SCHOOL DAY
9:00 a.m.       Buses arrive at school
9:05 a.m.       Morning bell - Students enter building
9:15 a.m.       Tardy bell rings - Instruction begins
11:45 a.m.      Morning kindergarten dismissed
12:15 p.m.      Dismissal on Half-Days
12-12:50 p.m.   Lunch/recess
12:50 p.m.      Afternoon bell – PM Kindergarten children arrive
12:55 p.m.      Students return to classrooms
1:00 p.m.       Tardy bell rings - Instruction begins
3:30 p.m.       Dismissal (Walkers exit Door #1, Car Queue at Door #3)

Students must not arrive at school before 9:00 a.m. and must leave for home promptly at dismissal
time. There is no supervision before 9:00 a.m. or after 3:30 p.m. Students will be allowed to enter
the lobby areas of their entrance doors at 9:00 A.M. on bad weather days. After school, students may
not play on school grounds until they have gone home to report to their parents.

     8:40 a.m. Guided/Structured Classes Begin
     3:00 p.m. Guided/Structured Classes Dismissal

Regular attendance is Illinois State law and is essential to a student’s success in school. Kindergarten is
a half-day program. Any kindergarten student who misses more than 30 minutes will be considered
absent for the day. Students in grades 1-5 who miss more than 15 minutes but less than 2 hours and 45
minutes will be credited with a half-day attendance. Students who miss 2 hours and 45 minutes or more
will be considered absent for the full day.

To report absences please call 630-545-3301 (each day your child is absent) and leave a message on
the answering machine. The message should include your child’s name, grade, teacher, reason for the
absence and date(s) of absence.

Cancellation of school takes place only during extraordinary circumstances such as extreme weather,
equipment failure, or public crisis. Every practical means is used to notify parents of an impending
cancellation including the district EXPEDITE system and announcements on major Chicago radio
stations. Also, information is available on the District 89 web site:

   No child is allowed to leave the building or the playground during the school day.
   Parents who wish to pick their children up during the day, including the lunch hour, must check
     in at the office to sign their child out of school, and wait for the child in the office.
   Parents must sign a child in if they have left school for any reason upon their return.
   Teachers appreciate notification from home alerting them to the fact that the child will leave
     early. This allows them to prepare the student to leave at the designated time.
      Parents who want their child to go home with another student (not riding a bus) or with a
       different adult must send a signed note with the child outlining the details.
      Students not assigned to a bus route MAY NOT ride the bus with another student.
      Bus students need a written note for permission to exit at a different bus stop.
      All changes for your child’s dismissal routine must be directed to the office and not the
       teacher’s voice mail.

On days when school is in session, the school office is open from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. An
answering machine is used at times when office personnel are unable to answer the telephone. Students
need to leave school promptly at the end of the day. For safety reasons, students should not be in the
building or on the grounds unsupervised.

If a student forgets homework, etc. the student and/or parent must go to the office to make a request for
the item. If the teacher is unavailable for any reason, permission will not be granted. Teachers
continually encourage students to be responsible for their work and belongings. We ask for your
support in this effort. At no time is anyone ever allowed in a classroom without the teacher being

Attendance is taken each day at 9:15 A.M. and 1:00 P.M. Students must be in their classroom ready
to learn by 9:15 and 1:00 or they are tardy. Students are expected to arrive with enough time to
get to their classrooms before the final bell. Persistent tardiness creates a genuine hardship for the
student and is regarded as a very serious problem. Parents will be notified if students are frequently
tardy, and the school principal will take appropriate disciplinary action.

To protect our students, all school doors are locked throughout the day to control entry to the building.
Briar Glen School requires all visitors to report directly to the office upon entering the building. Visitors
and volunteers must sign in and will be given a special Bulldog visitor sticker. They will be directed to
the areas that they wish to visit. Parents may not go to the classrooms, lunchrooms, or hallways at any
time without permission from office personnel. Parents who bring books, lunches, etc. to school are
asked to bring them to the school office, and their child will be called to receive them at an appropriate

Volunteers are always needed at Briar Glen to help at school or with a PTC event. Please check with
your child’s teacher about opportunities to work in the classroom, with Mrs. Olker about working in the
LMC, or with the PTC officers or chairpersons about volunteering to help with PTC sponsored events.
Volunteers coming to school should always park on the east side of Briarcliffe Blvd.

