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					  Volume 6 ● Issue 1                                                                        January ● February 2012
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COMMANDERS CORNER                                            LADIES PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE

                                     Gene E. Berbaum                                                 Monica Camargo
                                         Commander                                           Ladies Auxiliary President

Dear Comrades:                                               Dear Sisters and Comrades:
As we reflect on the past holiday season, spent hopefully    Happy New Year!         Once again we can put another
with close family members and friends, it is important       successful calendar year behind us. Thank you all for
that we set our goals and expectations on this new year      making it happen. We have taken honors for membership
2012. Our Post had continued to operate at an even           and have reached our goal of 100%. However, membership
pace thanks to our hard working volunteers and House         drive is never over, so if you have any friends or relatives
Committee. Please keep in mind that our Post can not         who are eligible to join the Ladies Auxiliary, please
and will not survive without the willing hours, graciously   encourage them to do so.
donated by our volunteers. If you do not volunteer and       Dark, dreary, early nights have caused the Post to see a
would like to contribute you time or talent, please ask a    dramatic drop off in meal attendance. However, now that
member of the House Committee what you can do. If            December 21 has passed, we are over the hump and our
you don’t volunteer you are part of the problem, not the     evenings will start getting longer . Our monthly Auxiliary
solution. We function only due to the support of our         dinner will be held on Friday, January 13. This will be a
Cooties, Men’s Auxiliary, Women’s Auxiliary and some         special fundraiser dinner with proceeds going to our Cancer
volunteers outside of the Post.                              Fund. Also on that evening we will honor the winners of our
In this new year we are attempting to analyze our profit     Voice of Democracy and Patriotic Pen essays.            Meal
and loss statistics to determine what needs to be done to    special will be Nancy Rivera’s recipe for Cherry Pork Chops.
prevent our Post from running on a negative cash flow.       Please show your support and bring a friend or two.
We are by law, a non-profit corporation, however, this       Dinners are served from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.
should not preclude us from operating on a nominal plus      Sunday morning breakfasts still continue to do well.
side of the ledger. Each time you attend a Post function,    January 29 (5th Sunday) will be hosted once again by the
and we hope that your visits are frequent, stop and thank    Auxiliary. Usually we feature corned beef special, but that
a volunteer. Our House Committee chairman and                can change. Full breakfast menu is also available.
committee are working hard to plan and stage as many         Sisters, we Ladies have been asked to host a Valentine
fun filled events each week to keep you active in our        Dinner on Saturday, February 11th.               Menu and
Post, please support them.                                   entertainment will be voted on at the January 14 meeting.
It’s good to see former Commander Jim Rutan back             Your input and support of our events is most important, so
home from his business trip. Relax and enjoy the family,     please attend meeting at 10:00 a.m. (Saturday).
Jim.                                                         Please see the canteen calendar for a full view of all events
On behalf of the Post Officers we wish you a very happy      and meals being offered. May the year 2012 be a healthy
and healthy New Year. Let’s all endeavor to make our         and prosperous year for us all!
Post a relaxed and fun place to frequent in the spirit of
comradeship, we are all veterans and we all want the         Loyally yours,
best for 7041.
                                                             Monica Camargo, President

In comradeship,
                                                              The sisters of Ladies Auxiliary Post 7041 extend

Gene E. Berbaum
                                                              there deepest heartfelt sympathies to President
                                                                       Monica at the loss of her sister
                                                                           on December 11, 2011.
  Volume 6 ● Issue 1                                                                        January ● February 2012

