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					 THE TRIBUNE                                                                                                                                               FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 2011, PAGE 9

                                             COMMISSIONER APOLOGISES TO                                                                                             FREEPORT NATIVE WINS
                                                                                             LOCAL NEWS

                                             FAMILY OVER MURDER E-MAIL
                                                                                                                                                                    100 JAMZ' $17,000
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                                                                                                                                                                    SECRET SOUND
   An intensive internal investiga-
tion, led by Deputy Commissioner
Marvin Dames, is underway. Any-
one found guilty of the infraction
will face stiff penalties, including                                                                                                                                  FROM page one
a police tribunal or criminal                and detention, policies around the      the incident has brought on the
charges, added Mr Greenslade.                care and treatment of witnesses         force, an organisation already cop-                                            teenage son, a cardiac patient who
   Investigators are sifting through         and suspects, all of those policies     ing with waning public confidence.                                             has had three open heart surgeries.
police computers and interviewing            are now back in focus so we can            "This is a very difficult morning                                           When Special K confirmed her sus-
those with access to the leaked              ensure that operationally we don't      for me as commissioner of police, I                                            picion, a triumphant Stuart became
report. Meanwhile, internal proto-           have this misstep again.                met with the two daughters, the                                                hysterical declaring to bystanders,
col has been tightened to limit the             "We're looking at devices that       father of the recently deceased, to                                            “I won the money!”
possibility of this happening again.         are now employed across the             say how very sorry I am, how                                                      Stuart, an unemployed cook, lis-
   "Something went terribly wrong,           organisation, and more particular-      embarrassed I am as the Commis-                                                tened to the radio daily contem-
it should not have gone wrong and            ly in CDU, and we are going to be       sioner of Police based on the e-                                               plating the mysterious sound and
as a police department we should             limiting access to a significant        mail and pictures that are circulat-                                           satisfying her genetically unquench-
not have to make excuses – it                degree."                                ing at the moment.                                                             able thirst for music. She is a gifted
should not have happened. I don't               Mr Greenslade also refuted              "I indicated to them just how                                               singer like her late father, Bahami-
know who leaked the information,             claims that the leak may have come      embarrassed I am that I could be                                               an music legend, Tony Seymour.
what we know is that it is an official       from inside the Office of the Attor-    let down so badly, that we as a peo-                                               After paying her son's medical
police document that should not              ney General.                            ple can be let down so badly by                                                costs, Stuart plans to use the rest of
be in the public domain and the                 "We are investigating all avenues    those of us who are sworn to                                                   the funds to bless others who have
document was circulated to a listing         but I am not going to the avenue of     uphold the law."                                                               helped her along the way and to
of persons who had a right to have           the AG's office because we have            The body of 42-year-old Ms                                                  assist with her five grandchildren.
it," said Mr Greenslade.                                                                                                           ELLISON GREENSLADE                  Stuart's success follows a $9,900
                                             no evidence to support that. That is    Brown – a former president of the
                                                                                                                                                                    Secret Sound win on December 23,
    Old procedures that allowed the          a non-issue, it should not arise. .     Bahamas Heart Association – was
                                                                                                                            rific pictures had been made public.    2010 by Brittney Seymour who
breach to occur have since been              .this is a police-centric issue, this   found in an apartment complex on                                               guessed the sound before the jack-
changed, he said.                            is a matter that was dealt with in      Bougainvillea Boulevard, South            "The family is pretty devastated
                                                                                                                                                                    pot reached the $17,000 maximum.
   "For a system to work, we part-           the police department, it's a docu-     Beach last week. She had been          by this. They are decent people         This time though, after almost four
ner within the department and out-           ment that was sent legitimately to      stabbed a number of times.             who are already traumatised by the      months and close to 300 incorrect
side and so we do have a list of             people in the police department            Earlier this week, graphic images   loss of their loved one. We see this    guesses of every imaginable com-
people that we would share that              and we were let down in some            of the crime scene along with a        as almost revictimisation for them,     bination, 100 Jamz had to place
information with – I changed those           way."                                   police summary of the case file        it's very difficult, but they're very   Secret Sound clues in The Tribune
procedures immediately.                         Speaking to the press shortly        began circulating through e-mailed     gracious in the face of this pres-      each weekday beginning April 1 to
   "We should complete some work             after he met with Ms Brown's two        messages.                              sure," said Mr Greenslade.              help guide listeners to the correct
today on our crime scene investi-            daughters and father, the police           It was the victim's eldest daugh-      A man was charged earlier this       answer.

                                               FAMILY FEARS
gation policy, policies around arrest        chief was candid about the shame        ter who alerted police that the hor-   week with Ms Brown's murder.

