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   Boy Scouts of America
         Troop 41
    Sugar Grove, Illinois

                      ”An Adventure of Fun and Learning”

         Charted by the Sugar Grove United Methodist Church

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                               The Troop 41 Handbook

             Recommended reading for all Scouts and parents!

                          Updated: January 01, 2012


Welcome to Troop 41! As a new member of Troop 41, you are joining a group of boys who
share your interests in the outdoors, adventure, and learning. As a Scout you will get the
opportunity to acquire new skills, and you will be recognized and rewarded for what you have
accomplished. You will have the opportunity to learn leadership, organizational, and other skills
that will help you later in life.

The “Troop 41 Handbook” is intended to act as an introduction to Scouting in Troop 41 and to
give Scouts and Parents a better understanding about how Troop 41 works. Please take the time
to read over this handbook, and contact the Scoutmaster or one of the other Adult Leaders if you
have any questions.

Adult Participation

The adults who give their time, talent, and support to make Troop 41 a success are all volunteers.
Both mothers, fathers, and legal guardians may assist Troop 41 by providing transportation
to and from outings, serving on a troop committee, becoming a merit badge counselor, becoming
an Assistant Scoutmaster, or serving in other leadership positions.

If you are a parent or guardian of a boy in Troop 41, or an interested former leader, please take
the time to attend a couple of Troop or Committee Meetings. Talk to the Scoutmaster, the
Committee Chairman, or one of the other Adult Leaders. You may have the skills, resources, or
contacts the Troop needs.

Troop 41 Organization
Troop 41 is associated with the Three Fires Council, Maramech Hill District, in the Central
Region of the Boy Scouts of America.

The District is the geographic area in which a troop is located. A district may cover one or more
neighborhoods in a big city, or it may cover several counties in more rural areas. Maramech Hill
District is composed of the following towns: Big Rock; Elburn; Newark; Oswego; Plano;
Sandwich; Somonauk; Sugar Grove; Yorkville.

The Council is a group of one or more Districts. A Council has a professional staff and
volunteers that help make the individual troops successful. Three Fires Council is composed of
14 Districts, which cover DeKalb, DuPage, Kane, and Kendall counties. Most Councils run
scout stores where uniforms, books, and other scout supplies are sold. Three Fires Council has
two scout shops. One is located at the Boy Scout office in St. Charles, IL and the other is located
in West Chicago, IL.

Every Boy Scout Troop has at least one Chartering Organization, which assists the troop by
providing a meeting place, guidance, leadership, and financial assistance, if needed. The Sugar
Grove United Methodist Church proudly charters Troop 41.

The troop committee is a group of adults, generally parents/guardians of the Scouts, who provide
support and guidance to the troop. Troop committee positions include:
       Charter Organization Representative – Liaison between the troop and Chartering
       Troop Committee Chair – Head of the troop committee.
       Scoutmaster – Oversees the operations of the troop.
       Assistant Scoutmaster – Advisor to assigned Patrols
       Troop Committee Member – Registered volunteer helping with the troop business
       Advancement Chair – Administers the troop advancement program, maintains records
       and prepares advancement reports for the council
       Fund-raiser Chair – Organizes fund raising projects to meet the troop needs.

Joining Troop 41
To join BSA Troop 41, you must do the following (as outlined in “The Boy Scout Handbook”,
Twelfth Edition, page 17)

           Meet the age requirements – complete the fifth grade or be 11 years old, or earn the
           Cub Scout Arrow Of Light Award (must be under 18 years old)
           Complete a Boy Scout Application Form and health history, signed by a parent or
           Repeat the Pledge of the Allegiance
           Demonstrate the Scout Sign, Salute, and Handshake
           Demonstrate tying the square knot
           Understand, and agree to live by the Scout Oath or Promise, Law Motto, Slogan, and
           the Outdoor Code
           Describe the Scout Badge

           Complete the “How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide”
           pamphlet from the front of the “Boy Scout Handbook”
           Participate in a Scoutmaster Conference

Scout Handbook
Each scout is expected to obtain and keep a copy of the “Boy Scout Handbook, Twelfth
Edition”. This book should be brought to all troop activities and campouts. A protective cover
(available from the scout store) is recommended.

Yearly Dues of $35.00 per scout for re-chartering are collected each year in January. This
money is to cover the expense of registration and insurance required of each boy on an annual
basis. This fee also is intended to cover the cost of any awards or patches the boys earn during
the year. There is an additional $15.00 fee if the boy wants to subscribe to ”Boys Life” magazine.
Please make every effort to ensure that these dues are paid in a timely manner. Remember – “A
Scout is Thrifty”. A Scout should understand the fees associated with scouting and he should
work to help earn the necessary re-chartering fees.

Registered Adult Leaders will need to pay yearly re-chartering dues of $16.00. Merit Badge
Counselors will need to fill out a registration form and information sheet once each year. No fee
is required for Merit Badge Counselors.

Campouts and other Troop activities will require funds in addition to the re-chartering dues.
Troop 41 holds one fundraiser event each year to cover camping and equipment costs.