House Committee
                                                                                                         Cootie Corner
                                                                                                       Bruce Mackamul
                                       Tim Soboleski
                            House Committee Chairman
                                                                Greetings from your Seam Squirrel!
                                                                Attention Cooties:
Greetings Comrades, Sisters, & Brothers
Happy New Year!                                                 I hope you had a wonderful Holiday Season. Your Coot-
The VFW House Committee is responsible for the                  ies have been very busy. We authorized the following
operation of the canteen and the upkeep, repair and             checks to be presented:
cleanliness of the Post and its equipment.
On Wednesday’s, we schedule a working party made up             $2,000.00 to the Veterans Home in Chula Vista.
of House members and other skilled Auxiliary members            $2,000.00 to the Veterans Hospital in La Jolla.
to perform maintenance tasks that have already reduced          $2,000.00 for the Wounded Warriors out at Camp Pend-
both our short- and long-term overhead expenses                 leton.
substantially! These “selfless” volunteer workers have          These are our three organizations that we work all year
made significant repairs saving money and providing             to support.
necessary security and safety protection. We urge all           Thanks to all of you who attended our Golf Tournament,
members to participate on these days and to                     Steak & Lobster and our Cootie Breakfasts.
volunteer for other projects throughout the month.              As a result of your support, we were able to take care of
                                                                these Outstanding Organizations.
If any of you have projects you would like to be                Remember our Scratches are held every fourth Satur-
addressed, please put a note in the box in the canteen          day at 11:00.
and we will address it. We are proud to have the best           The goal of your Cootie Pup Tent is to take care of our
veterans' facility in the area and invite you to help us        hospitalized Veterans.
keep it clean and comfortable for veterans and their            Have a Happy New Year and don’t forget to Thank a
guests to enjoy. The post kitchen crew volunteers               Veteran each and every day.
continue to be front and center to provide quality meals
for our members & guests. Hats off to all of you for all                 KEEP ‘EM SMILING IN BEDS OF WHITE
you do to keep us running. With all the positive things
going on, I want to address some complaints I am
receiving of late. I respectfully ask everyone to be vigilant
and curtail the use of foul language. Swearing out loud
and calling people names is NOT going to be tolerated.                  “You can always tell a COOTIE
Deliberate vulgar comments will be addressed case by                     You just can’t tell them much”
case and dealt with accordingly. This is an All American
Post for a reason. It is all because of the Quality and         Bruce Mackamul
Strength of Character of our members. As we start this          Seam Squirrel
New Year I ask everyone to support your post and our            Pup Tent 40
officers so we once again can reach All American Status.
This is a great place and I truly appreciate everyone’s
support. We can’t do it without a concerted team effort.
                                                                Dates to Remember
Yours in Comradeship
House Committee Chairman                                        Every Wednesday Taco* Night (*varies
Tim Soboleski                                                   in menu, depending on Chef)
                                                                1st & 3rd Wednesday – Jeanette’s
House Committee                                                 Tacos* for National Home
House Committee Chairman             Tim Soboleski              2nd Wednesday – Monica’s Tacos* for General Fund
House Committee Member               Jerry Moore                4th Wednesday – Herlinda’s Tacos* for General Fund
House Committee Member               Memo Hernandez             Friday, January 13 – Auxiliary Dinner at 5:30 (Cancer
House Committee Member               Bruce Mackamul             fundraiser; VOD and Patriotic Pen Awards)
House Committee Member               Mo Motier                  Saturday, January 14 – Meeting at 10:00 a.m.
House Committee Member               Jeff Simmons               Sunday, January 29 – 5th Sunday Auxiliary Breakfast
House Committee Member               Al Betancourt              8:30 – noon
Auxiliary House Committee Member     Monica Camargo
                                     Jim Sibble
                                                                Sunday, Feb. 5th - Super bowl Sunday Party.
Auxiliary House Committee Member
                                                                Friday, February 10 – Auxiliary Dinner at 5:30
                                                                Saturday, February 11 – Meeting at 10:00 a.m.
                                                                Saturday, February 11 – Valentine’s Dinner (cocktails at
                                                                5:00 p.m., sit down dinner at 6:00 p.m.)
  Volume 6 ● Issue 1                                                                                   January ● February 2012

MENS AUXILIARY                                                       NEWS FROM THE BUDDY POPPY CHAIRMAN

                                            Brian Joyce
                               Men’s Auxiliary President
                                                                                                                  Tim Corrigan
                                                                                                         Buddy Poppy Chairman

