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					                                         duluth campus
2009: Issue 2                               medical school
  2009 Graduating Class.
                                Celebrating                                            While this newsletter issue is dedicated to honoring
                                                                                       and celebrating our achievements, as I announced
                                our past and
  34 percent of the 50 Duluth
  graduates were matched to                                                            at the event, we are not resting on our laurels.
   Family Medicine residency
 programs this year. Another
    24 percent selected other   shaping our future.                                    Physician shortages still exist, but we can do
                                                                                       something that maximizes the ability of health care
     primary care specialties                                                          systems to serve their patients. It’s an approach to
   such as Internal Medicine,
    Pediatrics, and Med/Peds.   On June 5, more than 150 people packed our             health science education that we have begun on
 42 percent chose specialties   medical school atrium to celebrate the dedication      this campus and plan to expand and deepen.
such as emergency medicine,
                                of our Duluth Medical School Legends and
         anesthesiology, and
    orthopedic surgery. More    Leaders Wall of Honor and newly commissioned           We envision an interprofessional model of
            about Match Day.    sculpture and to remember the people who               education that will unite clinical and academic
                                dedicated their time, talents, and gifts to building   health disciplines—medicine, pharmacy,
                                the University of Minnesota Duluth Medical             mental health, and nursing. We have fostered
                                School. Forty years ago in May, Minnesota              interprofessional education with case studies that
                                legislators passed a bill that would fund this new     bring medical and pharmacy students together.
                                school. Their hope: that our school would inspire      Students from these disciplines planned, opened,
                                new, primary care M.D.s to practice in rural areas     and now run the HOPE Clinic, which serves
                                suffering from physician shortages.                    homeless and low-income people in Duluth. That
                                                                                       is just the tip of the iceberg. If students can learn
                                Since 1969, thousands of people have                   health science together, they can practice together
                                stepped forward to build and strengthen                more effectively as a team.
                                this mission. In 1972, we admitted our first
                                24 students. This spring, 50 graduated.                Much work lies ahead to shape this new model
                                More than 1,500 alumni are in residency or             of education, including building new teaching
                                practicing—almost half in rural areas. Other           space that facilitates integrated learning.
                                medical schools envy the high percentages              I invite you to call me or e-mail me to talk
                                of our graduates who match in Family                   about this vision. We need
                                Medicine. The Medical School ranks second              your input and, for the next
                                in the nation in Native American graduates             40 years and beyond, we need
                                and 78 of the 126 began their studies in               your support.
                                Duluth. Finally our research professors are
                                advancing discoveries that combat heart                Gary L. Davis, Ph.D.
                                disease, brain disease, cancer, and many               Senior Associate Dean
                                other conditions.                            
                                          Celebrating 40 Years,
                                          A Vital Mission,
                                          and ‘Legends and Leaders’
                                          People packed the medical school atrium on an early June evening—some
                                          in chairs, others standing against the walls, and many more peering over
                                          the second- and third-floor balconies. Perhaps Duluth Mayor Don Ness
                                          captured the spirit of the gathering best when he told
                                          the crowd, “What I appreciate about this event is that
                                          it truly celebrates people. People make things happen
                                          in our community, and I am proud to be among you
                                          tonight to recognize those people who built this school,
                                          which serves all of us in Minnesota so well.”

                                          In total, about 150 people came to dedicate the new
                                          Duluth Medical School Legends and Leaders Wall of
                                          Honor and sculpture. In May 1969 legislation passed
                                                                                                        Mayor Don Ness praised the
                                          to provide funding to start the school, and the June 5        Wall of Honor project and
                                          event honored the many people who have supported its          celebration for emphasizing
                                          mission since.                                                the people who built this
                                                                                                        medical school.

                                          Event host Senior Associate Dean Gary Davis told
                                          attendees about walking through the empty school
                                          building on a quiet weekend soon after he started his position in
                                          2007. The school, he realized, was devoid of anything that celebrated
                                          its mission or recognized its builders. He directed that a Wall of
                                          Honor be constructed that served both goals. Committees began
                                          delving into our history and searching for an artist. Their choice,
                                          Jane Frees-Kluth, created a sculpture of a woman reaching toward
                                          an abstract small-town street. The sculpture symbolizes many: the
Nine categories of names are listed on    faculty and staff who inspire students to “go there”; alumni who say
the Wall of Honor. Speakers from each     “follow me”; communities who ask graduates to “come and serve”; and
category were invited to read the names   donors of major gifts. At the feet of the sculpture are 182
of the Legends and Leaders: Lota          nameplates and space for the names of future donors.
Carter, Deans; Beverly Betten Goldfine,
Community Leaders; Alfred France,         Those listed are major donors who supported
Legislators and Congressmen; Ricard       programs, buildings, research, and scholarships
Puumala, Founding Physicians; Richard     with gifts of $10,000 or more or who specified a gift
Eisenberg, Charter/Founding Faculty;      to the school in their wills; founding and charter            Alan Johns from the first
John and Julie Moller Sanford, Heritage   faculty; founding physicians—a group of Duluth-               class of alumni and Thomas
                                          area physicians who became the first teachers and             Maust, fourth year medical
Society; Jim Boulger (not shown) Gail
                                                                                                        student, speak to the crowd.
Baldwin and John Streitz, Major Donors;   administrators; Duluth legislators who passed key
Vince Magnuson, UMD Administrators;       bills in 1969 and 1974 to develop the curriculum,
Mark Parsons, Organizations.              hire founding faculty, and fund the building; Duluth
                                          community leaders who advocated for the school; and
                                          UMD administrators in the early ’70s. Complete list.
 Senior Associate Dean Gary Davis welcomes the 150 people who came to
 celebrate. The crowd included honorees and their families, alumni, faculty,
 staff and students and friends of the campus. While many sat in the audience,
 additional attendees looked down from the second and third-floor balconies.

