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                                           7 COUNTIES. 1 GREAT REGION.
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    Locally grown. Regionally made. Consumed around the world.

M7 Food Report: 01 | 27 | 11             Open for Business         Page 1
                                                              Milwaukee 7 Food & Beverage Advisory Council:
                                                                                     7 COUNTIES. 1 GREAT REGION.
                                                              Baptista's Bakery: Nan Gardetto, Owner/CEO
                                                              Benelact: Ed Salina, President
         Letter from our Co-Chairs                            CHR Hansen: David Carpenter, President
        January 27, 2011
                                                              Cargill: Patrick Fitzgibbon, Interim Representative
                                                              Masterson Co: Mike Masterson, President
        M7 Executive Food Forum Participant,                  MillerCoors: Mike Jones, Vice President
                                                              O & H Danish Bakery: Eric Olesen, President/Co-Owner
        Five years ago the Milwaukee 7 was formed
                                                              Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc: Andy Gunniss, General Manager
        as an economic development collaborative
        with a mission to grow, expand and attract            Omanhene Cocoa Bean Co: Steve Wallace Founder/President

        world-class business and talent throughout            Palermo's Pizza: Giacomo Fallucca, President
        the Milwaukee Region.                                 Stone Creek Coffee: Steve Hawthorne, VP Operations
                                                              Slow Food Upper Midwest; Martha Davis Kipcak, Governor
        In 2008, in a study commissioned by the M7,
                                                              Wixon Inc: Peter Gottsacker, President
        Deloitte identified food and beverage
        manufacturing as a target sector for strategic
        regional economic growth, seeing a strong
        match between our industry assets and
        industry trends.

        Over this past year, the M7 has begun to develop the Region’s food industry cluster, first by forming
        the M7 Food & Beverage Advisory Council – a council of chief executives, educators and innovators
        representing the Region’s food industry. Secondly, we are working to develop a regional food industry
        network that will result in: 1) sector growth (jobs, payroll and capital investment; 2) industry career
        pathways; and 3) a stronger industry business climate for your operations.
        We invite and encourage you to join our efforts. We have your contact information and will keep you
        informed of future Forums. And we will keep you advised of opportunities to get involved, such as in
        the work we are doing with area technical colleges to develop associate and technical degrees in urban
        agriculture, food manufacturing and food science.
        In the meantime, please enjoy the Milwaukee 7 Food Industry Report, an evolving compilation of our
        industry strength. Also included is a copy of John Gurda’s history of the Milwaukee Region food

        Eat, drink and be prosperous,
        Milwaukee 7 Food & Beverage Advisory Council Co-Chairs

        David Carpenter                                  Eric Olesen
        President                                        Co-Owner
        CHR Hansen                                       O&H Danish Bakery

        Questions? Contact Shelley Jurewicz | VP Economic Development | (p) 414.287.4143 | (e)
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       Milwaukee 7 | 756 N Milwaukee St STE 400 | Milwaukee, WI 53202 | 414.287.4100 |
                                                                        7 COUNTIES. 1 GREAT REGION.

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           Contents                                                                    Page
           Letter from the M7 Food & Beverage Advisory Council Co-Chairs                   2
           Section 1
           The Milwaukee Region: A Snapshot of SE Wisconsin                                4
           Fertile Ground for Food & Beverage Manufacturing                                5
           A Concentration of Food & Beverage Manufacturing                                6
           A First-Rate Location for Food & Beverage Manufacturers                         7
           Top 25 Food and Beverage Employers in the Region                                8
           A First-Rate Location for Business                                              9
           Why Businesses are Choosing the Milwaukee Region                               10
           Abundant and Affordable Talent Pool                                            11
           Milwaukee Region: Central to World and Consumer Markets                        12
           Hassle Free Travel and Efficient Distribution                               13-14
           A Cost Competitive and Reliable Location                                       15
           Plentiful, Affordable, Quality Water = Savings                                 16
           Building Futures with Education and Research                                   17
           A First-Rate Location for Talent                                               18
           An Affordable Place to Live Well                                            19-22
           Milwaukee 7 Food & Beverage Development Plan                                23-24
           About the Milwaukee 7                                                          25
           Section 2
           Eat, Drink and Be Prosperous – A Regional Food History by John Gurda
           Section 3
           “Milwaukee area fills up with food industry,” Oct 27, 2010, Journal Sentinel, by John Schmid
           Section 4
           January 27 M7 Executive Food Forum List of Participants                            Page 3
                                                                      7 COUNTIES. 1 GREAT REGION.

