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Student                                                                      Anticipated
Name:                                                                        BU Major:

           Two Options for Transferring Metropolitan Community College Credits to Bellevue University
                        Transfer may be done on a course-by-course basis or by transferring a complete degree

    OPTION 1. A. Course-by-Course Transfer                              OPTION 1. B. Associate's Degree Transfer
           (Use only if associate's degree is not completed)                       (Use only if associate's degree is completed)

    General Education Core:                 36   Semester Hours         College Name
    (Select 100 level courses or above)
                                                                        Year Graduated                               Total Credits
    Basic Communication                              9    Hours                                                      (100 Level and above)
    (Comp I, Comp II, Oral Comm, Speech)                                Degree (Check one)
                                                                                  AA          AS             AAS               ASN           Other
                                                                        Associate's Degree Major
                                                                        Skip to Item 2 below - General Education Core has been met
    Human Behavior                                   6    Hours
    (Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology)
                                                                        2. BU Major to be completed
                                                                        Degrees offered - see page 3 or visit

    Human Civilization                                 6    Hours
    (Archeology, Culture, Geog, Hist, Int'l Studies, Pol Sci,                36        Required Credit Hours
    Women's Studies)

                                                                        3. Kirkpatrick Signature Series
                                                                        Required for all accelerated degree completion program students
                                                                        Required Credit Hours
    Human Expression                              6     Hours                        American Vision and Values
    (American Sign Language, Art, Art History, Comm, Computer            Hours
    Graphics, Drama, Foreign Language, Humanities, Lit, Music)                         Tradition and Change
                                                                                       Freedom and Responsibility
    Human Thought                                    3    Hours              9         Required Credit Hours
    (Economics, Philosophy, Religion)

    Science                                          3    Hours
                                                                        4. Electives to be Completed/Other Requirements
                                                                                       Other Requirements
                                                                         Hours         (i.e., Special Requirements for MIS Degree)

    Math                                             3    Hours                        Electives
    (Intermediate Algebra or higher)                                     Hours         (Options: ELA, CLEP/DANTES, Classroom, Online, Course Clusters,
                                                                                       Transfer Courses)

                Total Credit Hours Transferred                                         Total Hours Needed
                                                                         Hours         (Must equal or exceed 127 hours)

                                                                    Page 1
Completion Plan for
(Student Name):                                                           BU Major:

                                       Individual Transfer Completion Plan Results
  1. Total earned hours transferred:                                                                                   Hours:
     a. Course-By-Course Transfer or
     b. Associate Degree Transfer

  2. BU Major to be completed                                                                                             36

  3. Kirkpatrick Signature Series (3 credit hours per course):
     American Vision and Values, Tradition and Change, Freedom and Responsibility                                         9
     (Required for all accelerated degree students)
  4. Hours to be completed:
     A. General Education Core (see Course-By-Course Transfer)
     B. Electives Hours
     C. Other Requirements (if applicable)

     Total hours in plan (must equal or exceed 127 hours for the Accelerated Bachelor's Degree)

                                                      Completion Options

For general education or elective hours needed, the following options or combination of options are available to assist you:

    Attend in-class at Metropolitan Community College or any accredited college or university.
    Online Classes - Bellevue University offers a variety of online classes to assist you with the additional hours needed to reach
    your educational goals. Course Clusters are very useful to the working adult student. Your advisor will have information on the
    availability of the online classes.
    Course Clusters - Course clusters are designed for working adult students and are available only to those with 40 or more hours
    of college credit. These courses offer an intensive accelerated examination of a particular subject from three interlocking
    perspectives. The goal is to link these three perspectives holistically to encourage real-world thinking about complex topics, and
    to broaden the student's comprehensive knowledge of the chosen subject.
    Experiential Learning Assessment (ELA) - ELA is a method for earning college credit for life experiences. Call our toll free
    number, (800) 756-7920, ext. 3752 and speak to Professor Julie Stoner or to discuss how to receive
    life experience credit.
    CLEP or DANTES Tests - These are proctored examination programs that allow you to receive credit for your knowledge.
    CLEP and DANTES testing centers are available at many educational institutions. CLEP/DANTES can be used for an unlimited
    number of credits.
    Self Study Courses - Self study allows you to work independently for credit and arrange study times to fit your schedule.
    Students may use video or audiotapes, software, textbooks, articles and/or study guides to complete these classes. Contact your
    counselor or Academic Support Services at (800) 756-7920, ext. 3818 for more information.

                                       For more information call (800) 756-7920 ext.2000

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