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                                                      present fabulous literary pieces, as well.

                                       2010 is going to be awesome at CHS!
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          Tomiya Jeffry               Village Life and City Life in Uganda   I Didn’t Know What to Do…
            Angela Kerr               Two Schools
           Latosha Kirk
                                                                             Is Different ..Good or Bad?
         Jasmine Knight               Getting to Know Our Central Seniors    What’s the Big Deal?
           Gervonte Lee               The Speedway Scavenger Hunt            Are You Safe?
         Yolanda Maddox
        D'Adra McDowell
                                      Teen Vacations                         Meet CHS Orchestra
          Jasmine Miller              Crips and Bloods                       This is How We Get Down
           Alise Murray               The Fab Five                           Meet the Central Lady Jackets
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         Antonio Russell              Gridiron in the Ville                  Big Blue Madness
           Scott George               Processed Food                         Male and Manual Rivalry Gone Too Far!
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                                      The Way to Dress                       Sports, Sports, Sports!
       Dina Sulejmanovic              Ready, Set, Play                       We Harm What Helps Us
           Janell Taylor              Games Around the World                 Amie No More
          Ciarra Trumbo
          Cierra Unseld
                                      Pretti N Pink                          Monster
          Maria Wallace               Information for Seniors                Revenge of the Shoe
        Jordan Weathers               Its About that Time, Juniors           Success
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         Chadavia Woods               Freshmen Dues                          Eyes Like Mine
       Richelle Workman
                                      Lincoln Foundation                     Inner Beauty
          Advisors                    Why Me?                                Within Me, Without You
           Tim Johnson
           Anne Rodier                Global Warming                         Something Special
       Submissions:                   35 Facts About Global Warming          Central Word Search
                                      Health or Surveillance??               Newsy Vocabulary
Village Life and City
Life in Uganda
By Barbara Cheda
Uganda is a country in Africa, it’s in the east side
of Africa. Kampala is the capital city of Uganda.
It’s a beautiful city and there isn’t a lot of
difference than cities in the USA. Downtown
Uganda was always packed, but villages in Uganda
are full of poverty.

I lived in Uganda and that’s where I learned my
Luanda from. Luanda is a language of Ugandan’s.
It the main language spoken there, but there are
also many other languages. In the country of
Uganda is city of Buganda, and it’s filled with
different types of people just like here. There are
white people, as well as people from many
countries in Africa. I worked in my aunt’s clothing                                                          pic source
shop in downtown Kampala. Life was so good in
the city, but sometimes life turns upside down. If
you have money, then you face no problems. But
oney is always the problem everywhere. Money
can make you homeless. Why is that? Because if
you have no job, then you have no money to rent a
place or pay bills. I have seen so many homeless
people around here just like back home in Africa.
To me, life is no different no matter where you live,
but in the lifestyle. In Uganda you can be poor, but
can still live life in the villages. That’s one thing I
don’t see here in America – villages.
         I lived both lives back in Uganda - town
life and village life when my aunt I used live with,
who owned a shop in downtown Kampala, ran out
of money. I had go live with my other aunt in the
village that was the refugee camp. It was
somewhere in Hoima county. The name of the
camp is Chaguwaly. In Chaguwaly, there were a lot
of people from different countries in Africa who
faced war. My aunty was one of them. Her husband
was taken at night by the rebels back in Sudan.
         What was it like to live there? We had our
own hut and were safe from the war or the rebels
we escaped from and at least we didn’t have to pay                                                            pic source
any bills. The U.N helped people with needs as
usual. We owned our own plot of land where we could build more huts and had a garden were we
farmed our own crops to eat. The garden was our food. We dug and weeded our crops to grow well. The crops we grew
was our life and our only way get money. People sold half there crops to get money each season of harvesting, unless we
had someone in the city help us with money to buy other supplies needed in the household . The U.N helped each mouth
and brought other supplies needed like oil, maze and flour.

The good thing. Kids went to school free in the camp, just like here. But in the city you had pay you way through from
kindergarten to university, unless we had a scholarship. Then we were good to go. Or your parents paid your way - that’s
if they had money.
                                                                How does Central High                         School
                                                                celebrate homecoming?

By Versa Hemerling                                              Central High is the school that I am
                                                                attending now America. It is a
                                                                wonderful school and it is fun to be
Would you like to see how others                                here.
from around the world celebrate                                               At Central High, I experienced a totally
homecoming?                                                           different way to celebrate homecoming. Central
                                                                      High School’s homecoming is a big celebration.
                                                                      Central celebrates their homecoming by doing many
A-47Christian                                                                    kinds of activities too, but they are
Foundation           is     the                                                  different. During CHS homecoming, we
                                                                                 have twins’ day, pajama day, jersey day,
school that I went to in                                                         spirit day, we sing the school song and
Ghana. It is a primary                                                           we elect a king and queen. Then on
                                                                                 Homecoming day, our game is played.
and secondary school.                                                            Then we have a Homecoming dance to
        t     A-47     Christian                                                 crown our king and queen.
                                                                                         The day of the game, we all

A              Foundation,
        homecoming is one of
        the biggest events
        there. We celebrate our
                                                                                 gather together in the gym to celebrate.
                                                                                 The cheerleaders dance for the school,
                                                                                 other kids do dance competitions, and
                                                                                 we sing our school song.
                                                                                         When we are electing our King
homecoming by doing different
                                                                                 and Queen, we vote for them. The boy
kinds of activities.                                                             and girl with the most votes, becomes
        We play soccer and                                                       King and Queen.
kick ball with other schools,                                                            During the dance they crown the
have a beauty pageant, and                                                       persons with the most votes, then the
talent show, choose our king                                                     kind and queen dance. All the other
and queen, and have African              Picture courtesy of Ednisha Downs       students that are there, dance too.
custom day. To choose a king                                                             Both schools have dancing,
and queen, we vote with                                                          dressing up, and kings and queens. But
money.                                 Dress as a twin (twin day)
                                                                                 in Ghana we don’t play football. We do
        The boy and girl with                                                    have cheerleaders, but they dress
the largest amount of money         Spirit day is when we can dress in our       differently and they don’t do
will become the king and               school colors - gold and black.           gymnastics, they dance.
queen. After they become the                                                             I’m glad that I have experienced
king and queen we put them in a car and take them                     homecoming from these two countries. They are
around the school.                                                    different cultures, but I love both of their
        African customs day is when the children at                   homecomings.
the school have to dress in the African tradition. For
example, I wore my hair up and wore a piece of
colorful clothe for a skirt and top, and wore no
        During their beauty pageant they complete
with other schools. The School that will win the
beauty pageant will take with them 3 thousand
Ghana cedi.
        The talent show at A-47 school is where the
kids show the best talents they have. They do it for
fun. They even had a “top model” contest with a
man as “Mr. Gentleman.” This is how A-47
Christian      Foundation      School        celebrates

        This is a picture of how we dress during
         homecoming in the African tradition.
Get to Know Our                                                           By: Sifa Peter
Central Seniors:
An Interview with Charles Musana
         Imagine yourself as a senior;                                 there are a lot of things you need to know before you reach that
level. And the only way for you to                                     learn about it is an interview with a senior. Read and learn!
         Charles Musana is one of                                      our Central High school seniors He has been at Central for three
years and this is his last year. He                                    can’t wait until he can go to college.
Charles: I had a good time all the                                     three years that I was at Central. Being a senior is the best! I’ve
always dreamed of becoming one all                                     my life.
Sifa: Is that hard to be a senior?
Charles: Not really, It’s not hard                                     because most of the classes you take are electives and you get
to choose. I choose the hardest                                        classes so I can get prepare for college.
Sifa: What did you improve on your                                     senior year?”
Charles: I improved a lot in                                           everything. For the last three years I didn’t realize how, what I did
would affect me in the future, so now I                                am working hard to improve in everything so I can get better
grades then I did for the last three                                   years.
Sifa:   Is   there   anything    you’re                                struggling in?
Charles: I struggle in Psychology. I also have to do a lot of studying, reading and take a lot of notes. Every chapter, I have to take
three tests on.
Sifa: That sounds very hard. Three tests in one chapter…. Gosh even one test, I don’t get all the answers right, so imagine two
more…..mmh, our seniors are a good example for young ones like me to learn from.
Sifa: Is there anything you need extra help on?
Charles: I need a lot of help on psychology, because that class is too hard and there are a lot of things that are going on. And I also
need help in studying because I don’t have good habit of studying and I need to learn how to manage my time.
As Charles was explaining, you could see in his eyes that he can’t wait for college. Anyway,
Sifa: Do you have a choice of college here or away or are you even planning for college?
Charles: Yes, I am going to college and that is my number one thing I have to do. My dream is to become a doctor and I can’t reach
there without going to college. I want to make my future easier.
Sifa: Who do you wish to become in the future?
Charles: I want to become a physician and maybe go to Africa because in Africa they are desperate for professional doctors.
Sifa: Is there anything you have to tell young ones like me? Like what we can work hard on that will help us reach where you are today
as a Central high senior?
Charles: You need to work hard and do what teachers tell you to, because if you don’t you will regret it. You may not like what they
say, but trust me, they’re useful and you have to make sure that you’re getting good grades. If you get a C, it is not enough.
Sifa: Are you one of our Central athletes or if do you do any other activity, either at Central or in the community?
Charles: I don’t do any activity here at Central. I wish to play sports but I can’t because I have a lot of things to take care of after
school. I’ve got a job and they need me every day after school, so that is why I can’t join in.
Sifa: Are you a volunteer anywhere - at school or out there in your community?
Charles: I wanted to be one, but I didn’t get the opportunity.
This Central High senior can help some of us to get an idea of what it’s like to be a senior. Trust me this can help you some day.
 Complete the Scavenger Hunt found in this issue of the Yellow Jacket
Times. The first 3 people to give the correct answers to Ms. Rodier (325)
                   will win gift cards from Speedway.



           The answers can be found in this issue of the Yellow Jacket Times.
                          Print out this page and fill in the blanks.
 The first 3 students to complete the Hunt correctly will receive prizes from Speedway.
                 All entries should be turned in to Ms. TTRodier in 325.
                She will put the date and time of submission on your entry.

1. What options are available to someone who does not wish to keep their baby?
2. What is the cost of a 2010 CHS yearbook? _______________________________________________
3. What did Manual find in their courtyard this past Halloween? ________________________________
4. What event caused Amie’s spiral towards suicide? _________________________________________
5. Approximately how long does it take to fly to Hawaii? ______________________________________
6. How long ago did the last ice age begin to recede? _________________________________________
7. What’s the hardest part of acting for Jose? ________________________________________________
8. What is a low-grade, machine-finished paper made of wood pulp called? _________________________
9. What does Mr. Musana hope to do once he becomes a Dr.? ___________________________________
10. What ailments does yellow #6 cause in animals? ___________________________________________
11. When interviewing, you should “Dress for ….’ ____________________________________________
12. Who are the sponsors for the class of 2012? _______________________________________________
13. Where is A-47 Christian Foundation located? ______________________________________________
14. Do mothers know best? _______________________________________________________________
15. What happened within an hour of Dillon being arrested? ____________________________________
16. If people don’t change, who or what will make them change? _________________________________
17. What 3 issues are in the forefront of concern about gay and lesbian marriages?
18. What is the first place prize in this scavenger hunt? _________________________________________
19. What helpful thing do we harm? ________________________________________________________
20. What is more than a game? ____________________________________________________________
21. In what My Chemical Romance song does Kina find comfort? ________________________________
22. What are 6 things teens can do to avoid violence and bullying?
23. Who did the Pirus street gang become? ______________________________________________________
24. On what date do the Cats play Vanderbilt? ___________________________________________________
25. Which of her senses was La’Nae’ born without? ______________________________________________
26. What is the lowest total amount for dues freshmen can pay? _____________________________________
27. When will you truly know your inner beauty? ________________________________________________
28. What is the cost of grooming your cat? ______________________________________________________
29. What is the deadline to file for financial aid for college? ________________________________________
30. For what team and what position does Crissa Washington play? __________________________________
31. For what is al-Zeida famous? ______________________________________________________________
32. The Somali name for hop scotch is _________________________________________________________
33. What did Loraine give up to protect her friends? ______________________________________________
34. In what grade can you join the Lincoln Foundation? ___________________________________________
35. What three orchestras does Central have? ____________________________________________________
36. Why do “I call you mine”? _______________________________________________________________
37. What three teams did CHS beat in a row in 2009? _____________________________________________
38. What is the full tip that says you should make an educated guess on the ACT?

39. Why should teens avoid gang life? _________________________________________________________
40. Name one positive and one negative effect of the VeriChip.
41. How can you achieve school success? _______________________________________________________

         Are you a Writer or an Artist?
             Do you have an opinion?
  Want to share some news with the CHS family?

 Submit your work to the Yellow Jacket Times.
       Send your submissions by email to
anne.rodier@jefferson.kyschools,us or bring your
            flash drive to room 325.
Teen Vacations                                            small boutiques, and see famous sites like the Statue
                                                          of Liberty.
     By Johnta Finn
It’s November and it is freezing cold out.                                                        pic source
Soon there will be 4 to 5 inches of snow on the
ground. Each morning, I stand outside waiting for
the bus to go to school. I don’t like the winter at all
and I sure can’t wait until the summer. I would
really rather be somewhere else other than here -
somewhere like the beach in Orlando or the
Bahamas. It would really be nice if I could go there.

                                pic source

                                                          Minnesota. The best thing to do in Minnesota is to
                                                          go to the Mall of America and to the Metro Stadium
                                                          Dome. One person could do the whole trip for

I am tired of the winter, so during spring break, I
am going on a teen vacation. It’s going be so much
How much money will I have to save between
November and March? I will have to save about                                                 pic source
$1000 for spending money and approximately
$2,232 airfare for 5 passengers. I’m going to
vacation with friends and they will actually save for
their own portion of the airfare. People you might        Las Vegas. Hotel and airfare for three days in Las
go on a trip with are your cousins, friends that you      Vegas is only $300. You have to be 21 to gamble in
are really cool with and people who can drive.            Vegas, but all of the casinos have exciting
Driving is a good way to save on airfare.                 animations to look at.
It is good to plan ahead because you will never be        Hawaii. Hawaii is a great place to go to the beach
able to do it if you don’t. A last minute thing won’t     and surf. Airfare and hotel for one person is about
work because you won’t be able to get packed or           $3500 for the week and travel time is 13-17 hours.
get a hotel.
When you are going on a vacation you should think
about where you would like to go. Here are some
 New York. If
you go to New                    pic source
York City, it
will       cost
$3,893.28 for
5 people, but
that includes                                                                                 pic source
your      plane
ticket,   hotel
and your car.
If you drive it,                                          If you are driving, be sure to get new tires and an oil
will only cost                                            change for your car. You have to be 25 years old to
$2500. The extra money could become spending              rent a car. Food for the trip will make the time more
money for your trip. In New York, you can go              enjoyable.
shopping in the many huge department stores and
Movie Review
                                                              THE FAB FIVE
          (James Dru Joyce III, Sain Cotton, LeBron James, Willie McGee, Romeo Travis)
                                        by: Antonio Russell
          More Than a Game is a documentary, by Kristopher
Belman, about the fab five: James Dru Joyce III, Sian Cotton, LeBron
James, Willie McGee, and Romeo Travis who all attended St. Vincent-
St. Mary. It tells of the struggles of five good friends just trying to
make their lifetime dream become reality - to get to be the number one
ranked high school team in basketball and to when a national high
school championship.
          In this story, the main characters Dru, Sian, LeBron, Willie,
and Romeo are the 5 narrators. Romeo is the outcast of the five. The
other four all share a true passion for the sport of basketball, but
Romeo only plays the sport to get girls and to be that guy that
everybody knows as being good in basketball. This was true until his
senior year. Their senior year was the year Romeo noticed that they
couldn’t win a national high championship without the strong
connection between the five of them - all had a troubled child hood,
and were in and out of school due to drug habits by their parents. At
some point, all had experiences some kind of tough love, as well.                                                      Source
          This story become complicated once the guys make it to their
junior, used to playing a fast paced game. In the state championship
(St. Vincent-St. Mary vs. Roger Bacon High School in Cincinnati),
they play a team who is very passionate, but calm, and no matter what they do, they never lose their patience. Roger Bacon High
School got the lead and never lost it, causing St. Vincent-St. Mary not to win the title back to back state champions.
          In the movie, there are many places where the author manipulates you to want to cry and also many places where you would
like to laugh. More Than a Game is a very good movie, but it only plays in certain theaters, so if you would like to learn more about
this movie can go to Nike Basketball - More Than A Game - US to find a theater who plays More Than a Game.

                                                                     Crips and Bloods
                                                                     By: JaCorey Cox
                                             In Louisville and other urban areas in the United States, the formation of street gangs
                                    increased at an alarming pace throughout the 1980s and 1990s. The Bloods and the Crips, the most
                                    well-known gangs of Louisville, are predominately African American and they have steadily
                                    increased in number since their beginnings in 1969.
                                             Little has been written about the historical background of black gangs in Louisville. The
                                    Crips are a primarily, but not exclusively, African American gang. They were founded in Los
                                    Angeles, California in 1971, mainly by Raymond Washington and Stanley “Tookie” Williams. The
Crips are one of the largest and most violent associations of street gangs in the United States, with an estimated 30,000 to 35,000
members. Theyis known to be involved in murders, robberies, and drug dealing, among many other criminal pursuits.
          The gang is known for its gang members' use of the color blue in their clothing. Crips refer to each other as "Cuzz" and use
the letter C to replace the letter B in their conversations and writings. They have an intricate communication system which involves
not only graffiti on walls to mark their territorial boundaries, but also the use of hand
signals (flashing), displaying their colors, and wearing selected athletic clothing. The
initials BK represent their status as "Blood Killers.
          The Bloods gang was formed initially to compete against the influence of the
Crips in Los Angeles. The origin of the Bloods and their rivalry with the Crips dates to
the 1970s, where the Pirus street gang, originally a set, or faction, of the Crips, broke off
during an internal gang war, and allied with other smaller gangs to become the gang that
would eventually be known as the Bloods.
          At the time, Crips sets outnumbered Bloods sets by three to one. To assert their
power despite this difference in numbers, Bloods sets became increasingly violent,
especially against rival Crips members. The Pirus are therefore considered to be the                      Pictures source
original founders of the Bloods. During the rise of crack cocaine, the gang's focus shifted
to drug production. Bloods sets operate independently of each other, and are currently located in almost all States.
          Louisville gangs are molded after those in L.A. They all have their own territories, and most of them are equal in numbers.
Most of the gangs in Louisville have something to do with drugs; they either sell them or they abuse them. In most gangs in
Louisville, you can be almost any age to get in, and when you get in, most likely you can’t ever get out.
                                                                                                pic source
      Gridiron in theVille….
                                                                     By Daryl Artis

                              G       ang     Violence     among
                                 youth is growing in both Kentucky and the city of Louisville. The reported
                                 gang violence isn’t as high in Louisville as it is in places like Compton, CA,
                                 but it continues to increase each year. When news is reported in Louisville,
                                 they don’t usually say whether it was gang related or not, but the most youth
                                 deaths are gang/ drug related second to car crashes. According to an online
                                 forum, a member said that when Louisville youth, Branden Trumbo, was
                                 shot earlier in 2008, the police only admitted that the incident could be gang
                                 related because the family made a comment on the news.
                                         Louisville has many gangs like Dimeblock, Victory Park Crips, and
                                 Taliban, just to name a few. About 50% of the homicides last year were of
                                 16-25 year olds, according to Some of those
homicides were most likely gang-related due to the area in which the deaths occurred. Currently,
Louisville Police are searching for suspects after two young men were found shot to death inside a vehicle
in the Portland neighborhood. Police responded to a call of shots fired on October 28th 2009 just after 8
p.m. in the 2200 block of St. Xavier Street.
         In an alley behind a house, they found the bodies of the two white men in their late teens or early
20's. Police said they have no suspects at this time and they are not ruling anything out.
“At this stage we have to look at everything. We haven't caught them so therefore they are dangerous.
Anyone who commits a crime like this would be considered dangerous,” Dwight Mitchell, LMPD public
information officer, said. According to
         The gangs we find in Louisville, have a long history. Stanley Tookie Williams III was an early
leader of the Crips, which had its roots in South Central Los Angeles in 1971. In 1979 he was convicted of
four murders committed in the course of robberies, and he remained in prison for the rest of his life. As a
leader of the Crips, he committed robberies, and in these robberies he killed 4 people. Stanley “Tookie”
Williams spent much of his prison time writing anti gang books. These books were made to encourage
others not to join gangs I really like the fact that “Tookie” Williams spent time trying to encourage others
not to be active in gang activity, even though he had played a big part as the leader of the Crips. While in
prison, he became a five time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, an author of several books including anti-gang
and violence literature. In December 2005, he was executed for his numerous crimes by lethal injection.
         Gangs have a big affect on the society. In Louisville, some gang members believe the education
system drives young people into not caring about school because it makes them feel worthless and like a
failure five days a week. This leads to low self-esteem, and these young people turn to gangs to boost their
         When I asked what would help kids and teenagers stay out of gang trouble, one teen responded that
“Boys and Girls clubs should have longer service hours/days, because during the summer there isn’t
anything for us to do”.
         “When there isn’t anything for teens to do it causes them to be bored and do silly things that get
them in trouble” said another teen.
         But many people do not realize that some gangs have positive affects on their community and
society. Former gang members have made groups to help the youth stay out of trouble around Louisville.
A former gang member said that to help keep youth out of trouble and away from gangs, we should give
them jobs instead of sending them to jail. Giving them jobs gives them something to do instead of having
all that free time to get into trouble. Teens should avoid the gang life because it’s nothing but trouble.
                                                  Maria Wallace

                                                   A girl by the name of Jazmine Ward went to a job interview at a law firm. Her attire
                                        was all wrong; she had on some old tennis shoes, a t-shirt and some jeans. Needless to say, her
                                        hair wasn’t fixed either. NO, she didn’t get the job. I’m going to tell you how to prevent this
                                        from happening to you.
                                                   The first impression is the lasting impression. When a person sees you, the first thing
                                        they see is your clothes, shoes and hair.
                                          offers 10 good tips to use when going to a job interview. The top three
                                        that I felt were the most important are numbers3, 4, and 5.
                      3. Dress for the job you really want
                      4. Accessorizes with great care
                      5. Cleanliness is next to employability
                      These are truly things that all people should think about when going to a job interview.
                      Here are my tips for a job interview. They are for women who care and women who should care about their
            SHOES: Everyone can find the perfect shoe, in any size. For an interview, shoes should have a little heel or may be
            flat, but a good solid shoe will work. The shoe’s that are in now are ballerina shoes. They’re very comfortable and suitable
            for an interview. For Jazmine’s law firm interview, she shouldn’t wear regular old tennis shoes, but a 6 inch heel would be
            unnecessary. Shoes that have the toes out are a big no no - it’s very unprofessional. If I was to go to a job interview at a law
            firm I would wear a solid black skinny heel. They’re very classy and not too much.
            CLOTHES: The perfect pants for a job interview would be pants that aren’t too tight form fitting and suitable for the
            job you’re looking for. At a law firm the right attire would probably be a solid color, conservative suit with a coordinated
            blouse. I’m not saying be plain, but don’t have a lot of bright colors on. Stick to just a little bit of color. You should be
            creative, but not do too much.
          HAIR: For a job interview, the best way to wear your hair might be an up do. Nothing too flashy, something cool but
          calm, like pulling your hair back into a small bun, to the side, or just straight back. Some people over do it, and the
          impressions that they end up leaving are bad impressions. Most interviewers like to interview people that show their
          attention. Pulling your hair back shows your dedication and interest. If I had an interview at a law firm I would pull the front
          of my hair out of my face to the back, and put a really cute clip to hold it in place. Also, when hair is in your face it causes a
          distraction to the interviewer.
          MAKE-UP: When going to an interview, make-up is not really needed, well for me it isn’t. Some women can’t even go
         to the store without putting on make-up, so for you women that do love your make-up, not so much will do. For instance, a
         little blush, not too bright, and a little bit of mascara, and a little foundation should be enough. Just stay real basic and you’ll
         still able to wear your make-up at the same time.
                    These basic tips will help you a lot if you use them in the right way. If you care about your interview attire and first
         impression, then follow these tips.