       The Milwaukee Region: A Snapshot of SE Wisconsin

   Regional Snapshot                             Milwaukee has been a center of commerce since it
        7 counties…                              was settled more than 150 years ago. The Region
                                                 evolved from a frontier outpost to become the “Beer
                                                 Capital of the World.” The Region today ranks No. 2
                                                 nationally for manufacturing.

                                                                    The Milwaukee Region
                                                                    is NO. 2 in the nation for

                                                  While manufacturing defines our character, the
                                                  Region offers economic diversification with industry
      7 counties                                 concentrations in technology-intensive
                                                  manufacturing; biomedical devices; and financial
      2 million residents
                                                  and professional services. And of course food and
      1 million jobs
                                                  beverage production, including the packaging,
      52,000 businesses                          equipment and supplies that support the industry.
      $83 billion economy
      5% annualized rate of economic
       growth since 1995
      17% of regional workforce is employed
       in manufacturing
      9% of manufacturing base is in food
       and beverage production

   Manufacturing and Diversification Thrive

   The Milwaukee Region offers an urban-rural
   mosaic, boasting a rich history that shapes
   our collective identity.                          Page 4
                                                                                 7 COUNTIES. 1 GREAT REGION.

       Fertile Ground for Food & Beverage Manufacturing

   In the Milwaukee Region, you’ll find fertile
   ground to grow your business. State wide
   agricultural, manufacturing know-how and
   innovation mix well with our cost advantages in
   real estate, labor and utilities, providing a better
   business climate compared with coastal metro
   areas and surrounding Midwest markets.

   Food and Beverage History Continues
   Wisconsin is 4th in
                                                                                  Source: Wisconsin 2009 Ag Statistics
   food manufactured
   products with more
   than 1,000 food
                                                                   Today, 33% of the U.S. value of agricultural
   processing firms that
                                                                   products is produced within a 500 mile radius
   employ 62,000
                                                                   of Milwaukee, with the State ranking 6th in the
   people and have
                                                                   U.S. for the value of agricultural shipments.
   combined gross
   annual revenues of
   $10 billion.                     Source: U.S. Census
                                            Bureau 2007

   At the regional level, food and beverage
   manufacturing is thriving. Our diverse mix of
   manufacturers profit from the region’s central
   location, abundant water supply, high-quality
   workforce and statewide agricultural and
   ingredients producers.

   Wisconsin’s long-standing identity as the
   Dairy State reigns on. We continue to rank
   No. 1 nationally for cheese production and                                                 Source: U.S. Department
                                                                                                   of Agriculture 2007
   No. 2 for butter, milk and cows. And just as
   local production of hops fueled our early
   breweries, our agricultural crops of today offer
   a wealth of locally grown options for
   manufacturers.                                   Page 5
                                                                          7 COUNTIES. 1 GREAT REGION.

       A Concentration of Food & Beverage Manufacturers

   Today’s food and beverage manufacturing                  Brew City and the surrounding Region’s food
                                                            production goes well beyond our most noted
   Products from the Milwaukee Region are rich
                                                            beer and brats.
   in locally grown and regionally made
   ingredients, and are produced for                        One way of assessing a region’s industry
   consumption around the world.                            concentration is by using a Location Quotient
                          As consumer trends                (LQ) – a measure used by economists to
                          continue to move toward           assess an industry or occupation
                          healthier, more functional        concentration of a specific a geographic area.
                          food and beverage                 A LQ of “1.00” = the national average. And a
                          options, the Region is            LQ of greater that “1.15” is considered to be a
                          positioned well with our          significant concentration.
                          abundant fresh water,             The Milwaukee Region sees significant
                          organic producers and             industry concentrations crossing a wide
                          locally grown sources.            variety of food and beverage production.

    Milwaukee             Milwaukee put the
    Region                local in locally grown
                          with the acclaimed
                          efforts of urban
                          farmer and
                          entrepreneur, Will
                          Allen, president of
                          Grow Power Inc.

   Concentration = Strength

   Today, our manufacturers have access to a
   wealth of local food ingredient providers and
   area growers, as well as access to packaging
   and equipment manufacturers, distributors
   and wholesalers, that provide product and
   production options to meet both historic
   markets and growing consumer trends.                            Page 6
                                                                         7 COUNTIES. 1 GREAT REGION.

