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"6S management" from the extended enterprise by Japanese 5S is a

well-established field of modern factory management concepts and methods,

its role is to: increase efficiency, ensure quality, clean and orderly work

environment, focusing on prevention, and ensure safety. The nature of 6S is

an execution of the corporate culture, emphasizing the culture of discipline, not

afraid of difficulties, think of to do, to do a good job, as basic 6S to implement

quality management platform for other management activities.

The contents of the 6S scene management

Processing (SEIRI) - any article of the workplace is divided into necessary and

unnecessary, it is necessary to stay, the rest are eliminated. Objective: To

make room, space for active use in the workplace to prevent misuse, shaping

fresh. Rectification (SEITON,) - placed the necessary items to stay in

accordance with the specified location and place it neatly to be identified.

Objective: workplace at a glance, eliminating the time looking for items, neat

working environment, to eliminate the excess backlog items. Cleaning (SEISO)

- the workplace visible and the invisible place cleaned up, keeping the

workplace clean, bright environment. Objective: To stabilize the quality, reduce

industrial injuries. Cleaning (SEIKETSU) - will be compiled, rectify, clean up in

the end, and institutionalized, often to maintain the external appearance of the

environment state. Objective: to create a clear site, to maintain the above 3S
achievements. The literacy (SHITSUKE) - each member to develop good

habits, and abide by the rules work, and to develop a proactive spirit (also

known as habitual). Objective: To cultivate a good habit, to comply with the

rules of the employees, to create a team spirit. Safety (SECURITY) - emphasis

on member safety education, at all times have the safety concept of preventive

measures. Objective: To establish a safe production environment, all work

should be built on the premise of security. The following brief statement to

describe the 6S, easy to remember: finishing: with do not, leaving an

abandoned; rectification: scientific layout, quick access; cleaning: trash

removal, landscaping; clean: a system to carry out in the end; Literacy: a habit,

people-oriented; safety: safe operation of life. marked because of the 5

Japanese Roman pronunciation, and after a (Safety) and the English word

begins with "S", so referred to as the 6S scene management.

Executive the 6S benefits:

(1) enhance the corporate image: a neat and clean work environment, to

attract customers and enhance self-confidence;

(2) to reduce waste: misplacing site debris, resulting in no place to pile up

other things, this is a waste of space.

(3) to improve efficiency: have a good working environment, personal feelings

of pleasure; things orderly placed, to improve efficiency and reduce handling

(4) Quality assurance: Once the staff to develop the habit of doing things

seriously stringent failure rates of the products they produce will be greatly

reduced, improving product quality.

(5) security: the channel to maintain the smooth flow of staff to develop the

habit of a serious and responsible, and will increase production and

non-production accident reduction.

(6) to improve the life of equipment: cleaning equipment in a timely manner,

point inspection, maintenance, maintenance, can prolong the life of the


(7) to reduce costs: do 6 S can reduce the leaking and back and forth handling,

thereby reducing costs;

(8) delivery potential: the production system of standardization of the

production process at a glance, the production of anomalies become evident

that the problems can adjust operations, in order to achieve accurate delivery.

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