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Fact sheet - UNB by xiagong0815


									                              Fact Sheet for Partner Institutions

Name of the Institution: University of New Brunswick
Country: Canada
Address: PO Box 4400, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, E3B 5A3

Fall Semester Dates 2005
Preferred arrival date:                               September 2
Orientation:                                          September 6-7
Classes start and finish:                             September 8 to December 7
Exams start and finish:                               December 9-21

Winter Semester Dates 2006
Classes start and finish:                             January 4 to April 6
Winter term break:                                    March 6-10
Exams start and finish:                               April 8-24

Type of housing available:                            Suite, Special Single, Single, Special Double,
                                                      Double, Multiple rooms and off-campus housing
                                                      (see for more
                                                      information). For off-campus facilities, please visit:
Housing and food cost estimate (for a full academic   $6,630-$8,920 CAD
Housing and food cost estimate (for a term):          $3,517- $4,891 CAD
Housing application deadline:                         May 31 , 2005

University academic strengths:                          UNB Fredericton Engineering Faculty has been
                                                       rated among the top 20 per cent in North America,
                                                        UNB Fredericton Law Faculty is one of the Top
                                                       5 in Canada
                                                        UNB Fredericton Arts Faculty's creative writing
                                                       program is widely known as one of the nation's
Language specification:                               All courses in English
Three unique aspects about the university:             1. UNB is the oldest English language university in
                                                       2. Diversity of courses: 50 degree and certificate
                                                       or diploma programs
                                                       3. 73 countries represented by UNB's International
Website link to find classes online:                  Undergraduate:
Average cost of living per semester (including        $5,000 CAD
room, food, entertainment, books, etc but excluding
tuition paid at the sending institution):
Websites for further local information about the      Fredericton:
city/town of the university area:                     New Brunswick:
Distance from the nearest airport:                    15 minutes drive
Contact person
Preferred person of contact:   Silke Klenk
Phone:                         506 453 4816
Fax:                           506 453 4908

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