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									~Resource Unit~
      ED 417
    Gina Hamsik
    Katie Loubier
 Tricia Rhodehamel
   First graders
   Community helpers are people that our students encounter
    everyday; most of the time they do not even realize it. They are
    extremely important people in society that is why our students
    need to learn about them.
   This is a good lesson to be done at the beginning of the year
    because it is an introduction to some of the people children
    encounter at school as well as in their community.
   In and out of class… class content, class visitors and field trips
How Long
   A week long unit with focus of a different area of community
    helper each day.
   Students will study community helpers in
    society. They will experience the
    communities, culture, and connections within
    their family, local community, and their world
    in order to discover qualities of a community
Community          Sanitation    Society
Helper             Worker        Career
Doctor             Mayor         Guardian
Nurse              President     Librarian
Police Officer     Safety        Counselor
Fire Fighter       Health        Secretary
Teacher            Education     Dentist
Principal          Paramedic     Occupation
Architect          Blueprint     Superintendant
Citizen            Fire Engine   Volunteer
Role Model         Culture       Hero
The students will understand what a community
helper does.
The student will learn about the many different
community helpers in the world.
The students will understand that we all have a
role in our community.
The students will be able to explain what a
community helper is and what he/she does.
The students will be able to identify be able to
name at least 3 community helpers in their
The teacher will introduce the unit and
briefly talk about the activities that will
occur over the next week. The class will
then get an outline of what will happen
each day. Next, the teacher will lead a
discussion about community helpers.
            History Activities
Research important people from Ohio…inventors, scientists,
explorers etc. Share each report aloud to classmates.
Read a book about The Wright Brothers discussing why pilot’s are
community helpers. Then have the children write a story as if they
were witnesses of the first flight.
Discuss the transformation of the U.S. Postal system. Have children
write letters to family members, address envelopes and mail them.
Ask a couple soldiers (specifically one that has been to Iraq and a
veteran) to come to the class to share and compare their services
over seas.
Discuss holidays that honor those that served in the military for our
country. Have children make Thank You cards to send to veterans.
People in Society Activities
Have students research community festivals that take place in the
town they live in and why they take place.
Go caroling to a local nursing home after discussing why the elderly
are community helpers.
Discuss the difference in cooks and bakers in the United States
opposed to other countries. Then bring in a variety of foods for
children to taste.
Discuss the significance of the library and what it offers. Discuss the
importance of the librarian. Take a field trip to the local library.
Have different family members or community members come in and
share different holidays that they celebrate and why. (Christmas,
Kwanza, Hanukkah, etc.)
       Geography Activities
Students use a map local map to find where the Police station and
Fire department are in their neighborhood. Then children make their
own map of the school to show their escape route if their were a fire.
Talk about Christopher Columbus and his importance in history as a
community helper.
Discuss different local artists and their purpose in society. Then
have children make their own artwork to display in the halls of the
Have a foreign language teacher come and talk to the class.
Discuss the importance of this teacher a a community helper in
learning to communicate better with one another.
Read “The True Story of the Three Little Pigs”. Then discuss that we
can build our homes out of many things have a builder come to the
class to discuss with the children his/her job.
        Economic Activities
Have a family member or community member come to class to
discuss the difference between the Euro and the dollar.
Have a family member or community member come to class to
discuss the difference between the Peso and the dollar.
Discuss what a banker does and play Monopoly with the class

Discuss the Salvation Army. Have children bring in items for a near
by shelter. Discuss what volunteers do and why they are so
Take a field trip to the Ronald McDonald House and any discuss the
purpose of it.
      Government Activities
Have the children watch a city council meeting on TV after
discussing the importance of it and other community helpers such as
the mayor etc.
Take a trip to the local Fire Department. Discuss the importance.
Take a trip to the local Police Department. Discuss the importance.
Have a judge come a speak to the class about their job and then
have a mock trail.
Discuss the law and rule makers in the children's life. Have the
principal come and talk to the class about what he does.
      Citizenship Rights &
    Responsibilities Activities
Have the school guidance counselor come in and talk to the kids
about what she does.
Go to the gym and have the kids take turns being the referee.
Discuss what a referee does and why it is important.
Have the students go out in the community and do something nice
for their neighbors whether that be raking leaves or bringing them
kind letters.
Have the children help the lunch ladies serve lunch one day at their
Go to a community park and pick up trash.
     Social Studies Skills and
       Methods Activities
Have children tour Springboro Historical district. Discuss the
Underground Railroad and the people who helped those in need
during that time.
Make a chart of how each community helper has changed over time
and then make prediction as to how their jobs will change in the
Brainstorm ideas as a class for how the students can be community
Have the children make a family tree including the jobs of each
family member.
Make a class book of what I learned about community helpers.
Culminating Activity-
The students will dress like a choice of their
 community helper and do an oral class
 presentation for the class discussing their
 purpose in the community.
                    Unit Test
                 Community Helpers
Name___________          Date__________

Multiple Choice (5 points each)
Read each question and each answers carefully. Circle the BEST answer!

