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TITLE: Extension Educator
EFFECTIVE DATE: February 2012
DEPARTMENT: Extension Program
REPORTS TO: Off-Campus Center Coordinator
SALARY RANGE: $30,000 - $32,000

The Extension Educator serves as a regular, full time, 12 month extension staff with primary responsibility for
the development, delivery, and evaluation of IPM educational programs. The Extension Educator will be
expected to deliver research-based educational programs on IPM and to work within team settings that may
consist of other Extension Educators and/or farmers. The establishment of professional networks as well as the
development of relationships with key stakeholder groups is vital to the success of the project. The Educator
will be expected to deliver educational programs not only within their assigned multi-county unit, but as
requested, to clientele within other units.

The Extension Educator is expected to deliver high impact and relevant educational on IPM programs and
materials in the following areas: 1) development of educational programs for organic and IPM plant protection
systems, and 2) development and delivery of small farms educational programs that stress environmental
stewardship and economic sustainability.


              Assess the needs of local clientele in a systematic and analytical manner on IPM and
               Environmental issues. This may include networking and collaborating with community
               organizations and other relevant groups.
              Hands-on teaching of environmental education and IPM programs, pre-K through adult, in
               indoor, outdoor, and occasional off-site locations
              Deliver high impact programs on IPM to diverse audiences utilizing a selection of innovative
               delivery mechanisms to optimize reach and effectiveness.
              Develop effective and contemporary approaches to communicate with clientele. This may
               include constantly evolving electronic technologies (e.g. twitter, facebook, blogs, e-learning,
              Compete for internal and external resources to enhance the development of innovative
               educational programs with potential for high impact.
              Establish professional relationships and participate in campus-based partnerships that tie
               academic programs and research to complement Extension programming by partnering with
               Extension Specialists and/or faculty members on research projects as appropriate within the
              Continually seek professional development opportunities to enhance competency in subject
               matter area.
[Extension Educator]

               Assist with and support the total Alcorn State University Extension program.
               Comply with all University of Alcorn State University Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity
                policies and guidelines.


        B.S. Degree is required; Masters Degree is preferred in Soil and Plant Science or related field.

Licensing and Certifications

The candidate must have good verbal, written and interpersonal skills; effective communication and time
management skills; computer skills, including data management; ability to complete projects by deadlines;
demonstrated ability to interact positively with supervisors, peers, subordinates and representatives of agencies
and organizations; knowledge of the Plan of Work program planning process of the Extension system;
knowledge of the evaluation of programs, events, and activities for the documentation of impacts; and
knowledge of the development of evaluation instruments for educational programs, events and activities.
Candidate must be willing to travel to and from regional and area sites when necessary and possess a valid
driver’s license. Candidate must also be willing to work flexible and extended hours when necessary.


     1. Ability to sit at a workstation for extended periods
     2. Normal physical mobility, which includes movement from place to place on the job taking distance
        and speed into account
     3. Normal physical agility, which includes ability to maneuver body while in place
     4. Normal physical strength to handle routine office materials and tools
     5. Normal dexterity of hands and fingers
     6. Normal coordination, including eye-hand, hand-foot
     7. Normal endurance

The statements contained herein reflect general details necessary to describe the principal functions of this
job, the level of knowledge and skill typically required, and the scope of responsibility; however, should not be
considered an all-inclusive listing of the job requirements.

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