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					                 Alliance Amateur Radio Club

                  Zero Beat
    Volume XXI, no 7b                              Http://                                     July 2007
                   S e r v i n g      t h e   T r i - C o u n t y       a r e a       s i n c e   1 9 8 6

                                      Tour De “Crunch!”
A tour bus sponsored by the Pio-          The bus driver was pinned in the
neer ARC to the Dayton Hamven-            bus from the damage and had to
tion had an accident on the way to        be cut from the wreckage. He is
the hamfest. Many on board were           currently in the hospital in good
both Canton and Massillon ARC             condition.
members.                                  Upon learning of the accident,
They were about 1/2 hour away             Dayton Hamvention committee
from the Hara Arena when a                members dispatched a RTA city
stalled car in front started a chain      bus to the scene to pick up the
reaction with the bus taking both         passengers and continue their
front and rear damage from semi           journey to the Hamvention. This
trucks. The bus driver was the            was done at no cost to the pas-
only injury from the accident. He         sengers. This was quite a nice
suffered both a broken leg and            gesture by the Dayton Hamvention
perhaps either a dislocated hip or        and the Pioneer ARC committee,
it may in fact be broken. Emer-           sponsors of the bus trip couldn’t
gency crews had to extract him            thank them enough for their gener-
from the damaged bus. All other           osity. The hams arrived at the
26 hams on board were OK.                 hamfest around noon. A little later
MARC club member Gene                     than they planned but still at least
W8KXR stated “ We were very               they made it. Everyone had a
lucky, this accident clearly had the      great time at the hamfest and they
potential to become a real disas-         returned home with one heck of an
ter. There was no spilled fuel, no        adventure to tell everyone !
fire. I cannot say enough for the         (Our thanks to CARC member, Mike Lack-
professionalism of the Safety             ney KB8MIB for the fine photos. More
Forces that responded to the acci-
                                          photos can be seen at http://www.                     Meeting
dent. We literally had to climb out       Reprinted from the June 2000 issue of the           Announcement
of the emergency exits (windows)          Feedback; the newsletter of the Massillon
to exit the bus”.                         ARC. Gary KIine, WC8W ed.
                                                                                         Due to independence day fal-
           PDF web Viewer ready for testing                                                ling on our meeting night,
                                                                                          our next meeting will be on
A PDF Web virewer has been in-            frame, just click on the “no frames”
stalled on the W8LKY web site. This       button above the newsletter.                   Wednesday, June 11th at the
will allow you to view (almost) all is-   If you select a month, and year, from          Alliance Community Hospital.
sues of the Zero Beat from 1987 to        the drop-down boxes, and press “Go”,            Our meetings are held in the
the current issue.                        the issue you’ve selected will be dis-
                                                                                         conference room off the cafe-
Now, when the latest zb is ready to       played in PDF format. If the issue is
view you’ll receive a reminder e-mail     not found, you will receive the a “File                     teria.
with a link to:                           not found!” error.                              Meetings begin at 7:30 PM.      All issues are available except for the          All are welcome to attend.
                                          period from January 1995 thru Janu-
When you follow the link, you will see
                                          ary, 1999. Those will be added as
the current issue of the Zero Beat, in
                                          time permits.
a yellow frame. To get rid of the
           Officers                           Editorial
                                            By John, KD8MQ                The Alliance Amateur Radio
         Joe Young, KC8TAC                                                Club meets on the First Wednes-
         154 W. Grant St                     Here we are, another         day of every month, in confer-
         Alliance, OH 44601         month come & gone. By the time        ence room 1A (at the west end of         you read this, Field Day will only
                                                                          the Cafeteria) at the Alliance
                                    be a recent memory. This year,
                                    we broke new ground, by using         Community Hospital.
Vice-President                                                            Talk-in is on 145.37 ®.