       A First-Rate Location for Food & Beverage MFG

   Global Giants in the Region                              Industry Headquarters

   Seven of the top 11 largest (and 9 of the top            And many food and beverage companies
   23) food and beverage companies in the world             have chosen to locate their headquarters in
   have locations in the Milwaukee Region.                  SE Wisconsin, including:

                                                                        World Headquarters

                                                                       Americas Headquarters

                                                                   North American Headquarters

                                                                         U.S. Headquarters

                                                                      Corporate Headquarters

          Source: Food Engineering Magazine 2010                            Page 7
                                                                                                     7 COUNTIES. 1 GREAT REGION.

       Top 25 Food and Beverage Employers in the Region

             Company                  Description                                                 Regional Location       Employment
        1.   Cargill Meat Solutions   Animal slaughter and processing                             Milwaukee, Burlington   1,000+

        2.   MillerCoors              Brewery                                                     Milwaukee               1,000+

        3.   Kenosha Beef             Meat packer                                                 Kenosha                 500-999

        4.   Patrick Cudahy           Sausage and other prepared meats                            Cudahy                  500-999

        5.   Nestle Chocolate         Chocolate & cocoa manufacturing                             Burlington              500-999

        6.   Sysco Food Services      Distributor of frozen products, fresh meat, produce,        Jackson                 500
                                      seafood and poultry, domestic and imported cheese
                                      product and specialty dry products

        7.   Ocean Spray              Fruit & vegetable beverages manufacturing                   Kenosha                 250-499

        8.   ADM Cocoa                Chocolate cocoa manufacturing                               Milwaukee               250-499

        9.   Birds Eye Food           Frozen food processor                                       Walworth                250-499

       10.   Lakeside Foods           International private label food processor                  Belgium                 250-499

       11.   Kerry Ingredients        Americas Headquarters, ingredients and flavor               Racine, Washington,     250-499
                                      manufacturing                                               Beloit

       12.   Palermo’s Pizza          Frozen pizza                                                Milwaukee               400

       13.   CHR Hansen               North American Headquarters, culture & enzyme               Milwaukee               320

       14.   Denali Ingredients       Ingredients for the ice cream, frozen dessert, novelties,   New Berlin              300
                                      milk and beverage industries

       15.   U.S. Food Service        Offers a wide variety of the world’s finest food,           Menomonee Falls         250
                                      equipment and supplies

       16.   General Mills            Gardetto’s baked snack mix manufacturing                    Milwaukee               225

       17.   Wixon Inc.               Seasoning and flavoring systems, offers protein             St. Francis             200
                                      expertise, food service production, flavor modifiers and
                                      consumer products

       18.   Echo Lake Foods          Eggs products and breakfast-style entrees production        Burlington              200

       19.   Quality Foods            Candy and confectionery manufacturer and retail             St. Francis             200

       20.   Sensient Technologies    World Headquarters, manufacturer and marketer of            Milwaukee               100-249
                                      colors, flavors and fragrances

       21.   LeSaffre                 Yeast products manufacturing                                Milwaukee               100-249

       22.   Baptista’s Bakery        Customized product development and manufacturing            Franklin                100-249
                                      of baked snack products

       23.   Masterson Co.            Ice cream toppings manufacturing                            Milwaukee               100-249

       24.   Kikkoman Foods           U.S. Headquarters, soy sauce seasoning and dressing         Walworth                100-249

       25.   Foran Spice Co.          Spices wholesale                                            Oak Creek               100-249                                              Page 8
                                                                                7 COUNTIES. 1 GREAT REGION.

       A First-Rate Location for Business

    Milwaukee Regional Food & Beverage                            A Strong Economic Engine
    Industry Network
                                                                  Our Region is home to the world headquarters
    Manufacturers, producers and food                             of seven Fortune 500 companies – 6th
    entrepreneurs value the industry network                      highest per capita among U.S. metros.
    formed in June 2010 dedicated to Milwaukee
    Regional job growth in the food and beverage

    The network is led by the Milwaukee 7 Food &
    Beverage Advisory Council, comprised of
    industry leaders.

                                                                   Another 11 Milwaukee-based companies
         Food & Beverage Advisory Council                          appear on the Fortune 501-1,000 list, and
                                                                   three more are on the Forbes list of the
    Company                  Members
                                                                   largest privately-held companies. In addition,
    Baptista's Bakery        Nan Gardetto – Owner/CEO
                                                                   GE Healthcare Technologies’ U.S.
    Benelact                 Ed Salina – Pres                      headquarters is here.
    Cargill Meat Solutions   Patrick Fitzgibbons – Interim
                             Rep                                   Fortune 501-1,000 Companies:
                                                                    A.O. Smith Corp.
    CHR Hansen               David Carpenter – Pres
                                                                    Briggs & Stratton Corp.
    Masterson                Mike Masterson – Pres                  Bucyrus International Inc.
    MillerCoors              Mike Jones – VP Corp Affairs           Diversey Inc.
                                                                    Joy Global Inc.
    O&H Danish Bakery        Eric Olesen – Pres                     Marshall & Ilsley Corp.
    Ocean Spray              Andy Gunniss – GM                      MGIC Investment Corp.
                                                                    Modine Manufacturing Co.
    Omanhene Cocoa           Steve Wallace – Pres
                                                                    RBS Global Inc./Rexnord LLC
    Palermo Villa Inc.       Giacomo Fallucca – Pres                Snap-On Inc.
                                                                    We Energies
    Stone Creek Coffee       Steve Hawthorne – VP Op