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cerned about her                                   ASP Loretta Mack-
daughter going back                             ey said the matter is
to Freeport.                                    now under investiga-
   “I heard little                              tion by the Central
things, and I had con-                          Detective Unit.
cerns for her when she                             She is appealing to
left,” she said.                                the public for informa-
   Ms Forbes said that                          tion that could lead to
Krishanna was sup-                              officers discovering the
posed to stay with her      CHARLES TONY
                             FRITZGERALD        whereabouts of Kris-
father and was expect-                          hanna. She also asked
ed to return to Nassau                          anyone who can help
a week later.                        locate Fritzgerald to call the
   “When she left in January I       police.
called her, but I received a text       “We made an appeal initially
saying that her phone was not        to the public concerning him but
working and that she would call      we have not caught up with him,
me when she gets a new phone.”       and we want to renew our
   Ms Forbes came to Freeport        appeal today for him and for
in March in search of Krishanna,     Kirshanna,” she said.
but could not find her anywhere.        Ms Mackey said persons with
   She said her father had not       information should call 350-
seen her, and the relatives with     3103, 911 or CDU at 352-9774/5.
whom the three-year-old was             “You don’t need to give your
staying had not seen or heard        name.
from her either. Ms Forbes said         “It is important that we find
she also spoke with the              Krishanna to bring some clo-
boyfriend’s sister, and tried con-   sure for her family,” she said.
tacting him on his cellular phone       Fritzgerald is described as
but there was no response.           being of brown complexion with
   “I knew something was wrong       dark brown eyes.
because the boyfriend had sent          He is about five feet, 10 inch-
(Krishanna) the ticket to come       es tall, of average build and
over here but the sister keep        weighs 170 to 180 pounds.
telling me that he did not send         Has a tattoo that reads MOB
the ticket, and that’s when I felt   on his right arm, a tattoo that
something was wrong,” she said.      reads NO LOVE on the left arm
   Forbes said Krishanna loved       and a scar on his forehead.
her children and would never            Fritzgerald has long braided
leave for so long without con-       hair and is a carpenter by trade.
tacting them.                           Police said he should be con-
   “She never went missing           sidered armed and dangerous,
before and she cared a lot for       and should be approached with
those kids,” she said.


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   Mr Eugene, who was a security guard at Quality Discount Mart,
was killed during a robbery at the store in 2005. He was shot in the
back and buttocks as he was trying to get off the ground following
a struggle in which he and another employee tried to stop the rob-
ber from making his escape with the store's cash trays.
   Attorney Roger Gomez Jr who appeared on behalf of Sawyer
yesterday, submitted that the trial judge had misdirected the jury in
relation to an alleged oral confession by Sawyer.
   He argued that the judge had failed to inform the jury that if they
found that the statement had not been given voluntarily they
should not consider it at all. Prosecutor Jillian Williams however dis-
agreed with his contention.
   Mr Gomez also submitted that the judge had failed to properly
direct the jury relative to discrepancies in the fingerprint evidence
presented by the prosecution. Ms Williams, however, argued there
had been no discrepancies relative to the fingerprints as it related
to those found on the store’s cash trays. Mr Gomez also contended
that the requisite intention to commit murder had not been proven
at Sawyer’s trial. He submitted that Sawyer’s conviction should be
quashed and that he should be given a retrial.
   In February, 2010, the Ministry of National Security announced
that the Advisory Committee of the Prerogative of Mercy had
met and determined that Sawyer's case was not one that warrant-
ed mercy, and that the law should take its course. It was subse-
quently announced that Sawyer had filed an appeal that would
delay his execution.
   National Security Minister Tommy Turnquest declined to com-

                                      POLICE CONFIDENT
ment on the matter yesterday.

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allowed bail for very serious
crimes like murders, if we con-       and they are bringing lots of
tinue where we're going, it will      people to justice."
soon be a thing of the past.             Police have charged several
   "I was very encouraged by          people with separate murders
what was said to me yesterday         in the last few days, evidence
by the DPP and I have already         that they are able to solve cases
seen evidence of it."                 through solid investigative
   During a press conference at       work, Mr Greenslade added.
police headquarters yesterday,           "Based upon the compe-
Mr Greenslade also expressed          tence of the officers involved,
confidence in the Central             there are cases where we didn't
Detective Unit's homicide             have people just confessing but
squad. He said that while they        scientifically we were able to
are taxed with a growing case         do things, and as commissioner
load of murders and other vio-        I was amazed at how quickly
lent crimes, his officers are still   it was turned around – we've
producing solid results.              got some really good people,"
   "The evidence will not sup-        he said, adding that he hopes
port that (they are over-             the force can recruit more
worked). Are they working             investigators from the College
hard? Yes. Are they tired? Yes.       of the Bahamas' science pro-
But they are doing a great job        gramme.

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