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EXPERT GUIDANCE AND PRACTICAL TOOLS HELP                                               Successful Community Outreach:
LIBRARIANS WRITE SUCCESSFUL COMMUNITY                                                  A How-To-Do-It Manual for
OUTREACH PLANS                                                                         ISBN: 978-1-55570-772-9.
                                                                                       2011 | 8.5 x 11 | 110 pp. | Book and
Book and CD-ROM set include worksheets, complete sample plans,                         CD-ROM: $64.95
and links to online resources.
                                                                                       About the Authors
July 31, 2011 (New York, NY) — How can busy librarians reach out to their              Barbara Blake has a long and varied
                                                                                       career in the field of libraries and
community members in ways tailored to local characteristics, needs, and interests      museums. She currently serves as
                                                                                       Outreach Coordinator for the PEARL
so that the library services delivered are the ones most valued by current and         project at the University of North
future library patrons? Successful Community Outreach: A How-To-Do-It Manual           Texas. She is the author of numerous
for Librarians, to be published by Neal-Schuman Publishers on September
30, 2011, will equip librarians with skills and processes for creating effective       Robert S. Martin is Professor
                                                                                       Emeritus in the School of Library
community outreach plans, allowing them to address the needs and concerns of           and Information Studies at Texas
the public and demonstrate the value of the library within a community.                Woman’s University, where he was
                                                                                       Professor of Library Science and
                                                                                       Lillian Bradshaw Endowed Chair until
In this step-by-step how-to guide, Barbara Blake, Outreach Coordinator for             his retirement in 2008. Previously he
the PEARL Project; Robert S. Martin, Professor Emeritus in the School of               served as Director of the Institute
                                                                                       of Museum and Library Services
Library and Information Studies at Texas Woman’s University; and Yunfei                and Director and Librarian of the
                                                                                       Texas State Library and Archives
Du, Associate Professor in the College of Information, Department of Library           Commission. He currently serves
and Information Sciences at the University of North Texas cover the entire             on the National Council on the
                                                                                       Humanities and the Executive Board
community outreach process, giving librarians all the tools they need to develop       of the Urban Libraries Council. He
                                                                                       has authored or edited numerous
a plan focused specifically on the needs of their communities. The first chapter       books and journal articles, and his
provides an introduction to community outreach and the planning process.               work has been recognized with
                                                                                       numerous honors and awards. He is
The second chapter focuses on describing the library and its community, and            a Fellow of the Society of American
                                                                                       Archivists and a Distinguished
creating library and community profiles with this information. The third chapter       Alumnus of Rice University. In 2008
looks at assessing the outreach needs of the community and how to gauge                he was awarded the Presidential
                                                                                       Citizens Medal, the second highest
and approach potential programs and partners. The fourth chapter details the           civilian honor conferred in the
                                                                                       United States.
process of writing the outreach plan. “In & Out” sidebars feature actual outreach
efforts that took place inside and outside the library to inspire and guide readers    Yunfei Du is Associate Professor
assessing whether “in” or “out” is better for their particular initiative. There are   at the College of Information,
                                                                                       Department of Library Information
examples of real problems, programs, and partners throughout the book, and             Science at the University of North
                                                                                       Texas. He is currently the principal
a bibliography provides further sources to explore. Three appendices include           investigator for the PEARL project, a
worksheets, Internet sources of community and demographic data, and a list             research project working with rural
                                                                                       libraries in Texas.
of recently completed outreach plans from seven public libraries. A companion
CD-ROM includes worksheets in Microsoft Word that readers can adapt, fill              About Neal-Schuman Publishers
                                                                                       Neal-Schuman Publishers is a leading
out, and print; live links to Internet resources; and the full text of the completed   publisher of professional books for
outreach plans.                                                                        librarians, archivists and knowledge
                                                                                       managers. Founded in 1976, Neal-
                                                                                       Schuman Publishers is based in New
Comprehensive and practical, Successful Community Outreach: A How-To-Do-               York City, with offices in London, UK.
It Manual for Librarians is essential reading for public librarians in all settings
and sizes. Yet the tools are easily adaptable for school and academic librarians       For More Information, Cover Art,
                                                                                       and/or a sample “In & Out” Sidebar
as well. Every librarian who wants or needs to develop a community outreach            Contact Laura Berlinsky-Schine
plan, either for a grant or continued public funding, can use this How-To-Do-It        laura.berlinsky-schine@neal-
manual to master the process.
                                                                                       100 William Street, Suite 2004
                                                                                       New York, NY 10038

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