The Duluth Medical School Legends and Leaders Wall of Honor was
paid for with personal donations from:

  • Two people who wish to remain anonymous
  • The family of Robert Carter, the school’s first dean
  • Gary Davis, senior associate dean
  • The family and friends of the late Malcolm Fifield, one of the
                                                                                                                 In her remarks, artist Jane
   founding physicians
                                                                                                                 Frees-Kluth told the crowd
  • Vicky and Ron Franks, a former dean                                                                          that creating this sculpture
  • Frances and Joseph Leek, a founding physician                                                                became an intensely personal
  • Jacqueline and Paul Royce, a former dean                                                                     project. She described how she
  • Ruth Westra, chair of the Family Medicine Department —Duluth                                                 made plaster impressions from
                                                                                                                 rock, bark, and other natural
                                                                                                                 elements surrounding Lake
More of the story and photos.
                                                                                                    Superior to create the base of the figure. She
                                                                                                    also read an original poem, “Woman and
                                                                                                    the Lake,” written by Lori Sanchez, a UMD
                                                                                                    custodian who works at the Medical School.

 (Left) Lota Carter, spouse of the first dean, enjoys the celebration with faculty
 member and honoree, James Boulger. (Right) Honorees Phyllis France and Patricia     (L to R) James Monge, Sara Olmanson (student), Mary Rude,
 Streitz surround faculty member Lillian Repesh. (Below) Faculty member Richard      Dennis Kelly, and Miah Eisenschenk (student) share stories of
 Hoffman, center, shows the new Simulation Center to Clyde and Jean Olson.           medical school, then and now.
                                                                         Web Exclusives:                         Click on the headline for the complete story.

                1035 University Drive #107                               Annette Boman Fellowship Presented               MAFP Honors Duluth Campus
                 Duluth, MN 55812-3000                                   to Bethany Nelson                                Faculty and Students
                                                                         Bethany Nelson, a Ph.D. candidate in             Duluth faculty and students received top
                                                                         the Academic Health Center-Duluth                awards from the Minnesota Academy of Family
                                                                         Biochemistry and Molecular Biology               Physicians at the organization’s annual Spring
 Photos by Daniel Schlies and James Boulger                              Biophysics program since 2005, was               Refresher held at the Minneapolis Convention
                                                                         awarded the Annette Boman Women’s                Center in April. Medical Student Awards:
                                                                         Fellowship for Cancer Research.                  Nicholas Vidor and Marie Lange; Teacher of
       This publication is supported by the
       Minnesota Medical Foundation and                                                                                   the Year, Ruth Westra, DO; and President’s
           published 3 times annually.                                   Dan Schlies Receives University                  Award to Raymond G. Christensen, M.D.
      Submit questions and comments to:                                  Community Service Recognition
              Michelle Juntunen                                          The University of Minnesota Office for           Robert Cormier, Ph.D., Named SMDC
                                                                         Public Engagement in April named Daniel          Chair in Cancer Biology
          1035 University Drive #107
                 Duluth, MN                                              Schlies the recipient of an Honorable            Robert Cormier, Ph.D., assistant professor at
                                                                         Mention Award and $500 in the University         the University of Minnesota Medical School—
                                                                         of Minnesota’s Outstanding Community             Duluth in the department of biochemistry and
 The University of Minnesota is committed to the policy that all
  persons shall have equal access to its programs, facilities and
                                                                         Service Award -- Staff Category. Schlies, a                       ,
                                                                                                                          molecular biology on June 8 was named SMDC
employment without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national
origin, sex, age marital status, disability, public assistance status,
                                                                         photographer and educational resources           Chair in Cancer Biology. The honor extends
               veteran status, or sexual orientation.
                                                                         staff person for the Duluth campus               the SMDC support of research at the medical
                                                                         for 23 years, was among eight people             school when it established a Chair in 2002 and
                                                                         receiving recognition.                           committed $1.2 million over ten years.

Honor Your Personal Legend or Leader
We have created the Duluth Medical Legends and Leaders                                 The 60 students who will enter our doors next fall will each
Scholarship to commemorate this wonderful anniversary—                                 pay annual tuition of $32,000. And they will graduate with
the 1969 legislation that established the University of                                an average debt of more than $185,000—the average debt of
Minnesota–Duluth Medical School—to celebrate the new                                   this year’s graduates. Scholarships help students reduce their
Wall of Honor, and, most important, to help you honor                                  tuition debt and stay on track to a medical degree.
anyone you regard as a personal legend or leader. Whom do
you remember most: someone who taught you, inspired you,                               When I talk to our alumni and to the wonderful people
encouraged you, or made you laugh? Maybe your heroes are                               who attended our June 5 Legends and Leaders event, they
your parents, grandparents, spouse, children, or your family                           consistently describe our school’s founders as people
doctor. Maybe your hero is someone on our Wall of Honor.                               who care in a very personal way. Won’t you show how
                                                                                       much you care about our students and your own personal
Today you have an opportunity to honor those special people                            heroes by making a gift that reflects your appreciation or
by contributing to the Legends and Leaders Scholarship. Now                            cherished memories?
is a great time to make a gift—this endowed scholarship
is more than half-way to qualifying for the President’s                                Please consider a pledge to the Duluth Medical
Scholarship Match! That means that the payout from the                                 Legends and Leaders Scholarship, or, if you have
fund will be matched, doubling the impact of your gift.                                another gift idea, don’t hesitate to give me a call or
                                                                                       send me an e-mail.

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