Troop Background
Boy Scout Troop 41 was formed in Sugar Grove, Illinois on June 9, 1949. Over the years,
Troop 41 has had in excess of 50 Scouts achieve the rank of Eagle.

Troop Structure
Troop 41 is run by the Senior Patrol Leader and is divided into several small groups called
patrols. The Senior Patrol Leader is elected by the troop. His position has a 12-month term,
which is renewed automatically unless another qualified boy challenges him. These challenges
can only occur at the beginning of each school year. Qualifications for this position are as
follows: Boy must have served as a patrol leader and successfully completed the patrol leader
training course with the Scoutmaster; Boy must express a desire to hold the position prior to the
troop elections; and the boy must agree to honor the attendance requirements set up by the

A patrol is a group of 6-10 boys who camp together and participate in troop activities together.
In our troop, we allow the boys to select which patrol they will participate in. If the number of
boys in a patrol changes due to growth or attrition, the Scoutmaster may form a new patrol or
combine existing patrols as needed. A Scout may make a request to change patrols to the Senior
Patrol Leader and the Scoutmaster, who will then decide if the change is justified.
Each patrol has a Patrol Leader. The Scoutmaster at the beginning of the school year appoints
this position of responsibility. The Scoutmaster will not select a boy who has not expressed a
desire to hold the position or who has not agreed to take the position under the guidelines set by
the Scoutmaster. Patrol Leaders are engaged into a training program with the Scoutmaster and
Senior Patrol Leader providing the training for each Patrol Leader.

Other Troop positions include: Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (appointed by the SPL),
Quartermaster (equipment control), Troop Guide (assists younger scouts through the program),
Chaplain’s Aide (religious duties), Historian (documents troop activities), Librarian (maintains
troop library), OA Representative (attends OA meetings and relays information to troop
members), Scribe (record keeper/publisher) and Web Administrator. The position of
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster is available to any Eagle Scout who has reached the age of 16.
These positions are appointed annually by the Scoutmaster based on interest shown by the boy
and each boy's need for leadership for rank advancement.

Ideally, a Boy Scout Troop is a “Boy Run Troop”, the Scouts do all the event planning and take
care of all Troop operations via the Patrol Leader’s Council (PLC). Troop 41 holds PLC
meetings on a monthly basis. These meetings are not only for planning activities, but also for the
boys to critique the activities and their own actions on an activity, to try to improve the program.
The Scoutmaster and another adult leader of Troop 41 are advisors to the Patrol Leader’s

Troop Meetings
Troop 41 meets every Tuesday evening at the Sugar Grove Community House in Sugar Grove.
See the current Troop 41 Web Site ( Calendar for changes or additions. The
regular Troop Meeting is 7:00-8:30. Scoutmaster Conferences and Board of Reviews will be
held at regular meetings as required. Scouts will not be permitted to leave any meeting early
without permission from a leader who is at least 21 years old. Parents will be notified if a
scout leaves without permission prior to the end of the meeting.

The Patrol Leader’s Council (PLC) meets during the regular troop meeting the Tuesday before
each outing. All Patrol Leaders, the Senior Patrol Leader, the Junior Assistant Scoutmasters, one
adult leader and the Scoutmaster should attend this meeting. The PLC works with the
Scoutmaster and the other Adult Leaders to plan upcoming troop activities.

All Scouts are encouraged to attend every Troop meeting.
Scouts who miss a Troop meeting are expected to contact other members of their
patrol or check the website to get information regarding upcoming events.

Troop Uniform
The Boy Scouts of America is a uniformed organization. Wearing the Boy Scout uniform shows
a sense of belonging and pride the Scouting movement. All members of Troop 41 are required to
wear the approved uniform and insignia to all troop meetings and activities. Adult leaders
should set an example and wear the proper adult uniform.

Troop 41 will supply any merit badges, and patches earned by a troop member. Any duplicate
badges / patches (lost or duplicates for additional uniforms) will be paid for by the Scout. BSA
Troop 41 has approved the following uniform:

        The UNIFORM – to be worn during all Troop Meetings, Courts of Honor, Boards of
Review, and for travel to and from all Troop campouts and activities. The UNIFORM consists
of the following:

               Official BSA Khaki long or short sleeved shirt (with appropriate Troop 41
               numerals, Three Fires Council patch, red or green shoulder loops, current leadership
               position patch, and rank insignia. See the inside cover of the BSA Handbook for
               Troop 41 red and yellow neckerchief and slide (available for minimal cost from
               the troop). A bolo is acceptable for camping activities only! Eagle Scouts may
               wear the white NESA Eagle Scout neckerchief.
               Blue Jeans (in good condition) with belt are acceptable. BSA olive pants or
               shorts with belt (or Kaki shorts (above knee level)) are recommended. Official
               BSA scout socks should be worn with BSA shorts (OPTIONAL)
               Any official BSA scouting hat is optional.
               Merit badge sash is optional for Courts of Honor and other special events after six
               merit badges are earned.

       Regular civilian clothes, when worn, MUST reflect the spirit of scouting. It will be up to
       the leaders’ discretion if a shirt is inappropriate.