                                                       By George Scott III
Processed Food
          Today, in Western culture, the foods that we eat, along with other factors, directly affect our health
and overall well being. Processed foods that contain high fructose corn syrup and are high in calories have a
huge effect on the lifestyles people live, as well as how they look. Obesity, among other health problems,
can be directly related to the foods we put into our bodies.
          On T.V. we often hear about how a healthy diet equals a healthy life. We also hear about processed
foods can cause us to become obese as well as lead to other health problems. I had to research to find out
what processed food is: Processed food- food that has been chemically altered from a natural state to
become appealing to consumers. Foods like hotdogs, chips, white bread, artificial sweeteners, some sliced cheeses, candy,
processed meat (canned meat, lunch meat), canned foods are all examples of everyday processed foods.
          This doesn’t sound all that bad at first. I thought that if these foods are being changed for our convenience they must be good
for us. Then I started reading about the effects of too much of the chemicals in some of the processed foods we eat. They present
health risks such as:
                           * Obesity        * Heart Disease           * Diabetes         * Cancer
These health problems, along with countless others, can all be caused by consuming an extreme amount of processed foods.
         I was still a little skeptical and wondered how food that we eat everyday can cause that much damage? What I found was
Yellow 6 caused tumors of the adrenal gland and kidneys in animal testing, yet according to the FDA, it’s safe for humans.
Aspartame is an artificial sweetener used in diet foods like sodas, and drink mixes. This chemical has not been proven to be bad for
humans, but it is suspect in causing cancer, dizziness, as well as hallucinations.
         These are just a couple food additives that should be avoided, but there are plenty more that could be added to that list. I was
shocked to find that natural ingredients like coal tar, sand, beetle juice, crushed bugs, duck feathers, goat secretions, and cow stomach
can be found in a lot of processed foods that we eat everyday.
         Now that I look at all of these factors, I’ve concluded that the T.V., my parents and my teachers just might have been right.
Processed foods are not good for us just because they taste good.
         Just because we’re surrounded by artificial processed foods doesn’t mean we can’t control our diets. First, learn all you can
about what foods contain harmful additives. Then, shop wisely. All around the world there are stores that sell nothing but natural
healthy products. Right here in Louisville is Whole Food Market, located at 4944 Shelbyville Rd. Another is Honey Health Foods
Inc., 3918 S Park Rd.
                                         Ready, Set, Play by Angela Kerr
       November brings many changes to us, from the weather, the colors of our surroundings, and the
coats we wear. But this time, November brought something else. This season brought fellow students and
classmates to the stage in three magnificently preformed plays, Guys, Lift and Bang, and Beauty.
       All three plays were tied together into one 45 minute play, but still kept their individuality. In the
beginning ten- minute play titled, Guys, Darius Oliver, sophomore, Phil Royce, sophomore, and David
Bui, sophomore, are set in the roles of three college aged guys: Ty, Duff, and Jack. All three guys are in
McDonald's eating and enjoying life when Duff, played by Phil Royce, begins talking about his dreams
and women's counterparts. Duff's perversion in the play helps showcase Ty's, played by Darius Oliver,
laid-back intellectualism. After sitting at the table talking about nothing other than Duff's dream

                                                ACTOR INTERVIEWS
                                                 Jose, Darius, and Phil

 What do you feel when you are in front of everybody?
 P: That the audience will be disappointed by the performance.
 D: Nervous, but as the play progresses that feeling eases a bit.
 J: Confident, I’ve been in plays before.

 Were the lines hard to remember?
 P: Certain lines that are repetitive since they are close together they are hard to remember.
 D: Not really. It was just the improv. That was most difficult.
 J: Not hard to remember. Easy to learn.

 What was the hardest part of the acting?
 P: Delivering it in a truly passionate, truly emotional way.
 D: Projecting your voice. Not looking at the audience and facial expressions.
 J: Getting romantic. People think it's easy but it was hard 'cause she was my friend.

 If you could go back to the play what would you add? What would you take out? Honestly?
 P: Im pretty content with the play. But a little more emotion and projection might help.
 D: I would add more to the setting. I wouldn't take out nothing.
 J: I would add a little bit to the romance part. I would take out the long conversations with no meaning.

 Can you relate to your character?
 P: I believe I can. Duff thinks outside of the box. I think outside of the box. The only thing different is I'm less
 perverted. <laughs>
 D: A little, I’m a pretty laid-back guy and my character was, too.
 J: Yes, pretty much. I’ve gone through the same situation as Ben did.

and why Ty was without a pen, two fairly attractive girls waltz into McDonald's. Ty and Duff are in awe
of the girls. Duff goes completely ballistic. Abruptly, he tries everything in the world to get Ty to go and
talk to the girls. After hearing Ty and Duff argue about the girls, Jack, played by David Bui, goes over to
the girls and Jack and the girls walk out of McDonald's together. With many perverse and incredibly
humorous comments, this play turned out to be my favorite. Good job, boys!
        The second play, a soap opera type, was titled Lift and Bang. In this play, a woman named Grace,
played by Amanda Perry, is being seduced by Ben with whom, the audience later in the play learns,
Grace has had a previous affair. Grace is in her kitchen, making bread, when Ben, played by Jose Salas,
arrives and tries to help her. Grace and Ben make small talk. He asks, "Where's your necklace?" and the
audience learns they had a previous affair. After many moments pass, Ben tries to hold her and play with
her hair. After many warnings, Grace picks up some pans and 'bangs' them against the table. When Ben
still won't leave she picks up the rolling pin and starts shaking it in front of Ben's face. After finally
running him out of the house, her facial expressions reveal she is relieved. In this play, you see an affair, a
betrayal, and then a heartbreak. An interesting plot and amusing lines keep you inside the story.
        In the last ten-minute play, Beauty, two classmates played by Mekole Harris and Christian Taylor,
are out-of-college adults, one a model, the other a high paid business accountant. The business
accountant visits the model and you can see that they are friends. When the accountant arrives at the
model's house, the model is on her cell phone talking to a guy who she doesn't remember from the
previous night's drunken party. After being completely ignored for many moments, the accountant
finally gets the model's attention. The accountant exclaims she had found a genie in the bottle on the
beach. The accountant had already made two wishes come true - she wished for 25,000 dollars and it
rained from the sky. Her second wish was to have her uncle healed and she got a call from the doctor
saying he got up and walked out of the hospital. Still unconvinced, the model wondered why the
accountant had come to her about the third wish. Many seconds pass and the accountant finally confesses
to the model that she always wanted to be beautiful. The model explains that being beautiful isn't
everything, after all, the accountant had money and was highly successful while the model was not. The
model tried everything to get the accountant to realize it would be a mistake if she chose her last wish to
be the model. After contemplating the idea, the accountant rises out of her seat and opens the bottle and
wishes to be beautiful.
       Both actors wake up on the floor of the house. To their surprise, they have switched bodies and
minds. The model is now the accountant and the accountant is now beautiful. Although each got what
they wanted, they hadn't expected to become the other person. The characters don't really learn anything
except that they can't switch back. In spite of some confusing and long winded conversations, it was a
good play. Good job, girls!
       Even though these characters are just students, they each did an amazing job of acting and
performing. All portrayed their characters confidently. Great job actors! I look forward to the many
plays you will perform in the future.

Phil Royse
Darius Oliver
Amanda Perry
Hose Salas
Christean Taylor
Pics courtesy of Mr. Helvey

           Games Around the World by Nurio Ahmed (a Somalian)
         Games are a sort of entertainment involving one or more players. They challenge the mind and bring people
together. Games are played all over the world in different countries, continents, races, religions. They are played in
different ways with different directions and with different names. Somali games are very similar to American games! We
have different names for the, though. Lado & Parcheesi, Dumlad & Dominoes, Gareer & Jacks are some games that are
very similar to each other. They look exactly the same, but sometimes the rules are a little bit different.
         How is Parcheesi like Lado? In Parcheesi, you have to have a certain number to get on
the board, you go all around the board and you have to have a certain number to get out just
like in Lado. The only difference is the name, but rules and the board is very much alike.
                                                How is Dominoes like Dumlad? The rules to
                                        Dumlad are the same as in Dominoes. There are
                                        generally two players with a certain number of
                                        donimoes, the rest of the dominos are put in a row faced
                                        down. Then players start to match dots at the ends. You
                                        have to have a 6 to start. Then from there you start to pic
    pic                                 mach the dominoes till who ever doesn't have any
                                          domino left wins. But during the rounds, if you
                                          don't have any thing that matches with what’s on
                                          the floor, you have to draw from another
         How is Gareer like Jacks? In Jacks you bounce a ball and try to pick up objects
just like in Gareer. The only difference is that Gareer is played with rocks or wood, not
three dimensional stars. It’s also it’s played in a circle. The rules to Gareer are very
similar rules to Jacks. It takes quick, steady hands to play both these games.
         There are other games in Somalia that are exactly like games in America with
the same rules, just a different name. Like Jump Rope - Bablican; Hopscotch – Lugey                                    pic
Lugey; Soccer – Banoni; Hide and Seek – Dudumeshey. When Somali people play games, they play
with family and friends. Everyone participates, trying to cheat or help their partners. It brings every one together, mentally
and physically. It gives people a moment to remember and a funny story to tell their kids. (Special thanks to Hamdi Abdi
for help with translation)
            Need Advice??? Here Ya Go! Ask…
                    “Pretti N Pink!”

 There’s this girl who picks with me all the time. We’re friends and I don’t
think she means harm. But sometimes her jokes can be annoying and too
much. I don’t want to start anything, but it’s getting on my nerves! How
should I tell her to back off?
                                                          ~Signed: Miss Fed Up

Well Miss Fed Up… If you’re really tired of your friend bothering you, you should
defiantly let her know. Although you shouldn’t make a scene about it because she
may take it the wrong way. One day, just pull her to the side and tell her that some of
the things she says you take offensively and you don’t like it. If she’s really your
“friend“, she will stop immediately.

I’m a very jealous and territorial person. So every time I see my girlfriend
with her ex or see her texting him, I get upset. I understand they’re just
friends, but I know he still has feelings for her. That makes me worried and
irritated all at the same time. What should I do?
                                                         ~From: A jealous dude

I get that you’re jealous of the situation because they have history, and you can’t help
that. But as far as anything else goes, you shouldn’t be worried. Just because he still
has feelings doesn’t mean she does. So don’t worry about that. You need to trust her,
because if you’re constantly questioning her she will get annoyed and want to
distance herself from you. So don’t worry, she’s with you and trust her so that it will
stay that way.

In one of my classes, I have a grade that I don’t think I deserve. I do all my
work and receive decent scores on my test. Recently, I’ve been doing better
than ever on my tests and turning in all my assignments on time! But I’m
seeing no improvement… I think my teacher has a personal grudge against me
for some reason. Who should I tell?
                                                    ~ A stressed hard worker

If you are doing all your assignments like you say and getting good grades on your
tests, I don’t see why you shouldn’t be seeing an improvement in your grades. You
should try talking to your teacher and showing her or him all your work and grades so
it can all be calculated. But if you’re still not satisfied, try talking to your counselor or
having your parent come in for a conference to get to the bottom of the situation.

Huhh - it seems like I can’t ever win with my mom! She doesn’t ever approve
of anything I do. Right now she has a problem with my friends. She thinks
they’re hanging with me for the wrong reasons, and that they’re bad
influences. So she doesn’t let me go anywhere with them. But she doesn’t
know them like I do. How can I get her to let me hang with them?
                                            ~Signed: A girl trying to have fun

Well I know it sounds cliché,but sometimes mothers do know best. So maybe you
should see if she has a point about your friends. But if you still think they’re genuine,
than try inviting them over so she can see that they’re good kids. Maybe she’ll change
her mind.

I like my friend’s ex boyfriend. He’s really cute and nice to me and we click
really well. I know she would hate me if I went out him, but I want to…
Would it be wrong to?
                                                            ~A backstabber???

Wow, that is a tough and awkward position to be in. But as far as your friend hating
you, that is probably an over statement. I’m sure she’ll be mad for a while, but if you
are good friends, she will get over it. I don’t think I can say if it’s wrong or not to date
him, although I do think friends are more important than a boy or girl. It’s ultimately
up to you and your feelings. So good luck!

My mom doesn’t like my boyfriend, but I love him! Should I continue to date
him against her wishes?
                                                   ~Signed: A confused lover

I understand you don’t want to go against your mom. But if you really like and love
this guy, then you should do what makes you happy. If being with him is it, then so
be it.
            Important Information for Seniors!!!!!!!!!!
Lets talk testing—ACT vs. SAT – Mr. Linton
All students in the state of Kentucky take the ACT because it is free and is the most commonly used test by local
colleges and universities. However, they test different strengths and if your strengths lie in the areas of Critical
Reading and Math, the SAT may be the test for you. Or you may want to try the SAT to see if it will boost your
scholarship possibilities. Sign up at
JCTC also accepts the COMPASS test, which they administer on campus, so that may be an option as well.
Any student who plans to attend a NCAA Division I or II institution AND who wishes to participate in
intercollegiate athletics must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center (formerly NCAA Clearinghouse). To view
the rules and to register, go to Click on the Prospective
Student-Athletes link. Here you can gather information and resources for the prospective student-athlete as well
as register. When you register, you must print two requests for transcripts. Give these to Ms. Hill and she will
send the NCAA Eligibility Center a copy of your current transcript as well as your end-of-year transcript.

When you register to take the ACT or SAT, you must request that your score be sent to the Eligibility Center by
choosing 9999 as a score reporting location on your ACT/SAT registration document.

Yes, you already took the ACT last March and got your results back. If you are not pleased with your scores, I
strongly recommend that you retake the test. Make sure you send your scores to your college of choice and the
NCAA clearinghouse (Taking the ACT). We are not allowed to send them from the counseling office.
If you are eligible for free or reduced lunch, you may take the test twice for free.           See Ms. Moss in the
counseling office for a form.
What is new about the ACT? You can register online for the test. Go to and create a student web
account, then register for the test. This also allows you to view your scores before the paper copy arrives.
Remember—your ILP is a great tool to search for colleges and majors!!!
Many of you have been to see me already regarding scholarships. I will publish some independent scholarship
opportunities in the newsletters. However, I urge you to research scholarships offered by colleges, professional
organizations, and special program. The two key elements you need to understand are 1) Qualifications and 2)
First you must qualify for a scholarship with your GPA and test scores. Most require a 3.0 and a 20 ACT score.
Other things they look for are leadership and character. The second most important thing to remember is to
APPLY for the scholarship. You will not get any that you do not apply for.
Other ways to pay for college include financial aid from the government, KEES money, grants and loans. You and
your parents will need to fill out a FAFSA online in January or February to see what your eligibility is for financial
aid. To learn more, please register with
We will have a financial aid workshop closer to the due date for the FAFSA.
College visits are very important as well as attending college fair. Make sure you attend the UPS College and
Career Expo October 18 or any other event listed on the front.

1. Student athletes with a 3.0 or better may apply for the Wendy’s High School Heisman scholarship
2. KY Concrete Assoc: 600 word essay : due Nov 2: $6000
3. EKU presidential scholarship:      8 semesters February 1st
4. JFK : 1,000 word essay: $5,000 due January 9th
5. Most Valuable Student: 4 year scholarship: judged on scholarship, leadership, and financial need: due
November 2nd
6. due October 31
7. McDonald’s Black History Makers of Tomorrow: $1,000: based on leadership,scholarship,character,and
community service:2.5 gpa and 500 word essay;
8. United Negro College fund: for students attending a historically black college
Financial Aid Workshop - Feb 2nd 6:30pm at Central High
A representative from KHEAA         will explain how to get money for college and provide details about specific
programs offered in KY.
If you have not ordered your cap and gown, CALL Bob or Jill at Jostens 454-0474 or
ALL seniors must order their cap and gown from JOSTENS by January 8th. Jostens will be in the senior
café on Jan 8th. All items ordered must be paid for in full before you can get your cap and gown.

College Goal Sunday: Help filing financial aid form, January 31st at 2:00pm at any of the following locations: JCC
Downtown @109 E Broadway, JCC southwest @ 1000 Community College Dr, Male High School @ 4409 Preston
                    ACT Test Date                    Registration Deadline            Late Registration (Late Fee
                   October 24, 2009                    September 18, 2009                Before October 2, 2009
                   December 12, 2009                    November 6, 2009               Before November 20, 2009
                    February 6, 2010                     January 5, 2010                Before January 15, 2010
                     April 10, 2010                       March 5, 2010                     March 19, 2010
                     June 12, 2010                         May 7, 2010                       May 21, 2010

                                              ACT DEADLINES
                                Scholarships Available in counseling office
                Prospective Educator Scholarship Program: deadline Feb 1, 2010; see Mr Linton
                African American Future Achievers Scholarship Program; apply at
                Brown Mackie College Louisville: $1,000; see Mr Linton for application
                Imagine America Scholarship: apply at
                Georgetown College Creative Writing Scholarship: Feb 15th, see Mr Linton to apply
                Lindsey Wilson College: tuition, room, and board, need 24 ACT, see Mr Linton to apply
                WKU Research Scholarship; $2,000/yr, Feb 15th;
                Burger King Scholars; $1,000; apply at
                KFC Colonel’s Scholars: $5,000/yr; deadline Feb10; apply at
                Berea College: 4-yr tuition scholarship; family income less than $50,000, see Mr Linton
                U of L ( Porter) and U of K ( Parker ) Scholarships due Jan 15th !!
                Murray State;; Jan 15
                Community Foundation of Louisville;; March 15th
                NKU Scholarship:; January 15th
                PTA Future teacher: see Mr. Linton for application; Feb 15, 2009
                KY Conference for Community and Justice;; Jan 15th
                KY Farm Bureau: 3.5 gpa, 23 ACT; click federation;Feb 26
                Byrd Scholarship: $6000, 23ACT; see Mr. Linton; Feb 1st deadline

Important Dates !! - Jan 15th: Scholarship deadline - Feb 15th: Deadline to file financial aid
January 15th is the deadline for admissions applications and scholarship applications for most universities. Most
universities require you to file the FAFSA by February 15th. Go to after January 1st to file. You will
need your parents 2009 tax information.            If you have specific questions regarding the FAFSA, call the
Kentuckiana College Access Center at 584—0475.

ACT registration packets and fee waiver forms are available from Ms Moss in the counseling office. You can register on
for the ACT at If using a few waiver online, you will need to enter the code from the fee waiver form. All colle
require official ACT scores to be sent from ACT. Be sure to indicate your college choices on the day of the test. If you n
to send an ACT score to a college, call ACT at 319 337 1270 ( $9 fee required by ACT ).
                                  JUNIORS, IT’S ABOUT THAT TIME
                                                                    By: Jasmine Stephens
            Hey juniors, you know it almost time to take the ACT test. I’m here to give you all the tips and advice you need to get
prepared for this test. You will need to study hard and take many practice tests as needed to make sure you score high enough to get to
the college of your choice.
          Right here at Central, we offer ACT classes. You can take one second semester if you didn’t already take the class first
semester. Central also offers free ACT test prep on Saturdays, as well. This program includes ay free incentives (like weekly coupons
to local area restaurants and a $150 mall gift certificate) to challenge you to improve your test taking skills. It is taught by Mr. Baize
and Ms. Britt. Transportation is available if needed.
          You can sign up in the counselor’s office at any time to take the ACT. They will give you the paperwork and information
about dates and fees. Just make sure you get all of your paperwork in on time or you will have to pay the late fee.
         Tips to succeeding on the ACT                                                                    more info & source
         1. Carefully read the instructions on the cover of the test booklet.
         2. Read the directions for each test carefully.
         3. Read each question carefully.
         4. Pace yourself- do not spend all your time on one question.
         5. Pay attention to the announcement of five minutes remaining on each test.
         6. Use a soft lead no.2 pencil with a good eraser, no mechanical or ink.
         7. Answer the easy questions first, and then go back and answer the more difficult ones if you have time remaining on the
         8. On difficult questions, eliminate as many incorrect answers as you can, then make an educated guess among those
         9. Make your test before time is called, go back over your test and check your answers.
         10. Mark your answers properly. Erase any mark completely and cleanly without smudging.
         11. Do not mark or alter any ovals on a test or continue writing the essay after time has been called. If, you do, you will be
             dismissed and your answer document will not be scored.
         12. If you are taking the ACT plus writing, see Writing Test Tips.
Remember to do always do your best on your Act. If there’s something that you don’t understand, move on to something that you
already know. Also make sure to answer every question on your test, even if you have to make an educated guess. You are given
credit for every right answer and your guess could be a lucky one!