    Slow Food Upper          Martha Davis Kipcak - Governor        Forbes Privately Held Companies:
    Midwest                                                         Quad/Graphics
    Wixon                    Peter Gottsacker – Pres                Roundy’s Supermarkets Inc.
                                                                    S.C. Johnson & Son Inc.                                  Page 9
                                                                       7 COUNTIES. 1 GREAT REGION.

       Why Businesses are Choosing the Milwaukee Region

   Great Businesses ChooseMilwaukee
                                                                “We rigorously track (employee)
   Businesses, just like yours, have options. So why                   retention by location and
   do some of the most reputable and recognized                  Milwaukee is among our lowest
   employers choose to locate their significant                    turnover places in the world.”
   business operations in the Milwaukee Region?

      Talented professionals and workforce with a                               Steve Patscot
       strong work ethic                                                   VP Human Resources

      Infrastructure to support global enterprises,
       including strong universities, robust air
       service, new downtown highway interchange
                                                              “The availability and affordability of
      Highly competitive cost structure                          fresh water, along with a high-
      Ease of living well                                         quality workforce, have made
                                                                  Milwaukee an ideal production
   Additionally, food and beverage manufacturers             location for our brewery operation.”
   are citing:
                                                                                     Mike Jones
      Access to ingredients, suppliers, equipment
                                                                             VP Corporate Affairs
       and customers

      A highly concentrated pool of industry talent at
       a highly competitive wage

      Availability and affordability of water                “We have had our North American
      Strong research and development                         headquarters in Milwaukee for 82
                                                              years and continue to benefit from
      And a great place to live well
                                                             the business climate and location.”

                                                                                David Carpenter
                                                                                      President                            Page 10
                                                                           7 COUNTIES. 1 GREAT REGION.

       Abundant and Affordable Talent Pool

   Highly Concentrated Workforce

   Any operation requires a talented,
   abundant and affordable workforce.
   Within the food and beverage industry,
   the Milwaukee Region can boast the
   highest concentration of talent among
   the 50 largest U.S. metros.

   As described earlier, one can look at a
                                                                 Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2008
   location quotient to determine the
   concentration of industry talent
   enjoyed by food and beverage
                                              Food & Beverage Occupations                               LQ
   manufacturers around the Region.
                                              Inspectors, testers, sorters, samplers, weighers         2.86
   The Milwaukee Region has                   Food scientists and technologists                        2.08
   significantly higher concentrations of
                                              Chemists                                                 1.78
   workers in 12 of 17 food industry
                                              Industrial engineers                                     1.72
   occupational categories, and there are
                                              Team assemblers                                          1.62
   no categories with a concentration
   below 1.00 (the national average).         Industrial production managers                           1.56

                                              Production workers                                       1.46
   Additionally, the Region’s
                                              First-line production supervisors/managers               1.36
   concentration of talent comes at a
   more competitive wage. In fact, our        Sales representatives, wholesale & manufacturing         1.34

   food and beverage workforce earns          Packers and packagers, hand                              1.31

   the 13th lowest average weekly wage.       Mixing & blending machine setters/operators              1.29

                                              Packaging/filling machine operators and tenders          1.20

                                              Food cooking machine operators and tenders               1.10

                                              Helpers - production workers                             1.07

                                              Industrial truck and tractor operators                   1.05

                                              Industry machine mechanics                               1.02

                                              Food batchmakers                                         1.00                      Page 11
                                                                            7 COUNTIES. 1 GREAT REGION.