Please exercise patience and caution when bringing or picking up students from school. During morning
arrival and afternoon dismissal times:

       Use the street (Briarcliffe Blvd.) in front of the school for pickup and drop off only.
       You may not leave your car if you are in this area. There is absolutely no parking or stopping
       in designated areas north of the parking lot or in front of the school between 8:45-9:15
       A.M. and 3:15-3:45 P.M.
      The car queue line also extends north of the parking lot.
      The parking lot is reserved for bus traffic, those with a valid handicap permit, and school staff.
      Children must use the services of the crossing guards at the crosswalks to meet parents parked on
       the east side of Briarcliffe Boulevard.
      If you are picking up children who are not part of our pickup system, you must park on the east
       side of Briarcliffe Blvd.

Crossing guards are positioned on the corners of school property. The two crossing guards are on duty
from 8:45 until 9:15 A.M. and 3:25 P.M. until 3:45 P.M. A crossing guard is also positioned at
Briarcliffe Blvd. and 22nd Street from 8:30 until 9:00 A.M., from 3:30 until 4:00 P.M. and also on early
dismissal days.

Students are permitted to ride their bikes to school but should wear helmets for safety. The school
assumes no responsibility for bicycles. A bike lock is recommended. Students should walk their bikes
across the street and on school grounds and lock them in the school bike racks. Bikes must remain in
the bike racks throughout the school day. Skateboards, roller blades, heelies (shoes with pop-out
rollers) and scooters are not allowed at school or on school property.

Students are expected to be safe, be respectful, and be responsible on the bus as they are within their
classrooms. This includes respecting the rights and property of other students. In addition, these rules
have been established in conjunction with the bus company in order to insure the safety of all students
who ride a bus:

      Use only the bus and bus stop assigned to you.
      Remain seated, facing front at all times.
      Talk quietly.
      Do not talk to the driver unless it is necessary.
      Keep head and arms inside the bus at all times.
      Do not litter the inside of the bus or throw anything out of the window.
      Keep arms and legs out of aisles.

Bus drivers report problems to the school office. The supervisor or principal will talk with students in
an effort to stop the problems. Parents are notified if minor problems persist or if a major problem
occurs. Students may be suspended from riding a bus for inappropriate behavior. The bus driver has
complete authority while students are on the bus. Due to safety and insurance considerations, only bus
students assigned to the buses may ride the bus. If it is necessary for a bus student to get off at a
different stop, a written note from the parent must be turned into the office.

Student conduct at the bus stop is primarily the responsibility of the parents in cooperation with the
school. The school will work with parents toward the goal of maintaining order at the bus stops. The
school asks for parent support in implementing the following guidelines:

1. Students must show respect for property by waiting on the sidewalk or parkway area. Climbing
   trees or running on lawns or through the bushes is not acceptable.
2. Students should never throw objects. Objects might include snowballs, baseballs, etc. If children
   are playing ball at the bus stop, it is a certain sign that they are arriving too early.
3. Students should arrive at the bus stop no more than five minutes before the bus is scheduled to
   depart. Ten minutes may be necessary during the first two weeks, but after that, five minutes is
4. Books or bags don’t hold places, people do. Students need to stand in line patiently and board safely
   without pushing or shoving.
5. For safety’s sake, children should never step into the street or attempt to retrieve an object that falls
   under a bus. Alert the bus driver as to what is missing and where it fell.
6. Students need to respect each other. The bus stop or bus is not a place for rough play, bad language,
   or name-calling.
7. Students must wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before approaching the bus to board.
8. Bus transportation may be eliminated for a student who displays inappropriate behavior.
9. Students must listen to the bus driver and stay in their seats until the bus safely stops at school or
   their bus stop.

Students in grades 1-5 are encouraged to stay at school for lunch. Briar Glen will have a daily hot lunch
program available or students may bring their own lunch. Milk is available and should be purchased at
registration. In an effort to promote good health, children are discouraged from drinking pop at school.
Lunch and recess are taken in shifts. Staff supervises the children during the lunch and recess times.
Parents may not enter lunchrooms or the playground areas. If you need to speak to your child, go
to the office. We will have your child meet you there.

        Grades 3, 5 and Guided/Structured                              Grades 1, 2, and 4
       Lunch:        12:00 P.M. – 12:25 P.M.                 Recess:        12:00 P.M. – 12:25 P.M.
       Recess:       12:25 P.M. – 12:50 P.M.                 Lunch:         12:25 P.M. – 12:50 P.M.