                                                                                                                     By Dachealle Brown

          When you are a sophomore in high school your whole outlook on life changes. Can you believe that you will be legal in two
to three years? It is unbelievable how we have grown up so quickly. When you are a sophomore at Central High school there are a lot
of activities to be involved in. There are a lot of things that are going on at school inside and outside of school.
          10th graders at Central High have a Cotillion. It is a gathering that you will enjoy. A cotillion is a celebration just for the
sophomores. Ours will be held sometime in March. Our cotillion is our prom. We take advantage of this because it is special, and it is
the starting point of our parties that are to come. It is also a step forward to letting us know that we’re one step closer to our senior
          Sophomore year is a very important year. This is the year that prepares us for our up and coming junior year when we take
the ACT/SAT. To help us prepare for this exam which is required to enter college, we will take the ACT/SAT prep course. We can
take this class for the whole year or just half of the year. Your 2nd year in high school is a time for you to learn how to be prepared.
Know what your strengths and weaknesses are. The prep class benefits you by letting you get a feel of what the test is like, and what
the test criteria is.
          Getting all your credits and doing your ILP every year is important all four years. High school isn’t like middle school. You
have to get a full credit in order to go to the next level of English, math, etc. Even though you are in the next grade, that doesn’t
necessarily mean that everything is up to par. You need to stay on top of your credits and your ILP, a plan for the each year of your
high school career. It is a graduation requirement, as well.
          You are placed in your magnet your sophomore year. It’s the first time that you experience your magnet one on one. Each
magnet offers a chance for us to experience college courses. Our career magnet is the reason why we chose to come to Central.
Magnet classes put us one step ahead of the game. The magnet that you are placed in is one of your choices. No matter which magnet
you are placed in, you will benefit from the teachings in one way or another.
          A class due is a fee that is paid so that your class can hold activities, such as the Cotillion, Junior and Senior prom. Class dues
benefit your class as a whole. The more people that pay dues, the better celebrations the class will receive. A class due is supposed to
be paid every year. The price depends on what grade you are currently in. The price also varies on when you make your payment. The
price goes up through the year, and the price is higher if you wait to make all your payments your senior year.
          Class Sponsors make it all happen. Just who are the class sponsors of 2012? They are Mr. Lau and Mr. Sick. They coordinate
celebrations, awards, and class activities. Mr. Lau and Mr. Sick are working together so that we have the best high school years of our
lives. They will stay with our class as sponsors until the year of 2012. They’re first event will be when Sophomore Cotillion comes
          As you can see, there are a lot of sophomore responsibilities at hand. If you stay on track and keep organized, you can do
anything that you want. All you have to do to survive the tenth grade is be on top of your academics and activities. If you stay on
track, everything will go smoothly. Make a plan at the start of each six weeks, and time will fly by. You will be a junior before you
know it!
                                                                    By Mersaydes Goodson
                                                                           What are Class Dues?
                                                    Class Dues are monies paid to fund class activities such as dances,
                                         homecoming activities, sophomore cotillion, junior ring dances, senior prom,
securing graduation venues and various other activities and the materials needed to support such activities. These dues are
NOT REGISTRATION FEES and are NOT SUBJECT TO FEE WAIVERS based on free and reduced lunch eligibility.
                                               Why do I have to pay Class Dues?
These monies are used to enhance your high school experience, to build lasting friendships and memories, to pay for the
activities listed above and hopefully many more exciting and fun activities over the next four years of your high school
                                                                Who do I pay?
You pay your class dues to your assigned class sponsor. If your LAST NAME begins with the letters A-G, pay Mr. Ryan Davis. If
your LAST NAME begins with the letter H-O, pay Ms. Pamela GreenBeck. If your LAST NAME begins with the letter P-Z, pay
Mrs. T. Danielle Pendleton.
                                       When can I pay my assigned class sponsor?
You can pay your sponsors today or any day after school until 2:30 in your assigned class sponsors classroom. Money WILL NOT
be collected DURING THE SCHOOL DAY for ANY REASON, NO EXCEPTIONS! Do not ask to leave your classroom during school to
pay for any activity, the money will ONLY be accepted between 2:20 and 2:30 each school day.
                                                     How much are class dues?
                                 BEST VALUE !                          GREAT DEAL!                            DON’T GET STUCK
                                                                                                              WITH THESE FEES!
                                 EARLY $200                            On-Time (Paid BEFORE                   Late (Paid after Oct. 31
                                 (Paid in full by, 2009)               Oct. 31 in current                     in current Academic
                                                                       Academic year.)                        year.)
   Freshman 2009                 $15                                   $20                                    $25
   Sophomore 2010                $30                                   $35                                    $40
   Junior 2011                   $40                                   $45                                    $50
   Senior 2012                   $115                                  $125                                   $150
   Total                         $200                                  $225                                   $265

Lincoln Foundation
                                                          By: LaTosha Kirk
          HEY!!! Looking for a scholarship program that will pay your full ride to college? Then WYSP is the scholarship program for you. WYSP
  (Whitney Young Scholarship Program) was named after the president of the institute/program Whitney M. Young Sr., (1935) in Shelby County. The
  program has been around for almost 100yrs. sending scholars to college and helping them achieve educational goals.
          The program recruits students with good grades and GPA starting in the 7th grade to participate in their science program. WYSP is a tutoring
  program that helps in; math, science, and language arts, and also with ACT. Staying dedicated to the program will help you with your work so you can
  get ahead in school. If you keep attending until you’re a Senior in high school, WYSP will stay dedicated in helping you.
          I’ve been a Whitney Young Scholar since 7th grade and I love it. Even though it means going to school on a Saturday, it will really pay off. The
  staff in the program really cares about education and wants to see everyone succeed. So stop sitting around thinking that you’re going to get a
  scholarship handed out to you. Get up and join before it is too late. For more information visit the website:

                                                       The Lincoln Foundation’s Mission:
                     To provide educational enrichment programs that develop and support youth in overcoming barriers to
        Can      you      imagine                                                  waking up one morning free
and within 24 hours you’re                                                        behind bars? For William
Dillon, this was a horrible                                                        nightmare that he was hoping
he could wake up from. He was                                                      sent to jail back in 1986 for a
crime he didn’t commit, and he                                                    is just now walking free in
2009. The police say they                     By: Cha’Nequia Gore                 found DNA that connected him
to the crime, and when he was proven                                   guilty, he thought all hope was gone. He
said, “It hurts quite a lot when you have a loving family and police tell them you have killed somebody.” He
spent five years in prison without a single visitor.
        This is a shame because they didn’t give him a chance to show that he was innocent. The jury
deliberated for only forty-five minutes and found him guilty. He wasn’t even allowed to get on the stand to let
the judge know that he didn’t even know the person that he was accused of killing.
        He should sue police for all the pain and suffering he went though in jail. He said, “Within an hour I was
attacked by five males.” First he was accused of a crime he didn’t commit, then he was attacked by some
random inmates. Not only was he sent to prison, but he spent 27 years in there. When they ran the tests again,
they found Dillon’s DNA was NOT found on the bloodstained T-shirt.
        Things like this happen all the time, so authorities should be more careful and pay attention to all the

                                          GLOBAL WARNING:
                                        “Mother Nature’s Terrorist”
                                             Kristopher Pugh

What is Global Warming?
         You thought all that sunscreen and sun block would save you from the sun’s rays, but instead you’re
walking outside not knowing you are getting hit with intense sun rays that could give you skin cancer. This is
one of the small ways this world problem affects each person. On a larger scale global warming is an
acknowledged earth killer.
         Gasses and waste from cars, factories, etc., go up into earth’s atmosphere and eat away at the ozone
layer. The results are melting glaciers, raising ocean sea levels, and temperatures that start to rise. This will
eventually kill the earth and the people that live on it. Global warming is dangerous to all plant, animals, and
people on earth.
What are the Causes of Global Warming?
         Holes in the ozone can allow the sun’s harmful rays to touch the face of earth. This could cause forest
fires, start field burning, cause death to animals or other people, and cause the skin cancer mentioned earlier.
These horrific events will change our lives drastically.
What Can We Do To Prevent This Horrific Event From Happening?
         We must prevent these horrible events from happening. We can start small. Students in America’s high
schools can begin the process by making this a topic of conversation, not limited to the classroom. Planning a
trip with friends? Can you walk? Take a city bus? Use hairspray in aerosol form? How about using a pump
spray. Make it a point to explain to people what they are doing to cause global warming and see if they will
listen and respond. Regardless, make others aware of the problem.
         Another way students can help is to let their legislators and members of congress know that this is a
concern to you and others your age. You might not vote now, but you will and that gives you a voice. Also,
pay attention to local initiatives to prevent global warming and the impact they might have on the environment.
A good way to stay informed is by reading the newspaper and listening to the local news.
         Another way is to let others know what they can do. Can they stop driving cars, or use a car that doesn’t
use gas? If people don’t change, we could all be dead before the end of this century.
         This is a serious event. I learned that I have to take care of my earth. If people don’t change, the earth
will change them.
    33 FACTS ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING By Victor Miguel Ponce                                                 source
1. The Earth was formed about 4,540,000,000 years ago.
2. In the beginning, the Earth's atmosphere contained very little oxygen (less than 1% oxygen pressure).
3. Early plants started to develop more than 2 billion years ago, probably about 2,700,000,000.
4. Through photosynthesis, plants uptake carbon dioxide into the biosphere as organic matter, and release oxygen as
    a byproduct.
5. Through geologic time, oxygen accumulated gradually in the atmosphere, reaching a value of about 21% of
    atmospheric gases at the present time.
6. Through geologic time, surplus organic matter has been sequestered in the lithosphere as fossil organic materials
    (coal, petroleum, and natural gas).
7. Early animals (the first organisms with external shells) started to develop around 600,000,000 years ago.
8. Animals operate in the opposite way than plants: they take up oxygen, burn organic matter (food), and release
    carbon dioxide as a byproduct.
9. Early humans (Australopithecus anamensis) began to develop about 4,100,000 years ago.
10. Cool climatic conditions have prevailed during the past 1,000,000 years. The species Homo sapiens evolved
    under these climatic conditions.
11. Homo sapiens dates back to more than 400,000 years.
12. Estimates for the variety Homo sapiens sapiens, to which all humans belong, range from 130,000 to 195,000
    years old.
13. The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was as low as 190 ppm during the last Ice Age, about
    21,000 years ago.
14. The last Ice Age began to recede about 20,000 years ago.
15. The agricultural revolution, where humans converted forests and rangelands into farms, began to develop about
    10,000 years ago.
16. The agricultural revolution caused a reduction in standing biomass in the biosphere and reduced the uptake of
    carbon dioxide in midlatitudinal regions, indirectly contributing, however so slightly, to global warming.
17. The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increased gradually from a low of 190 ppm 21,000 year
    ago, to about 290 ppm in the year 1900, i.e., at an average rate of 0.00478 ppm per year.
18. The industrial revolution, where humans developed machines (artificial animals, since they consume fuels, which
    are mostly organic matter), began in England about 240 years ago (1767).
19. In October 1999, the world's population reached 6,000,000,000, which is double that of the year 1959 (the
    doubling occurred in 40 years).
20. The world's population is currently increasing at the rate of about 80,000,000 per year (about 1.2 %).
21. The current world population is 6,781,000,000 (September 1, 2009).
22. The global fleet of motor vehicles is estimated at 830,000,000 (2006).
23. The global fleet of motor vehicles has been recently growing at the rate of 16,000,000 per year.
24. Motor vehicles (cars, trucks, buses, and scooters) account for 80% of all transport-related energy use.
25. The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which was at 290 ppm in the year 1900, rose to 316 ppm
    in 1959, or at an average 0.44 ppm per year.
26. Measurements of the concentration of carbon dioxide since 1959 (316 ppm) have revealed an increase to 387 ppm
    in 2009, or at an average 1.42 ppm per year.
27. The concentration of carbon dioxide has increased an average of about 1.8 ppm per year over the past two
28. The concentration of carbon dioxide increased 2.87 ppm in 1997-98, more than in any other year of record.
29. The year 1998 was the warmest of record. The year 2002 was the second warmest (to that date). The year 2003
    was the third warmest (to that date). The year 2004 was the fourth warmest (to that date). The year 2005 equaled
    1998 as the warmest of record. The year 2007 equaled 1998 as the second warmest of record. The ten warmest
    years have occurred in the twelve-year period 1997-2008.
30. About 75% of the annual increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide is due to the burning of fossil fuels.
31. The remaining 25% is attributed to anthropogenic changes in land use, which have the effect of reducing the net
    uptake of carbon dioxide.
32. Anthropogenic changes in land use occur when forests are converted to rangelands, rangelands to agriculture, and
    agriculture to urban areas.
33. Other patterns of land degradation--deforestation, overgrazing, overcultivation, desertification, and salinization--
    reduce the net uptake of carbon dioxide, indirectly contributing, however slightly, to global warming.
                                                                             By Jasmine Miller
           Health or Surveillance??
       Would you consider planting microchips in your arm a good idea? Or would it be a
                                      really bad idea?

                                             A U.S company has been given the green light to implant chips in humans. The
         pic source                 chip is called VeriChip. The VeriChip purpose is to provide medical information in a time
                                    of need. The chip will have the person’s medical records which can be read by a scanner.
                                    The people that made the VeriChip say it will carry information that can save a patient's
                                    life during an emergency - such as details of medication, blood groups and allergies or if
                                    they have conditions like diabetes.
                                             The microchip is the size of a grain of rice and will be inserted below the skin. A
                                    Florida based company pointed to other commercial uses. Security may be the main point
                                    for inserting the chip. Military bases, federal offices, were mentioned as places where the
                                    technology could be put to use. The internal microchips could be used to regulate entry to
                                    private places like jails. There would be no need for passes, ID cards or dog-tags, because
                                    all the information would be on the chip under the skin. In Mexico in order to get access
   high-security crime database you will have to have the chip implanted.
            Chips have been attached to products in the supermarket to monitor shopping patterns for market research for
   over a decade and chips in rental cars have long been in use. Using the chips in cell phones to track people is already
   hugely controversial. Many say that the chip is really just another opportunity for the government to both identify and
   track people. There has been talk of inserting chips in driver’s licenses, and some cities have suggested using those chips to
   toll drivers for road use based on actual routes and mileage. Chips have also been linked to health issues. In one German
   study, the authors wrote that tumors were "clearly due to the implanted microchips."
            Security or invasion of privacy? Technology has provided us with multiple conveniences that may prove to be
   seriously inconvenient in the end.

                            “I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO…” By Diamond Bell
        According to, a newborn girl was found alive inside a dumpster outside
an Indiana apartment building. The police officers arrested a 19 year old woman a few hours later on attempted murder charges.
        Police said that a woman was throwing out her trash on Sunday afternoon and thought she heard a cry. The woman
found the baby inside a trash bag. State police Detective Mark Heffelfinger said the baby was taken to a hospital and did not
appear to have any injuries. He also said medical personnel estimated the baby was, at most, four hours old when she arrived at
the hospital.
        Police arrested Alison Lesch of Auburn, who was being held in the DeKalb County Jail pending a court appearance.
Detective Heffelfinger said Alison told investigators she didn't know what to do after she gave birth.
        I think her action was absolutely outrageous. There are plenty of other options than to put a baby in the trash. I know she
knew better. She is a grown woman. If she couldn’t take care of her responsibilities, she shouldn’t have put herself in that type of
position. There are many things she could have done, including:
               abortion
               adoption
               taking it to a foster home
               simply leaving it at the hospital
        According to, in 2001, the average charge for a surgical abortion at
10 weeks’ gestation was $468; but since most abortions in the United States are performed at low-cost clinics, women, on
average, paid $372 for the procedure. 74% of women pay for abortions with their own money; 13% of abortions are covered by
Medicaid, and 13% are billed directly to private insurance. Some women who pay for the procedure themselves may receive
insurance reimbursement later.
        According to, adoption laws vary by state and can be drastically different as
you cross state lines. Some of the things you might be interested in researching are your state's position on post-placement
contact agreements, allowable expenses and the use of adoption professionals. There is also a phone number 1-800-ADPOTION.
        According to, foster care is a program, run by your state, which allows stand-in
parents, referred to as foster parents, to care for minor children who have been removed from their biological home. There are a
number of reasons why children might be removed from their biological home, including abuse and neglect.
        And simply leaving the child at the hospital would have been much better than putting it in the trash. If you ever have an
unplanned pregnancy, or find yourself wondering what to do with your baby, please consider your options. Throwing out your
                                                                                           By Tom’iya Jeffery

The 3 main issues relating to Gay and Lesbian marriages seem to be the following:
       Determining whether or not gays and lesbians should be allowed to marry
       Determining whether gay marriages hurts the institution of heterosexual marriage
       Determining whether gay marriage hurts or harms children
I am no expert in gay and lesbian relationships and marriages, but I do have an opinion on this oftentimes touchy subject.
          The three bulleted items above illustrate a lot of the concerns on heterosexual’s minds, including my own. Where
should the conversation start? One can begin by defining the word Gay and the word Lesbian. In the dictionary I found
the definition of Gay as “of; relating to, or used by homosexuals.” The dictionary definition of Lesbian is “A female
homosexual. Of or characteristic of female homosexuals.” (Merriam-Webster, 2004)
          One thing that is confusing to me is how people use the words in a bad sense. Usually, the word gay is used in
reference to a homosexual male or female. I’ve noticed that people sometimes use this word to express negative
connotations such as implying a person is weird, ugly, short. Just about anything out of the ordinary.
     I think it is important for everyone to remember that you don’t have to be a lesbian, or Gay, to stand up for people that
are gay or lesbian. One thing we all must remember is that they are HUMAN BEINGS just like the rest of us who are
pointing the finger and giving looks of disgust or just meddling in others’ business. I personally feel like if I don’t like
somebody I should just stay away from them as much as possible because there is no reason for them to be in my presence
unless they’re in school with me or at my home. My mother always taught me to get to know someone before judging him
or her, because judging people isn’t good because everybody has faults and flaws so nobody is perfect enough to judge
     The first bullet relating to Gay and Lesbian marriages that I listed above is: “Determining whether or not gays and
lesbians should be allowed to marry”. I am not sure of the definite answer or the exact definition of marriage, but we can
start by looking at the vows that are often used in a marriage ceremony:
          “I, (name), take you, (name), to be my [opt: lawfully wedded] (husband/wife), my constant friend, my faithful
     partner and my love from this day forward. In the presence of God, our family and friends, I offer you my solemn vow
     to be your faithful partner in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, and in joy as well as in sorrow. I
     promise to love you unconditionally, to support you in your goals, to honor and respect you, to laugh with you and cry
     with you, and to cherish you for as long as we both shall live.”
     In these vows, there is no condition stated. No where does it say “You have to be opposite sex in order to marry”.
These vows simply state that the person taking the vow promises the other that as long as the couple is together love is
expected to be fully expressed until death does the couple part. I am a heterosexual and I don’t understand why two
people attracted to the other of the same sex is a problem. Doesn’t this also cut into the question of interracial marriages
because in both marriages, one partner is different from the other…but what if people like different??
     My next bullet above is: “Determining whether gay marriages hurts the institution of heterosexual marriages”. In life
if you’re married to ONE significant other and not anyone else, how could a heterosexual couple actually be bothered by a
lesbian or gay couple? I extremely doubt that they lesbian or gay couple will be worried about the heterosexual couple. I
think there is a huge problem with society to the point where it’s influencing our generation to think that being Gay and
Lesbian isn’t acceptable. What is wrong with being different?? I really think life would be 100% better if people would
keep their noses in their own business.
My last bullet is “Determining whether gay marriage hurts or harms children.” I am almost sure that this is the number
one concern that people may. I understand that gays and lesbians might be seen as being out of the ordinary and children
are not taught to like the same sex, but one thing that I think homosexuals should understand is that being intimate in front
of children isn’t respectable unless they’re the couple’s children. Some heterosexuals don’t really care about what
homosexuals do, like me, but I don’t want to sit around and watch them kiss and make out neither, or any other couple.
Children will accept their parents at any cost. If your child has a problem with your sexuality then maybe it’s time you
taught them about change…like you might have done with Barack Obama. He’s out of the ordinary right?
         Opinions are very important but facts and statistics are also important as well. I searched the internet to see how
others felt about the issue. I went to and searched same sex marriages and found a link to
labeled “Same sex marriages.” Here is a quote from the website that I felt was very interesting and made sense to me:
         “Same-sex marriage (also called gay marriage) is a legally or socially recognized marriage between two persons
         of the same biological sex or social gender.
         Same-sex marriage is a civil rights, political, social, moral, and/or religious issue in many western nations. The
         conflict arises from the term "marriage" being used to include same-sex relationships as well as an often-
         overlapping government-endorsed civil status with legal benefits”.(
This quote pulled from the website actually enlightens a little because I hadn’t thought of the issue involving politics, or
the government, etc. I am actually surprised to see that more people than just me, and maybe some activists, are speaking
on behalf of this subject.
                                                What’s the Big Deal?
                                                                       By Keianna Davis

Let’s                           face it, the world as we know it doesn’t accept gay people. The first thing that
comes to                     some people’s mind about gays is that they are nasty and disgusting, they don’t
want to be anywhere near that person They are quick to judge when they don’t know the whole story. Being
gay is not a bad thing. No one should ever be judged just because of their sexuality, personality or the way they
dress. Everybody should be treated equally. The following is an interview with ‘Pretti Boi’ ™.

Do you think it’s wrong to be gay?
To be honest, I don’t think its wrong to be a ‘homo.’ I mean, I’m still the same girl I have always have been whether I dress
like a boy or not. I thank if you’re gay, then you’re just being yourself and not following everybody else.

What goes through your mind when you’re out in public and somebody makes a comment towards you?
To me, that makes the person who did it ignorant and they should keep their opinions to themselves.

Do you feel that everybody should accept you?
Yes, people shouldn’t judge me because I like the same sex. People shouldn’t judge me because I dress like a boy. What
business is it of these people about how I dress? As long as I carry myself in a good way, why should they care about what
I’m doing?

