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									                            Institute of Archaeology
                          Facilities Committee Meeting
                           Wednesday 07 March 2007
                                  Room 412: 4pm

Present: Stephen Shennan (Chair), Rana Rahman (Secretary), Sandra Bond, Stuart
Brookes, Barbara Brown, Rob Davis, Sarah Doherty, Dafydd Griffiths, Simon Groom,
James Hales, Daniel Jones, Kris Lockyear, Katie Meheux, Hilary Orange, Clive Orton,
Ash Rennie.

Ian Carroll, George Davies, Stuart Laidlaw, Thilo Rehren, John Merkel

The Minutes of the meeting of 13 May 2006 were approved.

STEG Bids 2005-6
The Chair reported on the four successful STEG applications:
£500 for Photographic laboratory
£1,250 Hitachi Data Projector for room 308
£2,750 Air abrasive unit for Conservation laboratory
£7,951 upgrade for AGIS laboratory
The Committee was reminded that the next round was requesting bids and an
application for a polisher for the Wolfson laboratory would be made. Sandra Bond
should be contacted with any other suggestions for bids to be considered or made to
other funding bodies.

Implementation of the agreed five-year plan (see minutes 29 March 2006) should be
on the agenda of the next Facilities meeting.
Action: Secretary

The DSO reported that the College initiative to improve recycling across UCL is now
up and running. Recycling bins have been distributed throughout the Institute with
good results; from the overall amount of waste 26% for January (partial month) and
43% for February was recycled.

Wet Chemistry Laboratory
The conflict of usage of the laboratory had been resolved and space is now allocated
as a clean lab for sample preparation and for teaching certain courses e.g. Ken
Thomas’s Palaeoecology course.

As a freedom of information requirement a copy of the last minutes should be
forwarded to AR
Action: Secretary

A report from the DSO had been pre-circulated.

A total of 5 accidents; 5 cut fingers; 1 allergic reaction and 3 near misses were
reported since the last meeting.

Electrical testing was now completed. The DSO pointed out that the college testing
programme cannot be applied to the Field Archaeology Unit because of their off
campus location.

A safety audit at the Institute and Petrie Museum and the Field Archaeology Unit had
been carried out. As a result of this Simon Stevens had been appointed as
Departmental Safety Officer for the Field Unit and he will attend the UCL DSO safety
training course in the near future.

A fire audit had been carried out and improvements in fire containment in some areas
identified. Work will probably take up to six-weeks and is expected to start after

A fieldwork safety audit had been carried out and detailed information for people
going in the field is available from the DSO.

Matters for report:
SEM laboratory:
The old microprobe’s usage has been reduced so that it can still function pending the
replacement part.
The new microprobe was almost ready.
The Hitachi had suffered a broken detector but will be functioning soon.
ICPMS preparatory work is being actively developed by Phillip Connolly.

Sectioning laboratory:
There have been a few minor problems with the balance.

Microscopy Laboratory
STEG funding had been secured to purchase new microscopes

3rd Floor Laboratories
A furnace, paddle mixer and ultrasonic tank had been purchased

Room 308
Funding had been secured from the SHS Faculty for racking for animal bone and a
bid to UCL Futures has been made for new racking for human bone.

6th Floor Laboratory
Funding had been secured from the STEG bid for a new air-abrasive unit had been
The balance had broken beyond repair but can be replaced for less than the £2k
budgeted from the general reserve.
Old seating had been replaced.
Leaks into room 617 are recurring because the major repairs carried out over the
summer have not been successful.
The lack of heating has been temporarily resolved by constantly running the
extraction system but this cannot continue.

Laboratory Expenditure
Matter for discussion:
SB tabled a budget report showing expenditure to the end February 2007.
The Chair reported that the budgets will be looked at in detail at the year end and
adjustments, possibly increases, made for 2007/08. Expenditure varies depending on
the numbers of research students each year and this should be taken into consideration.
There is a general need to tighten up on consumable expenditure. Invoices and copy
orders must be processed promptly to ensure effective management control.
With the exception of Chemistry (reciprocal arrangement), and as part of an income
generation scheme, all outside users of the Institute’s laboratory facilities will be
charged at a realistic rate (including staff time). (The Vice-Provost is insisting on
recharging becoming standard practice).
Fieldwork should also be costed as there is a demand for related consumables.
The numbers of samples and x-rays should be restricted.
There may be a need to introduce bench fees for courses incurring high laboratory
Budgeting taught to students as a laboratory-related skill should be considered.
Laboratory costs should be taken into account as part of the admissions process.
Indicative costs could be put on the Institute’s website for guidance.

A report from the Buildings Officer had been pre-circulated.
Matters to report:
The building contractors had repaired the leak in B45 but on the inside only. This had
not worked so the repair will have to be redone.
New services plans for the ventilation had been received and filters on order to be
replaced every 6 weeks.
SB and TR had met with UCL and it is not possible for the cost of maintaining the
chiller in B4 to be met centrally.

The Computing Rep reported:
7 new RoamNet basestations had been installed around the building. Good quality
student access is now in place throughout the building and the installation came in
under budget.
Under the cascade (5-yearly replacement) 10 computers had been replaced at an
average cost of £820.

A new PC and printer had been replaced in each of the student rooms.
WTS had been upgraded centrally.
Scanning facilities for Masters students are available in the AGIS laboratory and in
the Photographic Laboratory, depending on the teaching timetable. There is also a
bookable facility in UCL through the ISD Helpdesk.

No recent meeting had been necessary so there was nothing to report.


UCL no smoking policy
The new policy will be implemented with effect from 12 April 2007 and UCL will
become a smoke-free workplace.
Smoking will be banned in the whole of the UCL campus. For the Institute this will
include the front steps, out of windows, the 6th floor balcony and the minibus. UCL
will be legally required to display signs, failure to do so will result in fines up to
£1,000. Fines for smokers will be up to £200 and for management up to £2,500.

Telephone use
The cost of calls to a mobile is four times greater than to a landline, staff are asked to
keep calls to a minimum. Excessive private use of calls made to mobiles will be
recharged. This will be monitored from the monthly printouts received from UCL
detailing all incoming and outgoing calls.
It is no longer possible for individuals to claim for use of mobile calls made on private
telephones for college business. Mobile telephones provided by the department for
staff who work in multiple locations will be for receiving calls only.

Laying out space
The Chair will make it clear to the Collections Manager that bookable space must be
made available for laying out in B54. He would like to have information on student
space requirements. HO reported that this was discussed at a SSCC meeting and she
will come back to the Committee with needs and periods required.
The Chair confirmed to the student representatives that the SSCC is a way to highlight
concerns but students can also approach the Facilities Committee direct to raise items.

Entry to the building
The DSO confirmed that access to the building when closed was restricted to 7am to
12 midnight Monday to Friday and 9am to 6pm at weekends for students (24 hours
access to staff).

Graduate School Equipment Grants
Funds from £250 up to £2,000 are available from the Graduate School for research
related equipment. Staff and research students are encouraged to apply. Application
forms, guidelines and closing dates, are available on the website.

JH reported that thefts have been reduced with one jacket stolen and one intruder

External CCTV had been installed at the corner of the building and a panic alarm,
linked to the main UCL security, installed at the reception desk. The cost had been
met from central funds.

There is a problem with ventilation in the ground floor student room because the
window mechanism is broken. A maintenance request will be made.

 Wednesday 30 May 2007 at 2pm in Room 209.


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