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									Welcome to Everett Community College

  Because You Have Dreams
Your Guide to Everett Community College
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 About Everett Community College?    Tuition and Fees
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 Why Choose EvCC?
Everett CC
Arial View of Location Around
 Everett Community College
Photos courtesy of Snohomish
   County Tourism Bureau
Introducing Our City …

             • Everett was established in 1891

             • City of Everett population:
               over 101,800

             • Snohomish County’s largest
               city and seat of county government

             • Population in Snohomish County:
               Approximately 686,300
Introducing Our City …
       • Located in the beautiful Pacific

       • Everett is just 25 miles (40 kilometers)
         north of Seattle

       • 45 miles (72 kilometers) from SeaTac
         International Airport.
     Introducing Our City …

Everett waterfront is home to the 2nd largest marina on the West Coast
Introducing Our City…

The Comcast Arena at Everett Events Center: a $71.5 million
multi-purpose complex. The 10,000 seat venue hosts a myriad of
events including concerts, rodeos, circuses, ice skating and family
shows such as Disney On Ice, Harlem Globetrotters, Sesame Street
Live and many others.
   The Comcast Arena
at Everett Events Center
                           The Everett Events
                           Center is also home to
                           the new Western Hockey
                           League franchise, the
                           Everett Silvertips, and
                           seats up to 8,300 excited
                           hockey fans. In addition
                           to hockey, the venue
                           accommodates other
                           sporting events such as
                           basketball, volleyball,
                           wrestling and
Introducing Our City …
           • Everett faces the Cascade
             Mountain Range to the east,
             and the Puget Sound to the

           • The city has its own symphony,
             theater, Opera Guild, art galleries,
             a minor-league baseball team
             affiliated with the Seattle Mariners.
       Introducing Our City …

  Everett is home to The Boeing Company’s largest
manufacturing center – the largest building in the world
              10 minutes south of EvCC.
              Introducing Our City…

One can tour inside the factory building to watch airplane assembly and drive
            along the flight line where completed 747,767, 777
     and 787s (Boeing’s newest airplane, the Dreamliner) are tested.
     Introducing Our City …

•Seattle is located 35-45 minutes south of Everett.
•Vancouver, B.C. is located 2.5 hours north of Everett.
•Bus and train services are available daily.
•Canadian border is 1.5 hours north of Everett.
Introducing Our Neighborhood …
         • Everett is home to 44 parks and trails, including
           Legion Park, located three blocks away from campus.

         • Parks as well as golf, tennis, swimming, hiking and

         • Everett Community College overlooks the
           18-hole Legion Memorial Golf Course
  Introducing Our Campus …

Everett Community College has a 40-acre main campus
    and serves 8,000 students on its main campus.
Introducing Our Campus …

            Introducing Our Campus …

           Public Transportation –
 New Everett Transit Station next to campus.
   Airport Pickup (Homestay Program Only)
Everett Transit Customer Service Center

  Everett Station is home to the Everett Transit Customer Service Center,
   Amtrak, Greyhound, Northwest Trailways, Skagit Transit, Island Transit,
                     Sound Transit and Community Transit.
   Everett Station is 20 minutes by bus to Everett Community College.
       Introducing Our Campus …

EvCC is undergoing a major expansion and remodel. The college
opened the first of four new buildings, Whitehorse Hall, in 2007.
 Introducing Our Campus …

Whitehorse Hall is home to the college’s visual arts,
   physical sciences and journalism programs.
Introducing Our Campus …

Engineering Class in Whitehorse Hall Science Labs
        Comparable to 4-year Universities
                 Introducing Our Campus

Engineering Class in Whitehorse Hall Science Labs
        Comparable to 4-year Universities
Introducing Our Campus …

     Whitehorse Hall Art Studios –
 Some of the Best Art Spaces in the State
Introducing Our Campus …

EvCC’s next new building, Gray Wolf Hall, opened in Spring 2009. It is home to
humanities, social sciences, communications and international programs. Plus
 the University Center of North Puget Sound, where 4yr degrees are offered.
our campus. . .

  Gray Wolf Hall
      opened in
    Spring 2009
Introducing our
campus. .
          Introducing our campus
      Opened Winter 2011
Introducing our campus. .
Introducing our campus. .

