Erik Hasenoehrl by yangxichun


									Erik Hasenoehrl

Objective                    To continue serving as a youth member on the City of Boise Impact Advisory
                             Committee though the end of the summer 2007.

Education                    Boise Senior High School Boise, Idaho
                                • Currently a junior at Boise High
                                • Received several awards for academics and achievements

Work experience              December 2004-April 2006
                             Ski Instructor, Bogus Basin Ski Resort
                                 • I am a level 1 certified instructor
                                 • I teach ages 3 to adult
                                 • I teach levels of abilities from beginner to advanced

Extracurricular activities
                                •   I am part of Key Club, a national service club at Boise High
                                •   I was a part of National Junior Honor society at East Junior High
                                •   I was a Peer Mediator from fourth grade through ninth grade
                                •   I am on the debate team with a record of 8-1

Community activities
                                •   I am a big brother with the national organization Big Brothers Big Sisters.
                                    I meet with my little brother once a week for lunch.
                                •   I have spent time with Youth Court and plan to continue with them this
                                    fall as an ace attorney.

Interests and activities
                                •   I participate in tennis and plan to participate in cross country this fall
                                •   I am interested in bettering myself and my community through all means
                                •   I am interested in continuing my education after high school in college and
                                    would like to major in Biochemical Engineering.

Summary of qualifications
                                •   I work as a ski instructor at Bogus Basin Ski Resort and was a peer
                                    mediator for much of my primary schooling. Both of these require an
                                    open and objective mind. Being able to problem solve in a professional
                                    manner is also a necessity. I also was forced at times to become creative
                                    in my problem solving to help and connect with all those involved. I am
                                    also part of the Debate team which results in being knowledgeable on
                                    current affairs, very articulate and the ability to organize and express my
                                    ideas and thoughts.

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