Does this affect your religion?
Yes, because in my religion you’re not supposed to be gay. It is considered a sin to be gay.

How does it make you feel when people throw the bible in your face and tell you that it’s not holy and you need to
get yourself straight?
It makes me feel like they don’t love me and that I’m not a real person who doesn’t have feelings.

What do your parents think about you being the way that you are?
My mom doesn’t approve of it, plain and simple. She doesn’t like it. She thinks it’s inconsiderate. She doesn’t like to talk
about it at all, but I just don’t understand. She always told me I can talk to her about anything. Then I try to do that, but she
says I don’t want talk about this cause I’m going to get mad. I told her, “You’re my mother and you’re supposed to support
me and everything I do. But now you don’t want to support me in this. Why not? Because I told her I’m gay, our whole
relationship has changed. That I don’t understand. So basically, I’d say she hates it. I can never bring my girlfriend home or
even to a family gathering.

Do you see how the world today treats gay people? Nobody deserves to be treated like they are invisible. You
have to remember that they are human beings just like we are, so why should they be treated any differently just
because of their sexuality? Everybody needs to come together and get past each other’s differences, because
what you fail to realize is that we are only as strong as our weakest link. So, when they fall we fall.
                                                                                  By Dina Sulejmanovic

           Today many young teenagers are involved in and surrounded by violence. For example, as recently as
   last month, a 15-year-old girl was gang raped on a California high school campus. 10 people were involved.
   Another 10 people watched the rape without calling 911.The rape took place during a homecoming dance. The
   teenage girl was left in critical condition after the attack.
           Many teenagers are involved in violence. The violence mostly starts because of bullying. Teens don’t
   realize how serious bullying can become. Teens think it’s not a big deal, but it is. It starts from picking, teasing,
   name calling, and leads to violence. Violence can also lead to death.
           There are many ways teenagers can prevent violence. Some of those are to stop making mean gestures,
   making mean faces, teasing, taunting, name calling, putting down someone and physical acts such as hitting and
   pushing. Teens can also prevent violence by not starting it. If you don’t like someone then don’t talk to that
   person. Just keep to yourself. Bullying somebody you don’t like won’t help resolve anything. And it won’t
   make you a better person.
           Schools can help by providing more security during afterschool activities, because that’s when most of
   the violence starts. With less security teens take advantage of it and are more likely to start fights and
   arguments. Too much can happen when teens are left out of the sight of supervising adults, like in California,
   where the 15 year old teenager was gang raped at school during the homecoming dance.
           It was said that there was security there, but they didn’t pay attention to what the teens were doing and
   who was coming in and out of the school. When we are in school we should be supervised at all times.
           Here are some things teenagers can do to avoid violence and bullying.
   1. Do not draw attention to yourself.
   2. Do NOT fight back.                                                                 info
   3. Try to make yourself invisible.
   4. Don’t stick up for anyone.                                                         more info
   5. Don’t react to the bully’s rude remarks.
   6. Bear in mind if the bully has a group of friends that follow him/her, it’s most likely they are his/her friends

                                           2009-2010 YEARBOOK
 Only one book will capture this year’s incredible events and experiences – YOUR YEARBOOK. It’s the only
place to find friends, fashion, fun, favorite teachers and classes, games, music, art, dances, and everything in-

 Now we’ve made it easier for you to get your yearbook! In a partnership with Jostens, our yearbook printer,
             we are offering a service that allows you to purchase your yearbook from home.
     We will mail all of the details about the yearbook offer directly to your home. You can use this order
            form to mail in your information and payment. Be watching for yours to come in the mail!
   You can make payments at schools. Mrs. Robertson room 114A will happily work out a plan that works
                               with your budget. Yearbooks are on sale for $65.00.
    You can place your orders by calling 1-866-282-1516, or on the internet. It’s an easy and convenient
                                          way to purchase your yearbook.

 Parents of Seniors-Class of 2010 Class Dues of $120.00 include the fee for the yearbook. Please pay
                     your dues to Mrs. Fox or Mrs. Draewell as soon as possible.
            Meet CHS’ Orchestra
                                                                                                   By Reniesha Adams
          Did you know that Central has an orchestra? We are
ranked proficient by the KMEA (Kentucky Music Education
Association). Our conductor, Ms. Adams, has taught us the           Meet the members of the Orchestra:
elegance of music. We learn things within the musical pieces
instead of just playing notes. Every student in the orchestra is    Central’s Beginning Orchestra
talented and works hard so we can have fantastic concerts.          Violin: Denny Acosta, Simalay Arronte, Versa Hemerling,
          The Central high school orchestra has a mixture of        Versea Hemerling, Fariys Kerow, Natesha Carter, Carissa
talented and interesting kids. It is more than just kids playing    Mason, Nimo Mohamed, Deasijania Davis, Christina
instruments; its kids representing themselves through               Dang, Tanya Mohammadulla
orchestral music. Every student in there has a special              Viola: Jean Sebastian Phillippe, Cole Neel
relationship with their instrument. Ms. Adams pushes her            Cello: Amber Tuttle, K. Moses Lee
children to as close to perfection as she can get them. At every    Bass: Conniesha Oatts
concert we put on a good show to let people know that we are
a real orchestra and we work hard on every piece we play.           Central’s Intermediate Orchestra
                                          After every concert
                                                                    Violins: Monica Ramirez Pantoja, Tielyn Red, Adalys
                                 we get one day to relax, and
                                 after that, it’s back to work.     Rodriguez, Chelsey Sartin, Rebecca Soyant
                                 With this schedule, we tend to     Viola: Jessica Flowers, Aaliyah Foster
                                 perfect our musical pieces         Cello: Akilah White, K. Moses Lee
                                 better. The more we practice       Bass: Tee’ Jayh Angton
                                 the better we sound as a group.
                                 There are many things that we      Central’s Advanced Orchestra
                                 do that only make sense to us      Violins: Christiana Binford, Jasmine Epps, Toni Hall,
                                 because we are a family.           Shawnnie St. Gerard, Kristina Tilford, Jorge Wilson,
                                          We       have    three    Destiny Beason, Jasmine Devoe, Jowanda Williams,
different orchestras: Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced.        Brittany Woods, Hau Le
The Beginners are for kids who have never played at all. The
                                                                    Viola: Todd Jones-Smith
Intermediate is for kids who have played at least two years.
The Advanced orchestra is for kids who are upperclassman            Cello: Meghan Smalls, Lashawn Gilliam, Alleshia Lewis
who have played since their freshman year. Each orchestra has       Bass: Reniesha Adams
a special way of playing; as in the beginners seem to play with
their eyes wide open. The intermediate and advanced play
with sharpness in their bow movements and are laid back.

                                                                   How Do We Step?
THIS IS HOW WE GET DOWN…                                                     We step as a team in a group. Our step team practices
                                                                   twice a week for three hours a day. During their practices, they
By Ciarra Trumbo                                                   have to repeat their routine until everyone has it. We help each
                                                                   other until we all know the routine. If one suffers, we all suffer
                                                                   the consequences. Our coaches push us to do our best every
          Would you like to hear some noise while your eyes        practice. The coaches are Coach V and Coach Tammy, also
glow at the same time? To give you a little more detail – you      give feedback on how we are doing and what needs
will hear feet stomping, leg slapping and hands clapping.          improvement. Our step team practices from 3:00-6:00, in this
          Can you guess what sport I’ve just described to you?     three hour time period we practice over for routines.
The answer is Central’s Step Team.
What is Step?                                                      Our Goals
          Step is a form of dance where the whole body is used     Our goal as a team is to place in the top in competitions. Not
as an instrument to make up sound and rhythm. Step is usually      just any place, but first place. Our step team won third place at
performed in groups of three or more with different kinds of       the step competition at Moore High School on December 5.
formations. It is rooted in dance rituals practiced by African     We compete against other high schools, both in JCPS and
American sororities which started in the mid 1900”s. Stepping      from other districts.
comes from exhibition drills and African foot dances
          Our step team’s attire may consist of many different
clothing and high heeled boots and sometime tap shoes. Our
attire may also include blindfolds and ties, dress clothes and
some times business suits. But the majority of the time, their
attire matches their theme. Our shoes may consist of high
heeled boots or tap shoes which will help make us a little more
noise and better rhythm.
                                          By D’Andra McDowell
                                           The year 2009-2010 was a big long roller coaster with the back to back 3A state champion
                                           Yellow Jackets. In the beginning, they came out with a lazy start by loosing the first two
                                           games. After that, they were almost defeated again, but a made a spin around at the fourth
                                           quarter. This made the fans of Central High school go crazy! We all thought the Yellow
                                           Jackets were back. But our hopes were let back down when they lost the next three games in a
                                           row. Not too far from that Friday night, our spirits were picked back up when they defeated
                                           the next four teams, all in a row, putting them in the playoffs.
          Of course, after this, we all thought there would be a 3 peat of what has already been going on with the Yellow Jackets. But
this year, that wasn’t the case. Let’s take a look back.
          They took their first loss with Seneca and right after that, they were defeated by Henry County. The next week, they played
against Ballard. Everyone in the stands thought it was over, we were down too many points to make a come back in the fourth quarter.
But once again, the Yellow Jackets did the unexpected, senior Tim Patterson turned the whole night around, taking them to the defeat
of the Ballard Bruins.
          But after that, they went back down, this time making it a steeper fall by loosing to Male, Manuel, and St. X. This only left
the Yellow Jackets 2 and 4, compared to last year when they only lost three games the whole session.
          I asked one of the football players what he really thought of the season so far and whether he thought they might have a
chance at state this year since they were so far behind.
          “That really doesn’t matter, because we’re still going to State. Ever since we’ve had Coach Scroggins, we always loose the
first game, but we always win State.”
          But they’ve lost more then just that first game. “Well my freshman year, we lost five games and still won State,” he said with
a grin. I guess to him it didn’t matter because he knew they were going to make a turn around, but for the fans, all hope became short.
Some of the Yellow Jackets dropped their school spirit, thinking there was no way we could make it to state this year. While the other
half with school spirit, were still hoping and wishing that a miracle would come through.
          On October 9, 2009, to the fans who were hoping and wishing, their miracle finally came true. The Central Yellow Jackets
defeated Elizabethtown, Moore, PRP, and Shawnee all in a row, giving them a spot in the playoffs.
          The roller coaster seemed to be going higher and higher without falling each Friday night. They defeated Spencer County,
Western Hills, and Henry County without a problem. With one more game to go, we all knew we would come back from Thanks
Giving break as winners and would be headed towards the championship again for the 3 peat.
          But that was not the case this year. The Yellow Jackets lost to Paducah Tighlman by only three points. The team was
devastated. When I asked how they felt about this horrible loss, no one had any comments. I asked some of the fans what they felt
about it, some blamed the other team, some blamed the coach’s, and others still kept their Yellow Jacket pride, knowing that we’ll
get’em next year!

                           Where dogs and cats are the center of attention!

During clinical days our animal visitors are brushed and combed, bathed and dried.
  They also have their toenails trimmed and ears cleaned. Senior students will
  perform a physical exam, and with your permission, certain laboratory work is
                             completed free of charge!!
                                 The grooming cost is $15/ dog, - $10/ cat.
          Please call and make your appointment with Mrs. Wright at 485-8226.
              Clinicals are only held every other week and spots fill up fast.
                                  $5 off/ dog and $2 off/ cat with this coupon
                                               Expires March 31st
                                           One time usage per animal

                         Pet’s name_____________________________________
                                                Brandi Shoulders
The Central Lady Jackets are freshmen, sophomores,             Meet the Central Lady Jackets:
juniors, and seniors. We may be the smallest team, but we      Shaneal Brents- senior: shooting guard, starting varsity.
have the fastest speed. We are looking forward to making       Krystl Coleman- senior: point guard, starting varsity.
a lot of dreams happen this year:                              Diamond Duncan- senior; power forward.
      MAKE IT TO THE SWEET 16                                 Mikeshia Fletcher- senior: power forward, starting varsity.
      Never lose on our home court                            Brianna Averette- junior: small forward or shooting guard,
      Make scholarships happen                                starting varsity.
      Make each and everyone of us better as a                Brandi Shoulders- junior: shooting guard or small forward.
          basketball player                                    Crissa Washington- junior: small forward or power
      Have excellent attendance, grades, and behavior         forward.
          all year                                             Royalty Finn- junior: center.
Ashley Butler is Central’s head coach. The Manual HS           Jarea Brice- sophomore: point guard or shooting guard.
graduate is truly a wonderful coach. She really loves her      Khalisha Henderson- sophomore: small forward or power
job, she doesn’t just do it for the money. Although her        forward.
expectations are high, she feels that “her girls” can handle   Nikcoa Jackson- sophomore: power forward or center,
it. She led us a long way last year when the Lady Jackets      starting varsity.
had a 17-21 record. She has taught the team how to             Charlene- sophomore: power forward.
dribble better, play defense, block out, shoot and             Briera Taylor- sophomore: small forward.
penetrate well.                                                Tiffani Taylor- freshmen: small forward.
By: Keianna Davis
Let’s Get Busy
Can you hear it? Can you see it? Can you taste it? Can you smell it?
Basketball season is here!! And the Cats are fired up about the
upcoming season!!!! I think the Cats are going to do great this year
under their new coach John Calipari. I am so excited for this season because I this is going to be the year that Kentucky
goes to the final four and the championship. Let’s check in and see what the Cats are up to!!
                         Patterson Undecided
                         Patrick Patterson is fired up and ready to taste the victory. This is his junior year and he is
                         determined to get a victory before he finishes his senior year at the University of Kentucky. He
                         wasn’t sure that John Calipari could take Kentucky to the next level. With the new skills of John
                         Calipari, it’s safe to say that this will not be the last time you hear about the Kentucky Wildcats.

                         New Editions
                      It is my pleasure to introduce the new additions to the Wildcat family. Please join me and
1 DeMarcus Cousins F Freshman 6-11
4 John Hood G Freshman 6-6
3 Daniel Orton F Freshman 6-10                                               pic source
11 John Wall G Freshman 6-4
2 Eric Bledsoe G Freshman 6-1

And, they’re off. Even though they have never played together in their lives, they seem to be playing pretty well. Fans
better start collecting memorabilia because you will be seeing these freshmen again.

It’s Gametime!
10/16/09Big Blue Madness (BBSN) #          NTS                12/21/09vs. Drexel (ESPNU)              7:00 p.m.
10/28/09Blue/White Game (FS                NTS                                                        ET
        South/BBSN) #                                         12/23/09vs. Long Beach State (FS South) 1:00 p.m.
11/02/09vs. Campbellsville (FS South) #    W, 74-38                                                   ET
11/06/09vs. Clarion (FS South) #           W, 117-52          12/29/09vs. Hartford (ESPN2)            7:00 p.m.
11/13/09vs. Morehead State (ESPNU)         W, 75-59                                                   ET
11/16/09vs. Miami University (FS           W, 72-70           01/02/10vs. Louisville (CBS)            3:30 p.m.
        South/BBSN)                                                                                   ET
11/19/09vs. Sam Houston State (FS South)   W, 102-92          01/09/10vs. Georgia (SEC Network) *     4:00 p.m.
11/21/09vs. Rider (FS South)             W, 92-63             01/12/10at Florida (ESPN) *             9:00 p.m.
11/24/09vs. Cleveland State (CBS College W, 73-49                                                     ET
        Sports)                                               01/16/10at Auburn (SEC Network) *       4:00 p.m.
11/25/09vs. Stanford                     W, 73-65                                                     ET
                                         (ot)                 01/23/10vs. Arkansas (SEC Network) *    4:00 p.m.
11/30/09vs. UNC Asheville (FS South)     W, 94-57                                                     ET
12/05/09vs. North Carolina (CBS)         W, 68-66             01/26/10at South Carolina (ESPN) *      9:00 p.m.
12/09/09vs. Connecticut (ESPN)           W, 64-61                                                     ET
                                                              01/30/10vs. Vanderbilt (ESPN) *         4:00 p.m.
12/12/09at Indiana (CBS)                 12:00 p.m.
                                                              02/02/10vs. Ole Miss (ESPN) *           7:00 p.m.
12/19/09vs. Austin Peay (CSS)            4:00 p.m.
Just luck or Success
Have you noticed that Kentucky doesn’t start out as strong in the beginning of the game, but as soon as they put John
Wall in they come back and win the game? It seems to me that the reason they have a winning record of 10- 0 is because
of John Wall showing up and showing out.
          Male and Manual Rivalry Gone Too Far!
                    Manual Crimsons vs. Male Bulldogs
                               By Talquon Duncan

            Anyone who watches the news or reads the newspaper has seen
this story, but if you haven’t heard about the Male-Manual rivalry gone bad,
then read on. There has always been a rivalry between the schools, but now the rivalry
has been taken a little too far. Male High School had to suspend 25 of students who were
responsible for a vandalism attack on Manual High School. These events occurred in the
days leading up to the football game between the two schools. The game was held on
Halloween this year.
        Jefferson County Public Schools spokeswoman Lauren Roberts said pre-game
pranks are part of the century-long rivalry between the schools, but this year, “it crossed
the line.” Late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning, a group of Male students
placed six toilets in a courtyard at Manual and filled them with manure and feces. They
also spray painted buses and school facilities.
        The students believed they were retaliating against Manual students, she said.
Last weekend someone left a truckload of manure with signs in it near the Male football
field and also spray painted the field. Roberts said school officials haven’t determined
who was responsible for the first incident. If Manual students are found to be responsible,
they also will be disciplined, she said.
        The Male suspensions, which could range from six to twenty days, included six
football players who were not allowed to play in the game between the two schools. Male
leads the rivalry 79-41-6 in a series that dates back to 1893.

                          Sports! Sports! Sports!
                                  By Yolanda Maddox

Sports! Sports! Sports! Ask me what I think about sports….I’ll tell you that while you

think playing basketball or football is fun, breaking an arm or a leg ain’t fun at all! And
when you break something, don’t whine to me, because I’ll tell you that you’re the one
who wanted to play a sport in the first place. You knew what could happen before you
even started. And that is one of the reasons I don’t play sports.

There are some people who make sports their whole life. Don’t they have anything else to
do with their lives except watch, play and talk about sports? I’m tired of people saying,
“Imma be the next Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson…blah, blah, blah. Life is NOT all
about sports! Do something that might make a difference in other peoples’ lives instead

of dreaming of fame and money! I don’t play sports because I want to do something to
help others, instead of just myself.

Every high school boy wants to become a famous ball player. They don’t want to get a
real job, the kind you have when you don’t make it as a sports star, or when you get hurt
and cant play, or don’t get the big money contract. They don’t want to do something that
used their real skills. They want to be famous and rich without even earning it. So get
outta here with your sports, sports, sports! I’m not interested….
                   We harm what helps us
                                      By Jodi Cleaver

      The world was dark once
    Light only when the sun rose                     The air we breathe gives us life
        As it set so did work                                A gentle breeze
         Today it's different                                 Creates power
     Finally honing on to power                              Like a pin wheel
     We work at night and day                         A child blows on for a smile
                                                    Resources that were always there
     Maple burning in the fire                         It's about time that people
     Gases turning into energy                                 Start to care
     Fueling conventional cars
      Propelling us into future                    A shallow stream that leads the way
       Other methods besides                                To a roaring river
              Gasoline                                        Turbines spin
                                                           Gears cooperate and
 Gas wasn’t the only source of fuel                          Energy is made
           Like alcohol
   Made from potato, sugar cane                         The land under us moves
              And corn                                    Constantly changing
       Gases not as harmful                                Hitting other plates
       Let back to the world                            Colliding to create friction
                                                            Heat that is honed
       With the term reusable                                To full capacity
           Comes the word                                     No longer cold
Instead of harsh chemicals to produce                   The earth provides us with
                plastic                                         Resources
    Hemp makes the same product                          The cycle of giving and
         With a better ending                                   Receiving
            Biodegradable                                Finally coming into play

      Electricity can be found
      By lightning and batteries
  Batteries with deadly chemicals
     The more we use the harm
      Increases to planet earth

    New ways to create energy
      Form new opportunities
   With the sun that rises and sets
   Beautiful rays give us a chance
        To grab their power
           Panels of light
          To create energy
          That is so bright
                                       AMIE NO MORE by Kristina Pudlo
                                       Once a flower is picked, it’s dead, it only looks alive

          I stared at the heavy cold piece of metal that sat in the palms of my hands. A gun. The piece of death sat, unlocked and
loaded, waiting to deliver its bullet into my confused and depressed suicidal head. As I considered my death, I thought back to
the source of it all. My girlfriend and I, we had always been the perfect students. The best I guess. We put on the faces of good
natured, hard working, intelligent people, and went everyday into the world facing few problems and having no worries. We
were good-looking too I suppose, perfect in the eyes of others. We did all our work, obeyed the rules, befriended just the right
people, and participated in the best activities and organizations to get us into the best colleges with the money our families had.
We were the envy of many, and idols to even more.
          Our friends introduced us our sophomore year, since the large school we attended tended to keep us apart, but we knew
of each other. Quickly, we took the popular route and began dating. We didn’t find any interest in each other in the beginning,
because being the soulless people we were, we were only searching for the perfect person to give us leverage over the others.
We were using each other. But soon she grew on me and I began to love the girl that I had originally no interest in. she was tall,
slender, toned, and had the air of a young woman who knew what she wanted to do with her life, and an air of leadership and
understanding that most young girls didn’t have the capacity to control. She had long graceful hair that hung long about her
body in a glossy brown caramel, and eyes that drew you into what she was saying and made you believe. Honey brown eyes.
And her skin was pale, fair, light and clear of any blemishes. When she smiled, her face shown more brilliantly than her perfect
white teeth. She had a talent for taking the breath from my lungs every time she spoke my name and looked up at me with her
eyes, her perfect rosy lips slightly parted. She was brilliant and compassionate, and grew to love me as much as I did her.
          But even the strong bond that we had built over three years couldn’t stop us from falling from grace, couldn’t stop the
land slide that broke us. I remember, clearly, the day before our descent.
          We walked in through the school door, me smiling down at her brightly and toothy. She looked back up at me, grinning
her gorgeous smile. I was so happy. It’s hard to imagine now that we had been so happy then so sad that same day. Before now
I had always thought that we’d grow old and happy and have children and grandchildren. In the time before I had met her, there
never seemed to be any truth to love, but as I grew to know her, I changed completely. I loved her and adored her more than I
could have ever thought possible for anyone or anything. She became a complete part of me, swallowing me whole and
consuming my every thought.
          I carried her books for her in one of my hands, and held hers with the other. They were such small and delicate hands,
soft to the touch, but firm when they gripped mine. We preformed this ritual every day. Her house, being so close to mine,
allowed us to walk to school together, allowed us to spend more time together and to be happy in each other’s loving company.
Our first class together was math so we walked in together, like we always had. The other students smiled as they saw our
happy faces. As our hands parted, and we went to our separate desks, I felt some sadness and felt something dark pass over my
thoughts. It was a very odd feeling. The class continued as normal however. She was, in some way gracefully, helping Tyler
with his math work, when she was called upon to go to the office. Everyone, including myself, was surprised and confused. The
substitute picked up the ringing phone and answer crisply for our absent teacher. She turned and looked over the class.
          “Amie Greenbell?” she held the phone to her shoulder.
          “Yes ma’am?” Amie turned her head, the light catching her features kindly, to look in the direction of her summoning.
Her hair fell about her shoulders lightly. I admired the simple beauty.
          “Umm… the principal would like a word with you in his office.” She spoke with an air of regret and pity. She
recovered the phone and spoke dryly into it, “she’s on her way sir.” Amie, giving her last few instructions to Tyler, retrieved her
belongings and walked out to the hall, smiling to me before she left the room. She didn’t return to school that afternoon or for
the rest of the week. I became worried and distracted, troubled by the absence of her. After many unanswered calls and
unsuccessful visits to an empty house, I finally got a response in the late hours of the weekend night. Amie called me, her voice
at the time, indicating no distress or foreboding, only that I come to the nearby neighborhood park as soon as I could.
          I left the house quietly sneaking away and made my way to the park, jogging down the block in my old sneakers, jeans,
and shirt. I was anxious to see her. I came up to the gates of our neighborhood park. The sign on the gate read 7am-9pm. It was
2am. I found it odd that she was breaking even a simple rule as this, but I ignored it, in yearning to see her, and hopped the short
fence. I made my way, half blindly, to the parks only gratifying feature, the swings. Amie sat limply upon the ground, beside
the swings, not a movement or sound escaped her still figure.
          “Amie?” I spoke feverishly. I noticed her unkempt hair that tangled in masses about her shoulders and her wrinkled
clothing. I can even remember the odd smell of her from a few feet away. “Amie? What’s the matter?” she lifted her head very
slowly and slightly, with what seemed to be great difficulty. The moon shown on her pale features, and again I felt the air in my
lungs escape me, but this time not in admiration, but in disbelief and fear.