If a child’s normal routine is to leave the school for the lunch/recess hour, parents or guardians MUST
send a note to that effect at the beginning of the school year. If a child normally stays for lunch but will
be leaving the school on a specific day, a parent must sign the student “out” when he or she leaves
and in when he or she returns at 12:50 p.m. Children who leave the school for lunch may not return
to school until 12:50 p.m. These children should enter the building through the main entrance and wait
until the bell rings to join their classmates. Compliance with these procedures keeps the office informed
regarding the location of our students at all times in the event of an emergency.

Briar Glen is starting a hot lunch program this year. Parents will be able to prepay for their children to
receive a hot lunch at school. The lunches will meet federal nutrition requirements. Specific information
about the procedures will be distributed at the beginning of the school year. During the school year,
please contact the school office for information.

Weather permitting, students will have outside recess at lunchtime. Classes may also go outside for
recess during the day. Always have your child properly dressed for outside recess. Decisions to have
outside recess depend upon the weather temperature, the wind chill factor, and the discretion of the
classroom teacher. (A temperature or a wind chill factor of less than 10 degrees will keep students
indoors). Students will have supervised free time in their classrooms at lunch recess on days when bad
weather prevents outside recess. Quiet games, talking, or reading are the usual activities during inside


PBIS is a positive behavior expectation system at Briar Glen. The purpose of PBIS is to help students
and adults create a social culture in our school that will encourage positive behavior and interactions
while discouraging problem behaviors. A positive social culture will lead to a safe environment where
students achieve academically and build positive relationships with each other and with adults.

We practice three PBIS imperatives: be safe, be respectful, and be responsible. The behavior matrices
that emphasize our expectations are included as an appendix to this handbook. Students are
reminded of the expected behaviors through positive reinforcements. School-wide celebrations
throughout the year are rewards for good behavior. We practice the expected behaviors in order to
provide a safe, orderly, and comfortable atmosphere at Briar Glen and to foster optimum learning
opportunities. Students are expected to respect the rights of others and to use good manners at all times.
Each teacher will involve students in developing an understanding of our school imperatives. Parents
will be notified if major problems occur. Inappropriate behavior such as fighting will be addressed by
the principal. Warnings will be followed by parent contacts if needed.

Students and staff are expected to dress and be groomed in a manner that will not be disruptive to the
educational process. The following are considered inappropriate for school:

              Hats or head coverings inside the school building (unless a religious or medical reason is
               presented in writing or a school sponsored event).
              Low cut clothing or clothing with thin straps (straps should be three fingers wide), and
               sleeveless shirts with large arm openings are inappropriate.
              Clothing that allows a bare midriff to be exposed or clothing that is too tight.
              T-shirts with inappropriate sayings or cartoons (i.e. sayings with sexual overtones,
               inappropriate references to diversity or to drugs and alcohol. This would also include
               “put-downs” of any kind.)
              Short shorts, short cutoffs, or short skirts.
              Shoelaces left untied.
              Heelies (roller balls in shoes)

              Wearing pants too low so that clothing does not cover undergarments for both boys and
              Children wearing make-up (except when it is part of a costume for a school activity).

New kindergarten students must be 5 years old on or before September 1st of the school year in which
they are enrolling. New first grade students must be 6 years old on or before September 1 st. A physical
examination is required when a student enters school for the first time. Age must be verified by a birth
certificate; and immunization records must be complete by October 15th according to law. Children who
do not have complete medical records by October 15th will be sent home. Vision and dental exams are
required for kindergarten and a dental exam is also required at 2nd grade.

The Briar Glen curriculum includes language arts, mathematics, reading, social studies, science, health,
fine arts, music, physical education, library skills, and computer skills. These content areas are
continually revised to meet the Illinois State Standards as well as the needs of our students. The
Library-Media Center and the Computer Lab provide programs for all students that integrate books,
technology and other resources into the classroom curriculum at each grade level. Specialists teach
students in the following areas: art, music, library skills, band, orchestra, and physical education.

Kindergarten: Music (once a week), Physical Ed. (twice a week)
Grades 1-5: Music (twice a week), Art (once a week) and Phys. Ed. (five times per week).

To meet the needs of all students, the following programs are available to those who qualify:

For students interested in participating, instruction in string instruments begins at fourth grade and
instruction in band instruments at fifth grade. Information is sent home with students in those grades in
the Fall.

Challenge Program
This is a program for students in grades 2 through 5 who are gifted in their intellectual ability, academic
development, and creative thinking. This instruction is in addition to the standard classroom curriculum
and is provided by a teacher specially trained in gifted education. Emphasis is placed on developing
higher-level critical and creative thinking.

