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					                           Study Abroad Scholarship Opportunities
        Are you looking for some financial support to study abroad? Check out our listing to determine which
        scholarship opportunities may be right for you.

                                Scholarships for Study Abroad - All Majors

               Name                      Amount         Specifications/Application Info                      Deadlines
                                                     For U.S. citizens receiving a federal Pell
Gilman Study Abroad Scholarship                      Grant. Summer awards available to
                                           Up to     students of all majors.                        Student Deadline for Spring
                                          $5,000     Applicant success rate is                      ’12: October 5, 2011.
                                                     approximately 1 in 3.
                                                     Countries with travel warnings ineligible.        Summer ’12, Fall ’12, &
                                                                                                    Academic Year ’12-’13: March
                                                              1, 2012.

                                                     To be eligible, students must participate in Study Abroad                     a study abroad program offered by a
Scholarship                                          Diversity Abroad member organization
                                                     and have at least a 2.75 GPA.
                                                     Economically disadvantaged students,           Spring ’12: October 15, 2011.
                                          $1,000     African-American, Asian-American,
                                                     Hispanic/Latino, Multiracial/ethnic or         Summer ’12: April 1, 2012.
                                                     Native-American undergraduate students
                                                     as well as student who study in non-            Fall ’12 & Academic Year ’12-
                                                     traditional locations (outside Western                ‘13: May 2, 2012.
                                                     Europe & Australia ) are strongly
                                                     encouraged to apply.


                                                     A good opportunity for students who are
The Glimpse Correspondents                           seriously interested in pursuing careers in
Program                                              writing and/or photography.
                                           $600      Correspondents work with professional          For study abroad programs of
                                                     editors and are guaranteed to be                 at least 10 weeks between
                                                     published on                    August and December: June
                                                                                                               15, 2012
                                                    January and May: November
                                                                     program/                                  20, 2011

Fund for Education Abroad (FEA)            Up to     Must be U.S. citizen or permanent              Fall ’12, Academic Year ’12-’13,
                                        $5,000 per   resident who is willing to promote               Spring ’13, & Summer ’12:
                                         semester    education abroad on campus upon return.            November 14, 2011.
                                                                                                     Check website for next year’s
               Name                      Amount         Specifications/Application Info
                                                     A program of the U.S. Department of
Critical Language Scholarships (CLS)                 State’s Bureau of Educational & Cultural
                                        Program is   Affairs, the CLS Program will offer            Summer ‘12: November 14,
                                           fully     intensive summer language institutes                     2011.
                                         funded.     overseas in 13 critical need foreign
                                                     languages (visit website for details).            Summer ’13: Nov 2012
                                                     Entries judged on creativity, analytical
GO! Overseas Study Abroad                            thinking, and passion for study abroad.        Fall 12: September 15, 2012
Scholarships                             $1,000                                                     Spring Study Tour ’12, &
                                                          Summer ’12: January 15,
                                                     abroad/                                        2012.
                                                   For the general scholarship, students must
Foundation for Global Scholars           $500-     be a U.S. or Canadian Citizen who will be
(General Scholarship and STA Travel      $1500     receiving credit toward their degree on a
Scholarship for specific majors)       (General)   study abroad program.
                                        $1,000-                                                    Summer 12: April 30th,
                                        $2,000     The STA scholarship is geared towards the                 2012
                                         (STA)     following majors: Photography, Film            Fall 12: August 31st, 2012
                                                   and Art, Travel and Tourism,                    Spring 13: January 5th,
                                                   International Business,                                   2012
                                                   International Studies, or Foreign
                                                   Language. Recipients are required to
                                                   blog during their time abroad as well as
                                                   write an essay upon their return.
                                                   Applicants must be US citizens and
                                                   currently enrolled full-time and in good
                                                   academic standing in an accredited
The Global Studies Foundation                      secondary or postsecondary institution.
                                        Travel     Among the most significant selection                July 1st, 2012
                                       grants of   criteria are academic performance (as
                                        $1,000     indicated in courses, grades,
                                                   recommendations, and other
                                                   achievements), program merit, and
                                                   outreach potential. Grant recipients will
                                                   be expected to acknowledge GSF's
                                                   support, to report on their experiences,
                                                   and to work with GSF to share
                                                   those experiences as widely as possible.


                           Scholarships for Study Abroad – Stonehill Specific

                                                   Established by the Geraghty family in
 The Geraghty Family Irish Studies                 recognition of their strong family and
           Scholarship                             kinship ties to Galway. This scholarship is   Fall 2012 and Spring 2013:
                                                   open to: (1) talented students with need      April 1, 2012 – check with
                                                   from Ireland who wish to pursue a             Student Financial Services
                                       vary and
                                                   Stonehill education; (2) Stonehill students   for exact dates and
                                       are up to
                                                   who wish to attend the College’s Semester     availability
                                                   in Irish Studies program in Galway; and
                                                   (3) Stonehill students who wish to  
                                                   participate in the Internship in Ireland             x22729.xml