Amie’s face was distraught. Streaks of dried tears and other fluids covered her face. She looked up at me with hazy distant eyes,
which focused very slowly on my face.
          “Alexander…” she whispered non-comprehendingly.
          “Amie, what’s happened to you!?” I knelt in front of her, ignoring the swing that nudged me painfully in my back. I put
my hands to her face, checking for fever and then looked over the rest of her for any sign of injures. Everything appeared to be
in order. She sat quiet and still, gazing at me with a trembling lip. I hugged her tight to my body, pulling her into my lap, as her
body shook violently with sobs and her face became moist again with tears. “Amie, what happened?” I stroked her hair lightly.
          She took one slow steadying breath and spoke with great childlike weakness, “sh-sh-she died!” and she burst forth into
a torrent of sobbing and tears of which I had never seen her express.
          “Who, sweetheart?” I spoke as calmly as possible. A terrified feeling had taken me. The shaking girl in my arms that I
knew to be a strong young woman was making it hard for me to cope.
          “M-m-m-m-mom!” each time she tried to speak, her words spluttered and hiccupped out of her body with great
difficulty. She clung to my body with a strong grip, her fingers wrapping into my shirt, clinging for support. I think I still have
that shirt, just the way it was, her tears soaked right through. Probably some snot, too. I took her home later that night. Her dad
was out, very unusual, so I stayed with her a while. I wiped her face clean with the edge of my shirt, difficult with her face
buried into the pillow. Then I found her brush and worked on untangling her hair, sitting next to her on the edge of the bed.
Slowly, her sobs slowed and she drifted into a restless sleep. I released myself from her grip, kissed her forehead, went home to
sit and think of Amie’s disturbed life.
          The next few days were solemn and mournful. Her mother, who had suffered from cancer, had already had a funeral.
Amie didn’t come to school for another week. She wore the same clothes for days until her friends came to take care of her. She
did very little of anything, no eating, homework, talking, she didn’t even seem to be living or paying attention to the world. No
one tried to stop her hopelessness however, not even me or her father, who was constantly out drinking. Maybe that’s why
things went the way they did then so bad… she sunk too far too fast for anyone to catch her… or maybe we were just careless
with the rope that she clung to for dear life.
          Amie fell into the habits of hopelessness quickly. She sat around class, after her return, and did not attempt a single
time to do her work. The people with which she associated herself with were beginning to become shady. She continued to not
maintain herself. Her personality became careless and rude. I watched helplessly as the girl I loved slipped away from me. She
and I were growing further apart. I reached out to her but she only seamed to turn away from my reaching and seeking hands. I
came back to the recent, shortly. I gripped the gun painfully in my hands. Hot and stinging tears dripped from my eyes and onto
my hands. I could do this, I knew I could. Amie had, so surely I could blast my brains out onto the carpet of my parent’s living
          I had gone to find Amie, who had left the class abruptly. I saw her standing in the stairwell, her hair not as glossy as
before, and her face pale and waxen. She was smoking. And when she saw me standing at the top of the steps, the papers I had
been carrying falling down upon her, she only smiled at me lazily and offered me a cigarette.
I don’t remember my exact thoughts as they came, but I do remember the shock and submission that went through my mind. I
went down the few steps and sat down beside her, my head hung low and stared at the papers strewn across the floor. I looked
up at her, expecting her to speak. To give me an excuse, say sorry, anything but nothing.
          Amie grinned once more and continued to smoke. I looked at what she was wearing. She wore the girls’ school
uniform, a black polo, with red plaid skirt, and a tie with a small crest at the bottom point. She wore it oddly however, for her
collar was crooked and her tie loose about her neck, as if it had simply been thrown together carelessly. Everything about her
seemed off. Like her life now. Her hair, tangled and greasy, was swept to one side, covering most of her face, and she sort of
slumped forward, shoulders drooped, all the dignity gone from them. Her legs, once full of a graceful strength, now sprawled
weekly down the steps in their knee high grey socks and black shoes.
          “So, how do I look to you now?” I looked up to see her face looking back at me. It had no expression, but her eyes
were seeking mine, intently searching.
          “You look like you don’t care anymore,” I spoke dully.
          “I don’t.” I stared at her, not knowing what to say.
          She looked away and off into the depths of the tile wall before us. Her cigarette burned out, but she continued to hold it.
Oddly, I remember wondering what it would feel like if it had just kept burning, straight through the filter and to her delicate
long fingers. Would she have dropped it and cried out in a shock of pain? Or would she have even cared or noticed in the first
place? I watched as the ashes fell to the steps at her side.
          “Amie.” She twitched slightly. “I don’t like what you’re doing to yourself. I want you to stop this. I’m going to help
you.” I reached out for her hand and held it in my own.”I’ll stay with you through it all and never leave.” She looked at me
briefly and gave a sharp bark of laughter.


          “That’s what my mom used to say, and now look what’s happened. I couldn’t believe you even if I wanted to.” She
looked at me with shrewdness and left me alone on the steps amongst the papers and ashes, and, I could’ve sworn, tears.
          Oh, but those were my own now, shimmering in the light of the lamp in the living room, the tears that lay upon my
quivering hands and the cold black gun. I looked about the room. It was plain white, with a brown couch and matching chair
that I sat in now. I leaned forward and saw the old outdated brown shag rug my mother refused to trash. I smiled lightly. Amie
had always said that she loved this carpet. We’d studied on it often and had many romantic moments. But the carpet would be
ripped out after today, the happy memories gone with it, as if they were never really there to begin with. I couldn’t stand the
thought of that. I stood and walked out of the room and into the small kitchen. Linoleum floors here, much easier to clean. I
looked at the counters, taking my thoughts away from the gun that was held in my hand, it seemed heavier than before. On the
counter there was very little, but a wooden block of knives. I sobbed loudly as more memories flooded my mind.
          I watched as she yelled back at the teacher. She stood up, pushing her chair to the floor, and stormed out of the room. I
followed nonchalantly and ignored the teacher who yelled at us to get back in the room. She walked down the hall and down a
flight of stairs. As we reached the bottom, close to the basement where nobody would go, she sat down with a huff and pulled
out her pack of cigarettes.
          “God I can’t stand that woman. How did I let you convince me to go to class?” she looked back at me, creases in her
forehead. I leaned against the wall, staring at her. “Well whatever.” She turned away and lit her Marlboro. A large cloud of
smoke rose before her as she sighed heavily.
          “Why don’t you try to do something better than smoke all day and hang out in stairwells?” she looked back at me, her
face aghast.
          “What? Why are you asking such a dumb question? It’s just freaking pointless. Why do anything at all when you can
just sit around doing nothing?”
          “You won’t get anywhere in life if you keep doing this to yourself and thinking like this. It’s been a month now and
your grades are really messed up.” I went down a few steps and sat down.
          “I told you I don’t care.” She looked at the wall, her tongue gliding along the inside of her lips, rubbing over her teeth. I
sighed and put a hand over my eyes.
          “What would your mother-”
          “SHES DEAD!” Amie turned to me with fury in her eyes and tears running down her face and stared hard into my
eyes. I looked back at her patiently. She threw the cigarette to the floor, stomping on it and grinding it into an ashy pulp. “
          She’s dead Alex… there’s nothing she can do for me, and you can’t do anything either.” She began to pass me but I
grabbed her by the arms, and held her back.
          “Amie, you have to forget her-”
          “I’m NOT going to forget her!”
          “You know what I mean! You need to move on! Stop depressing yourself its stupid and-” I looked down at her sleeve
of her jacket that she was wearing as she wrenched herself from my hands. “You didn’t…”
          “And what if I did? You can’t just tell me to get over it, she was my mother! She made me who I am. She loved me and
made the world for me!”
          “What about me? Am I nothing to you now!?”
          “I don’t know Alex, I just don’t know. I’m doing what I can to find myself…”
          “But this!?” I grabbed her left arm and wrenched the sleeve up to see many cuts across her arm, shallow and not
dangerous, but still disturbing. “You can’t find yourself this way Amie... you’ll just end up dead.” I spoke earnestly, and sought
her eyes. My grip loosened as she pushed past me and up the stairs.
          “It helps and feels better than any of this other crap.” I sat for a few dumbfounded minuets then followed after. But
when I reached the floors above, I couldn’t find her. She had left.
          The next day, as I walked down the morning halls of school, alone, I heard many different stories of Amie’s condition.
          “Well even if her mom did die, it’s no reason for her to turn into a freak!”
          “Did you see her arms the other day? There were cuts all over them!”
           “I saw her this morning. She chopped off all her pretty hair. So stupid.”
          “I heard that Dylan was giving her drugs this morning. Can you believe that? Amie’s a druggy!”
          As I passed each of these comments, my back stiffened. Some of these I feared might’ve been true. I knew she was
cutting herself, no matter how much I hated the fact. I turned my head as I herd a few gasps and calls of “Amie!” she had indeed
cut her hair. It seemed she had done it herself, for her hair was short, choppy and uneven. And it also seemed that the other was
true. Next to her, as she came in the large glass doors of the school, was Dylan. I hated it. It infuriated me to see her destroying
herself. It made me angry to see that instead of coming to me for relief and help, that she was using toxins to blast her pains
away. Not fifteen minutes later, I was at the stairs with her, yelling at her, I ignored the starting school bell.


          “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOURE DOING?” I was standing below Amie, staring up at her as she looked at the bag of
weed she had gotten.
          “Your gunna be late.” She liked up the stares at a clock mounted high up on the wall.
          “I asked you a question!”
          “I’m coping, that’s what I’m doing” she kept her eyes away from me.
          “No I’m not stupid! And since when do you control my life and boss me around like this?” she held out the bag to me
in offering. The odd smell lingered in front of my face as I pushed the bag away roughly. She frowned and raised her brows in
an odd look of questioning. “Didn’t you say that you were going to stay with me?”
          “I didn’t mean I’d… I said I’d help you…” but I was doing a poor job of it. My anger fizzed as it was put out by her
question. I had said it.
          “And didn’t you say that I should move on? Well I’m moving on now. This is how I’m going to do it.” I stared in
          “That’s not what I meant Amie.”
          “Well then, you should’ve said what you meant when you had the time to say it.” She pulled one of the pre-rolled joints
from the bag and began to light it. “You can go now. I don’t need you anymore.” So I left. I left her sitting there, destroying her
brain. I walked away from her, up the steps, and turned to see her crouched over and crying, not smoking. I continued up the
stairs. I knew that what I was doing was the worst thing possible that I could do, that leaving her there and not trying to help her
in probably the one moment I could, was so very wrong, but I didn’t care. She had hurt me deeply. She had said the one thing
that I never wanted to hear. I don’t need you anymore. As if I had been nothing these past three years but an object to her.
          I gasped as the kitchen knife I held in my hand cut deep into my arm. Instantly my thoughts vanished from my mind
and all I could think of was the throbbing pain in my arm. She was right, it was kind of good. It distorted your thoughts and
made you forget. But it was very brief. I watched as the blood dripped down my upheld arm. I looked over at the gun that sat on
the kitchen table. It could make me forget forever. I gasped and dropped the knife as a pang of pain went through my arm. It
was unbearable. I ran to the sink and turned on the water, rushing my arm under its cool spray. It numbed the pain. I wonder if
Amie did this same process, and if so, how many times? How many times alone did she suffer through pain like this? I thought
that I had been there for her, but I never realized how much time I had left her to think by herself. Again, tears fell, and were
swept away into the bloody water. I looked at the clock. I had one hour left to decide before my parents came home
          I held Amie as we sat on the couch in her basement. I looked down at the clothing, wondering to myself why her
clothes didn’t look right on her. I talked to her urgently, trying to comfort her and to change her, to make her want to be her old
self again. I put my arm around her and pated her chopped hair lightly.
          “I’m sorry Amie, really, I am. I want to help you. That’s all I want. Let me help, please.” Her body gave a tiny shudder
as she began sobbing. “Shhh. What’s wrong Amie, what’s wrong?”
          “I was just remembering what we were like before.” She looked up at me and smiled her perfect smile, I sighed slowly.
I felt relief. Maybe we could go back after all. I put my hand on her face, unhealthily pale but beautiful in the week light, and
her hair, that was glossy with grease and dirt. Her eyes were hazy, but they still shined in their honey brown color. “I was
remembering the first day that I realized I loved you. I looked at you, and instead of seeing the guy that I was using, I saw the
man that I still love now.” In the false light she almost looked the same as the days when she was happier.
          “You still love me?” I grinned.
          “Yes, I do.” She brushed my hair back from my eyes. “I love these green eyes that watch me with tenderness. And I
love this black mess that you call hair.” She ruffled my hair slightly. “And I love the smile you make when I tell you all of this.”
          “What? This one?” and I grinned happily.
          “Yes!” she giggled. I leaned forward and kissed her lightly upon her lips.
I had been so happy when she had said that to me that I hadn’t notice the faults in her voice, the small flaws that identified the
lack of truth and effort that she was putting in the words. But I lied to myself and thought that all was well and that we’d be
happy once more. I kissed her and held her tightly.
          But that was the last time. She didn’t come to school for two days, but I didn’t worry. I was happy that things were
taking a turn for the better. I figured that she just needed a break. I was so stupid. By the third day, after I called her with no
reply, I began to worry. I went to her house and knocked on the door, but no one answered. Her father’s car was gone, but hers
was still there. I went to the back door that was always unlocked and walked in.
          “Amie?” I called out. There was nothing but silence. She had nowhere to be so the only place I could think of was her
home. I went down to the basement, but didn’t see her there, only a bag of weed dumped all over the floor. I walked back up the
stairs and into her bedroom. Right then and there I almost died. I saw her hand on the floor from the other side of the bed, her
wrist cut deeply. Blood followed after.


          These thoughts were painful. I didn’t want to remember them. They were the reason I was in the kitchen with a gun in
the first place. I balled my hands into fists and put them on either side of my head, pulling at my hair. I could feel the blood
from my wrist dripping onto my face neck and ear. My mind rushed back to her bedroom as I let out a cry of anguish.
          I fell to the floor, crying heavily and moaning in despair. I knew what she had done. The one thing that I always knew
would happen but never allowed myself to believe. I wept for many long minuets. It felt like hours until I finally crawled
around her bed and to her. She was a complete disaster. She was in her underwear, her body pale and fragile in its bareness,
surrounded by a pool of her own blood. Never before had I seen such a weak person. And she was so skinny, obviously she
hadn’t been eating. It shamed me that I had never noticed how small she had become. How brittle and frail her limbs had
evolved. I sobbed louder at the thought of her starving herself. And all up and down her arms and legs in precise areas were
many fresh gashes from the knife that she still held loosely in her hand. Her body had fallen from the bed, landing on her back,
the sheets hanging half way over her and off the bed, blood seeping through in great red blotches and more on the bed. And she
was laying in a distorted way, her hair spread around her head in a halo, and her arms and legs splayed away from her body as if
she had experienced a spasm of pain.
          I cried, my hands covering my face. I couldn’t bare to look at her. I sat for another long wretched moment, and then I
lightly touched her hand, and held it in my own. Her blood covered my hands. I looked up at her face, finally, and saw that her
eyes were wide open, as if they were staring at me with a deep sorrow. But her lips spoke silently otherwise. They were curved
upwards in a week smile. She was happy to be gone. My breathing stilled as I looked at Amie’s face. Oddly it seemed more
beautiful than ever. She was pale and smooth, all of her worried wrinkles and creases gone. She seemed very clean and glossy
like she used to be.
          “Amie… oh god Amie…” I croaked these words weekly. The first words I’d uttered since I entered the room. I looked
down at myself. My clothes were soaked with blood and my body was shaking awfully. Then a frightening thing happened.
Amie’s hand twitched. My head snapped up to look at her. She was cold, stiff and obviously dead but I couldn’t find the
reasoning in my head that her body was still slowing down. I yelled Amie’s name and clung to her, pulling her into my arms
holding her tight in a desperate attempt to bring her back to me, but her body didn’t move again. I remember my frantic search
for a phone. I trailed blood all through their perfect house.
          My hand banged on the table of my own kitchen. I pounded it again and again and again until the gun rattled over and
against my hand. I looked at it, and my breathing stopped. I picked it up and weighed it in my hand. It felt heaver than before,
like my grief was slowly seeping into it. I put the gun to my temple, and thought my last thoughts of Amie. She had died of
bleeding to death and died happily. Happy! Why? Didn’t she realize that she was leaving me behind to feel all of this pain?
          The explanation that she had left did not satisfy the questions I sought to answer. She had simply scrawled on a piece of
paper that she hated life, that she saw no reason to live, and that there was no return for her. There was no sorry, no “I love you,
but...” I had been completely deleted from the equation. Forgotten in some space of some thought that vouched against her.
           “Things weren’t supposed to be like this damn it!” I yelled at no one. I knew that she was gone and had gone happily.
And it sucked so bad that she had. How would she have felt if I had done the same thing to her!?... How would she? My brain
slowed down as I realized that she would have done the same thing. I would’ve wanted her to find knew love. I knew that she
had loved me, but in the end I didn’t come through for her. It had been partly my fault. I had no right to be angry with her. Even
if it wasn’t the truth, I wanted to believe that she died thinking of me, and knowing that I’d be happy. I put the gun down on the
table, surrounded by the small flecks of my blood that was still dripping from my hand. I felt faint. I turned to the living room
and picked up the phone.
          In the end, I finally realized that I had been the weaker one and hypocritical. I want to restore what is still left of her. I
was going to start over, no matter how painful and slow, and keep her in my thoughts. I am going to try harder… no I was
going keep her here with me, even in death, only now in memory. And I was going to start by dialing three simple numbers.
          After listening to the phone ring, she heard, “Hello, 911 emergencies.”
          “Hey… I almost killed myself.”



                                   By Jordan Weathers

Success is not a matter of fame of wealth
But something where you’re happy, the feel of being in perfect health.
In the moment where you dream big
And those dreams come true
You see the things that you were meaning to do
You look around as the world collapses in
Either this or your world becomes and end.

You dream of success and how it feels to succeed
Everything in this world that you think you need.
You shoot for the stars and if you get shot down
You pick your feet back up and sit them on solid ground.
You start again and try harder than before
Even though your pride is sore.

School success is easy to achieve
Even though you think you should just leave.
Study hard and pass the tests
Show everybody you are doing your best
And even when you think you are done
Success is still not won.

With graduation in your mind,
It is the dream you’ve been dreaming.
But as school is almost over
You need to be thinking

What will happen
When I leave school?
When I leave this world behind
And I have nothing more to do?
If you start planning now,
Your mind will be clear
What you should do to complete the following years.