Differentiation is widely considered to be an exemplary educational practice as it allows students to
engage with materials at an appropriate level of challenge. Differentiation for high-ability learners often
focuses on the dual strategies of acceleration and enrichment, which have been shown to increase
retention and academic achievement.

English Language Learning (ELL)
This is a program available to students whose families have non-English speaking backgrounds and
whose academic performance is impacted by their English proficiency levels.

Guided and Structured Classes
An important part of the Briar Glen programs are our Guided and Structured classes. The Guided and
Structured classes instruct students with Cognitive Disabilities and Autism. These classes provide
individualized programming that allows students to reach their optimal levels of independence through
meaningful instruction, ongoing assessment, and collaboration in a safe and respectful learning

Our literacy program services students who qualify for support in this area in addition to classroom
instruction. A reading specialist provides reading and writing instruction.

Reading Recovery
This is an early intervention program for first grade students designed to promote the success of
beginning readers.

Response to Intervention (RtI)
RtI, or Response to Intervention, is a school-wide system matching students’ needs to instruction in
order to increase student achievement. RtI utilizes a tiered approach to instruction. The tiered approach
mirrors our PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) model as well. All students will
receive the core program as Tier I support. Students who are not making academic progress as expected
will receive Tier II and Tier III support as needed. An advantage of RtI is that ALL students are
universally screened three times a year to monitor progress and growth. The RtI team acts immediately
to provide interventions to students who are not meeting expectations.

In a three-tiered model, it is expected that 80% of students fall into Tier I, meaning they receive
instruction in the classroom with whole class supplemental activities and supports. Approximately 15%
of students fall into Tier II. This simply means that these students are in need of additional support and
intervention(s) to be successful in school. This support can be provided in a small group within the
classroom or outside of the classroom. Lastly, up to 5% of students may need Tier III support. These
students will require additional interventions, typically one-on-one, outside of the classroom setting.

Please refer to the diagram illustrating the three-tiered model and the academic and behavioral systems
that apply to each of the tiers.

Social Work Services
The social work program provides services to students that allow them to interact with the school Social
Worker when social/emotional factors or behaviors are thought to limit the student’s school
Special Education
Our Special Education program services students who qualify according to state criteria. Services may
include occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech/language therapy as well as programs designed
for students with learning disabilities and behavioral disorders.

This is a speech program based on state guidelines for qualifying students.

The Thinkercise Program engages first grade students in lessons based on higher-level-thinking
strategies. Students work on problem-solving and creative thinking activities coordinated by the
classroom and Challenge teacher. Thinkercise begins as weekly whole class instruction, and as the year
progresses, it develops into small group lessons with the Challenge teacher.

Parent/teacher conferences are held in November and, if needed, in February. Conferences are very
important communication opportunities, and all parents are encouraged to attend. If a conference with a
teacher is desired, make a telephone contact to establish a mutually agreeable time for the meeting.
Simply showing up at the classroom door is not a means to a productive and successful conference.
There are also times when a teacher may call a parent and ask for a conference.

Report cards for Grades 1 through 5 are issued four times a year – November, January, April, and year
end. Kindergarten report cards go home twice a year – January and year end. Please contact the teacher
if you have any questions. Parents are expected to sign and return to school the report card envelopes at
the end of each marking period.

The school nurse is responsible for the maintenance of health records, parental contact concerning health
problems, and the care of minor injuries. Be sure to contact the nurse if your child has any unusual
health problems, allergies, or other medical conditions. Do not assume that the school or your child’s
teacher is aware of any special health needs or concerns. Make the school aware of any changes in your
child’s health during the school year.

In case of illness or injury, the school nurse or a member of the school staff will care for your child
temporarily. Medication can be administered by the school nurse or school personnel only when the
proper District 89 medical forms are complete and on file (see Medications at School). If emergency
medical treatment is necessary, parents will be contacted. If parents are not available, the child will be
taken to the emergency room at the hospital. SCHOOL FILES MUST CONTAIN AN
and telephone number of the student’s family doctor. It is not possible to contact you each time your
child comes to the nurse’s office, but you will be contacted if your child has a rash, runs a fever, is
vomiting, or has an injury that appears to need medical attention.