Fellow Auxiliary Members:
The new year is upon us again too soon. Time to reflect              Comrades, the Buddy Poppy Drive is underway! This is
upon the post, and to renew our efforts to improve the               what the VFW is all about: The relief of our veteran’s.
future. The Men’s Auxiliary looks forward to serving the             We remember our fallen comrades and families by
Post and the local charities that we have donated to in              displaying “the boards” in the canteen.
the Post. Again, I urge all Men’s Auxiliary members to               Please do what you can to support this Program.
attend all meetings this year and to volunteer in the Post           We will be at the Country Store at Marine Corps Base,
canteen.                                                             Camp Pendleton on Saturday, 29 Oct & Sunday, 30 Oct.
Buddy Poppy                                                          If you can spend a few hours, give me a call.
Our Buddy Poppy drive is in full bloom. Post Junior Vice             I wish to thank the Ladies Auxiliary for the outstanding
Commander, Tim Corrigan, is in charge this year.                     help in the mail-out of the letters to our members and
Please contact Tim to volunteer for three hours on a                 friends. Further, I wish to thank Patti Berbaum, of the
weekend day at Camp Pendleton to help the cause.                     Ladies Auxiliary for all of her help in preparing “the
Donations help the Post, Men’s and Women’s Auxiliary,                boards” and her guidance to me.
and veteran causes, so please sign up.                               Also, thanks to the Men’s Auxiliary President, Brian
Men’s Meeting                                                        Joyce for his support,
Our next meeting will be held Saturday, January 14th, at
10:00 am. Please attend and participate, and above all,              In comradeship,
volunteer at Post functions.
                                                                     Tim Corrigan
Honoring our Veterans,                                               Junior Vice Commander
Brian Joyce                                                          Buddy Poppy Chairman

             VFW Post 7041 Comrades and Auxiliary Sisters wish to express our appreciation to all for their dedication, hard work, and
                                    support each and every one has given to help keep this post thriving.

Dorothy Callahan born Nov. 18, 1911 has recently
joined our Ladies Auxiliary - and what an addition.
Dorothy is the mother of 4, grandmother of 11, great
grandmother of 11, and great great grandmother of 9
so far. She was a young widow with a 3 year old when
she worked with the FBI in our capital and knew
Herbert Hoover. She then joined the ranks of the post
office and worked for many years, met several
Presidents, was invited to the White House, and taught
ballroom dancing. She was a show stopping dancer in
the big band era. She is still amazing- as she crochets
afghans (around 10 a month) for our veterans and
wounded, doesn't miss Lawrence Welk, and loves her
ice cream.

           Veterans of Foreign Wars
           Sgt Maj. Ralph E Gibbs Jr. Post 7041
           1717 East Vista Way Ste. 117
           Vista, CA 92084-3410

           Return Service Requested

Volume 6 ● Issue 1                                                                 January ● February 2012

  Post Officers                  2011 ● 2012        Ladies Auxiliary Officers             2011 ● 2012
  Commander                      Gene Berbaum       President                            Monica Camargo
  Sr. Vice Commander             Dick Rowell        Senior Vice President                Patty Berbaum
  Jr. Vice Commander             Tim Corrigan       Junior Vice President                Marilyn Haug
  Officer of the Day             Jerry Moore        Treasurer                            Jean Groneman
  Adjutant                       Kevin Leahy        Secretary                            Karen Bowman
  Quartermaster                  David Spensley     Conductress                          Mary Ann Marron
  Judge Advocate                 Stan Peiler        Chaplain                             Jeanette Hernandez
  Service Officer                Bruce Degnan       Guard                                Sharon Mayo
  Chaplain                       Joe Flores         Patriotic Instructor                 Irma Apodaca
  Historian/Webmaster            David Spensley     1st Year Trustee                     Donna Sibble
  Post Surgeon                   Howard Wooton      2nd Year Trustee                     Dorene Comerford
  1st Year Trustee               David Barr         3rd Year Trustee                     Rosemary Ogle
  2nd Year Trustee               Will Gubbins
  3rd Year Trustee               Bob Poulin         Military Order of the Cooties Officers 2011 ● 2012
                                                    Pup Tent 40
                                                    Seam Squirrel                        Bruce Mackamul
  Men’s Auxiliary Officers       2011 ● 2012        Blanket Bum                          Gene Berbaum
  President                      Brian Joyce        High Gimlet                          Daniel Humann
  Sr. Vice President             Chuck Potter       CCDB                                 Bob Poulin
  Jr. Vice President             Jonathan Stewart   Shyster                              Gene Berbaum
  Treasurer                      Richard Huff       Sky Pilot                            Jeff Simmons
  Secretary                      Mike Temple        Pill Pusher                          Roger Loiselle
  Chaplin                        Doug Snow          Keeper of the Crummy Records         Bob Poulin
  1st Year Trustee                                  Tightwad 1                           Al Housewright
  2nd Year Trustee               Steve Ramos        Tightwad 2                           Dick Rowel
  3rd Year Trustee               John Sowers        Tightwad 3                           Stan Peiler
                                                           January - 2012
       Sunday                 Monday           Tuesday              Wednesday                 Thursday                      Friday               Saturday
1                        2                 3                    4                        5                         6                        7
      All Specials                         Tuesday Night              JEANETTE’S                                       Dinner Special       Burgers
       Breakfast                                Dinner                 SPECIAL                                                              11:30 to 2 PM
    8:30 AM - Noon                           Steak Special          5:00 to 7:00PM
    Plus Regular Menu                       5:30 to 7:00 PM                                                            5:30-7:00 PM
8                        9                 10                   11                       12                        13                       14
      All Specials                         Tuesday Night        Taco Wednesday                                     Ladies Auxiliary         General Mtg.
       Breakfast                                Dinner           5:00 to 7:00PM                                    Cherry Pork Chops        All groups 10 AM
    8:30 AM - Noon                           Steak Special                               6 PM House Com.             Dinner Special         Burgers
    Plus Regular Menu                       5:30 to 7:00 PM                              7 PM Officer’s Mtg            5:30-7:00            11:30 to 2 PM
                                                                                                                    PMKARAOKE by