Troop Rules and Regulations
Troop 41 has established several troop rules and regulations, which are to be followed at all
times by the boys. These rules are set for the safety of the boys and must be respected and
observed by the boys at all times. Remember to put into practice the 12 points of the scout law.
The following rules are always in effect during Troop 41 activities and meetings:

           1. The Scout Uniform is required during all scout meetings, while traveling to and
               from any activities, and during all scouting activities. Regular civilian clothes are
               only approved for Troop campouts after the final formation upon arrival.
           2. The “BUDDY SYSTEM” is to be followed at all times.
           3. Bows, arrows, ammunition, fireworks, and firearms of any kind, may not be
               brought to any scouting activity.
           4. Under no circumstances may fireworks be brought to any scout activity.
           5. Each boy must have successfully completed his Tote and Chip class prior to
               opening or using a knife, saw, or axe of any kind.
           6. No sheath knives or fixed blade knives are permitted. The Scoutmaster must
               approve all knives, axes, saws, and hand axes. Any unapproved items will be
               confiscated and returned to the parent upon returning from the outing.
           7. No matches, candles, personal electronics, pets, or aerosol spray cans of any kind are to be
               brought to any scouting activity.
           8. Scouts are not allowed to touch the controls of the stoves.
           9. Scouts are not allowed to light any stove or lantern.
           10. Scouts are not allowed to move a lighted lantern at any time.
           11. Scouts are not allowed to check or move any hot water from a fire.
           12. No ”HORSEPLAY” is allowed in the campsites.
           13. No running in the campsites.
           14. “Table sitting” is not allowed.
           15. No throwing of objects of any kind (balls, sticks, Frisbees, etc.) is allowed in the
           16. Boys are not allowed to leave the campsite after dark unless they have prior
               permission from a leader and have a buddy with them. Any boys discovered
               away from the campsite after dark will be searched for. If the boy is not found, he
               will be deemed missing and the boy’s parents will be contacted by phone
               immediately (no matter what time it may be), to advise them on the situation.
           17. Please remind your son that he is a guest in the car of the person providing
               transportation. The driver of the car is in charge, and what he says is the rule
               in his car. This means:
                   Seat belts are mandatory at all times while in transit to and from a scouting
                   No throwing of objects in or out of the car.
                   No eating of drinking in the car unless PRIOR permission is given.
                   Do not distract the driver.
                   Loud, unruly, or obscene talk or gestures will not be tolerated.
                   A Walkman, MP3, or radio with the earphones and/or handheld video games
                   may be played in the car going to a scout activity. Upon arrival, they will be
                   collected and locked in a car trunk. Remember the car trunk can get hot and
                   the item may be damaged.
           18. Advancement by scouts through the ranks of Scout, Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, 1st
               Class, Star, Life and Eagle, are strongly encouraged and necessary to help their
               development in scouting. There are some privileges awarded to those boys with
               higher ranks. These privileges are meant solely to reward boys for their
               achievements and to encourage other boys to strive for higher ranks. In order to
               assure that scouts and leaders have a clear definition of when and where ranking
               is appropriate these (4) instances have been chosen where ranking has been
               deemed appropriate:
               a) Choosing a troop tent for a campout.
               b) Initial selection of tent site or bunk selection upon arrival at a campsite or
               c) Place in food line upon completion of saying grace at campsite or cabin.
                   (Excludes any eating establishment while in transit).
               d) At a Christmas green sales appreciation campout when scouts may be allowed
                   similar privileges as listed in a-d, but the basis of rank may be determined by
                   the sales of greens rather than scouting rank.

An adult leader, according to BSA Policy, will discipline any boy who breaks one of these rules.
Most cases will earn the boy some type of “Special Duty”, (i.e. empty a water bucket, carry the
garbage to it’s disposal area, or some type of other small extra job on the outing), which will be
assigned by an adult leader. If the boy blatantly breaks a rule, it is up to the adult leaders to
decide how to approach the situation (according to BSA Policy). The most serious situations
would result in a phone call to the parents who will be asked to come to the outing and take the
boy home.

Troop Web Site
As you now know, our troop has it’s own website ( on the Internet. We’re
quite proud of the fine job our scouts have done on this site, and we encourage you to visit the
site from time to time to see their work. At the site, you will find a calendar of upcoming
scouting events, and you can print out campout permission slips and other items for your
convenience. We would like to put some pictures on this website from time to time, showing our
boys at campouts and the like. If you are willing to allow us to put pictures of your son on
our website, please fill out, sign and return the back page of this booklet.

Questions or Comments
We, as a committee, would like to thank the parents for their support. We encourage any
questions or comments you may have regarding this Troop 41 Handbook. If you have a question
or comment, please direct it to the Scoutmaster, Committee Chairman, or any other Committee
Please fill out, sign this sheet in the appropriate
places, and return to Mr. Seraphin.

      (Print Scout’s Name)

I have read and agree to follow the Troop 41 Scout /
Parent Handbook.

      (Parent’s Signature)                (Date)

I give my permission to Troop 41 to put pictures of
my son on the Troop’s Internet website.

      (Parent’s Signature)                 (Date)


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