You may be a freshman or maybe a senior
This dream in mind is getting closer and closer
Each day you progress
Learn the most that you can
Cause these are the things you’ll need
The things in school you will need to succeed.
                                                               Starnyse Thomas

          “Wow Lorraine. It actually fits! How did you lose weight like that in this amount of short time?” Cameron asked as she zipped up
the dress in Bloomingdales, with ease this time.
          “Just a little bloated that’s all,” Lorraine smiled smugly. A picture of Rafael flashed inside her head. Lorraine cringed.
          “Just in time, huh? The dance is tonight! Can’t wait,” Katherine bounced around the store almost knocking over one of the
          “Yeah, me neither...” Lorraine smiled at herself looking at her new body with her dress on in the full length mirror. “Everything is
going to be perfect now.” Lorraine had been so obsessed with losing weight ever since they started posting up flyers around Bakers’ High
School about the Christmas dance, which was the best dance of the whole entire year to attend, and she hoped and prayed every night that
her crush, Josh Turner, would ask her to the dance with him. She pictured his blonde hair sweeping across his forehead and his sea blue
eyes that sparkled in the sun. Just thinking about him made her smile uncontrollably.
          Cameron dropped Lorraine off at her house first after their shopping trip. Lorraine waved from the porch as Cameron and
Katherine rolled out of the circular driveway. She bounded through the door, skipping into the kitchen where she heard her mom.
          “Hey Mom, what’ve you been up to?” Lorraine asked cheerfully.
          “Uh....hi dear. Why so happy?” Mrs. Spencer chuckled.
          “No reason. The dance is tonight! It’s going to be great and so is my dress.” She held up her shopping bag shaking it around in
front of her mom’s face.
          “See, what did I tell you? Hard work pays off. You look great, honey. Not that you didn’t before you know,” Mrs. Spencer talked
while she chopped tomatoes. Lorraine half smiled. She felt sorry for how much she had put her mom through in the past week trying to
lose weight. Starving herself and passing out in school to over dosing on weight loss pills and being sent to the hospital. She had found
another solution to her weight problem that had worked this time, without any damage to her body, she might add, and no one knew
anything about it, except for Rafael of course…
          “Sure. Thanks Mom,” Lorraine kissed her mother on the cheek and headed for her room. Rafael was already there sitting on the
computer chair reading a magazine. A shopping bag lay at his feet. Lorraine pictured him standing by her window the first night they were
introduced to each other. He liked to have scared her out of her pants that night! Lorraine wasn’t sure what to do, but after he explained
who he was and his reason for being in her bedroom, she reconsidered screaming at the top of her lungs and throwing him out. Rafael was
a magical assistant, as he liked to call it. Lorraine liked to call it a genie without the three wishes part. Rafael had altered her body to the size
she wanted so she could fit into the dress she wanted. The only condition he had, though, was that he wanted to come to the school dance
for some bizarre reason. He said he never got to interact with the normal people as much as he wanted to and just wanted to get out. His
exact words were, “I like to have fun and tons of it and non magical creatures humor me more than the ones of my kind,” Lorraine shook
the memory out of her head and came back to reality.
          “Well I guess that means you’re all set, excited much?” Lorraine giggled as she hung her dress up for the time being on the hook
behind her door.
          “Yes I really am...Oh and you’re going to be getting a phone call soon...”Rafael pointed out.
          “How do you....” Just then her cell phone started to ring. Lorraine looked at Rafael with a puzzled look.
          “What are you physic, too?” Lorraine hissed before checking the caller ID. It was Josh. Lorraine’s heartbeat started to speed up as
she pushed the button to answer.
          “Um, Hi, Lorraine?” Josh’s voice cracked which made Lorraine smile a little. Rafael turned his attention to the conversation
taking place.
          “Yes?” Lorraine thought about all the possibilities of why he would be calling. A lost dog and wanted to know if she’d seen it?
Homework assignments for classes they had together? An item that was lost in school? She thought of everything, but nothing she came
up with was the real reason why he had called her that day.
          “Hey, I just wanted to know, you know, if no one has asked you yet, if you mind coming to the dance with me. You know as my
date?” Lorraine almost dropped the phone; her hands where so slippery with sweat. She was lost for words, but she knew that she had to
say something back or he would think she was a complete dunce or space case and change his mind about calling to ask her to the
Christmas dance!
          “Yes, I’d love to,” She managed to get out. Her breath came out like a gust of wind. This can not be happening, she thought. He
was actually saying the words she had longed to hear ever since she knew about the Christmas dance in the first place. She already knew
that she wanted him and no one else to ask her from the beginning.
          “Great, I’ll pick you up at 7?” He sounded relived that she had said yes, which meant that he really wanted to go with her,
Lorraine thought.
          “Yeah, sure. That’ll be fine.” Lorraine said trying to sound cool about his proposal, when in reality she was screaming for joy
inside her head.
          “Great! See you soon Lorraine.” She could see the smile that she had seen too many times when their crew sat together at the
long table in the café in school.
          “Bye,” Lorraine hung up the phone and pressed it to her heart and just smiled. All her praying and wishing had paid off after all,
there was a God. Rafael started to chuckle, releasing Lorraine from her trance.
          “What’s so funny?” Lorraine demanded.
          “Teenage love is so cute.” Rafael puckered up his lips in a kissing motion.
          “Oh please, like you haven’t been in love before,” Lorraine prompted as she sat down on the bed facing Rafael, waiting for him to
possibly tell her a story about one of his love interests.
          “Yeah, yeah. Let’s just get ready for this crazy party!” Rafael spun around in the swivel computer chair. “But if you ever want me
to leave, all you have to say is, “I banish you,” and I’ll leave. Simple.” Rafael smiled yet again.
          “As long as you behave yourself, that won’t be necessary,” Lorraine negotiated. Rafael’s eyes started to glow a bright red and his
face twisted into a sinister smile. If Lorraine didn’t know any better, she would have thought he was the devil.
          “Oh lord, just don’t embarrass me, alright?” Lorraine pleaded.
          “You can do that all on your own princess,” Rafael smiled. Lorraine rolled her eyes and started towards her bathroom to get
ready. Tonight was going to be something else; she could feel it.


           The committee really did do a bang up job on the dance. It looked great. The theme was Paris. Images of all the famous buildings
in France were blown up on the walls. A home-made Eiffel Tower, probably made by the advanced art class, was in the corner of the gym.
Lorraine had to admit it looked really nice. Josh was at her side with Rafael trailing behind them. Lorraine had to explain that he was her
cousin to everyone all night, but she didn’t care. She was on Josh’s arm and that’s all that mattered. She never wanted to leave. Rafael
stayed close to her and her friends, which was understandable since he couldn’t have possibly known anyone here to hang out with by
himself. Lorraine broke away from her circle of friends and Josh and followed Rafael over to the refreshment table.
           “So how do you like the dance?” Lorraine poured a drink for him and herself.
           “It’s alright. Needs some spice added to it,” he pulled out a silver container from the inside pockets of his blazer and poured the
liquid contents into the punch bowl.
           “Oh My God! What do you think you’re doing?!” Lorraine whisper screamed, looking around to make sure no one saw what was
           “Relax sugar. Just a little liquor for your classmates. Some of these kids have real potential when they’re a little tipsy,” Rafael put
the container back in his blazer and smiled sweetly to Lorraine.
           “Look, you better behave while you’re here. No funny business or you can go right where you came from. Understand?” Lorraine
poked him in the chest. Rafael didn’t seem amused and his smile faded.
           “I can do whatever I want. You better watch it. If you banish me from this dance that little dress you’re wearing will tear right in
half because I’ll reverse your amazing weight loss everyone is gushing over. Now do you understand?” Rafael’s eyes turned a ruby red then
back to a light brown again. Lorraine gasped.
           “Good, now let’s continue the rest of our night shall we?” Rafael led Lorraine by the elbow back to her circle of friends then
           “Hey where did your cousin go? You know he’s kind of cute...” Cameron twirled her curly locks looking over Lorraine’s shoulder
for Rafael even though she had come with a date already.
           “I don’t know and I don’t care,” Lorraine rolled her eyes trying to show that she had no interest in where her “cousin” had gone,
but in reality she was worried what he was doing inside the dance.
           “Relative problems, I understand,” Cameron chuckled and danced back over to her date. Josh came over to stand in front of
           “So are you having a good time?” He grabbed Lorraine’s hand and started to dance to the slow song that Lorraine didn’t even
know had started playing. She moved with him to the soothing beat. He pressed her against him, making Lorraine almost lose her breath
with the smell of his intoxicating cologne; she inhaled deeply every breath, not wanting to let it go again.
           “Yeah, it’s great. Are know, having fun?” Lorraine laid her head on his shoulder as the music continued.
           “Yeah, especially since I got the nerves up to call you and ask you to be my date,” Josh chucked. Lorraine chucked with him.
           “Well, I’m glad you did,” Lorraine talked into his ear.
           “I wouldn’t think of anyone else I’d rather be here with tonight Lorraine,” As Josh said those words, Lorraine lifted her head
from his shoulders and looked up at him. His blue eyes burned into hers. She could feel herself becoming closer to him. He looked to her
lips...and she looked to his…she closed her eyes....
           “AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Lorraine popped her eyes open wide to find herself in the dark. She no longer felt Josh’s arms
around her.
           “Josh?!” Lorraine screamed into the darkness. The lights came on but in a low blue dim. She could see her classmates suspended
in the air twirling around screaming, Josh was one of them. Lorraine knew who was responsible for this. She began to search for Rafael.
There were still kids on the ground looking up terrified as their dates and friends hung around in the air without any strings. Lorraine
moved through everyone trying to stay focused to find Rafael. He was posed against a wall, somewhat like he was posed against her
window the night she first met him. Lorraine stomped over to him in fury.
           “What in the bloody hell do you think you’re doing?!” Lorraine shouted right in his face. Spit flew from her foaming mouth
hitting Rafael in the face; she didn’t care. He wiped the moisture from her lips off his face with a chuckle, not even phased.
           “I’m just having a little fun with you humans. It’s not everyday someone actually is stupid enough to choose my services. All you
had to do was say no to the “get slim quick” magic and I would have gone away easily, but no, you asked for this,” Rafael pointed his
finger in the air and Lorraine followed it. Everyone in the air started spinning about and twirling so fast they had become a blur.
           “You evil little thing! I will banish you from this dance, don’t think I won’t! Behave yourself!” Lorraine took hold of Rafael’s
shoulders and shook him. He closed his eyes and laughed as he was being shaken then his laughter stopped and he opened his eyes.
Lorraine saw his blood shot red irises once again; she immediately backed away from him.
           “Go ahead! BANISH ME! The dance will be back to normal and everyone will forget all of this happened, but you will loose that
pretty little dress you have on, dear. Go ahead, do it,” Rafael pleaded while smiling that sinister smile of his.
           Lorraine looked around to all the people she’d come to know so well. She just couldn’t let them spend this night in torture. She
looked up in the air at Josh, this was her night with him and she didn’t want to lose it. She’d dreamed forever to have Josh show some
emotion and the feelings he had for her from the minute she met him freshman year. It had taken three years for him to finally express his
true feelings to her and maybe start something If she banished Rafael, she lose everything she had been waiting for - her one crush and her
to be together. Lorraine didn’t know what to do. The screams continued. Lorraine took a deep breath....
           “Okay, look, if you would just put the people down off the ceiling, you can stay and I don’t have to send you away,” Lorraine
compromised with him, hoping he would take her deal.
           “Then what’s the fun in that?” Rafael pointed his finger to the gym floor boards and the wood started to crack all the way
through the gym. Now the people on the floor weren’t even safe. High heels were broken in the cracks and some people even slipped
through. Lorraine didn’t know what was under the wood; someone could get seriously hurt.
           “Oh No! Rafael just stop! Stop it all!” Lorraine screeched.
           “You wouldn’t want to lose that cute little dress you have on, would you?” Rafael touched the strap on Lorraine’s shoulder.
Lorraine looked down and touched her dress. It looked so pretty and everyone loved it. She couldn’t just give it up, but it was the only way
she could stop Rafael from hurting her classmates without that being the result of it. Lorraine sighed. Well, if all her friends were twirling in
the air and falling through the floor boards, the dress she had on really wasn’t being paid attention to anyway. This was pointless.
           “Rafael I’m warning you! I’ll do it. You better stop this madness right now!” Lorraine threatened.
           “Oh please, you,re too self absorbed to try and stop me. You’re too concerned about your looks and that dress to truly care about
a human being. You’re the kind of people that make me sick,” Rafael’s words stung to her heart. Was she really that self absorbed as he
proclaimed she was? What kind of person had she become that she would put her self and material things before people who mattered and
needed help?
           “I am not self absorbed. I care a lot about other people!” Lorraine defended herself and her morals.
           “Obviously honey you don’t,” Rafael motioned to the people whose night he was making a nightmare. Lorraine’s eyes began to
fill with tears as she realized the truth.
           “You have no idea what it’s like to be me! Everyone expects me to look a certain way. I’ve never gained any weight before this.
Why did this happen to me? I should have some happiness somewhere!” Lorraine was sobbing uncontrollably now.
           “Well, right now this is not about you, you don’t care one lick about the people I’m playing with right now. You just want to keep
your image as a girl that doesn’t have to workout or try to stay fit - it just happens. It’s not like that anymore, so get over it! Like I said,
you’re a self absorbed pig!” Rafael rolled his head back in laughter that sounded like a sonic boom.
           “Rafael! I BANISH YOU!” Lorraine screamed. Surprised at the words she just spoken, Rafael’s eyes turned wide with shock.
Rafael disappeared with a crack and the room started to light up and blind her. She ran to the nearest restroom in the gym, knowing what
was about to happen. She got inside and locked the door so no one else could get in. She made it to the stall before her dress ripped
completely in half. She sat on the toilet, knees up, with the piece of clothing wrapped around her naked body. The embarrassment washed
over here as she picked up her phone and dialed her Mother.
           “Hello? Lorraine is everything alright? I thought you were at the school dance?” Mrs. Spencer sounded more worried with every
word that came out of her mouth.
           “Yes I am. My dress ripped. I’m in the girl’s restroom in the gym; you know where it is. Please bring me a t-shirt and some sweats.
Hurry!” Lorraine pleaded through her sobs.
           “Ok, honey, I’m on my way!”
           Lorraine heard a knock on the door twenty minutes later. She looked under the door to see her mom’s coach boots. She unlocked
the door.
           “Here you go honey,” Mrs. Spencer handed the clothes to her daughter who flew into the stall again to change. She was out in a
           “Thanks, Mom.”
           “I am going to sue that department store, so help me...” Mrs. Spencer started,, but Lorraine cut her off.
           “No need to, Mom. It’s my fault. Can you take me home now?” Lorraine wiped a tear about to run down her cheek.
           “Sure anything you want, we can go out the back way. No one will even notice,” Mrs. Spencer led her daughter by the shoulders.
           “Alright,” Lorraine leaned into her mom as they walked out of the bathroom. The dance was still going on around the corner, no
screams, everything was back to normal. Lorraine wished everyone had a good night, including Josh. He was probably wondering where
she was right now. “Perfect,” Lorraine whispered to herself.
                              Eyes like Mine
                                  By Raven Crawford
          As La’Nae’ sat on the porch feeling the summer breeze run through her hair, she heard
the sound of young children’s voices.
          “Hey! Stop pushing me!” one little girl yelled.
          “Shut up before we give you a reason to cry, little punk!!”
          It was at that moment that La’Nae’ had a flashback of her childhood for the first time
in her life. She pictured her mother standing over, high as a kite.
          “You ain’t shit! You never was shit and you never will be shit! You got the site of a
damn bat! No, forget that, it’s worse than a bat. You’re ugly, you can’t see! What will you ever do for anybody? You might as well
just go ahead and kill yourself! I hate you. Everything about you will never amount to my standards for a child of mines. Why can't
you be like your older sisters? What exactly do you think a little blind bitch like you will ever amount to? Huh? You don't even know
do you? You know, I can understand you being blind, but why did you have to come out so damn stupid? I'm through talkin' to you.
Go do something with yourself!!"
           La'Nae's mother, Joslin, wasn't always this much of a nasty person. Money, drugs, and her crazy boyfriend, La'Nae's father,
had led her to this. The first time they met, she got introduced to drugs, too. She had dreams of being a psychiatrist, but when she
snorted coke and shot up heroin all of those dreams went straight down the drain. La'Nae' was only nine years-old when she heard
those words come out of her mother's mouth. At that moment she made a promise to herself to never be like her. She taught herself
how to cook, clean, and care for herself and others that needed it. Her father, Matthew, didn't really try to stick up for her when her
mother or sisters would talk like that to her, but when no one was around or looking, he showed her the love and affection that she
yearned for.
          "La'Nae', baby, you are as beautiful as an angel. You are my little angel. I love you so much," Matthew would say. Of course,
he was usually high when things like this came out of his mouth.
          Her two older sisters, Renee' and Reonia, chose to pick on her constantly. There was never a day that went by without the
twins giving little La'Nae' a bruise, scratch, or in some way draw blood from their younger sister. They were six years apart. Their
mother encouraged the abuse that the twins would give to La'Nae'. Because of the fact that she was blind, a lot of people belittled her.
When she went to school, people would treat her as a "charity case". They would open doors for her, asking her if she needed help
with getting lunch or going to the restroom. Although she understood that people didn't mean to be like that, she hated it, but there
wasn't much that she could do about it. She had told her peers and teachers at school that she didn't need help with anything. No matter
how much she asked people to stop asking her if she needed help, the help just kept coming. For a while, the answer was “no.” It soon
turned into silence.
          Now La’Nae sat on her porch pondering the decision that she was just given by her doctor.
          “La’Nae, you can go through the proper procedure of eye surgery. I promise, you will be able to see again, but it’s all up to
you. It is your decision and yours only. No one is forcing you or pulling your arm. I want you to go home and rest on it. You call me
when you have your decision, but you can’t wait too long,” Dr. Jones said to La’Nae’. She has been given the news that she had
wanted to hear all he life. She had never seen the color red. She had never watched the sun rise and set. For someone to tell her that
one day all of that could change, made music ring in her ears. The only thing holding her back from this blessing was her fiancé,
Kenneth. Kenneth told La’Nae’ everyday that he loved her for who she was every time she complained about how much she wished
she could see him. He was totally against La’Nae’s reverse of vision. La’Nae’ sat there trying to figure out how she was going to tell
Kenneth about the news she received from her doctor. She got up and went into the house to get something to drink. She sat in the
living room listening to the music coming from the surround sound, big screen television they had. She heard the sound of a car
pulling up into the drive way and cut the music down. She knew that it was Kenneth because she heard the sound of Gucci Mane
coming from his system. He listened to the same song on his way home from work everyday. La’Nae’ jumped up from the couch and
scurried into their bedroom. She was going to convince him into agreeing with her about the vision surgery. She quickly undressed
herself and put her Victoria’s secret robe on. Kenneth walked into the house and La’Nae’ walked out of the room meeting him
halfway into the hallway.
          “Baby, how do you know that it’s always me?” Kenneth asked.
          “How many times do I have to tell you that all of my other senses are stronger because I am short one?” La'Nae' answered
          “What are you dressed up for?”
          “Nothing! I just missed you so much today, babe.”
          “Mmmmmmm hmmmm!”
          “Ahaha! I really did.”
          Kenneth woke up the next morning feeling rejuvenated. The smell of eggs, bacon, waffles, and hash browns lead him to the
kitchen. There he saw La’Nae’ standing in front of the stove flipping the bacon. He admired the way she stood with one hand on her
hip while it was cocked to the side and the other hand holding the tongs to flip the bacon. Wearing a pair of his favorite boxer shorts
and one of his big white t-shirts, La’Nae’ smirked as she sensed Kenneth staring at her from behind.
          “Baby, stop starring at me. You know that makes me feel weird.”
          “I know I just can’t help it. I love they way you look in my clothes,” Kenneth said as he strutted towards her.
          As Kenneth held her warmly La’Nae’ rehearsed her plan in her mind of how she was going to tell Kenneth about the doctor’s
appointment that she had had about her sight. The table was already set, so Kenneth sat down and waited for La’Nae’ to finish fixing
the plates. La’Nae’ glided to the table with grace as she sat Kenneth’s plate in front of him and then she sat down and they began their
          “So baby, you know that I went to go see my doctor.”
          “What’s wrong? Is everything OK?” Kenneth asked with concern.
          “Yea! Everything is just fine. But we did have a discussion about me and my eye sight.”
          “And?” Kenneth said in a smart aleck tone.
          “AND! He thinks that maybe I should go through with the surgery.”
          La’Nae’ looked up from her plate to get the approval look from Kenneth, but the only thing he had on his face was a scowl.
          “Kenneth please don’t look at me like that.”
          “Baby I thought we already had this conversation. I told you, you don’t need surgery to correct your vision. You have been
doing great all of these years without sight, so why would you need it now? I mean, I am going to love you regardless. If you feel like
you need to do this for me you’re wrong.”
          La’Nae’ slammed her silverware down.
          “Why do you think everything always has to be about you? Like the world is supposed to revolve around you or something.
I’m taking this decision into consideration for my future. I have never been able to work in a decent business because of the fact that
no one wants to hire anybody who can’t see! Do you know how it feels for people to stare at you every where you go. I'm tired of
sitting in the house. I want to go out and explore. I want to see the sun set for the first time. I want see children play outside. I want to
look in the mirror and see my face for the first time. I want to see you, baby."
          "La'Nae' I can't exactly say that I understand how you feel, but I can say that I do understand where you are coming from. I'm
sorry that you feel the way you feel, but I highly doubt if surgery is the answer. What if something happens to you? What if the
surgery goes wrong!?” Kenneth yelled across the table.
          "What more harm can it do? I'm already blind!"
          "Baby, don't think like that."
          "But it's the truth! What more harm can I do to myself? Be blinder? Hahahaha! It doesn't get any worse than this babe!”
La'Nae' said sarcastically.
          They sat starring at each other with animosity in their eyes. In the interim, they heard a loud banging noise on the front door.
It was the evil twin sisters of La'Nae'.
          "What you got good to eat in here? Because I'm STARVING! Do you hear me?!?!?!” Reonia yelled her way to the kitchen.
La'Nae' scowled at the fact that people such as sisters even existed.
          "Yea! I'm hungry too! Mama hasn’t cooked anything all day! Daddy got her so high that it's ridiculous!” said Renee'. The
twins smacked high-fives in the air and loudly laughed at the joke.
          "Look, you guys, this is not a good time for yal' to just be barging in here. And, no, there is nothing here to for YOU to eat.
So do us a favor and just leave," Kenneth said.
          "Boy, boo! You ain't running anything up in here. Sit on down somewhere. You ain't nobody," Renee' responded.
          "No, please you guys really need to leave. We are trying to have a serious conversation about something. Now is not the time
for you to be coming in here asking for food. Just come back later. We are asking you nicely. Please just leave," said La'Nae'. Right as
the twins were about to start preaching, La'Nae' cut them off.
          "Look, I'm really sick of you all coming in here like you are ones paying the bills in this house. Y’all don't run a damn thing.
Especially not me! Shoot, you can barely run yourselves. You’re always bouncing around from house to house asking for food,
clothes, and anything else that you can think of. You all have been treating me like this since we were children and I'm tired of it! This
is my house! I have asked you nicely to leave too many times. Now I'm telling you. LEAVE!!!!!!"
          The twins looked at each other in awe. La'Nae' had never stood up to them like that. In fact, no one had ever stood up to
them. Even Kenneth was surprised at her reaction. He had never seen La'Nae' get that mad. The twins existed with no if, ands, or buts
about anything.
          "Baby I have never seen you get that mad. It's about time you actually stood up to them!” Kenneth said.
          "Don't you baby me. This conversation is not over. I have tried to talk to you and reason with you too many times about this
surgery. I'm tired of having this same conversation with you. I am doing this for me, not to help our relationship. I am thinking about
me and my future, not trying to make you happy or make our relationship better. I don't care what you say any more. I am going to get
that surgery. I am a grown woman. Nobody can stop me from doing anything."
          "Are you sure about that? Huh? Are you sure that nobody can stop you?” Kenneth said.
          "OK. La'Nae' I love you. But I swear to you, if you decide to go ahead with this surgery you will never see me again. I will
leave you. Do you understand that?” Kenneth’s voice was a low baritone. La'Nae' had tears running down her cheeks. There was a
dead silence between the two as Kenneth waited for La'Nae's response. She swallowed spit as she got ready to give her answer. Her
mouth opened and closed. The tears just kept coming down her rosy cheeks.
          "Goodbye, Kenneth."
          La"Nae' grabbed her jacket and walked out of the door. Kenneth sat at the kitchen table, stunned at the fact that his soon to be
wife chose her vision over him. He didn't think to go behind her and chase her. He didn't even think to get up from his seat. He just sat
there. La'Nae' started down the street to the nearest pay phone. She put herequarter in and dialed Dr. Jones’ number.
          "Hello," his friendly secretary sung into the phone.
          "Uh, yes, is Doctor Jones available at the moment? It is an emergency", La'Nae' said in a rushed tone.
          "Oh! Please hold. I'll connect you to him immediately!"
          La'Nae' waited on the phone patiently.
          "Hello, Dr. Jones speaking."
          "Hello, Dr. Jones, this is La'Nae'. I was wondering if that offer was still standing for me?"
         La'Nae' woke up thirty-nine hours later seeing black. That was only because there were bandages wrapped around her eyes.
She felt around the back of her head to where the bandage started so that she could unwrap it. As she got close to taking the bandage
all the way off, Dr. Jones walked into the hospital recovery room.
         "Now what do you think you are doing li’l lady! I didn't say that you could take those off yet." La'Nae' smiled.
         "I know I just want to see if I can see!" They both laughed at her joke.
         "Well La'Nae' , we still need to run a few more tests on you and we can't do that unless you keep your bandages on until I say
you can take them off. " Dr. Jones began wrapping the bandages back around La'Nae's head. "The reason I came in here was because I
wanted to check on you and I wanted to tell you that you have a visitor.”
         "Who?!” La'Nae' said anxiously.
         "A man named Kenneth. He says he is your fiancé’. Do you know him?"
         "Yea I know him."
         "You don't seem too excited. I wish I had a fiancé' who would come visit me sometimes!” Dr. Jones laughed at his joke.
La'Nae' directed a stale face toward him.
         “That’s because I’m not. Dr. Jones, he was totally against me having this surgery. He said he was going to leave me. I don’t
understand why he’s here now.”
         “You know, La’Nae’, people say things out of anger all the time. No relationship is perfect. People have their ups and downs.
That is what makes most relationships stronger. But if you don’t want to see him, I can ask him to leave.” There was a long pause.
         “NO, that’s ok, just go ahead and send him in. I’m sure he has a perfectly good reason for being here,” said La’Nae’.
         Kenneth stood outside of La’Nae’s room. He could see her lying in bed facing the window that shined light on her face. He
knew that she enjoyed it because she did it every morning. He lightly knocked on the door. She jumped up with surprise.
         “Hey baby, good morning,” Kenneth said as he stepped into the room.
         “Hey”, La’Nae’ said back in a dull tone.
         “How are you feeling?”
         “I’m sure you probably don’t want me here now. I thought I’d just come to check on you. Maybe I should go. Will you call
me please?” Kenneth asked.
         “Sure,” La’Nae’ continued in a dull voice.
         Kenneth exited the room quick, but smoothly. His faced burned of embarrassment and guilt. Dr. Jones was just about to enter
the room.
         “Well that was a pretty quick visit!” Dr. Jones says.
         “Who are you telling? I think she may be a little tired. She didn’t really have too many words for me,” Kenneth said trying to
hold back tears.
         “That’s alright. You can always come back later. She won’t be going anywhere for a couple of days.”
         “Well alright then. I’ll see ya later Dr. Jones.”
         “Goodbye son. You be safe.”
         Kenneth walked out of the hospital with tears running down his face. He couldn’t believe that his supposedly future wife had
just blown him off like he was nobody. He sat in his car, picking up anything in his view and throwing it or banging against something
else. He cried like a child that had just lost his mother in an amusement park.
         “She doesn’t love me any more! She doesn’t love me any more!” he yelled repeatedly over and over as he cried.
         La’Nae’ sat up in the hospital bed thinking about the awkward visit. Who the hell does he think he is? He thinks he can just
come in here and pretend nothing ever happened? He has got it all wrong. How does he think he is just gong to leave me because we
disagreed on me and my future? That could only mean that he never really loved me! That’s it. I’m done with him and his childish
ways. How could love be so damn blind? La’Nae’ laughed at the thought of blindness. Right then Dr. Jones came back into the room.
         “Well La’Nae’, looks like we’re about done with these tests! But there is one thing that you need to know. Now that you have
the sense of vision, all of your other senses aren’t going to be as strong as they were.”
         “I understand. Oh wow! I’m just so excited about everything! You don’t know how much this means to me Dr. Jones. I
appreciate you and your work!”
         “Well there is one last thing that you have to let me do,” he said.
         “And what might that be?” La’Nae’ asked with a puzzled looked on her face.
         “Let me do the honors in taking the bandage off!” The two laughed together.
         “Of course you can. You’re the doctor!”
         Dr. Jones eased toward La’Nae’ and slowly began taking the bandage off. Right as he got to the end, he took out his pocket
mirror and held it in front of her face.
         “Ok. You can open your eyes now,” he said in a gentle voice.
         La’Nae’ opened her eyes. She looked into the mirror with awe. Her eyes were bright green and hazel. She had the
complexion of a toddler. Golden brown skin with a honey tint. Her hair was long, dark, and healthy and she had the smile of an angel.
She looked up at Dr. Jones to thank him, but she couldn’t get the word out. She was stunned by his handsomeness. He was tall, dark,
and handsome built like a quarterback with a million dollar smile.
         “You know what La’Nae’, you are a very beautiful person. Has anyone ever told you that?” Dr. Jones said. He noticed that
La’Nae’ was smiling at him. “Would you like to go out for lunch? He asked.
         “I would love to Dr. Jones,” La’Nae’ said.
         “Please, call me Isaiah.”
         “Isaiah Jones. What a lovely name,” La’Nae’ smiled as Dr. Jones lightly touched her cheek.
         “What a beautiful face.”
                       Inner Beauty
                       By: Janell Taylor