The following refers to all medication, both prescription and “over the counter.”
    A green Medication Permission form must be completed by your physician and the parent or
       guardian for each medication prescribed.
    All medication must be brought to the school nurse’s office in its original container. No
       medications can be accepted if they are in a baggie, aluminum foil, tissue or anything other than
       the original container.
    All medications must be properly labeled.
    All Medication Permission forms must be updated yearly.
    Parents should bring the completed Medication Permission form and medication to the nurse’s
       office. Students should not have medication in their possession during the school day.
    If the prescription changes during the school year, please send a note to that effect. If the dosage
       is changed, a doctor’s note will be required to be attached to the original order.
    At the end of the school year, unused medications will not be sent home with the children. A
       parent or legal guardian must pick them up.

We hope these procedures, directions and explanations will prevent confusion and avoid missed doses of
medication. Please call the school nurse if you have any questions at 630-545-3300.

State law requires that every child who is admitted to public school show evidence of compliance with
state law regarding immunizations. More specific information on this topic can be found in the district
Parent-Student Handbook. A physical exam form is required upon entering school (K) and for sixth
grade. A dental health exam is required for students entering kindergarten and second grade. In
addition, a vision exam form is required for kindergarten. Transfer students are allowed 45 days to
comply with this requirement. Other students should submit this information at time of registration.
Students not in compliance by October 15th will be suspended from school according to state law.

A parent is required to send a note if his/her child will not be participating in Physical Education class
due to illness or injury. A physician’s note is required if the child is to be excused for three or more
days. Please note, that if a child is excused from physical education, they will not be able to participate
in recess.

Parents are asked to make every effort to schedule medical appointments outside of the school day. If
an appointment must be scheduled during the school day, please send a note to that effect. Students who
leave school during the school day need to be signed out of and back into the building by their parents
through the school office.

Significant changes related to food served at school will go into effect for the 2011-2012 school year.
These changes are necessary due to policy in the Illinois School Code and participation in the National
School Lunch program.
The Illinois State Board of Education in conjunction with the Illinois Department of Public Health
required school boards to adopt a food allergy management policy based on specific guidelines January
1, 2011. These guidelines specifically outline that the only treatment for food allergies is avoidance.

       1. Food will no longer be permitted for birthday recognition in the classroom. Birthdays will
          be acknowledged according to individual teacher guidelines. If parents send food items to
          school with their student they will not be distributed to the class and the parent can pick then
          up at the end of the school day.
       2. Food will be allowed at classroom celebrations, but must comply with the current USDA
          Dietary Guidelines. No food may be brought to school and served to students during the
          school day that is prepared at home. An ingredient label must be available to determine
          possible allergens.
       3. District 89 has contracted with a food service company to provide the opportunity for daily
          hot lunch in the elementary schools. As a result of this program, and the district’s
          participation in the National School Lunch Program, PTC sponsored hot lunches will be

The Briar Glen School mascot is a Bulldog, and the school colors are blue and white. We encourage our
students to identify with these symbols as a representation of our school pride and spirit. Each fall the
PTC sponsors the sale of spirit wear to encourage the promotion of school pride. We will have spirit
wear day every Friday for both students and staff.

Teachers are available to speak with parents when they are not with students. Simply call the school and
ask to leave a voice mail message for your child’s teacher. Teachers will minimally check their voice
mailboxes for messages before and after school. If you have an urgent message that needs to reach your
child’s teacher before the end of the school day, please call the school secretary at (630) 545-3300 rather
than the voice mail system. The principal and teachers can also be reached by e-mail (see Staff

Each student is required to have on file in the school office the following information that is collected at
     Parent(s) or guardian(s) name(s)
     Mailing address
     Complete physical
     Home phone number and parent(s) work or cell phone numbers
     Emergency phone numbers of friends or relatives
     Physician’s name and phone number
     Medical alert information
     Email addresses where available

You must call the office immediately if any of the above information changes during the school

A field trip is a school-sponsored activity, which is an extension of the classroom. In order for a student
to participate, the school must receive written permission from the parent or guardian. Students are
expected to accept the responsibility for their conduct on all field trips. The teacher will send home
information regarding the trip. Please contact the teacher if you have any questions.

The policy is as follows:

Short-Term Illness
If a student is ill for a short period of time (1-2 days) work will be collected and kept at school. No
homework will be sent home during this time, but we strongly encourage reading and practicing math
facts. Upon returning to school, the student will have the same number of days to make up the
homework as the days missed plus one. However, parents may request homework the morning of the
second day before 9:30 A.M. If it is possible for the teacher to get it ready, the parent may pick it up in
the office at the end of the day.