                                    networked software for logging,
         John Myers, KD8MQ                                                 Meetings begin at 7:30 PM.
                                    & duping. We had a couple of
         510 West Harrison Street                                         Visitors are always welcome.
                                    minor glitches, but all the com-
         Alliance, 0H 44601
                                    ments I heard appeared to be
                                    favorable. Other than that, every-    Nets
                                    thing else was similar to years
                                    past; Lots of good food, fun, &       Thursday is our “net night,” with
Secretary                           fellowship. Look for Field Day
         Donald R Kingan, AB8KV                                           the following nets on tap:
                                    pictures elsewhere in the ZB.
         446 West High St.
                                             My goal is to have the
         Alliance, OH 44601
                                    Zero Beat in your hands about
                                                                          Ten meters                                               CW @ 8PM on 28.400 MHz
         330-821-5819               two weeks before the club meet-
                                    ing, so you have plenty of time to    SSB @ 8:30PM on 28.400 MHz
                                    read it. My plan is to make this a
Treasurer                           largely PDF document. This            2 meters
         Mary Ann Royer,            makes newsletter production so        9 PM on 145.37 MHz
         KB8IVS                     much easier.
         6255 Sandalwood NE
         Canton, OH 44721                    If you don’t have an e-             mail address on file with the club,
         330-492-0703               then you will still get a copy        Internet
                                    every month via snail-mail. But, I
                                    will not mail some special issues,    Web:
Trustees                            like the 10 page pre-FD issue of
         Frank Sanor, WA8WHP
                                    the ZB which came out last
         St. Rt. 172                                                      E-mail:
                                    week. If you missed that issue,
         Minerva, OH 44657
                                    and have a e-mail address,
                                    please let me know, so we can
                                    get you on the mailing list.
         George Proudfoot, K3GP
         P.O. Box 343                        If you are on the e-mail     Newsletter Information
         Louisville, OH 44641       distribution list, you are probably       The Zero Beat is a publica-              reading this on the new PDF            tion of the
         330-829-9504               viewer that we’re beta testing.        Alliance Amateur Radio Club
                                    Look on page 1 for more info on
                                                                           P.O. Box 3344
                                    the viewer.
         James Lilley, N8XTJ                                               Alliance, OH 44601
         67 E. Columbia St.                  Well, that’s about it for
         Alliance, OH 44601         this issue. Thanks, & 73, John,
                                                                              Unless otherwise noted, per-
                                                                           mission is granted to reprint
Editor                                       This just in! K3GP has
                                                                           portions of the Zero Beat, as
         John Myers, KD8MQ          posted a Field Day album on line
                                                                           long as credit is given to the au-
         510 West Harrison Street
                                                                           thor & source.
         Alliance, 0H 44601                                                          You can submit material to
         330-936-5021                                                      the Zero Beat via e-mail to
                                           It’s worth checking out!
                                  Z       e     r    o          B e         a       t
                                              June Minutes
                                          word on the marker board.                 Vice President John reported that the
The regular meeting of the Alliance                                                 Massillon club is sponsoring a code
                                          John had verified that the Port-a-Potty
Amateur Radio Club was held at the                                                  proficiency test at the Massillon Senior
                                          was indeed reserved.
Alliance Community Hospital on June                                                 Center on June 16. Further informa-