 Student Fitness Center – Winter 2011
 Student Fitness
Opened Winter 2011
New Cafe in Parks Building
  Opened Spring 2011
New Cafeteria in Parks Building
    Opened Spring 2011
New Cafeteria in Parks Building
    Opened Spring 2011
             OPENED SPRING 2011
New Cafeteria in Parks Building
New Cafeteria in Parks Building
    Opened Spring 2011
New Cafeteria in Parks Building
     Opened Spring 2011
New Russell Day Art Gallery Opening
   in Parks Building Spring 2011
New Russell
  Day Art
Spring 2011
New Russell Day Art Gallery
  Opening - Spring 2011
                                            The University Center at Everett Community College
                                            has eight universities providing four year degrees

                                                     •   Western Washington University
                                                     •   Central Washington University

At EvCC       at University   Bachelor’s Degree
                                                         The Evergreen State College
                                                         Washington State University
                                                         Eastern Washington University
                                                     •   Saint Martin’s University
                                                     •   Hope International University
                                                     •   University of Washington, Bothell

Degree programs available for international
             students are:

          • Mechanical Engineering
          • Information Technology
          • Administrative Management
          • Social Sciences
          • Environmental Science
          • Environmental Policy and Planning
          • Human Services
Introducing our campus. . . new art studios
 Introducing our campus. . .
multimedia digital design studio
Introducing our campus. . . High tech classrooms
Introducing Our Campus …

Student discussions outside Everett Community College’s
                 Parks Student Union.
     Introducing Our Campus …

Students hanging out outside Everett Community College’s
  Olympus Hall and the New Café in the Parks Building.
EvCC also has locations
throughout the community,
such as its Aviation
Maintenance Program at
Paine Field, near The
Boeing Company.
Student study areas scattered all around campus
           with wireless technology.
   Associate Degree Options
• Associate in Arts and Sciences
• Associate in Business
• Associate in Technology
• Associate in Pre-Nursing
• Associate in Applied Science
• Associate in General Studies
• Associate in Fine Arts
What Students are
  Enrollments by Course Focus

• Academic transfer 46%

• Vocational / Technical – 30%

• Adult Basic Education –10 %

• Pre-College – 9%

• Personal Interest – 6%
                         Majors and Programs
Associate in Arts and Sciences – Transfer Degrees
   Animal Science                  Journalism
   Anthropology                    Law
   Art                             Math
   Astronomy/Physics               Medicine/Dentistry
   Aviation Maintenance Tech       Music
   Biological Sciences             Nippon Business Institute
   Business Administration         Nursing (RN) (Option I)
   Chiropractic                    Nutrition
   Computer Science                Occupational Therapy
   Criminal Justice                Oceanography
   Dental Hygiene                  Optometry
   Early Childhood Education       Pharmacy
   Education (Elementary and       Philosophy
   Secondary)                      Photography
   Engineering Technology          Physical Education
   English                         Physical Therapy
   Environmental Science/Studies   Physics
   Foreign Language                Political Science
   Funeral Service Education       Psychology
   Geology                         Sociology
   Global Studies                  Speech/Communication
   History                         Theatre/Drama
   Human Services                  Veterinary Medicine
                          Majors and Programs
Associate of Science-                 Associate in Fine Arts-
    Transferable                          Transferable

  Atmospheric Sciences                  Graphic Arts
  Biological Science                    Photography
  Chemistry                             Studio Arts
  Engineering                           Written Arts
  Geology (Geoscience)
  Physics and Astronomy

 Associate in Arts and                Associate in Business-
Sciences -Transferable                    Transferable

  Nursing                               Accounting
  Pre-Pharmacy                          Business Administration

    Associate in Applied Science-Transferable

       Computer Information Systems
               Majors and Programs
Associate in Technical Arts (non-transfer)

   Advanced Manufacturing Technology
   o    Composites
   o    Computer Aided Drafting
   o     Precision Machining
   o     Welding and Fabrication
   Aviation Maintenance Technology
   Business Administration
   Business Technology
   Computer Information Technology
   Early Childhood Education
   Education Paraprofessional
   Fire Science
   Information Technology
   Law Enforcement
   Medical Assistant
   Web Design
                              Majors and Programs
Certificates (non-transfer)          Short Programs (non-transfer)
   Administrative Support                 Emergency Medical Technician
   Aviation Maintenance Technology        Healthcare Risk Management
   Bookkeeping                            Japan - US Intercultural Foundations
   Business Administration                Legal Office Support
   Casino Gaming Systems Tech             Medical Spanish Interpreter
   Computer Support Tech                  Nursing Assistant Certified
   Cosmetology                            Office Support Specialist
   Digital Illustration                   Phlebotomy
   Early Childhood Education
   Fire Science                      Other Preparation
   Geographic Info Systems (GIS)
   Graphic Design                         Airframe and Powerplant
   Legal Office Assistant                 Apprenticeships
   Medical Administrative Support         Family Life Education
   Medical Assistant
   Medical Billing Specialist
   Medical Coding
   Medical Receptionist
   Medical Transcription
   Nursing (Practical/LPN)
   Office Support
   Tribal Enterprise Management
   Web Design