       Milwaukee Region: Central to World and Consumer Markets

   Easy Access to the Coasts and the World                     Chicago – Milwaukee Mega Corridor

   The Milwaukee Region is centrally located to                When the Chicago and Milwaukee
   world markets. We are within a 4-hour flight of             Regions’ assets are combined, they meet
   all major North American destinations; within a             the United Nation’s criteria of a mega-city.
   one-day’s drive of 25% of the U.S. population;              The Chicago – Milwaukee Corridor’s
   and just 80 miles from Chicago.                             combined mega assets include:

   Consumer markets within a 500 miles radius of
                                                                   10+ million people
   Milwaukee reach 85.7 million people in the
   United States and Canada with 74.8 million in                   36 Fortune 500 companies
   the U.S. with personal income totaling $2.7                     3 international airports
   trillion. In the corridor of Chicago to Milwaukee to            9 professional sports teams
   the Twin Cities, total food expenditures
   represents $70.5 billion.                                       100+ post-secondary institutions

             MILWAUKEE                              Page 12
                                                                                     7 COUNTIES. 1 GREAT REGION.

        Hassle Free Travel and Efficient Distribution

    Distribution Access
                                                                      In fact, Gordon Food Service and Affiliated
    Food companies value the central distribution                     Foods Midwest have opened distribution
    position the Milwaukee Region provides, with                      facilities recently.
    access to four of the top five foodservice
    companies in the nation, and three of the top
    25 wholesale grocers.                                              Gordon Food Service
                                                                       Opened March 2010
                                                                       585,000 SF
                                                                       250 new jobs

                                                                       Affiliated Foods Midwest
                                                                       Opened June 2009
                                                                       735,000 SF
                                                                       300 new jobs


                                                                      Additional companies taking advantage of our
                                                                      central location for their distribution include:

                                                By Sales 2007
                          Directory of Wholesale Grocers 2008                                     Page 13
                                                                              7 COUNTIES. 1 GREAT REGION.

        Hassle Free Travel and Efficient Distribution

   A strategic advantage for locating your
   business here is the ease of getting in and out
   of the Region.

   No-Hassle, Robust Air Travel

                          The Milwaukee Region is
                          known for efficient, hassle-         Growth can sometimes compromise quality of
                          free air travel. Mitchell            service – NOT so at Mitchell International.
                          International Airport offers
                          200 daily flights to 90

                          In March 2010, Mitchell
                          was named the “fastest
                          growing airport in U.S.”
                          by U.S. Department of
   Mitchell’s robust roster of airlines offers direct
   flights to major business destinations. And we              Highways & Railways
   are only 45 minutes from Chicago’s O’Hare                   The Region’s Interstates I-94 and I-43 are
   International Airport.                                      newly rebuilt and result in our having the 4th
                                                               lowest metro congestion in the nation and the
                                                               3rd best commute.

                    Mitchell International

                                                               Additionally, both the Union Pacific and
                  O’Hare International                        Canadian Pacific railways pass through the
                                                               Region for easy rail access.                                  Page 14
                                                                            7 COUNTIES. 1 GREAT REGION.

       A Cost Competitive and Reliable Location

   Top Place to Do Business                                   Favorable Business Tax Climate

   In 2009, MarketWatch ranked the Milwaukee                  And when it comes to
   Region 20th out of 101 U.S. metros on its list             corporate taxes, in
                                                              2008, KPMG ranked
   of “Best Cities for Business.”
                                                              the Region the 4th
   Low Cost Real Estate Occupancy                             best for favorable tax
   Food businesses looking to expand in the
   Milwaukee Region will find our real estate                 Exemptions include:
   costs, especially for industrial land, are 50-80%          computers and related
   lower than other potential Midwestern                      equipment; manufacturing machinery and
   locations.                                                 equipment; manufacturing inventories;
                                                              merchant inventories; and pollution control
       Real Estate Costs
       Industrial Space 50,000- 200,000 SF                    Undisrupted Production a Plus
                 $3.00 - $4.25 / SF
                                                              The Region is perfectly located to minimize any
       Industrial Land 10 – 40 Acres                          disruption of your operations due to natural
              $17,000 - $26,000 / Acre                        disasters.

   Most Reliable Energy                                         No. 1 Best Location against
                                                                Natural Disasters                      2008
   The Region’s lower water, wastewater treatment
   and real estate costs are complemented by
   affordable and reliable energy.
                               We Energies has
                               made wise investment
                               in the state’s energy
                               supply, earning them
                               recognition six times in
                               the past eight years for
                               superior reliability.                             Page 15
                                                                                  7 COUNTIES. 1 GREAT REGION.

       Plentiful, Affordable, Quality Water = Savings

   Plentiful Supply                                           Lowest Water Rates

   For any food or beverage operation that uses               Among peer cities, the Region offers the
   large amounts of water as an ingredient, or for            lowest water rate, and the lowest wastewater
   clean-up, the Region offers a distinct                     treatment rates, among the nation’s 50 largest
   advantage.                                                 urban areas.