Long-Term Illness
Parent/teacher communication is essential for an absence of 3 or more days. Homework may be picked
up weekly. The same formula will apply (the number of days missed plus one) for completion of missed

We highly discourage vacations during the school year, however, if you child is going to be out due to a
family vacation, teachers will not attempt to assign work in advance of the vacation. Instead, a folder
will be placed on the student’s desk during the absence and all work will be gathered inside the folder.
As with absences for illness, the student will have an equal number of days to complete the homework
he or she missed. If a student was out for one week, that student has one additional week to complete
the homework without penalty.

Students who are absent eleven or more consecutive days due to an extended family vacation will be
dropped from the enrollment rolls. No work is given or made up. When the student returns to school,
he or she is re-enrolled. However, there is no guarantee that the child will be placed in the same

Each week all students are scheduled to use the school library. Kindergarten students may check out
one book and keep it for one week. They must bring that book back in order to be able to check out
another book. Students in grades 1-5 may have up to three books and one magazine checked out at a
time. If they have an overdue book, they will not be allowed to check out another book until the overdue
book is returned. We do not charge fines for overdue books.

Our library is automated and the materials are bar coded to be scanned in and out. We are always happy
to search the library for items that may have bypassed the system and are reflected as overdue and/or
lost. If your child has lost or misplaced a library book, write a note, sign the overdue slip, or call the
Library Media Center. The book will be temporarily marked as lost. Your child may then continue to

check out books. A replacement fee will be determined at the end of the school year if the book has not
been located by that time. Bills for damaged books returned to the LMC will go home immediately.

All clothing found at school is placed in the lost and found bins in the foyer. Money, jewelry, glasses,
or any other articles of value are turned in to the office. Students are encouraged to ask about these
items. Each year many items go unclaimed for lack of a label. Whenever possible, please label items so
they can be identified and returned whenever possible. Parents will be given two weeks notice when it
is time to clean out all lost and found items. Items not claimed after the two-week time period are given
to a local charity.

The school newsletter, the Bulldog Bulletin, contains items of interest to students and parents. The
Bulldog Bulletin is published by the PTC, and is distributed electronically on-line. We encourage
families to use this option to reduce costs and be environmentally friendly. However, hard copies can be
requested by contacting the office.

The Briar Glen Parent Teacher Council (PTC) is an organization that meets every month. It is
comprised of teachers and parents who work together to support the learning community. The PTC
provides assemblies, class parties, funds field trips, and purchases equipment and materials that would
not be part of the school’s normal budget. All parents and teachers are given complimentary
memberships in the PTC and are encouraged to participate in meetings. On the first day of school, and
throughout the year, the PTC enlists volunteers and frequently asks for help on special projects. PTC
contacts are listed in each Bulldog Bulletin.

The PTC sponsors classroom parties three times a year at special holidays - Halloween, Winter Holiday
and Valentine’s Day. From time to time, individual classrooms will hold celebrations for a variety of
reasons with the approval of the classroom teacher and principal.

When your child brings party invitations to school and distributes them to only certain children, hurt
feelings can occur from those not invited. Please mail your invitations unless you are inviting the entire
class. The school directory is free to all Briar Glen families and lists names and addresses for your
convenience. Thank you for helping us avoid hurt feelings.

Many children have severe allergic reactions to pets. Therefore, for the safety and security of all
students, pets are not allowed at school. Some parents walk their family pet to school with their
children. Please understand that pets draw the attention of children and this attention may have the
effect of frightening the animal into a defensive and dangerous posture. For the protection of our
children, we insist that all pets remain off the school property. This includes the playground and
the sidewalk behind the school.

The safety patrol consists of teams of selected fifth grade students who assist the adult crossing guards.
The students follow the directions given by the adult crossing guards and help provide a safe street-
crossing environment for Briar Glen students.

At the end of each year, a list of needed supplies for the coming year is sent home in each child’s report
card. A copy of the supply list is always available in the school office. You may also access supply lists
online via the PTC web page.

The Briar Glen School Improvement Team is a shared decision making team comprised of an elected
group of parents and staff members who meet monthly to discuss matters of interest. Parents, staff
members, and the principal comprise the membership of the Team. All parents have an opportunity to
ask questions, suggest ideas or innovations, find out about school procedures or give praise by filling out
a feedback form. Copies are available in the school office, periodically in the Bulldog Bulletin, and on-
line at Briar Glen’s PTC website (

Parents may obtain information on registered sex offenders living within the school district boundaries
by accessing the Illinois State Police website at

Your student's education here at Briar Glen is enhanced through the availability of various technology
resources. With this educational opportunity comes responsibility. Glen Ellyn Community
Consolidated School District 89 has an "Authorization for Technology Access" form that outlines
acceptable use of the district's technology resources including the Internet. The use of these resources is
a privilege and not a right. Inappropriate use of available technology sources will result in the loss of
privileges and/or other disciplinary action. Students and parent(s)/guardian(s) are required to sign the
technology authorization form upon initial registration in the school district. The agreement remains in
effect the entire time the student is enrolled in our district.