           Look at me and tell me what you see
   Sometimes I see a girl who is lonely and needs company
        Sometimes I see a girl who has everything
                  But still isn’t satisfied

                     I turn to the mirror
                      I examine myself
              Who is this person staring at me
      I want to believe that I know who this person is
              But I’m completely dumbfounded
               I begin to play back everything
       All the horrible and degrading things about me
  I start to believe what they are saying about me is true

               I think about all the emotional
                   And physical scars that
                    Were left on my body
                I think of all my success and
                       All my triumphs

                    I don’t know what to do
          I’ve been running in this race for so long,
                 I don’t know which way to go
               People pulling me left and right
                    I’m confused, and alone
                I cry for somebody to help me
                      But nobody’s there

                  I stray from my shadow
                  I run from my reflection
    I hide in my closet because I’m scared of rejection
Mama always said that you truly never know your inner beauty
                 Until you accept yourself
                                            Within Me, Without You
                                                By Sarah Nofal

       When my soul was ripped away from his that day it couldn’t be fixed. Not until we were together again.
And as a consequence, I had to be just as torn apart as my unforgiving heart.

        There I sat on the cold wet bench perched in the middle of Shane Park. The moonlight illuminated the
white paper I clenched between my hands. I stared down at it, and let the blurry moisture clear itself from my
eyes. The single tear made a determined journey down my face, until it came to the peak of my dimpled chin
where it wavered and finally made the plunge onto to the bus ticket I had just bought. The instant it landed on
the paper, I closed my eyes and let everything flow back to me. I have responsibilities here… I can’t just go.
But why does any of that even matter without him? I argued with my self. I have college and my family and
friends that demand my constant attention here. But no matter how much I told myself how much I was needed
here, my heart was simply not. How could I think I would be okay so far away from him for so long? I’d
steeped down to an unrecognizable, obsessive manic. It had never been one of my qualities, but now… It
seemed so dominant. I couldn’t help it, though, it just hurt to be away from him. I began thinking back to how I
had gotten here, and broke the silent midnight air with loud sobs.

        It had only been a few months since Andrew left, and it was unbearable. I remember standing in the
front yard of his father’s house with him. He had finished loading the boxes of his belongings into his father’s
car. He looked at me and smiled my smile. The one that he puts on for me when he knows that I’m about to start
panicking. Though it relaxed me then, I still felt a strong pang of worry. Who was going to stop me from having
these panic attacks when he was gone? He intentionally broke my thoughts when he wrapped his arms around
my waist and pulled me to his chest. I buried my face in his neck and breathed the heavenly scent of his
beautiful mahogany skin. Could this be the last time I would see him for a whole semester? He bent his neck so
that he could whisper, “I love you” into my ear. I squeezed my eyes shut as tightly as I could.
        “I’m gonna miss you,” I managed to say through clenched teeth, though I felt my lungs had deflated. A
few minutes into our embrace, Andrew’s father came over to us, patting Andrew on the shoulder.
        “It’s time to go, son,” he said. Andrew’s grip didn’t loosen, it tightened.
        “Just a minute,” Andrew said through a mouthful of my hair.
His father walked back over to the car, got in and started the engine. A tremble waved through our little huddle,
and it wasn’t until a moment later I realized I was crying.
        “Shh, it’s going to be okay, baby. I promise.” He assured me, but it wasn’t and I knew it wasn’t.

He unwrapped one of the arms he had tightly wound around my waist, and slid his free hand gently onto the
side of my cheek. His hand found a place on my chin and tugged my face up so that I was looking into his eyes.
        “You are always in my heart, whereever you or I go, we will always be with each other.” I closed my
eyes and let his words fill the gaps forming in my heart. He would be there forever but we would still be apart.
He cupped the back of my head with his free hand and pressed his lips gently to mine. Sealed with a kiss, our
good bye was complete. The instant he let go of me, I felt my heart sink. I watched him intently as he walked
over to the passenger seat and gave me one last smile. Then he was gone. I turned my back to the direction he
disappeared in and began walking to where my old bus stop was. I couldn’t drive my car, not now at least. I
needed to move and not think. To feel like what just happened never happened at all.

        “Are you okay?” Julian asked me Monday morning. Exactly two weeks, three days and forty-five
minutes since Andrew left. I blinked to refocus my eyes. When Julian had began talking, I zoned out, only to
torture myself with thoughts of Andrew. Now that he was asking me questions, he probably expected an answer
as well.
        “…Uh, yeah.” I said still staring in the wrong direction.
 I blinked away the mental images of Andrew and focused on Julian. He was staring at me, trying to find a
deeper meaning to my absent behavior through examining my face. He knew I was lying, but I wouldn’t submit
him to sharing any part in the pain that flowed through my every nerve. I knew exactly what he would do. Make
my problems his own, and being that there wasn’t anything he could do to help, there would be a heavy burden
on his chest. I would never do that to him. I wished so badly that I could just go numb. As sure as I was that the
numbness wasn’t coming, I still wanted it to. I thought it would dismiss the sorrow, at least for a little while.

       Julian still stood in front of me waiting patiently to determine if I was going to be okay. It was good that
he didn’t know how far into this depression I had fallen. The steady grip on my sanity was loosening with every
breath in Andrew’s absence. The barrier I tried to build between myself and my melancholy petulance was
deteriorating, fast. I felt myself beginning to panic, pressure building behind my eyes. I needed to move. I
looked up from my worn Chuck Taylors and faced Julian.
        “Really, I’m going to be okay.” I said in another failed attempt to ease his worry. There was no point in
both of us being unhappy. I gave him a quick hug, threw a “See ya later,” over my shoulder and shuffled down
the Lecture hall of our university.

        I began to crumble when I realized which staircase I had turned into in desperation of escaping Julian’s
concerned stare. This was the stair case Andrew and I spent nine hours locked in each other’s arms a few years
back, when we first began this journey together. He had come with me for the University of Michigan’s Get a
Taste of College weekend. My mother allowed Andrew and me to ride here together, spend the weekend
experiencing campus life with a student host, and agreed to pick me up when it was time to go. It had ended
sooner than I had expected and my mother had gotten caught up in traffic, leaving me and Andrew alone in an
empty staircase waiting for her. This is where we decided that whatever happened, whether we were together or
apart, we would always have each other’s back. This was where he shared his secrets with me, where he showed
me he loved me rather than just saying it.
        I remember seeing it in his eyes. The way they glowed when he met my gaze, god, I missed that. After
we finished talking, I moved closer to him. He allowed me to bury my face in his chest. I let myself inhale his
beautiful and potent scent; that had been the first time I tried to memorize it. We didn’t let go the whole time we
sat there. I curled myself into a ball on his lap, resting my head on his chest. That was now what I called home.
The only place I could ever truly feel safe again, wrapped tightly in his arms. I stood staring at the place on the
third step where we got tangled in each other’s limbs. I stared at where he had leaned back allowing me to cover
his body with my own.

        I jerked my head away from the overwhelming memory as if I could shake it from my head through a
physical movement. I turned my body to face the third step and bolted up the stairs. I didn’t stop until I got to
the top and collapsed. My body became too heavy for my weak legs to carry another step. I felt myself
trembling and the tears followed in long consistent streams down my face. I tried not to think of how much time
and distance actually separated us now, and focused on his spirit that he claimed was bound with my own. I
tried to gather myself then. I probably looked insane sitting at the top of a staircase crying and breathing all out
of whack. Oh god, what if Julian tries to come find me. I had to get myself out of here. The pit of my stomach
turned as the entry to the fourth level staircase swung open. I remember staring up at the girl’s face, I didn’t
know her but she sounded familiar.
        “Oh crap, are you okay?” she said as she flitted over to my side and looked me over. She was obviously
a Premed major.
        I gave her a quick nod, not at all trusting my voice. I knew it would give me away, as if the somber sobs
didn’t already do that. I stood up, gripping the decorative railing at the top of the stairs for support. I could do
this. At least get myself from here to my dorm. I looked at the girl who was holding my elbow trying to help
steady me.
        “Will you be okay?” she said patiently.
        “Not if I stay here, thanks though,” I said when I thought I could trust my voice again. She gave me a
weak smile and watched me take a deep breath and move towards the door. I used the memory of when
Andrew’s and my lips met for the first time, here in this staircase, to inspire me to keep moving. Had to keep
moving, this blissful remembrance would only agitate the fresh wounds this place had ripped open.

        I flopped down onto my bed, letting myself cry. Not the little petty cries I’d been letting escape through
the day, I mean full-blown snot and tears. I took a second to appreciate that I had no roommate. My room was
tiny but it was mine. I let out a sigh as I rolled onto my back. This was going to have to stop. I sat up on my
cluttered bed and dug through my purse until I found my slim touch-screen phone. I dialed Andrew’s number
and waited as it rang. He picked up on the second ring.

        “Cassie?” he asked.
        “Hey, honey,” I said still a little shaky from emotional overload.
        “How are you?” he sounded truly concerned, I guess he picked up on my tone. I couldn’t hide anything
from him.
        “Eh, you know. Dealing with school is tough.” I said trying my hardest to sound casual.
        “Cass,” he said slowly, waiting for me to tell the whole truth.
        “I miss you Andrew,” I breathed out after a few seconds of silence.
        “I miss you too. I wish we could be together. It’s been hell trying to get through the day knowing you
aren’t with me.” His words came out in an honest sigh, almost like he was hurting too.
        “Andrew, I can’t take this anymore.” My words were full of panic, just as I felt.
        “It’s gonna be alright baby, it will work out one way or another,” his voice slipped into a solemn melody
as though he was having as much difficulty believing his own words as I did.
        His sweet reassuring voice calmed me down, until his class began and our conversation ended. I
remembered that conversation clearly. It was when I first realized that it wasn’t just me who was hurting from
the distance between us. He was feeling just as crappy. The bench seemed to get more uncomfortable as my
thoughts droned on. A soft breeze brushed through my hair, making my bangs whip against my forehead. I
thought about the night after the phone call.

        I tried and tried to focus my mind long enough to get my essay on Psychological processing started, but
my thoughts drifted back to Andrew. I dug through my desk and pulled out the photo album he made, full of
pictures of us as my anniversary gift. The first one was of us in our freshman year of high school, when we first
met on a Transit Bus. In the picture, Andrew stood with me at the bus stop, until my mom came to pick me up. I
knew he had a major crush on me then. Looking at that picture had always made me laugh. My mom took it just
because she wanted to embarrass me.
        I let my eyes linger on Andrew’s beautifully structured face. It was so graceful and masculine, full of
familiarity. I closed the album and sat in the stillness of my dorm. If he wasn’t here, then I didn’t want to be
either, I wanted to be next to him. I got up and walked over to my closet, pulled out my black paramore fan
duffle bag and put the album inside it. I left the bag open on my bed and walked back over to my desk. I
minimized the blank Word Document intended to be my psychology paper, and opened a new browser. I typed
‘bus station + Lexington KY’ into the Google search and clicked on the first link that popped up.
        I continued to sit there as the tears dried on my cheeks, while I remembered the painful memories of
what had initially brought me here. I knew what I had to do. I stood up, still staring at the distant moon. I
glanced down at my duffle bag sitting at my feet. With another glance at my bus ticket, I hopped up, scooped up
my bag and walked to 11th street where I boarded the bus.

                               Something Special
                                   By: De’Von Ballenger

               In life there comes a time,                              I’m good fortune
                 A time that reappears,                             When fortune isn’t there,
               When all you feel is pain,                                Like waking up,
              And then you face your fears.                         From a bad nightmare.
               Your cry yourself to sleep,                           Your light in the dark,
              Make puddles with your tears,                           I’ll help you to see.
                 But you are not alone,                              I’ll guide you to love,
                 For I am always here.                              Where you are with me.

                   Like hand to a hip,                             Your knight in shiny armor,
                I’m always by your side,                           The one who saves the day,
              The crawl space in your closet                     I’ll fill your soul with laughter,
                When you want to hide.                              And ease your pain away.
                  The one who listens,                                 My love lasts forever,
                  The who understands,                                Like numbers on a line.
               The one who’s always there                          You are something special,
              When life gives its demands.                         That’s why I call you mine.
                 Central Word Search by Ednisha Downs
s o b p i c a l n e m s k i n a r                d   n m d n s          o
p e l l a c e r k c i u q e u i d                u   e s j c p          s
a r n w o c l m e n n m n s s l r                i   n r b t a          p
n t v o l l e y b a l l a b e s a                b   o e m e n          e
i r h b j c o d m i n r l i i a a                t   t a a s t          e
s a b n t r h s e f r e c n e i c                s   l a t n e          d
h a e o n h m p b d e k g i s n l                o   h a e e h          w
r r t i y g o l o n h c e t r e t                u   p m o c r          a
s c a t e s a s m a r g o r p d e                c   n a v d a          y
w s c a t m b m a g n e t p r o g                r   a m s m w          s
i o l r d a c a n n g i s e d b e                w   b t r h i          o
m v u e i r y i s i p r c p n v f                e   a l k s m          v
m b b b m g m s i k h s l a o c n                t   i u b d m          d
i s b i h o t d s n e s n g a r e                n   g g c g e          s
n n l l c r c a e a b t d t e c t                a   i i s c n          n
g f t e s p p l f b l n b p h o t                o   g r a p h          y
s o m e s r a r t r a c k a n d f                i   e l d u s          o
k o l i r o e p m w c t m b l g g                c   v s o a k          o
h t c d m n c h a r k p e g a l m                a   i i r i h          t
i b o c c o s l t j s o f t b a l                l   o b t i i          b
v a o h e h a h e i o d w r e s t                l   i n g i v          a
o l k r p r l l i b w h u y t a s                l   e r l e e          l
g l t n e w s p a p e r n f n n m                a   e t p e t          s
r e l t s a c g r o s n d s f a r                e   l r s v r          e
MagnetPrograms          Library                      MsKinard
BoysBasketball          Spanish                      BetaClub
NJROTC                  BankingAndFiance             DebateTeam
DrWithers               Baseball                     FBLA
StepTeam                MrLinton                     DECA
QuickRecall             ComputerTechnology           UGirls
StateChamps             Softball                     FCA
Soccer                  MrJones                      Football
Photography             PapaJohns                    HOSA
Black                   Swimming                     Internships
TrackAndField           MrsSchmidt                   WebDesign
LiberationBowl          Classy                       LawAndGovernment
Gold                    Wrestling                    AdvancedPrograms
Volleyball              MrsDuff                      Newspaper
Homecoming              Activities                   Speedway
DentalScience           Nursing                      HonorPrograms
                                             Newsy Vocabulary

