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					Mustang District’s Training Team would be happy to
deliver training courses to your unit, at a time and
place that is convenient to your unit. If you are
interested in NLE, Leader Specific, Venture, Youth
Protection, Venture Youth Protection, Committee
Challenge please contact the District Training Chair:
Cecelia Stevens (214) 943-1493.

The date, time, and training facility is done at the
convenience of your unit and the instructors
commitments. The requested minimum is 6 participants
(combining two or more groups is encouraged to maximize
discussion and learning).

Training consists of:
Youth Protection                  Venture Leader
New Leader Essentials             Venture Youth
Cub Scout Leader Specific (Pack Specific)
Boy Scout Leader Specific (Troop Specific)
Troop Committee Challenge

A description of each follows.

Visit Mustang District on line at
 Youth Protection –
     Teaches you what you need to know to protect both the Scouts and adult leaders from
     abuse. This is REQUIRED for all adult leaders and must be taken every 3 years.

New Leader Essentials –
     An introductory class that highlight the values, aims, history, funding and methods of
     Scouting. It addresses how the aims and methods are reached in an age-appropriate style
     within Packs, Troops, Venturing and Varsity. It is a 90 minute presentation with videos,
     discussions and hands-on. Ideally this course is taught to all new adult leaders regardless of
     what type of unit they are in, so that they understand that all are striving for the same results
     with the youth they serve. This training is done only one time.

Leader Specific Training
This training provides the specialized knowledge a new leader needs to assume a leadership role.
Because each course is designed for a specific leadership position, the training time varies. Leader
Specific Training has been developed for the following positions and their assistants.
       Tiger Cub Den Leaders             Scoutmasters
       Cub Scout Den Leaders             Troop Committee Members
       Webelos Den Leaders               Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (OLS)
       Pack Committee Members            Venturing Advisors

      Cub Scout Leader Specific Training (Pack Specific)
           Training can be completed in one day or two – three evenings. The leader is
           considered trained when he/she has completed NLE and Leader Specific Training.

      Boy Scout Leader Specific Training (Troop Specific)
            Training is divided into four parts, the first three concentrate on troop operation and
            can be done in one full day or three evenings. The final part focuses on outdoor skills
            and lasts approximately one and one-half days, depending on the skill level of the
            new leader. The leader is considered trained when he/she has completed NLE,
            Leader Specific, and Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills.

      Troop Committee Members
            Training consists of Troop Committee Challenge, which can be completed in three
            hours. A committee member is considered trained after the completion of NLE and
            Troop Committee Challenge.

      Venture Leader Specific Training
            This is for Advisors, assistant Advisors, Crew Committee members and incorporates
            Venturing’s current adult leader training. It can be completed in approximately one
            day, along with NLE. A Venturing leader is considered trained upon the completion of
            NEL and Venture Leader Training.

      Venture Youth Protection
            This is youth protection for Scouts 14 – 20 as well as the Advisors, each group
            attending the session without the other being present. There are three scenarios that
            are shown and a discussion is held after the viewing and then a video follow-up is
            shown that gives some tips on how to deal with the situation. This is required for all
            youth and adult members of a Venture Crew.

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