In Fall 2010 EvCC enrolled 167 international students from 22 countries:
  Our small population enables international students to easily become
                integrated in American life and culture.
       Cultural Liaison Program

Matching International Students to American Students who are
         anthropology and cultural studies students.
   Leadership, Merit and Service Scholarship
Eligibility: Open only to new-first quarter international students who have been issued an I-20
and have obtained a visa. Not open to currently enrolled students. Students who are not issued
or cannot be issued an I-20 will not be considered for the scholarship application.

 Availability:   Total of 40 scholarships available for the academic year 2011-2012.

          Summer Quarter 2011             5 scholarships to be issued, $500 each
          Fall Quarter 2011              15 scholarships to be issued, $500 each
          Winter Quarter 2012            10 Scholarships to be issued, $500 each
          Spring Quarter 2012            10 Scholarships to be issued, $500 each

Application: Submit a one page letter: Detailing grades, extracurricular activities, leadership,
and service experiences, and Explain why you are deserving of this scholarship.

Deadlines:          Fall Quarter 2011:             August 25, 2011
                    Winter Quarter 2012:           December 1, 2011
                    Spring Quarter 2012:           March 1, 2012

Submit Application to: Your one-page letter must be received by the above deadline and can
be e-mailed to: Visakan Ganeson, Director at
   International Student Community
             Service Award

Tuition waiver of almost 50% of tuition in the amount of the award
of approximately $1,400. Awarded to students selected for a
designated community service award.
Scholarship & Work Opportunities
Other opportunities are also available to you after you
are enrolled as full time student:

General scholarship fund:
• Deadline is around March 1 of each year.

Community Service Award:
• Students can obtain approximately a 50% waiver
  on tuition.

Student employment opportunities
                      Fall Quarter 2010
        167 International Students from 22 Countries:

Burkina Fazo         Kenya               Pakistan

Canada               Korea               Taiwan
China                Kuwait              Thailand
France               Macau               Tunisia
Hong Kong            Mongolia            Uganda
India                Nepal/Singapore     Vietnam
Indonesia            Norway
Japan                Philippines
EvCC Highlights and
               International Research
               EvCC Ocean Research
               College Academy (ORCA)
               student Allie Wolter and
               teacher Wendy Houston
               served as the only United
               States members of a two-
               week international Arctic
               research expedition in 2007.
EvCC Highlights and
                  Submarine Races
                  EvCC is the only
                  community college in
                  the country to compete
                  at the International
                  Submarine Races. In
                  2006, the team finished
                  fifth, beating a team
                  from the University of
EvCC Highlights and
               Going Far - NASA
               NASA selected EvCC
               aerospace engineering
               student Rachael Humberg for
               an internship at the Dryden
               Flight Research Center in
               California. She is the first
               community college student in
               the nation to intern at Dryden.
EvCC Highlights and Accomplishments
                     EvCC’s School of
                     Business Design is one
                     of the only business
                     programs of its kind in
                     the country – one of
                     the few where students
                     can start and manage
                     their own companies in
                     their first two years of
Award Winning Faculty and Staff
              Everett Community College’s
              award-winning faculty, staff,
              and administrators are
              dedicated to student
              success. Many faculty
              across each departments
              are recognized for
              outstanding service.
Top Reasons Why Students Choose EvCC
• Safer, smaller town environment – Everett was named an
  “All-America City.”
• No TOEFL test is required for admission
• Small classes, personal attention
• One-to-one attention through an international student office
  with staff members to help you with all your needs
• Conversation Partner Program with Native Speakers
Top Reasons Why Students Choose EvCC

English, Math, and Writing, tutoring services through EvCC’s
Rainier Learning Center – one of the largest tutoring centers
  in the state. We also have a dedicated English Tutor for
                 International Students only.
Top Reasons Why Students Choose EvCC
 • Personal academic advisors
 • Transfer advising through the transfer center
 • Focus on Student Engagement – ranked above
   average in collaborative learning, student effort,
   academic challenge and student-faculty
 Where do our students transfer?
Our international students have transferred to a variety of major
universities, including:
 • University of Washington          • Washington State University
 • Seattle University                • Seattle Pacific University
 • Western Washington University     • University of Oregon
 • Oregon State University           • University of Arizona
 • Arizona State University          • University of Utah
 • Otis College of Art and Design    • Art Institute of Boston
 • Minnesota State University        • Virginia Tech
 • North Dakota University           • Central Washington University
 • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical         • Southern California University -
 University                          SOMA