1.) Which community helper uses blueprints?
a.) Doctor
b.) Architect
c.) Trash Collector

2.) ________ is someone who you want to be like?
a.) Occupation
b.) Culture
c.) Role Model
3.) What does a Police Officer do?
a.) Serves and protects the community
b.) Makes you feel better when you are sick
c.) Builds homes in a community

4.) Which community helper drives a fire engine?
a.) A nurse
b.) A fire fighter
c.) A teacher

5.) A sanitation worker can be a ____________.
a.) secretary
b.) Mayor
c.) garbage collector
True/False (7points each)
Read each question carefully and circle True or False. If the answer is False, correct the
   underlined word.

1.) A teacher rides in an ambulance and helps people who are hurt in the community.

   True False      ____________________________

2.) Doctors and nurses work together to keep the citizens in the community healthy.

   True False      ____________________________
Short Essay (10 points)
Read each question carefully then answer the question the best you can.

1.) Write at least three sentences about how and why community helpers are important.

2.) Write at least three sentences explaining how you can be a community helper in your
             Teacher References
1- Springboro Historical District

2- Getting Involved

3-Ronald McDonald House

4-Learning Spanish

5- History of Veterans Day
            Student References
1-Building a Family Tree
2-Community Helpers
3-Playing By the Rules
4-The True Story of the Three little Pigs
5- Holidays Around the World
6- Caroling Songs
7- Wright Brothers
8-Kids Next Door: Where Kids Can Learn More About Being Good Citizens.
9-Ben’s Guide to U. S. Government for Kids.
10-Our Community Helpers.
                Media References
1- Community Helper Chart. Poster.
    The chart has realistic photos of community helpers.
2- Community Helper Flannel board. Flannel board.
    Pre-cut people and clothing used to teach about community helpers.

3- Throw Voice Puppets. Puppets.
    The puppets are a firefighter, police officer and doctor. The puppets can be used to help tell
     the students about community helpers.
4- Community Helpers/Careers Pocket Flash Cards. Flash Cards.
    The cards can be used to help the students to study the community helpers.
5- Community Helpers Thematic Unit. Workbook.
    The workbook contains lessons and activities for teachers to use when teaching community
     Media References (Cont.)
6-Community Helpers from A to Z by Bobbie D. Kalman. Book.
    The book is a good way to introduce students to community helpers. The book talks about a community
     helper for each letter of the alphabet.
7-Community Helper Theme Words. Picture Aids.
    The cards contain vocabulary words and pictures. These would be a good way for students to see the word
     and a visual together. A teacher could also use these cards to assess what they students know.
8- Community Helpers Bingo. Game.
    The bingo cards are a great way for students to learn about the many community helpers in the word. It also
     allows the students to practice identifying the community helpers and what they do.
9- Ricky’s Room: Community Helpers. The People Who Make Your Neighborhood Great. DVD.
    This DVD stars Ricky the rhinoceros and his sister Nicki. They take the children around the community and
     the people in it. This could be a great way to show students where community helpers work.
10- Community Helpers Floor Puzzle. Puzzle.
    The puzzle can be a great center for students. It can make them problem solve to put the puzzle together
     and study the community helpers.
     Media References (Cont.)
11. Community Helper Songs
    There are several songs and poems that could be used to enhance the
     teaching of community helpers. It says for preschool, but they would
     also work for first grade.
12. Fire! Fire! by Gail Gibbons (Book)
    No matter where the fire is, the firefighters are on the scene to fight the
     fire. This book discusses firefighter responsibilities.
13. A Day in the Life of a Police Officer by Eric Arnold (Book)
    This book goes through the daily routine of a police officer.
14. The Jolly Postman by Janet and Allan Ahlberg (Book)
    This book discusses the duties of a postal worker.
15. Community Helpers by Sharon MacDonald (Book)
    This book describes different community helpers and their jobs.
     Media References (Cont.)
16. Busiest People Ever by Richard Scarry (Book)
    This book discusses the responsibilities and duties of different community
17. Community Helper Books
    This website lists all kinds of books about focused on community helpers.
18. Community Helper Coloring Pages
    There are numerous printable coloring pages that could be used as rewards for
     children or an activity to display the children’s art work or coordinating with
     another report of sorts             .
19. "What I Want To Be" (Video)
    This video will help students picture themselves as a community helper and think
     about which they might want to be.
20. Community Workers Thematic Unit (Teacher Book)
    This book has activities, reading selections, worksheets, and more for teachers
     to reproduce and use in the classroom. This would be great for a teacher

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