Toys are not allowed at school unless they are part of a teacher-approved show and tell. Other
unauthorized articles include: toys, electronic games, CD’s, DVD’s, cameras, heelies, iPods,
skateboards, roller skates, MP3 players, etc. All items of this nature are to be left at home. If your
student carries a cell phone, it must remain off and in his or her backpack at all times during the school
day. Students who bring items that have no place at school for safety concerns; i.e., weapons or toys of
a violent nature, risk disciplinary action. School personnel may confiscate unauthorized items
brought to school.

Athletic equipment such as balls, gloves, and mitts are not allowed as well. Balls and athletic type
equipment such as cones, jump ropes and skip-its are provided by the school/PTC for outdoor recess so
there is no need to bring such items to school.

Common sense is the best guide in determining whether or not to bring personal possessions to school.
This extends to money, as students rarely have a need to carry any sums of money to school. The
school will assume no responsibility for items lost or stolen at school or on the bus.

                               Briar Glen Mission and Core Values

Mission: Briar Glen School is a school that encourages and facilitates a culture of care. Members of
the Briar Glen learning community continually strive to raise the standard of excellence through
strategic planning, assessing, improving, innovating and learning in all that we do. We embrace the
concept of a learning community in which parents, students, and staff members work together for
continuous improvement. The mission of Briar Glen School is to be a student-centered community
supporting all children to be active and engaged learners in a positive climate. We will instill a passion
for excellence and a focus on learning for life.

Core Values: As members of the Briar Glen learning community, these enduring principles guide our

      Integrity – we consistently strive to help learning community members discern right from wrong;
       to make conscious decisions to always make good choices and to earn the trust of other learning
       community members.
      Responsibility – we expect learning community members to take responsibility for their actions,
       to practice self-discipline and be accountable for choices made.
      Respect – we honor the innate worth and dignity of everyone and expect that community
       members consistently demonstrate that respect in everything they do.
      Love and Care – we build on a foundation of love and compassionate care demonstrated by an
       innate fairness, respectful listening, and kindness in all interactions.
      Cooperation – we work together collaboratively to help each other, to support the members of
       our learning community, to reach our common goals.
      Lifelong Learning – we know all members of our learning community need to be enthusiastic
       and productive learners, demonstrate the ability to think critically and creatively, to solve
       problems, and to recognize that learning never ends.
      Citizenship – we expect all members of our learning community to embrace and celebrate the
       diversity that enhances Briar Glen.
      Wholeness – we want the members of our learning community to excel not only in the
       academics, but to understand and make a commitment to physical fitness and to the fine arts.
      Accountability – we willingly accept responsibility for the achievement of our students, the
       satisfaction of our customers, and the wise use of the resources entrusted to us.

                                         BRIAR GLEN
                                  CRISIS MANAGEMENT PLAN
                                   (A GUIDE FOR PARENTS)

A Crisis Management Plan has been developed by Briar Glen School to be implemented in the event of
an emergency. Below is an overview of the plan for Briar Glen School.

Bomb Threat
   Briar Glen’s “Bomb Threat Safety Plan” includes notifying the police and fire departments and
     possible building evacuation at which point, the “Evacuation/Outdoor Safety Plan” will be
   Students may be moved to the Wheaton Community Center (630) 690-4880, if required to leave
     the school property and grounds.
   Student check out and pick up will occur at the Wheaton Community Center only.

    Briar Glen has an “Evacuation/Outdoor Safety Plan” that is similar to the “Fire/Outdoor Safety
      Plan” where students leave the building. The “Evacuation/Outdoor Safety Plan” is needed when
      the Briar Glen population must leave the school property and grounds for safety reasons.
    Students will be moved via Brentwood Lane to Hawkins Circle, west of the school grounds, to
      the Wheaton Community Center (Rice Pool) on Blanchard Road (630) 690-4880.
    At the Center, attendance will be taken and the automated phone system (Groupcast) will be
    Student check out and pick up will occur at the Wheaton Community Center only.