15                       16                17                   18                       19                        20                       21
      All Specials                          Tuesday Night       Taco Wednesday                                     Dinner Special           Burgers
       Breakfast                                Dinner           5:00 to 7:00PM          .                            Pot Roast             11:30 to 2 PM
    8:30 AM - Noon                           Steak Special
    Plus Regular Menu                       5:30 to 7:00 PM                                                            5:30-7:00 PM

22                       23                24                   25                       26                        27                       28
      Cootie                                Tuesday Night       Taco Wednesday                                      Dinner Special          Cootie Scratch
    Breakfast                                   Dinner           5:00 to 7:00PM                                                             11 AM
8:30 AM - Noon                               Steak Special                                                                 Prime Rib        Burgers
                                            5:30 to 7:00 PM                                                                                 11:30 to 2PM
                                                                                                                       5:30-7:00 PM
29                       30                31
  Ladies Aux                               Tuesday Night
   Breakfast                                    Dinner
8:30AM - Noon                                Steak Special
                                            5:30 to 7:00 PM

                                       Your Patronage and Support Keeps Our Organization Growing

                                                         February - 2012
      Sunday                  Monday            Tuesday                 Wednesday                 Thursday                    Friday               Saturday
                                                                    1                        2                         3                        4
                                                                         JEANETTE’S                                        Dinner Special       Burgers
                                                                           SPECIAL                                                              11:30 to 2 PM
                                                                        5:00 to 7:00PM
                                                                                                                           5:30-7:00 PM

5                        6                7                         8                        9                         10                       11
   All Specials                               Tuesday Night         Taco Wednesday                                     Ladies Auxiliary         General Mtg.
    Breakfast                                     Dinner              5:00 to 7:00PM                                    Fried Chicken           All groups 10 AM
 8:30 AM - Noon                                Steak Special                                                                Dinner              Burgers
                                                                                             6 PM House Com.
Plus Regular Menu                             5:30 to 7:00 PM                                7 PM Officer’s Mtg.
                                                                                                                         5:30-7:00 PM           11:30 to 2 PM
                                                                                                                                                Valentines Day
     SUPERBOWL                                                                                                                                  Dinner Special
     Drink Specials
                                                                                                                                                Details to follow
     Talegate Food

12                       13               14                        15                       16                        17                       18
   All Specials                             Tuesday Night           Taco Wednesday                                      Dinner Special          Burgers
    Breakfast                                   Dinner               5:00 to 7:00PM                                                             11:30 to 2 PM
 8:30 AM - Noon                              Steak Special                                                                  Pot Roast
Plus Regular Menu                           5:30 to 7:00 PM                                                                5:30-7:00 PM

19                       20               21                        22                       23                        24                       25
   All Specials                             Tuesday Night           Taco Wednesday                                      Dinner Special          Cootie Scratch
    Breakfast                                   Dinner               5:00 to 7:00PM                                       Prime Rib             11 AM
 8:30 AM - Noon                              Steak Special                                                                                      Burgers
Plus Regular Menu                           5:30 to 7:00 PM                                                                5:30-7:00 PM         11:30 to 2 PM

26                       27               28                        29
     Cootie                                 Tuesday Night           Taco Wednesday
    Breakfast                                   Dinner               5:00 to 7:00PM
8:30 AM - Noon                               Steak Special
                                            5:30 to 7:00 PM

                Club hours: Mon - Thurs Noon-9 • Friday Noon-Midnight • Saturday Noon-9 • Sunday 8-8 • Phone 760-724-7041

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