                            We are ranked No. 1
                                                                  Quarterly Water Bill for a high-volume
                            in the nation for our
                                                                  industrial customer
                            water supply, sitting
                            on the shores of Lake                  Milwaukee = $41,151
                            Michigan of the Great                  Denver = $110,717
                            Lakes – the world’s                    Pittsburgh = $172,367
                            largest body of fresh                  Phoenix = $176,405
                            water.                                 Atlanta = $251,984
                                                                  Source: Public Service Commission of Wisconsin
   There is a ready, accessible supply with
   Milwaukee Water Works operating at just one-
   third its capacity (treating 34 billion gal/year).         Water Quality Assurances
   Water Works delivers reliable pressure,
   consistent temperature and low total dissolved             Residents enjoy their water straight from the
   solids – an ideal platform for food and                    tap. The quality of our water supply is assured
   beverage processing.                                       by Milwaukee Water Works and the
                                                              Metropolitan Milwaukee Sewage District

                                                                                 As a recognized hub for
                                                                                 water technologies, in 2009
                                                                                 Milwaukee was accepted
   Cool Water Temps Save Energy                                                  into the United Nation’s
   If your operation requires cooler water, locally                              Global Compact for our work
   MillerCoors reports the average annual low                 in water quality. We are one of just 14 cities in
   temperature of Milwaukee’s water at 58o F,                 the world accepted into the Compact. And we
   providing energy savings for their operation.              are home to The Great Lakes Water Institute –
                                                              the largest academic freshwater facility on the
                                                              Great Lakes.                                 Page 16
                                                                             7 COUNTIES. 1 GREAT REGION.

       Building Futures with Education and Research

   Strong Pipeline of College Educated                         A Leader in Research and Development

   We have long invested in post-secondary                     Area food and beverage producers benefit
   education, building an elite system that is the             from the close proximity to the University of
   envy of other regions. Our higher education                 Wisconsin-Madison which offers a premier
   institutions not only educate our own, but draw             food science program and several institutes to
   students, faculty, researchers and resources                support the food industry, including the Food
   from around the world.                                      Research Institute.

   The Milwaukee Region offers 24 post-
   secondary colleges and universities, including
   the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee,
   University of Wisconsin-Parkside and
   Marquette University. The Region also draws
   top engineering talent from the Milwaukee
   School of Engineering. And employers benefit
   from Wisconsin’s statewide Technical College
   System, including the highly regarded culinary              The connection between the Milwaukee and
   arts program at the Milwaukee Area Technical                Madison Regions has been a fruitful one with
   College.                                                    Madison as a research well spring and
                                                               Milwaukee with our manufacturing expertise
                                                               and corporate R&D.

                                                                     Wisconsin is 7th
          Milwaukee Area
        Technical College
                                                                in total food product and
                                                                 process patents issued
                                                           Source: U.S. Patent & Trademark Office 2004-2008
      24 post-secondary colleges and
      Over 121,000 college students and
       19,000 graduates annually
      80 min. from Big Ten University of
       Wisconsin-Madison                              Page 17
                                                                               7 COUNTIES. 1 GREAT REGION.

       A First-Rate Location for Talent

   Top City for Talent
                                                                 A Great Place to Educate Kids
   As the Baby Boomer generation ages out of
                                                                 A great education starts early throughout
   the workforce, the battle for talent is putting a
                                                                 Wisconsin. Whether it’s public or private
   greater premium on place. Generations X & Y
                                                                 schools, the Milwaukee Region’s primary
   are looking for it all – an exciting and
                                                                 and secondary schools are among the best
   affordable lifestyle, a vibrant after-hours
                                                                 in the nation, preparing our kids for success
   scene, work-life balance, and a great place to
                                                                 in college and in their professional lives.
   work and raise their young families.

   The Milwaukee Region consistently ranks in                    Wisconsin ranks 3rd among states on
   the top ten for attributes most important to                  average ACT scores. Not surprisingly,
   these growing segments of your workforce.                     Forbes ranks Milwaukee among the top
                                                                 20 places to educate a child.                                Page 18
                                                                         7 COUNTIES. 1 GREAT REGION.