    We are happy to help you apply to the university of your choice!
Student Clubs and Organizations
Arts Alliance              German Club                            Veteran’s
Black Student Union        Financial Skills Club                  Drama Club
American Sign Language     Global Connections                     Engineering Club
Graphics Club              Asian/Pacific Islander Student Union   Cosmetology Club
Nippon Friendship Club     Campus Crusade for Christ              First Nations
Student Nurses Club        International Students Club            EMPOWR
Phi Theta Kappa (Honors)   Math, Engineering, & Science Club      MeCHA
Teachers of Tomorrow       Student Assoc. of Medical Assistants SPLICE
Literature Club            Society of Women Engineers             Triangle Alliance
Iwi Powo Student Society   Anthropology Club                      Islamic Social Club

2010 – 2011 Associate Student Body
English Language Requirements
Pathway for English Completion
   IELP 70    12 credits
     ↓       + 6 credits IELP 81

   IELP 97     12 credits
     ↓       + 6 credits IELP 82

   IELP 98 5 credits

   English 101 5 credits
                                            TOEFL Policy
                                        TOEFL *                       IELTS **

                    Internet-based   Computer-based   Paper-based
                     Score ranges     score ranges    score range
Intensive English   44 and below     133 and below    450 and below     N/A
     IELP 70
  Academic              45-52           133-150         450-473         N/A
 and Writing II
   IELP 97

  Academic              53-60           153-170         477-497         N/A
 and Writing II
   IELP 98
  English 101            61               173             500           5.5
                        Start Dates
Homestay up to 2-3 weeks before classes
Testing, Advising, Registration, Tuition Due   September 13
International Student Orientation              September 14 & 15
Classes Begin                                  September 19
Classes End                                    December 9

Homestay up to 2-3 weeks before classes
Testing, Advising, Registration, Tuition Due   January 3
International Student Orientation              January 4 & 5
Classes Begin                                  January 9
Classes End                                    March 23
                        Start Dates
Homestay up to 2-3 weeks before classes
Testing, Advising, Registration, Tuition Due   March 27
International Student Orientation              March 28 & 29
Classes Begin                                  April 2
Classes End                                    June 14
           Tuition and Fees 2011-2012
Estimated expenses for a 9 month enrollment period:

   $ 8,760*                   Tuition and Fees
   $   927                    Books and Supplies
   $ 5,400                    Room and Board
   $ 1,100                    Personal/Miscellaneous
   $   612                    Health Insurance

   $ 16,799                   Estimated Total
*Based on 12 credits ($2,920 per quarter)
 plus an estimated amount to cover technology fee, online fee and other lab fees.
                 Application Process
1. Submit an international student application form, available from the Enrollment
   Services Office. A US $40 application fee is required.

2. Submit official transcript(s) of courses and grades from secondary school (high
   school) and from college or university, if attended. To be considered for
   admission, the transcript must show courses and grades that indicate an ability to
   pursue college-level coursework. Normally, a minimum C average (or equivalent)
   meets our criteria. Transcripts should include an English translation.

3. Submit financial documentation demonstrating an ability to pay for the full costs
   of education and accommodation in the US while a student.
                   Application Process
4. Submit TOEFL results, if taken. EvCC does not require the TOEFL, but it is
   helpful in determining your language level. EvCC requires all students to take our
   own on-campus placement test at the time of arrival. This test helps an advisor
   and student select the correct level of courses for the student. Students with low
   English skills will be placed in intensive English classes during their first term(s).

5. Admitted students will be sent a letter of admission, an I-20, and more
   information about arrival, homestay, orientation, etc.

6.    Students who are admitted will be asked at the time of their arrival to submit a
     copy of their personal health and accident insurance policy. Insurance is required
     in order to register for classes. (Students who plan to drive a car in the US must
     also carry an additional auto insurance policy.)
We look forward to hearing
        from you!
           Everett Community College
             International Programs
                  2000 Tower St.
             Everett, WA, 98201,USA

       Admissions Telephone: 425-259-8757
Everett Community College
Because You Have Dreams

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