The Italian Educational and Cultural               Endowed by Gloria E. Distasi ’81 in 1992,     Fall 2012 and Spring 2013:
      Interchange Scholarship                      the Fund memorializes her beloved             April 1, 2012 – check with
                                                   parents, Leonardo and Angela Settanni         Student Financial Services
                                       vary and
                                       are up to   Distasi, who emigrated from Italy to          for exact dates and
                                                   Brockton, Mass. in the early 1900s.           availability
                                                   Financial assistance (other than tuition)
                                                   for Stonehill College students studying in
                                                   Italy for a maximum of two semesters.                x22729.xml

                                        Awards     Established by Kathleen (Moroney) and
 Miller International Travel Stipend     vary      James Miller, the International Stipend       Fall 2012: April 1, 2012
                                       between     will be awarded to student(s) planning to     Spring 2013: November 1,
                                        $100 to    study or intern abroad to assist with the     2012
                                       $500 per    additional financial burden of spending a
                                       student.    semester or year abroad. Such costs           Visit the Office of
                                        $2,500     include: Immigration Fees (passport           International Programs to
                                       awarded     application, visa applications, etc.);        pick up an application
                                         each      Additional in-country or regional travel
                                       semester    while abroad; Excursions not covered by
                                                   program fees; and Admission to cultural
                         Scholarships for Study Abroad – Geographic Area Specific

  Location                    Name/Where to apply                               Amount                      Deadlines
                 Boren Scholarship (NSEP)*

                 The strongest candidates have a solid academic record, a
                 commitment to international education to fulfill academic                     Summer ’12, Academic Year ’12-’13,
                 and career goals, and language interest and aptitude. The                     Fall ’12, & Spring ’13: February 9th,
Non-Western                                                                      $8,000-
                 study abroad program should directly relate to both the                       2012
 countries                                                                       $20,000
                 applicant's career aspirations and envisioned work in the
                 federal government in the Departments of Defense, State,
                 or Homeland Security or in the Intelligence Community.

                 Freeman-ASIA Pr0gram
                                                                                               Programs that begin May-July 2012:
                 For U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents participating                       February 15, 2012.
                 in programs of 8 weeks or more and demonstrating
                 financial need.
                                                                                               Programs that begin August-
   East &
                 Eligible countries include: Cambodia, China, Hong Kong,      $3,000-$7,000    November 2012: April 1, 2012.
Southeast Asia
                 Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Macao, Malaysia,
                 Mongolia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and
                 Vietnam.                                                                      Programs that begin December
                                                                                               2011-April 2012: October 12,

                 Simpson Scholarship in Egyptology

                 For students accepted at the American University in Cairo                     Fall ’12 & Academic Year ’12-’13:
                 who study ancient Egypt.                                                      April 15, 2012.
    Egypt                                                                        $2,500
                               Contact American University in
                 scholar-fell/scholar-fell.html                                                Cairo at 212-730-8800 or

                 German Academic Exchange Service*

                 Scholarships are available to undergrads who are 2nd &
                 3rd year students intending to study abroad in Germany.
                 Applicants should possess outstanding academic records
                 and personal integrity; have well-defined study, research,
                 or internship plans; and demonstrate an interest in           Approximately   Summer ’12: December 15, 2011.
                 contemporary German and European affairs. German             $885 per month
  Germany        language competency is not mandatory; however,                  (more for     Fall ’12, Academic Year ’12-’13, &
                 students should demonstrate language skills                     Summer)       Spring ‘13: January 31, 2012.
                 commensurate with study & research needs.

                 Summer scholarships are also available in select fields.

                 Order of the Sons of Italy in America
                 Italian Language Scholarship

                 U.S. citizens of Italian descent in their junior or senior
                 year of undergraduate study for the Fall 2012 term,           Awards vary     Fall 2012: February 28, 2012
                 majoring or minoring in Italian language studies at an
                 accredited academic institution. State and local lodges
                 may offer additional awards as well.


                 National Italian American Foundation (NAIF)
                 Scholarships awarded based on academic merit. 2
                 categories: Italian American students studying any subject    Awards range    Fall 2012. Spring & Summer 2013:
                 area who demonstrate high academic achievement and            from $2,000-    March 2, 2012
                 outstanding potential or high performing students from           $12,000
                 any ethnic background who are either minoring or
                 majoring in Italian language.
              Bridging Scholarships for Study in Japan*

              Undergraduate students majoring in any field of study           Semester:
              who are studying abroad in Japan are eligible to apply for       $2,500
              these scholarships. Japanese language study is not a                              Fall ’12: April 6, 2012
              prerequisite.                                                Academic Year:


              Center for Arabic Study Abroad (CASA)
              For students interested in advanced Arabic language study     airfare, tuition,   Summer ’12 & Academic Year ’12-
Middle East   in Cairo and Damascus.                                        and stipend of      ’13: January 7, 2012.
                         $400 per month

              Taiwan Ministry of Education Huayu Enrichment

              This scholarship provides study opportunities for
              Mandarin language and Taiwan’s culture at university- or                          Fall ’11, Academic Year ’11-’12,
              college-affiliated Mandarin training centers. Applicants     Approximately        Spring ’12, & Summer ‘12: March
              must possess record of excellent academic performance        $735 per month       31, 2012.
              and be of good moral character.


