Informational_Interviews by xiagong0815


									                        INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEWS
                              Sample Questions

Ask about the individual:

      How did you choose this career?
      What is your training? Your experience?
      What are your skills? Duties? Responsibilities?
      What do you like the most about it and why? Least?
      What do you see for your future?

Ask about the career and the industry:

      Who are the primary customers that you serve?
      What does it take to prepare and deliver the product or service?
      How are technology, consumer demand, and regulations affecting the career and
      What are the advantages of this career and industry? The disadvantages?

Ask about the working conditions:

      How demanding is the work -- physically, mentally, emotionally?
      How is employee morale? turnover?
      Is most of the work indoors or outdoors?
      How much travel is involved?
      Is there time for family life? for outside interests?
      Do you work alone or with other people?
      Do you deal mostly with data, people or things?

Ask about opportunities:

      Are there opportunities for advancement? for professional growth?
      Are employee training programs available?
      Is there job security? financial security?
      What employee benefits (insurance, vacations, etc.) are available?
      How do salaries compare with other careers?
Ask about entering the field:

      Is it difficult to enter the field after you get your training? Is there a best
      What are the qualities and abilities employers are looking for?
      Do you recommend certain schools? Why? Are there delays in entering schools
      What is the career path taken by the most successful employees?
      What is the job outlook over the next few years?
      What are the leading firms and are there advantages in working for them?

Ask near the end of the interview:

      Would you do it over again?
      What other advice do you have for me?
      Will you give me the names of 3 others I might visit with? (get name, company,
       job title, phone)
      May I tell them you referred me?

                 Be Sure to Get the Person's Name and Address and

                          Send a Thank-You Card TODAY

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