         An Affordable Place to Live Well

   Live Well for Less                                   Living in a Region
                                                        anchored by the 11th
   Cost of living is a well-worn metric for comparing
                                                        “Fittest City in America”
   regions and it is, no doubt, an important one.
                                                        makes a healthy
   Equally relevant to the cost of living are
                                                        lifestyle easier. The
   indicators that uncover how affordable it is to
                                                        annual Men’s Fitness
   live well in a particular place.
                                                        Magazine ranking
                             Forbes named               evaluates healthy-living
                             Milwaukee the sixth        attributes such as
                             “Most Affordable           nutrition, fitness, green
                             Place to Live Well”        space, commute times
                             for our unusual            and access to
                             combination of             healthcare.
                             quality living at a
                                                        The Best Healthcare Available
                             reasonable price.
                                                        Residents around the
   From health and safety, to giving back, to a         Region benefit from
   wealth of arts, culture and entertainment            the State of
   options, our residents enjoy living well.            Wisconsin’s superior
                                                        quality healthcare.
   Healthy Lifestyle and Eating Habits
                                                        Living Safely
                          The City of Milwaukee         Our safe driving,
                          just received the             work environments
                          nation’s honor of Well        and city, along with
                          City Status – a               the lowest risk of
                          designation                   natural disaster in the
                          recognizing that 20%          country, gives
                          of our employers are          residents and
                          implementing results-         businesses peace of
                          driven employee               mind – essential to
                          wellness programs.            living well.                            Page 19
                                                                                       7 COUNTIES. 1 GREAT REGION.

         An Affordable Place to Live Well

  Giving Back, Taking Care

  Regional residents have a strong commitment
  to their communities, demonstrated by the
  degree in which we give back to care for our
  own, our environment, and our arts.

                                                                       Fun and accessible

                                                                       Residents enjoy a four-
                                                                       season lifestyle with
                                                                       accessible big-city
                                                                       amenities available with
                                                                       small town ease and
                                                                       prices. The 25th “Most
                                                                       Fun City” and Region
                                                                       have a lot to offer,
                                                                       including great dining.

   Arts & Culture                                                      The same study
                                                                       demonstrates how
   The Region provides world-class cultural
                                                                       the Region’s strength
   amenities that are superior to most large U.S.
                                                                       in food and beverage
   cities. These include the Milwaukee
                                                                       production, and our
   Symphony, Ballet and Repertory Theater, as
                                                                       locally grown efforts,
   well as the iconic Milwaukee Art Museum.
                                                                       have translated into
                            Arts Groups Per           Metro            one of America’s top
                                  100k Pop.           Rank
                                                                       dining scenes.
    Metro Milwaukee                        3.89            11
           Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce 2008                                          Page 20
                                                       7 COUNTIES. 1 GREAT REGION.

        An Affordable Place to Live Well

   Lake Michigan                         Green Space

   Residents and                         Milwaukee alone has 15,000 acres of parks
   tourists alike enjoy                  throughout its county park system, which
   the Great Lake                        includes dozens of public golf courses, trails
   Michigan and its                      and bike paths.
   beaches. It, and a
   myriad of inland
   lakes around the
   Region, are sources
   of beauty and


                                         Milwaukee’s lakefront and neighborhoods,
                                         as well as communities around the Region,
                                         host weekly festivals all summer long,
                                         including Summerfest – the largest outdoor
                                         music festival in the world, which draws one
                                         million people annually.        Page 21
                                                                 7 COUNTIES. 1 GREAT REGION.

         An Affordable Place to Live Well


    The Region is home to two major league
    professional sports teams – the Milwaukee
    Brewers and Bucks – and Division 1
    collegiate athletics at Marquette University
    and UW-Milwaukee.

    Additionally, we offer minor league hockey
    (Admirals) and indoor soccer (Wave), as
    well as a wide variety of competitive sports,
    including racing, speed skating, bicycling
    and crew.                             Page 22
                                                                                                   7 COUNTIES. 1 GREAT REGION.

                       Food & Beverage Industry Development Plan                                                             01 | 27 | 11

                               Growing jobs, payroll and capital investment in our regional food & beverage industry

                                  Locally Grown. Regionally Made. Consumed Around the World.
1. Develop a Competitive F&B
      Value Proposition

                                                                                 Regional Strategic Opportunity Zone
2. Build/Grow a Regional

                                                                                          1.Food Ingredients MFGs
      F&B Network

                                                                                            (NAICS 3119)
                                                                            Milwaukee     2.Organics & Locally Grown           Market
                                                                             Regional                                          Growth
                                                                               Assets     3.Functional, Healthful Foods        Trends
                                                                                          4.Heavy Water Users

                                                                                             Food Ingredients Manufacturing
                                                                                             $71.7 billion industry
                                                                                             160,000 employees nationwide
                                                                                             14.57% projected annual growth rate

                                                                                             Organic Food Production
                                                                                             $22.9 billion in annual sales
                                                                                             3.47% of overall U.S. F&B sales
3. Market & Outreach

                                                                                             6–20% projected annual growth rate

                                                                                             Locally Grown Production
                                                                                             $11 billion in annual sales
                                                                                             20% annual growth rate

                                                                                             Functional Food Manufacturing
                                                                                             $20–$30 billion in annual sales
                                                                                             5% of overall U.S. food market
                                                                                             8.5–20% projected annual growth rate
                                                                                                                  7 COUNTIES. 1 GREAT REGION.