                                                   Gervonte Lee
                                1             2


                 13                                    14


                                        17                          18

                               Across                                                   Down
1. Graphics that spread information                               2. A topic that interest you
3. A head in a newspaper for any written material,                4. A low-grade machine-finished paper made
    sometimes for an illustration
                                                                      from wood pulp
5. A review or summary of a movie
                                                                  9. The act of calling politic attention to a
6. A report on an recent event                                        product or service
7. A business head of a newspaper                                 12. A regular feature or series of articles in a
8. A widely circulated statement or item of news                      newspaper
10. A written composition in prose, usually non-fiction on a      13. An arrangement or plan/sketch of an
    specific topic forming a independent part of a publication
                                                                      advertisement or page
11. A forecast which dictates weather
                                                                  14. An athletic activity requiring skill and
15. The main story of a newspaper
                                                                      physical prowess, with competitive nature
16. A notice of the death of a person
17. Printed publications collectively
18. Provoking laughter
                    Central Word Search Answers by Ednisha Downs
s   o   b   p   i
                l n c   a       e   m   s   k   i   n   a r   d   n m d n s o
p   e   l   l   r k
                a   c   e       c   i   u   q   e   u   i d   u   e s j c p s
a   r n w       m e
                o   c   l       n   n   m   n   s   s   l r   i   n r b t a p
n   t v o       y b
                l   l   e       a   l   l   a   b   e   s a   b   o e m e n e
i   r h b       d m
                j   c   o       i   n   r   l   i   i   a a   t   t a a s t e
s   a b n       s e
                t   r   h       f   r   e   c   n   e   i c   s   l a t n e d
h   a e o       n
              m p b h           d   e   k   g   i   s   n l   o   h a e e h w
r   r t i       y
            g o l o             n   h   c   e   t   r   e t   u   p m o c r a
s   c a t e s a s m             a   r   g   o   r   p   d e   c   n a v d a y
w   s c a t m b m a             g   n   e   t   p   r   o g   r   a m s m w s
i   o l r d a c a n             n   g   i   s   d
                                                e       b e   w   b t r h i o
m   v u e i r y i s             i   p   r   c   n
                                                p       v f   e   a l k s m v
m   b b b m g m s i             k   h   s   l   a
                                                o       c n   t   i u b d m d
i   s b i h o t d s             n   e   s   n   a
                                                g       r e   n   g g c g e s
n   n l l c r c a e             a   b   t   d   e
                                                t       c t   a   i i s c n n
g   f t e s p p l f             b l     n   b   p
                                                h       o t   o   g r a p h y
s   o m e s r a r t             r a     c   k a n       d f   i   e l d u r o
k   o l i r o e p m             w c     t   m b l       g g   c   v s o a k o
h   t c d m n c h a             r k     p   e g a       l m   a   i i r i h t
i   b o c c o s l t             j s     o   f t b       a l   l   o b t i i b
v   a o h e h a h e             i o     d   w r e       s t   l   i n g i v a
o   l k r p r l l i             b w     h   u y t       a s   l   e r l e e l
g   l t n e w s p a             p e     r   n f n       n m   a   e t p e t s
r   e l t s a c g r             o s     n   d s f       a r   e   l r s v r e
                         Newsy Vocabulary Answers
                               Gervonte Lee

                1I   N   F   O   G   R   A     P   H   I   C   S
      3H   E    A    D   L   I   N   E   S
                                 E                                 4N
           5M O      V   I   E   R   E   V     I   E   W           E
                                 A                         6N E    W    S
                     7P U    B   L   I   S     H   E   R           S
                                 I                         8R E    P    O   R     T
           9A                    N                                 R
           D             1A R    T   I   C     L   E               I
           V                     E                                 N
      11W E     A    T   H   E   R   F   O     R   E   C   A   S   T
           R                     E                                          12C
13L        T                     S       14S                                O
A          I                     15T O   P     S   T   O   R   Y            L
Y          S                             O                                  U
16O B      I    T    U   A   R   Y       R                                  M
U          N                             T                                  N
T          G             17P R   E   S   S             18C O   M   I    C   S
                                                    By Angela Kerr
          Kina rolled her eyes as she heard her father yelling at her from across the house. Either up in her face or far away,
the words hurt just as much. Each word made her feel alone and scared. She held it all in. With every second that passed
throughout the day, she felt more alone and she kept those feelings from her friends. I hope they don’t find out, she
remembers telling her teacher, hoping the people around school wouldn’t find out. She never wanted anyone to find out
about her home situation, especially her friends. Her friends thought her life was going great, perfectly fine. She didn’t
worry about her life at home any longer if she was at school, school was her safe harbor. She knew that one way or the
other she would have to get out. The day she walked in with a handprint on her face, the evidence from the previous
night's brawl with her father, her friends knew she wasn’t okay.
          She remembered her friends asking her what had happened. Her mind went back to the previous night, each word
that was said and each blow she had suffered. He had only hit her once but that was enough for her to feel his scorn, to
destroy her from the inside out. She had loved him like any daughter loved her father. In spite of the fact she was adopted,
she felt like she was his, his only.
          “All you think about is yourself. Kina, Kina, Kina,” she recalled telling her friends, mocking her father. She
flinched from the thought of what happened next. She didn’t want to continue in the story, but something inside of her
told her she needed to say something. She didn’t trust the principals, teachers, or the counselors; after all she was just a
freshman. She told her friends of how there had been nothing in the world she would want more than to be out of that
house. She wanted to be somewhere far away. She was done with being pushed around and put down like she was just
another speck of dust under a king’s foot.
          Each day he yelled at her she was losing pieces of herself, her true self. She didn’t really know what she wanted
to do, even though her friends wanted her to tell someone. They had said she would feel better if she talked to someone
about her situation. Always being the stubborn one, she remembered telling them, I can’t. I just can’t. I’m not strong
enough for this. Her friends had looked at her dumbstruck. It was clear she was in pain. The bruises and the bloody lip
revealed that without words. At that moment she remembered pulling out her mirror and studying her image as if she was
looking at a twin she had never seen before. She had run into the bathroom hoping, praying that her mirror was at fault.
She perched herself in front of the mirror waiting for the mirror to change the image glaring back at her. When it failed to
change she touched the mirror, touching her own image. This is the first time she had ever looked like this. She was
embarrassed and infuriated. He had made her into a hideous monster.
          Her friends had rushed in and looked at her staring at her own reflection, hand touching the spots where she was
now deformed. Each bruise told a story, the story she kept hiding. She had no idea how to explain this, and she didn’t
really want to, but she had to tell someone. She couldn’t keep it hidden any longer. In lunch she told herself she was going
to tell someone. The question that had floated through her mind was who?
          She reached her third class of the day. Her senior friend, Steven, was there and he was curious. He asked her the
questions she had been drowned in all day. What happened? That was the only question he had to ask for her to break
down into tears and fall into his warm embrace. She recalled the story just as she had before. She was sinking into a pool
of depression with every word she spoke. The look on her face must have revealed this depression because as soon as she
was done speaking he had abruptly told her to go and tell someone, just as her other friends had. She swelled up inside
and breathed in a large cold breath. She wasn’t ready to tell anyone, she wasn’t ever going to be ready. She confided in
Steven, a boy whom she met just two months previous, all her thoughts and feelings about the situation. She had never
realized what happened that night until that very moment. She stood at the edge of life and death with this situation. Home
or life? This was the way the situation had to become. Home and death or away and life. It was all confusing to her and
she couldn’t forget the past.
          She remembered finally telling the counselor, Mrs. Higdon, and Mrs. Higdon ended up calling the social workers.
Fear washed through her with each word Higdon spoke. She had to get out of the house, and this was her only way out.
She never really wanted to be gone but she definitely couldn’t stay there.
          "Okay, okay." She put the phone down and made eye contact with Kina. "Kina, they said they will probably send
out a worker soon, maybe not today but if you do go home don’t say anything to him about this confrontation," Mrs.
Higdon said hurriedly and abruptly. When the nurse, who was called in to record the previous night's evidence
photographically, was done Kina scampered back to her classroom waiting on what was to come of this situation. Her
third class, Orchestra, flew by, and as she was going into gym, many people stared at her face and some snickered. Each
breath, each step grew harder and harder. She was fixing to have to change in front of twenty or more girls for gym and
she knew that with the curiosity levels she would get the third degree again.
          "Kina!" She was back in the present where she knew she couldn't hide any longer. "You told all your friends in
gym, all the counselors, everything. What's wrong with you? You are just like your mother," she said to herself.
          With those words came an intense anger towards her dad. He had told her she was like her mother allot but this
time she reacted in a very different way. She got infuriated at the idea. The thought that he believed she was going to end
up like her mother angered her. She wasn't going to get pregnant at age sixteen; after all she was already that age. She
wasn't going to abandon her two children with their dads and go get locked up on methamphetamine charges. She was too
strong for that. The thought of him comparing her to her mother was painful, this knife cut deep.
          As he went on and on about how much she was just like her mom and how she was going to end up just like her,
Kina got lost in thought, as she usually did. She never really much paid attention to his yelling over the past year. She
kind of got immune to the yelling and abuse. The emotional and physical pain she had to endure daily seemed just like a
routine now. She knew she'd go home and accidentally make him mad and he'd begin yelling. She shuffled through her
notebook and tore out three sheets of paper. She heard the footsteps coming down the steps, and the moment she seen him
in the doorway to her downstairs basement, she knew it was all over. He was going to start slowly tearing away at her
soul, through her skin. She knew that this had to be the end of the road at this point, but she didn't move to try and get
         He came in closer to her. She could smell the stale beer on his clothes where he had spilled it earlier. Kina slowly
turned around and she could still see the spot where the beer had spilled. He towered over her. His cheeks hinted a blotchy
red hue that made his blue eyes pierce her skin with every small. After gazing down at her for a moment he grabbed her
wrists and jerked her onto her feet. All the blood pumped to her head, she blacked out. Laying on the cold concrete floor
she abruptly remembered the rest of the day when she had told her friends all about why she had that precisely placed
handprint on the side of her face.
         She had been in Orchestra after telling Steven but the bell had rung. Her next class was right across the hall, gym.
She breathed in the sweaty, musty air that had been sealed in the gym all day. She was now surrounded by the clouds of
tension and sweat, literally. She wouldn't be able to make it through the class if she had to breathe this for the next ninety
minutes. She wanted to run away, never to turn back again and be done with this place, along with her situation at home.
Thoughts raced through her mind of what she could do, but she pressed on, worn down by the fact she'd be in more
trouble if she was caught running away, escaping.
         Kina stepped in the locker room, glancing around the room. She was alone. The locker room was cooler and less
musty feeling. She could move without the feelings of somebody watching her at all times. She threw her stuff down on
the bench next to her locker, ready to get her stuff out and change without anybody seeing the rest of her bruises. Without
thinking any further she trudged to the stand up mirror hanging from the wall to see the damage that had actually been
done, the ones that eyes, other than hers, should see. She gasped as she touched the red, blotchy bruises on her sides; her
broken, busted lip; her black eye, her scraped knees. As she placed her hand on her neck and chin where his hand had
punished her flesh she cried out in agony.
         "Kina!" Schuyler shook her friend. "What's wr..." Schuyler looked at her friend, exactly what Kina saw, Schuyler
saw. Schuyler had always been the one person in the whole world Kina had relied on to help her with her problems. Kina
dropped her head in shame as Schuyler asked, "Why didn't you tell me?" Kina was ashamed. Kina tried to explain.
         "Sky, I just don't know what I am supposed to do. You see these.. these.." Kina stopped, sobbing she shoved her
head into Schuyler's shoulder muttering, "I just don't know. One minute we’re laughing like a family next I'm on the
ground screaming out in pain. It’s just too hard to bear now."
         "Kina, I know what you mean," Schuyler tried to sputter out before Kina cut her off.
         "No! You don't know Sky. You just don’t. Do you fear to go to sleep at night? I do. I’ve had mornings where I
had fallen asleep in my bed and I wake up tossed in the middle of my bedroom floor, my arms out of socket and beer
stains on the carpet. He's a drunk Sky, and I don't know what I want to do. I talked to the counselor but what am I to do..."
Kina glanced up as a parade of girls lined in the locker room, stripping away clothes changing into their gym clothes.
Each person froze for a millisecond just to stare at Kina's permanent tattoos, internal scars.
         The girls in the locker room gathered around Kina one by one after they got done changing, ready to hear the
story behind the malformations. She was a freak now and she just wasn't ready to tell everyone. Maybe this is the way to
get away from the pain, tell them everything, Kina thought abruptly before she tried to sputter the story through the tears.
Kina finally quit blubbering and sobbing. She finally gained enough self confidence to move on in the story with strength,
no matter how gruesome the story was to become.
         "The end of the story here is that I finally talked to someone, other than you guys. I’m finally done with this all."
Kina stopped at a snicker across the room. Infuriated she exclaimed, "You think my dad is such a great coach now? Huh?
Look what he did!" The girl stopped and pssted at Kina and turned back around. Kina turned a little more to flash the
handprint in the girl's direction. "See, is this enough proof, is he so perfect now?"
         The girls in the room were awestruck. They had no clue that Kina could be so forceful, and they dropped their
heads and walked out into the open gym. The coaches knew something was up but didn't dare ask any of them what had
happened. The day had been warm so the class went out onto the track to walk that day. Kina decided that running was
her choice today, ready to be done with the track and outside altogether. She passed many of the people and they tried to
talk to her; fortunately, her step never faltered, she ran on.
         She gained her vision. The black out she experienced was over. What had he done to her this time? Before he had
left evidence of the abuse, this time he hadn't. He was actually starting to get good at hiding the pain he caused her. Before
there had been bruises and blood. Lately he had barely even left a scratch. He would drag her off her bed and around in
the floor and pick her up, throw her down on the same bed he drug her off of. Soon she would have sprained wrists and
ankles and her shoulders would be out of place, but it wasn't noticeable to the untrained eye.
         She patted her hands around her to see where she was. She was on something cold and hard, not moving. Thank
goodness, she thought to herself. At least I'm not in his lap. Sometimes after she would black out he would pick her up
and cradle her in his arms on the couch. This time he had just left her where she was, but where was she? She tried to
open her eyes, but only one would come fully open. She was squinting from the light directed at her eyes. He was gone.
She couldn't move. It felt as if her body was paralyzed, and she wouldn’t be able to ever use it again. She painfully tried to
sit up but her muscles wouldn't let her even raise her littlest finger. She decided that she would just lie on the floor until
someone decided to rescue her.
         She heard the steps above her head and she knew she was no longer alone. She flinched every time she tried to
move. She couldn't deal with it any longer. Kina lay there, frozen as an ice cube. She was no longer alone in the room,
though for the longest time she thought she was. She breathed in and let out a deep sigh. He bellowed a long obnoxious
laugh that made her shudder from the inside out.
          "Do you remember when you talked to that social worker? Well she talked to me, too. She told me that you said
that I smacked you and that you were knocked unconscious. Well you weren't knocked unconscious you were just
knocked asleep that’s it." She still had no idea what he was saying until she remembered that last moment she had left in
her day at school. She remembered everything.
          She remembered being in the gym and sitting on the hardwood floor being lectured about the technique used in
ping pong/table tennis when Kina glanced over her shoulder. She had seen the secretary coming in the gym doors. After
whispering to the teacher, the secretary waited for the teacher to tell Kina to get up and follow her. Kina did as she was
told, following the secretary out of the gym doors, across the lobby, and into the teacher's lounge where a nicely dressed
woman was awaiting Kina's arrival. Kina knew who this was, her social worker. Swallowing the lump in her throat more
times than once, Kina took the seat across the table from her.
          "Do you remember her name? The social worker's name? Huh? Well you should if you don’t because that one
name gave us fucking hell in that situation. She had taken you away from me and I had no clue. Now that you're home
you can figure this out on your own. She was practically a manipulator. She didn't want what was best for you she just
wanted that paycheck. More children saved the higher her paycheck. Some type of bullshit like that."
          Kina rolled her eyes once again. She knew she wasn't going to let him ruin her life. Not anymore. He had treated
her like this for a very long time. But thinking about it now could she remember the social worker's name? She pondered
the subject for many moments. She mind flashed back to the past.
          "Hello. I’m Bridgette." The woman reached across the table for Kina's hand. Kina dropped her gaze, hiding her
face. "Well Kina I’m here to ask you a couple of questions." Kina nodded and dared to look up, afraid she still looked like
that hideous beast she had looked like before. Bridgette continued. "Will you please look up?"
          "Kina, look up at me." This time it wasn't Bridgette, it was her father. With her mind soaring and her heart racing
she looked up at him with the same misty-eyes that she had used on Bridgette. Bridgette had given her a look unlike the
gruesome, angry face her dad was giving her now. She must have been out of her mind to think her dad would feel any
sort of pity for her. As she dropped her face she felt her phone against her thigh. After being nestled in her pocket for so
long the phone had scared her. She pulled out her phone and read the text message. The message was from her mom, the
main source of this fight with her dad. She stared at her phone. Kina Michelle, are you okay?
          Kina wanted to answer her mom that she was okay. Unfortunately, she really couldn't tell her mother she was
living in hell on earth. She hid in the layers that were covering her bruises. Why couldn't she tell her mom how weak she
felt when she was near him, how much he scared her, or even that she wanted to live with her. Both Kina and her mom
knew that Kina would more than likely end up with her mother. Kina hated the city, the town, the drama, the home life,
everything. Nothing would have blessed Kina more than to live with her mom.
          "Kina, look at me please." When she had glanced up Bridgette stared her in the face, at the handprint that
deformed the flawless complexion Kina had so long worked on. The outlines of the fingers and part of the wrist distinct
and very noticeable. Bridgette had flinched at the thought of that handprint across her own face, the feeling was
unbearable. Bridgette suddenly shuffled her papers.
          "Kina, I'm going to need to take a few Polaroids of your face and arms. Are there any more?" Kina could almost
see the lump in Bridgette's throat as her voice cracked out, "Bruises?" Kina had slowly shoved her shorts up her thigh to
reveal three small bruises, also from the previous night's rendezvous. She remembered that Bridgette had gasped.
          "Kina, I can’t let you go home." Kina remembered Bridgette glaring at her, waiting for her response. The tear that
had trickled down her face was enough assurance for Bridgette to call her supervisor. Her supervisor said that Kina was to
be taken out of the home and put in Foster Care. Bridgette, a solemn look overtaking her face, said that Kina would have
to go to the gym and pack up her things to go with the police to the Social Service Office.
          Kina remembered the tears flowing freely down her cheeks, only stopping at her shirt where they created a stain
from the neck down to her chest. She had been crying so much that her eyes were almost swollen shut from the burning
created by the tears. She tore out of the office and ran into the gym. Each of her friends gathered around and asked some
questions. Kina felt as if she was in the Witness Protection Program. She wasn't able to tell them where she was going or
why, even though many already knew. Kina had trudged into the locker room to gather her things when she realized
Alison had the key to the locker. Kina took a single step back and ran into Alison. Alison had always been there. Even
though she was almost banned to do it, Kina fell into Alison's arms and Alison rocked her like a baby, comforting her.
          "KINA!!" her dad yelled once again. "Why aren't you paying attention? You keep going into your own little
problems. All you think about is yourself. You disrespectful little bitch." Kina suddenly burst into tears and ran inside.
Before she had even touched the door her dad bellowed, "I’m going to help Angie and Erica move. I’ll be home in a few."
          Kina huffed a murmured, "Whatever." Kina slammed the storm door open, unlocked the lock of the metal door
,and as soon as her foot hit the concrete floor of the basement, she broke out into a long-strided sprint that led her to her
basement room. The room, usually filled with the scents of incense and candles, was now filled with a placid, stale smell,
musty almost. What's wrong with my room?, Kina asked herself. She soon found that the candles had been replaced with
Febreeze and the incense replaced with plug in wall air fresheners. Kina could hardly breath from the musty, attic smell
that filled her lungs with each breathe. Kina scampered to the computer and stared at the black screen. What should I do
now? Kina was rarely bored but this time all she could do was sitting in the computer chair or sleep.
          Kina thought about the day’s activities, from school going horribly wrong to her dad nitpicking and not listening
to a word she tried to say. Kina was never going to be okay. Thinking about that one thought, not being okay, she decided
to play the song “I’m Not Okay” by My Chemical Romance. Kina turned the music up loud and turned out the light. In
the dark, she laid on the hard, cold concrete floor, mad at herself and mad at the world. She didn't really want to be like
that, crying over nothing and fighting over her dad's stupid rules. That's all there was left for her, crying and pain.
         Kina sang along with the lyrics of “I’m Not Okay,” swiftly and precisely. "Remember when you broke your foot
after jumping out the second stor... I’m not okay.." She stopped and got an idea. I'll text my mom. She'll come and get me,
I don’t have to live here anymore. Kina grabbed her phone but suddenly remembered the night she was taken away
involuntarily. She had cried all the way to the next county over, and she thought she would miss her hometown, but yet
every mile that drove her farther away the stronger she became, almost like the county made her weak or maybe it was the
people in it. She never figured it out, but she remembered that on that day she had become a stronger person, you have to
let go of something before you can really learn anything. If you don't make a decision you can't learn from that
experience. She remembered telling herself that if she was ever going to be strong she needed to get away. In
remembering that, Kina stood up and grasped her phone in her hand. Do I leave here and never come back? Or should I
stay here and possibly face another depression? What if I don't ever come out of the depression? Thoughts intertwined in
her mind and she opened her phone. Here is my time. Stay or go. Which one? She dialed her best friend's number and
typed, I don't what I’m supposed to do and I’m lost in this world alone. Take me back home, take me back home. Her
friend had always told her to text that to her right before she decided to leave the county behind.
         Kina sat there in her darkened room listening to My Chemical Romance. When her phone vibrated her heart
started racing, she wanted to see what her friend would say. She looked at her phone and then she huffed when she saw it
was from her dad. She opened the text message and it said, If you can quit being immature you can come over here and
help me move Angie and Erica. Anger welled up inside of Kina. Kina's dad knew she wasn't immature but that was the
button that he had to push to push her over the edge. She texted her mom and said, Come and get me. She grasped the
phone in her hand as her world went black. She picked her arm up and slammed the phone into the ground.

By Megan Robinson

As I take my seat up front, armed with my book and pen
I let out a sigh, preparing for a conference that will never end
In walks Mantadhar al-Zeidi, the famous shoe thrower
As the room quiets down, you can feel anticipation hover
He strolls up front, confident, regal like a king
He glares at the crowd, lethal just like a bee sting

He then smiles, ready and eager to speak
Out of nowhere you hear movement, the floor boards begin to squeak
Up stands a man, angry as a tiger
He stares al-Zieda down, flings his arm and fires

Is it a bird? A plane? No, a shoe!
As it soars through the air, it’s déjà vu
Faster than a speeding bullet, it heads towards al-Zeidi standing tall
Only to face disappointment as it slams into the wall.

The thrower sprints like a gazelle, looking for an exit
Out pops al-Zeidi’s brother Maithan, preparing to catch him.
Cornered, he knows he has lost, and slinks out the door
But Maithan wasn’t done with him, he needed to do more.

He raises his hand to the sky and the room echoes with a snack!
Was it lightening? A fall? Maybe a clap?
No, the man apparently had been slapped.
I stood up in my seat, what weapon had Mathan used?
Like a knight in shining armor, the man had been slayed by his shoe.

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