Field Trip Emergency
     Briar Glen’s “Field Trip Emergency Plan” includes the following strategies:
           o Police or 911 notified first.
           o Briar Glen office notified with Trauma Center information.
           o Pick up procedures may vary depending upon the individual emergency, type and
           o (Please make sure your contact phone numbers are current in the school office.)

      Briar Glen has a “Fire/Outdoor Safety Plan” that is practiced during the school year.
      When the alarm is sounded, students are moved to a designated outside location where
       attendance is taken.
      If the alarm is sounded other than a practice drill, the fire department responds within minutes.
      In the event that students cannot return to the building, the “Evacuation Safety Plan” will be
       implemented (see Evacuation above).

Local School Bus Accident
    Briar Glen’s “Bus Evacuation Plan” is practiced during the school year. In the event of a bus
       emergency the following strategies may be implemented:
          o “Bus Evacuation Plan” implemented.
          o 911 contacted.

          o Briar Glen School office contacted.
          o Parents call school office for details.

Medical Emergency
   First aid will be administered.
   Parent or emergency contact person will be notified if condition warrants.
   911 will be contacted if needed.
   Student will be transported to Trauma Center if needed.
   The nearest Trauma Centers are located at:
         o Central DuPage Hospital – 25 North Winfield Rd., Winfield, IL 630-933-1600
         o Good Samaritan Hospital – 3815 Highland Ave., Downers Grove, IL 630-275-5900
   School office will have information for emergency contact if student is transported.

Tornado/Severe Weather
    Briar Glen has a “Tornado/Severe Weather/Indoor Safety Plan” that is practiced during the
      school year.
    Briar Glen is notified of severe weather via a National Weather Service weather alert receiver
      and through a Regional Office of Education Safety Plan.
    Each classroom has a designated location to move to within the interior sections of the school if
      weather conditions warrant.
    Students remain in the designated location until signaled “all clear.”
    After the “all clear,” students may be checked out and picked up in the school office if needed.
    The District automated phone system (Groupcast) will be activated if needed.
    911 will be contacted if needed.

   Briar Glen’s “LOCKDOWN”/Indoor Safety Plan” may be implemented for the following
        o Assault
        o Intruder
        o Local, regional or national emergency when deemed appropriate
        o Missing Child/Kidnapping
        o Suspected child abuse
        o Weapons
   There are two types of LOCKDOWN plans:
    “LOCKDOWN” within the Classroom
                 Students silently hidden within the classroom area with doors locked.
                 NO students walking in the halls and NO dismissals until safe and “all clear.”
    “LOCKDOWN” within the Building
                 Students resume regular educational activities within the building.
                 No outdoor activities will occur.
                 If the emergency is deemed safe enough for students to be dismissed, the regular
                   check out and pick up procedure is in place. No students will be sent outside
                   without being checked out and accompanied by an adult.
    The degree or type of LOCKDOWN will determine whether students may be checked out of the
    office or picked up.

    Briar Glen’s “Assault/Indoor or Outdoor Safety Plan” includes the following strategies:
         o Intervention by Briar Glen Staff.
         o Notifying 911 if needed.
         o “LOCKDOWN” within the classroom or building if needed.

     Briar Glen’s “Intruder/Safety Plan” includes procedures for both intruders within the school
      building and intruders on the outside school property.
     The office is notified in the event of an intruder’s presence.
     911 will be notified.
     “LOCKDOWN” will be implemented.
     Students may not be checked out or picked up until “all clear” for the safety of the children.

Missing Child/Kidnapping
    Briar Glen’s “Missing Child/Kidnapping/Safety Plan” includes the following strategies:
         o Call 911.
         o Immediately checking the BG property – both inside and outside for the child.
         o Notify office/principal immediately.
         o Contact parent/emergency contact.
         o Implement “LOCKDOWN” if needed.

Suspected Child Abuse
    Briar Glen’s “Suspected Child Abuse/Safety Plan” includes the following strategies:
          o Principal and Social Worker notified of suspected abuse.
          o Intervention from necessary personnel/staff.
          o Illinois State mandated educator report to DCFS (Illinois Department of Children and
             Family Services) of suspected physical, sexual abuse or neglect.
          o 911 may be notified if needed.
          o “LOCKDOWN” may be implemented if needed.

   Briar Glen’s “Weapons/Safety Plan” includes the following strategies:
        o Notify police
        o Remove students from the area of the weapon
        o Implement “LOCKDOWN” if needed


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