              Study Abroad Turkey Scholarships for Minority
                                                                               $500 for
                                                                           Programs up to 4
              Applicants must be African American, Hispanic/Latino, or                          Applications are accepted on a
                                                                              $1,000 for
 Turkey or    Native American undergrads who have been accepted to                              rolling basis, but students must
                                                                           Programs of 4-8
  Cyprus      participate in a study abroad program at a Turkish or                             apply before departing to
              Cypriot university. Applicants must be U.S. citizens.                             Turkey or Cyprus.
                                                                              $2,000 for
                                                                           Semester or Year
              BUTEX Scholarship for North American

              To be eligible, you must have been offered a study abroad     Approximately       Fall ’11, Academic Year ’11-’12, &
              place at a BUTEX-affiliated university in the UK.                 $800            Spring ’11: May 31, 2012.


              Royal Holloway International Excellence Study
              Abroad Scholarships

              All visiting students studying abroad at Royal Holloway,                          Spring 2012: November 2011
              University of London for between 1 and 3 terms are                                Fall 2012: June 30, 2012
                                                                             500 to 1,000
              eligible. Awards are made on the basis of outstanding
              academic achievement or potential. *This is a Stonehill
              direct program*
              Fulbright UK Summer Institutes

              To be eligible, you must be a US citizen, have a minimum
              GPA of 3.5, be a current freshman or sophomore, and
              have had little or no study or travel abroad experience.
                                                                            The majority of
                                                                                                Summer ’12: April 15, 2012.
                                                                           costs are covered
              Summer Institutes are held in Newcastle, London, and
                                                                           by the program.

                      Scholarships for Study Abroad – Program Provider Specific

      Name               Amount                  Specifications/Application Info                             Deadlines

Academic Programs        $250,000      For students who have been accepted into an API
International (API)       awarded      program and have a 3.0 GPA or higher. Application                Fall/Year: June 10th
                         annually.     requires an additional letter of recommendation and              Spring: October 15th
                       Awards range    two essays.                                                       Summer: April 1st
                        from $250-

American Institute       $600,000      For students who have been accepted into an AIFS
for Foreign Study         awarded      program. Several different types of awards with varied           Fall/Year: April 15th
      (AIFS)             annually.     eligibility requirements. Separate application required          Spring: October 1st
                       Awards range    along with essay.                                                Summer: March 1st
                        from $500-

Arcadia University      need-based     For students who have been accepted into an Arcadia
 College of Global        awards       program. Several different types, some program                   Fall/Year: April 20th
      Studies          ranging from    specific, such as Arcadia in Paris scholarship.                    Spring: Oct 15th
                       $500-$4,000                                                                      Summer: March 31st

   Council on             Need and     For students who have been accepted into a CIEE
  International          merit-based   program. Several different awards, some                      Summer/Fall/Year: April 1st
   Educational             awards      program/country specific. Separate application               Winter/Spring: November 1st
 Exchange (CIEE)        ranging from   required.
                          $500 to

                       Need and
  Global Student       merit-based     For students who have been accepted into a GSE              Summer 12: April 1, 2012
 Experience (GSE)      awards          program. Several different awards, some discipline or       Fall 12/Year 12-13: May 1, 2012
                       ranging from    term specific.                                              Spring 2012: Sept 1, 2011
                       $250 to

    School for           awarded       For students who have been accepted into a SIT
  International          annually.     program. Several different awards with varied eligibility      Fall: May 1st or May 15th
  Training (SIT)       $500-$5,000     requirements. Financial need is the primary                     Spring: November 1st
                       for semester    consideration.                                                     Summer: April 1st
                         & $300-
                        $3,000 for
                               Hints for Scholarship Applications

ABROAD—before you even apply for your study abroad program—START EARLY!!!

• Make good use of your academic writing skills. Revise all essays and ask for feedback on your work. If
possible, schedule an appointment with the Writing Center in Duffy 107.

• Are you a good writer? Or perhaps a talented photographer? Look for student travel writing and
photography contests for extra funding ideas. The following are a few contests to be aware of:

• Ask your parents if any scholarships exist at their workplace for children of employees.

• Look in your community— funding may be available through civic, ethnic, or religious groups. For
example, former Girl Scouts should look at

• Are you a member of any honor societies? If so, check to see whether study abroad scholarships are
offered to members of your society. For instance, Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor
Society, offers study abroad scholarships to its members for up to $3,000 per term.

• The following are useful websites for searching for additional funding opportunities:



For general questions about scholarships for study abroad, contact the International
Programs staff in Duffy 131, 565-1645,

Please check back regularly as tips, deadlines, amounts, and available scholarship opportunities are
subject to change.

While we list many study abroad scholarship opportunities here, we are unable to list every opportunity
that may be available to every student.

                                                                              Last updated: December 1, 2011

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