6, 2007 at 7:30 PM with club president    He then made a motion for the club to     tion is available from their website
Joe Young, KC8TAC presiding. The          donate $50 to Don, K8OMO for the          which can be accessed via a search
meeting was held in conference room       many years use of his crane truck for     for W8NP.
2A as the 1A conference room was          Field Day. The motion was seconded        John then reminded the club that the
occupied. The Pledge of Allegiance        by Jack, W8WEN and passed on a            newsletter is now an email newsletter.
was recited, followed by introductions.   voice vote.                               Those members who do not have
There were 18 members present plus        John then raised the issue of food for    email will receive theirs by regular
Miriam Sanor.                             FD, noting that in the past, Subway       mail. A round of applause was then
For the secretary’s report Don, AB8KV     has donated subs thanks to the gener-     given to Larry & Dianne Ashburn for all
first noted that the May minutes were     osity of the daughter of Bob, K8RLS       their work on the club newsletter over
in the newsletter. He then announced      who managed one of the stores. How-       the past five years.
that Peter, N8IGZ, who was present,       ever, President Joe stated that he be-    John reiterated the date for the Triath-
had recently upgraded to Extra,           lieved she was no longer working          lon (August 19) and reminded the club
achieving a perfect score on the exam,    there and so that avenue might not be     about the Castle run on Labor Day
eliciting a round of applause from the    available. The discussion then cov-       weekend. He also noted that the club
members. Don then passed around a         ered several other possible avenues of    is now registered to use the 1A confer-
list of equipment that the widow of       food provision, including member          ence room at the hospital for the rest
Dave, W8UKQ wished to sell, noting        carry-in. The final conclusion was that   of the year, and that the July meeting
that interested individuals could con-    John would be assigned the task of        will be on the 11th.
tact himself or Dave, N8NLZ for more      arranging for food and drinks, with the   Jack, W8WEN then read some inter-
information or to make offers. All the    club reimbursing him for the cost.        esting history about a local ham,
proceeds would go to W8UKQ’s                                                        George, W8BKP (SK) who was an
                                          The club then discussed the FD classi-
widow. Finally, Don requested that if                                               honorary member of AARC.
                                          fication to be used, along with initial
anyone had any new ideas for Field
                                          assignments for specific individuals.     Dave, N8NLZ related a contact he re-
Day publicity, please let him know.
                                          The classification agreed upon was        cently had with Dave, KC8WY who
The secretary’s report was approved
                                          3A, with a GOTA station on 10 meters.     had been a member of AARC when
on a motion by Frank, WA8WHP and
                                          The proposed band assignments in-         his call was N8DSX.
seconded by Howard, K8DXR.
Mary Ann, KB8IVS gave the treas-
urer’s report. The treasurer’s report     80/40 meters: John, KD8MQ.                The meeting was then adjourned at
was approved on a motion from                                                       8:50 PM on a motion from George,
                                      20 meters: George, K3GP.
Smitty, KC8TJQ, and seconded by                                                     K3GP and seconded by Howard,
Rick, KC8SUI.                         15 meters: Don, K8OMO.                        K8DXR.
                                      VHF: Howard, K8DXR & Joe,
                                      KC8TAC.                                --Minutes respectfully submitted by
Old business:                         GOTA: Don, AB8KV.                      Don, AB8KV, secretary.
President Joe noted that the primary  The various bonus points possible and
old business item was the upcoming    what was required to score them was
Field Day event. He asked Vice Presi- then covered.
dent John, KD8MQ for the status on    The issue of sufficient portable gen-
various FD items. John’s response in- erators was raised, with the responses
cluded:                               indicating that there would be enough.
He and Sam, KC8ETZ set up and         President Joe then noted that Gladys,
checked the wireless networking       KB8GIA had brought a power supply
range at Marlington Middle School and which she was making available to ei-
found that there should be no prob-   ther the club or whoever might be in
lems with the operation. However,     need of one.
Sam had available network cable in
case it was needed. He noted the net-
working software call sign and pass-  New business:

July 2007                                                                                                        PAGE 3
                        Z    e   r   o       B e      a    t

            “If he doesn’t answer me this time, I’m using the microphone!”

    “What the heck is our section again?”

                                                      “Man, lugging this this stuff
                                                        around is hard work!”

Page 4                                                                        July 2007
                         Z   e   r   o         B e     a   t

            “It worked at home, Dang it!”

                                              K3GP tests out the latest in
                                            “Near Ground Mounted” beams

July 2007                                                                    PAGE 5
          Z   e   r   o   B e   a     t

              Don’t mess with Jack!

         W8LKY? Wait a minute; that’s us!

Page 6                                      July 2007
                                               July 2007
                        Birthday Greetings to: K8CMI , WA8NEJ
     Sunday               Monday        Tuesday           Wednesday          Thursday                 Friday            Saturday

1                       2               3                 4                 5                     6             7
 RAC Canada Day           Columbiana    ARS Spartan        Carroll Cty         AARC                                 DL-DX RTTY
     Contest                               Sprint           Net 0100                                                    Contest
                          Cty. Train.   Canton ARES                          Nets 8:00,
                                                          UTC 147.075
 Six Club Contest          Net 8pm        Net 7pm            INDE-           8:30, 9:00                          Original QRP Contest
                          RSGB 80m         147.12          PENDENCE
 SKCC Weekend                                                 DAY                                                Venezuelan Ind. Day
      Sprint             Club Champ-     N, Col. Cty                                                                    Contest
                                          Net 9pm          MI QRP July
                         ionship, CW                      4th CW Sprint                                          VK/Trans-Tasman 160m
                                                                                                                    Contest, Phone

8                       9               10                11                12                    13            14
ARCI Summer Hom-         Columbiana       Canton          AARC Meet-           AARC                Massillon     FISTS Summer Sprint
  ebrew Sprint           Cty. Train.     ARES Net          ing 7:30pm        Nets 8:00,            Net 147.18      IARU HF World
                                                            Carroll Cty                                             Championship
CUYAHOGA ARS              Net 8pm       7pm 147.12           Net 0100
                                                                             8:30, 9:00               8pm
                                                                                                                 NOARSFEST Hamfest,
       VE,                              N, Col. Cty       UTC 147.075                             NCCC Sprint        Wellington
INDEPENDENCE                             Net 9pm          RSGB 80m Club                             Ladder       SUMMIT CO AMERI-
DARC 10-Meter Digital                    147.255               SSB                                               CAN RED CROSS VE,
      Contest                                                 SKCC Sprint

15                      16              17                18                19                    20            21
Colorado QSO Party       Columbiana       Canton          Carroll Cty          AARC Nets           Massillon     CQ Worldwide VHF
                                                                             8:00, 8:30, 9:00
 K8CMI - JERRY           Cty. Train.     ARES Net          Net 0100           MAHONING             Net 147.18          Contest
                          Net 8pm       7pm 147.12          UTC              VALLEY ARA               8pm        North American QSO
                         Run for the    N, Col. Cty        147.075          YOUNGSTOWN            NCCC Sprint        Party, RTTY
                                                                            NAQCC Straight
                         Bacon QRP       Net 9pm                             Key/Bug Sprint         Ladder        VK/Trans-Tasman
                          Contest        147.255                              RSGB 80m Club                       160m Contest, CW
                                                                             Championship, Data

22                      23              24                25                26                    27            28
  CQC Great Colorado     Columbiana       Canton          Carroll Cty          AARC                Massillon      ARS Flight of the
     Gold Rush                                                                                                      Bumblebees
RSGB Low Power Field     Cty. Train.     ARES Net          Net 0100          Nets 8:00,            Net 147.18
        Day               Net 8pm       7pm 147.12          UTC              8:30, 9:00               8pm        RSGB IOTA Contest
 SKCC Weekend Sprint                     N, Col. Cty       147.075                                NCCC Sprint       WRECS VE,
Van Wert ARC Hamfe-                       Net 9pm
    st,Van Wert                                                                                     Ladder        BENTLEYVILLE
  NEWTON FALLS                              WA8NEJ

29                      30              31
 Portage Hamfair                        Canton ARES                        June                                August
                         Columbiana                                   S M T W T F             S            S M T W T F        S
  and VE 2007,           Cty. Train.      Net 7pm
                                                                                     1 2                              1 2 3 4
    Randolph              Net 8pm                                     3 4 5 6 7 8 9
                                                                     10 11 12 13 14 15 16
                                                                                                           5 6 7      8 9 10 11
                                          Homeland                                                        12 13 14   15 16 17 18
                                                                     17 18 19 20 21 22 23
                                         Security Net                24 25 26 27 28 29 30                 19 20 21   22 23 24 25
                                        7:30pm 147.51                                                     26 27 28   29 30 31
                                        N, Col. Cty Net
                                         9pm 147.255

                               Amateur Radio...When all else fails.
                     or is it Curly, Larry, & Moe? HMMM!
            Don (AB8KV), Jim (K8LTG), Tony (KB8BBK)
Alliance Amateur Radio Club
P.O. Box 334
Alliance, OH 44601
               Http://                        July 2007

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