Duncan Robb
1. Despite advances in neuroscience and genetics, Psychological
   theories of development can still make a useful contribution to
   understanding of atypical development. Critically discuss.

2. Critically evaluate the usefulness of the developmental approach
   and the behavioural phenotype approach in understanding a genetic
   disorder or genetic disorders of your choice.

3. To what extent does the distinctive cognitive profile seen in
   autistic spectrum disorder provide a basis for understanding the
   etiology and development of the disorder?

4. Critically evaluate the extent to which studies of atypical
   development can inform theories of typical development.

5. Critically evaluate the role of cognitive, socio-emotional and
   biopsychological factors in the link between attachment and adult
   mental health.

6. ‘The etiology and development of conduct disorders and other
   disruptive behaviour disorders can be adequately accounted for by
   environmental factors’. Critically discuss

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