Food & Beverage Industry Action Plan                                                                                                       01 | 27 | 11

PLAN OBJECTIVES & ACTIONS                                                  TIMELINE                NOTES

1. Develop a Competitive F&B Value Proposition
• Research & Position Food & Beverage MFG Value Chain                      Ongoing                 • Holding ongoing industry meetings.
• Also: Agriculture & Good Food Movement; Food                                                       Original value platform developed by
  Entrepreneurs; Industry Education, Academia, R&D                                                   Deloitte 2008

• Capture Regional F&B History                                             Dec 2010                • By: John Gurda

• Purchase “Comparative Operating Cost Analysis for the                    Oct 2010                • Source: The Boyd Co (BizCosts)
  Food Processing Industry”                                                                        • Council to determine if possible
• Develop Regional “Case Studies“ for Business Case                        TBD

• Identify Industry “Ready” Sites                                          Oct 2010                • In progress, will be posted to site

• Discuss Merits of a “Food Campus”                                        TBD                     • Designated land for mfg, urban farm, UW
                                                                                                     Ext & Tech college classes, commercial
                                                                                                     kitchen, food & beverage showcase

• Public Policy & Industry Incentives such as New Food                     Ongoing                 • Opposing WI Phosphorous Ruling
  Processing/Warehousing Tax Credit (Effective: June 1,                                            • Opposing rate increase and supporting
  2010)                                                                                              proposed “Wave District”

• Conduct “Biz Climate” Industry CEO Survey                                TBD                     • Timing and method TBD

2. Build/Grow Regional F&B “Member” Network
• Develop F&B Database                                                     Ongoing                 • Expanding to include suppliers, etc.

• Form F&B Advisory Council                                                June 2010               • Meets 3rd Tuesday of Month,
                                                                                                     7:30-9:00am @ MMAC)

• Determine form and breadth of Network                                    In Progress             • Under discussion and development
• Select Network Web Operating Platform                                    Jan 2011
• Develop Site (Content, Profile and Survey Info)                          Feb 2010

3. Market & Outreach
• Announce Network Plans                                                   Oct 2010                • @ M7 Council Meeting

• Host Quarterly Executive Food Forums                                     Jan 27, 2011            • First hosted by MillerCoors
• Issue a Regional & National Press Release                                TBD                     • Include: Site Selection Magazine and
                                                                                                     other food industry magazines

• Communicate with Site Selectors                                          Ongoing                 • Aug 5, 2010: Hosted 6 Site Selectors in

• Host National CEO “Farm to Factory to Fork” Event                        Summer 2011             • Advisory Council invites targeted CEOs in
                                                                                                     from around the country for a meal (locally
                                                                                                     grown & made), peer meetings, tour

                For more information contact: Shelley Jurewicz | Vice President | Milwaukee 7 | p: 414.287.4143 | e:
                          Offices at MMAC | 756 N. Milwaukee St. STE 400 | Milwaukee WI 53202 |
                                                                 7 COUNTIES. 1 GREAT REGION.

         About the Milwaukee 7

    The Milwaukee 7, launched in          Your Milwaukee 7 Contact for the Food Industry:
        7 counties…
    September 2005, was formed to
    create a regional, cooperative
                                          Shelley Jurewicz
                                          Vice President
    economic development platform for
                                          Economic Development
    the seven counties of southeastern
                                          Milwaukee 7
    Wisconsin: Kenosha, Milwaukee,
                                          756 N. Milwaukee St, STE 400
    Ozaukee, Racine, Walworth,
                                          Milwaukee, WI 53202
    Waukesha and Washington. Acting
                                          (p) 414.287.4143
    as a unified region allows us to
    leverage our collective assets and
    to better compete in the global

    Seven counties united around a
    regional agenda to grow, expand
    and attract world-class businesses
    and talent.

    To be globally competitive in an
    innovation economy.

    We are here to assist you in your
    expansion projects in the Milwaukee

                                                For more detailed information about the
                                             Milwaukee Region, visit                      Page 25

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