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A co-op or an intern is extremely important in our eyes. Most of our candidates for our entry
level positions come through our co-op program or internship program, so to us it’s invaluable.
You basically have what could be equivalent to one year of experience before you graduate,
which puts you at a level above all of the graduates that don’t have any work experience in their

What’s important about an internship with our company is that it gives you the first level of
leadership experience and the first, I guess, immersion into the environment. The interns that I
have had the opportunity to work with have an advantage over direct hires, because there’s no
transition involved, it’s simply moving into their real position. I find that an internship is
definitely a foothold within the company, and it does assist very much along the way.

If someone’s interning and they go full-time, they’re ready to step into a role full-time, and be
above the curve.

Doing an internship prior to graduation is always important and it looks wonderful to an
employer whenever they’re reviewing your resume

Basically you get job experience with an organization, and you get a real feel for how the
working world works.

Internship experience we find adds a level of maturity to our new hires that come in, especially
our college recruits. They have, again, a better understanding of the work environment, and I do
feel that that comes from an internship. A part time job maybe, but an internship gives you a true
sense of the business environment, and I think it makes a difference.

Internships are really important. When we look for new grads we look for students who have
done internships, one or two at least. Definitely get yourself into a good internship. Internships
are great because you can, shall we say, dabble on what you maybe think you want to do, and if
you don’t like doing that after your internship then you want to take another internship in the
areas where you think you really want to get in to. Internships give you a great knowledge, a
base knowledge of experience, and it’s a really good selling point when you are looking for new
positions and a new career after you graduate.

I believe the importance of an internship is in finding out not only areas of interest that you have
in your particular discipline, whether it be computer science or other disciplines in engineering,
but also to find out what fit you think you are for a particular company, to know what things
about a particular company you find interesting, the kind of work environment you like to be in,
things of that nature, so that you can find out what sort of organization you want to work for, and
set your goals that way.

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