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    Role: Interviewer for The Times Final Year Student Survey 2012
The Times Final Year Student Survey is conducted annually in 30 leading UK
universities in order to gain first hand information on students’ experiences and
attitudes towards the graduate job market and their aspirations upon graduation.
In 2011, over 17,000 students took part in The Times Final Year Student Survey.
The results collected are used in part to collate the book The Times Top
100 Graduate Employers.

Your role will involve interviewing 25 final year students, over the course of five
days (a minimum of five interviews per day). Each interview will take approximately
20 minutes, and must be conducted on a one to one, face-to-face basis. All materials
and resources will be provided during a training session, which will be held at the
beginning of the Survey Week.

A high level of communication, social skills, energy and resilience is essential.

Availability: To attend the aforementioned training session, which will take place
during the week commencing Monday 6th February; and complete your interviews
during the five days after the training session.

Payment: You will be paid £1.50 per interview, and a bonus of £37.50 upon
completion of your target, doubling your total pay to £75. If you choose to go over
your target of 25 interviews, you have the option of completing up to ten extra
interviews, for which you will be paid £2.50 each. The total possible amount you can
earn is £100.

Please return this application form to your University Manager by (insert date).
Applications will be processed on a first come first served basis.

Bath University Manager Contact Details:

Name: Katharine Dixon

Phone: 07595159785


Facebook: Katharine Dixon

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you.

              [Enter Here]

Course:       [Enter Here]                          Faculty/Department:          [Enter Here]

time          [Enter Here]
             [Enter Here]                          E-mail Address:            [Enter Here]
Profile      [Enter Here]
        Please provide a list of at least 30 final year students who you intend to interview.
        Although you require the minimum of 25, we ask that you provide additional students
        in case of participant unreliability.

        It is preferred that as many participants as possible are from your course so that the
        demographic of Bath University is accurately represented in the survey; however this
        is not imperative and friends from different departments can of course take part.

        REMEMBER: Potential interviewees must be final year undergraduate students.

This list does not have to be final; it is just to ensure capability for this position.
1      Name:                                                Course:
2     Name:                                                 Course:
3     Name:                                                 Course:
4     Name:                                                 Course:
5     Name:                                                 Course:
6     Name:                                                 Course:
7     Name:                                                 Course:
8     Name:                                                 Course:
9     Name:                                                 Course:
10    Name:                                                 Course:
11    Name:                                                 Course:
12    Name:                                                 Course:
13   Name:                 Course:
14   Name:                 Course:
15   Name:                 Course:
16   Name:                 Course:
17   Name:                 Course:
18   Name:                 Course:
19   Name:                 Course:
20   Name:                 Course:
21   Name:                 Course:
22   Name:                 Course:
23   Name:                 Course:
24   Name:                 Course:
25   Name:                 Course:
26   Name:                 Course:
27   Name:                 Course:
28   Name:                 Course:
29   Name:                 Course:
30   Name:                 Course:


1    Name:                 Course:
2    Name:                 Course:
3    Name:                 Course:
4    Name:                 Course:
5    Name:                 Course:

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